pleasant mistake

Some random speculations & hopes for spx:

  • Darkly Omen either being a Sensitive or an Emo-kid or both
  • No more Darquesse for the love of god please just let her kill the Faceless Ones in peace
  • Maybe farfetched but: The Church of the Faceless Ones opening a portal to get Mevolent into their Dimension (The scepter could function as an anchor. He would be a threat to the entire world and the scenario would fit both Dereks ‘you are close’ tweet in relation to people bringing Darquesse back + the Tweet about him being … happy? proud? excited? … about the villains. Also the whole different dimensions thing seems to be too big to just ignore and I can think of nothing that would top or match Darquesse villain-wise except M)
  • Some logic behind Valkyries new magical abilities. What can she do, what are her limits? As far as I can remember that was never really explained.
  • I think/hope/pray that Scapegrace & Trasher won’t show up again because they had an okay ending and:
  • Either actual LGBT-representation or none at all
  • Also: racial diversity, especially with the school involved. (Not Ping-like charas obv)
  • Some insight into the culture and religion surrounding the Faceless Ones
  • What’s up with Valkyries blood you can’t just introduce something as if it’s really important and then … not? Mention it? At all?? Ever again??? That’s just … bad writing
  • More about the Unnamed but my hopes for this are very low
  • How sorcerers are like as parents. Do they name their kids? How do they keep their children from picking stupid names at the age of ten? Do the parents teach their kids magic or is it common to send them away to mentors or schools?
  • I know that Val is probably going to be sent through hell because duh but let’s leave Alice out of this she really doesn’t need to die (again)

When I was around you I knew exactly what I was feeling. I knew my heart wasn’t lying to me because it never lies to me and I felt that honesty from the first day we spoke. I felt your intentions so innocent. That turned me on… I made every move with my heart from there on when I was with you. You started to cloud my thoughts all day. I wanted to be with you all day. I couldn’t take my mind off you. I needed you. I needed everything you came with good or bad and that’s what love was to me. You had me open and never in a thousand years did I think I’d need you more than you would need me. What a pleasant mistake to get to know you.