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It’s the strangest thing, it never matters where you are in the world, or how much time we have spent apart, I always feel this connection, like our souls are entangled — like we are two rivers winding alongside one another, sometimes in separate directions, but always toward the ocean.
—  Beau Taplin // T w i n  R i v e r s
The Signs As Pleasant Things

ARIES: sitting with someone you love by the fire

TAURUS: Someone paying for your food

GEMINI: A gust of wind when you’re hot

CANCER: the first swim of the summer

LEO: the power you get when running

VIRGO: the feeling of autumn air in your lungs

LIBRA: finding your favourite snack in the fridge / cupboard

SCORPIO: the person you love admitting they love you

SAGITTARIUS: a perfect day

CAPRICORN: finally getting some privacy

AQUARIUS: feeling good about yourself

PISCES: cute little cakes