It’s the strangest thing, it never matters where you are in the world, or how much time we have spent apart, I always feel this connection, like our souls are entangled — like we are two rivers winding alongside one another, sometimes in separate directions, but always toward the ocean.
—  Beau Taplin // T w i n  R i v e r s
The Signs As Pleasant Things

ARIES: sitting with someone you love by the fire

TAURUS: Someone paying for your food

GEMINI: A gust of wind when you’re hot

CANCER: the first swim of the summer

LEO: the power you get when running

VIRGO: the feeling of autumn air in your lungs

LIBRA: finding your favourite snack in the fridge / cupboard

SCORPIO: the person you love admitting they love you

SAGITTARIUS: a perfect day

CAPRICORN: finally getting some privacy

AQUARIUS: feeling good about yourself

PISCES: cute little cakes

Facts Week: Pleasant Patients

If I can, in addition to some facts, share some thoughts:

1) I identify mostly with the fifth doctor, and really frequently called my patients pleasant, maybe even if I didn’t have a pleasant time with them? It’s good to be pretty paranoid about not writing notes that bias future providers against your patients, so I hope a friendly adjective here or there didn’t hurt.

2) Ultimately, it’s probably a silly thing to include in your note and I’ve read some things suggesting you shouldn’t do it, but I think every doctor can afford two or three peccadilloes, so if you want to make this one of yours, go for it.

3) There are a lot more important things than your doctor thinking you are pleasant. Your doctor is a person, so it is good to treat them well, but also remember that if you are seeing a doctor, your main goal is to get what you need for your health, whether it is advice, information, answers, or treatment.

4) This is an absolutely charming, heartbreaking essay called How To Be a Good Patient.

5) My favorite medical school instructor HATED when people called patients “males and females” rather than “men and women” because it was dehumanizing. He would call people out on it. He is fantastic and I learned a lot from him.

6) Doctors almost never ask a patient their race. They just guess and include it in notes as important data, and I hate this!

Incidentally, Friday’s comic will be about the winner of yesterday’s poll.