They look bored at best, blonde hair concealing their heavy-lidded eyes and mouth pressed into a flat, straight line. They disliked being in the form of Ryou Asuka for so long, it always took a lot out of them, and it wasn't them. This wasn’t Satan’s true form.

Wherever they were, it wasn’t their home planet. This was another version of Earth, one where humans ruled over it, where demons were nonexistant… for now.

It wasn’t a world they were familiar with.

The sun beat down on them, prompting them to remove their trench coat and draped it over one shoulder. They sighed through their teeth, then looked around. Perhaps there’d be someone else around to amuse themselves with.

I need ship names for the following:

[I’m stupid with these things so halp?]



Damon Salvatore and Stefan Salvatore Incest

Rick/Carl Incest [The Walking Dead]

Rick/Daryl [TWD]

Daryl/Carol [TWD]


Alaric/Damon Salvatore

Also thanks to snarkyphilanthrobot

I got:

Deadpool/Harley: Masquerade

Batsy/Harley: Comedy Knight

Bat/Cat: Thief in the Knight

JARVIS/Tony: Domo Arigato

JARVIS/Loki: Snark Attack

And I did these two myself:

Harley/Joker: Mad Love

Deadpool/Black Widow: Widowpool

But I will take suggestions from all of those if you have any, just… Please help with the first ones.

If you want to know what it’s for then >Here<

After seeing them all you can suggest a ship I should add the only I will NOT add is Thorki.