Strange Magic/Reylo parallels

Strange Magic is an animated movie from 2015, produced by Lucasfilm, from a story by George Lucas, and it has Reylo written all over it.

Lucas described it as  “Star Wars for a female audience stating ”Star Wars was for 12-year-old boys; I figured I’d make one for 12-year-old girls.“ On the film’s plot, director Gary Rydstrom stated, "We pitched it as a Beauty and the Beast story where the Beast doesn’t change.”

All the Hades/Persephone, Phantom/Christine, Beast/Belle tropes and parallels we discovered and yelled about, and there is this one example, that comes from Lucas himself and it comes out same year as TFA.

We get the story of Marianne, a fairy princess, who gets betrayed on her wedding day and the Bog King, leader of the Dark Forest, who hates love. He orders the destruction of all primroses, who are an important ingredient for love potions. One elf however, manages to create said potion, and Bog follows him with his army to the fairy kingdom and there, he kidnaps Dawn, Marianne’s sister, and demands the potion, or he’ll harm Dawn. Marianne immediately sets out on a rescue mission, ultimately breaking into Bog’s castle and fighting him, until she realizes Dawn is under the influence of the potion and had fallen in love with Bog. They try to find an antidote and on the way discover not only common interests but also that they’d both been disappointed in love in the past and that they rather enjoy each other’s company. As the story progresses, we learn it isn’t the hideous looking Bog who is the villain, but a beautiful fairy knight, the one Marianne was engaged to. 

Now to the parallels.

The main characters, one living in the sunny fairy kingdom, the other in the Dark Forest

One of them at some point turns dark/bitter and decides to wear emo clothing, hair and make up while the other is in all-beige. Kylo did not have eyeliner but he wa so emo you can’t deny it.

One fights with a sword, the other with a staff and the guy seems really to enjoy it while the girl is just straight on pissed.

At some point they lock their weapons

And look each other in the eyes up reaaaal close

After calming the heck down and having done some talking, they discover things they like in each other, and that they had similar experiences and so on. Kylo discovered Rey’s force sensitivity and He. Was. Doomed. Also, they’re both loners.


Tell me this isn’t an invitation -

And of course he falls for it

They embark on a nightly walk…or flight…whatever, and slowly, they start trusting each other and totally fall in love. Notice, how easily he persuaded her to enjoy the forest she was once afraid of, and showed her the beautful side of it *smirking* *thinking of Kylo seducing Rey to the dark side*

*Phantom of the Opera’s Music of the NIght starts playing*

Then of course, shit happens and he thinks she played him to get him out of his home so that her villainous ex Roland can infiltrate it. And yet, he got pissed when she was in danger and he literally shielded her when he notices Roland wants to spray her with a love potion, and punches him.

They work things out and in the end, after Bog kinda shows his heroic side and not only he gets angry at the villains claim on her (jelaous type oh yeah), while Marianne gets angry at Roland calling Bog a beast and flies at him with her sword, awww, also, he makes it possible for Marianne and Dawn to escape the castle as it falls apart and is presumed dead until it turns out he survived.

In the end, it’s shown how Bog and Marianne, at the urges of their friends and his mother confess their love for each other, and we get a mirror scene of their nightly flight, but this time, they fly together in light, with the villain gone, Bog kinda redeemed and with Marianne accepting all that he is.


P.S. None of the gifs are mine!

First Attempt at my first Mini Series

Club Mirage 01

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Genre: Smut

Rating: M

Written by: xoxoTheQueenOfHearts

Hearing of a new club in town, your best friend F/N asked you for a week to go with her and try it out this weekend. You weren’t much of a party go-er or the one to go out every weekend. You always enjoyed being wrapped up inside your comforter and reading a book or doing Friday’s homework for extra credit. Every time she has asked you to go with her, she would try different approaches when you would say ‘No’

It was a casual Friday afternoon when you were sitting in the library studying your notes for Monday’s quiz. Your hair was neatly pulled back into a ponytail and your glasses hung low on the bridge of your nose while your clothes were simple enough as a plain tshirt and plain jeans with comfortable tennis shoes. You felt a presence beside you but didn’t bother looking to see who or what it was. 

“Please go with Y/N, I don’t want to go by myself.” your friend F/N whines as she pouted her bottom lip. 

You sighed rubbing your temples in small circles as you were gradually getting annoyed with the question. “F/N..I already you.” You began to say for the 100th time that day as you stood up grabbing your things and headed out with F/N hot on your trail. “I don’t go to parties or clubs or anything of that nature.” you tell her yet again that day as you make your way outside onto your college campus.

“But Y/N…pleaaassseee!” She begs you as she pulls you around to face her. You exhale deeply and look at her. Your about to say something but she cuts you off. “I’ll do anything you want for a week if you go with me..” she bribed.

“Anything?” you questioned liking the idea a little too much but how far was she willing to go.

F/N nodded getting excited. “Anything! If you don’t like it we can leave. I promise.” she said as you tell by the look of it, she was internally praying to herself. 

A sigh of defeat escaped your lips. “Fine! But if I don’t like it we are leaving F/N.” you tell her as she chants excitedly ‘Yes!’ as she jumps up and down and links arms with you. 

“This is going to be so much fun!” she exclaims pulling you close as you laugh and shake your head. 

Later that night, you met up with F/N at this new club she was so interested in and wanted you to tag along. She was standing in line by the time you had arrived. She noticed you as she flagged at you and when you stood before her, her mouth dropped slightly. “Damn, Y/N…you clean up well.” she stated. 

You scoffed smacking her arm. “Close your mouth before flies get in it.” you tell her.

F/N wore a tight black bodycon dress that fit her perfectly as well as matching black stilettos. You wore almost the same thing except yours was red and red decent sized heels and you decided to wear your contacts for once. You swallowed nervously as this was out of your comfort zone. You ran a hand through your hair that you decided to wear down. You looked around and thankfully you didn’t know anyone from class here. That’s a relief. 

The closer the both of you got to the entrance the better you got a good look at the name above the bodyguard guarding the entrance. 


When you got to the front, the bodyguard was buff and towered over you. He gave you and your friend a piece of paper as you and F/N were guided into a separate area although you could hear the bass of the music from within. The room that you both sat in had several round tables and matching couches as the chairs surrounding each glow in the dark tables. The tables lit up because of the way the lighting looked in the dark lit room. It was as if the lighting was a black light. 

When you and F/N sat around of the empty tables, you both placed your paper on the table and could finally see what was written on the blank piece of paper. Your heart dropped and fell it was a heavy weight in your chest as you began to read what it states. The longer you read it, the more you felt uneasy.


The rules are simple, do not degrade, humiliate, or go without a safe word. If Angels say the safe word, the Devils must comply and stop. If the Devils want to see your face, he or she can take your mask off ONLY with your permission. Those who choose to be the Devil will wear the dark mask as provided as you claim to be Dominant within the rules and regulations of CLUB MIRAGE. Those who choose to be the Angel will wear the white mask as provided as you claim to be Submissive within the rules and regulations of CLUB MIRAGE. Every Devil is different. Every Angel is different. Every Devil has a right to punish their Angel to how they see fit as long as you remember no degrading, humiliation, or go against the safe word. By wearing these chosen masks, you accept your role. 

You swallowed as you finished your paragraph and saw where you had to sign at the very bottom. You looked up at F/N as you watched her hurriedly fill it out as she grabbed a black mask. Your palms were getting sweaty as you picked up the pen F/N just used and signed your paper with your name. After you signed it, you picked up a white mask. 

The person who led you to the room you were currently in, was now going around the room collecting the now signed papers. You were to focused watching the man to know you were now being separated from F/N because of your chosen masks. 

You put your white mask on and tried not to panic even though you felt as if your heart was going to fall out of your chest any minute. You looked around for F/N but she was gone. You stood up but the man who had brought you to the room and collected the papers grabbed your wrist, stopping you.

“Angels go this way.” he stated as you stood there frozen and nodded before entering into another room.

This time the room was much bigger. There were several bars which were crowded by both black and white masked people. A DJ stood on a tier just above the dance floor pit that was centered in the large room. However, next to the walls you could see peoples shadows within the curtains separating into small rooms with only the curtain to block what is inside each one. The shadows were intimate to say the least and you licked your dry lips as you casually walked up to one of the secluded bars in the room away from people. Looking around from where you stood by the bar, you could see a staircase but it looked like you needed access to go higher than this floor. Well you didn’t plan on staying long enough to find out what is up there. 

Your eyes scanned the room when you noticed F/N dancing with a Red and White mask. Red.You didn’t see anything in the paperwork you just signed about anything of a Red mask. “F/N!!” you try shouting over the music but the music was too loud. You start to make your way to her, shouting her name. “F/N!” you shout another time before knocking into someone by accident causing the person to dump their drink on themselves. Black. You immediately apologize for your rude mistake but the man wasn’t having it. 

“So an Angel thinks she can just waltz into people and get away with it?” he questioned his tone dripping with authority. 

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to run into you.” you say to him but he grabbed your wrist and pulled you along with him. 

“Guess I will have to teach you a lesson.” he growled as you panicked and started to fight his tug. 

“I said I was sorry! Let me go!” you yell at him. 

“There you are kitten. What did Daddy say about running off? Hmm.” another guy with a Black mask directed at you as he pulled you into him away from the man tugging you away. 

You paused. That voice was familiar. Oh no. You didn’t dare make eye contact with the person who just saved you. 

“That’s my Angel! Find another one!” the man who was dragging you along yelled at the guy beside you as he tried to grab you but the guy blocked him. 

“Find another one. This one’s taken.” the guy said pulling you with him and sat behind one of the curtain like rooms beside the walls. He sat down across from you as he ushered you to sit as well. 

You sit and stare at him for a moment. “Um..T-Thanks..” you say to him, avoiding his hot gaze. 

Jimin. The one who just saved you from that rude man. Jimin. The school’s frat boy. Jimin. The school’s jock. Jimin. The guy who have had a long secret crush on.

His glare was chilling. He didn’t look away except adding a smirk to his glare. “So Y/N….what’s a girl like you doing in a place like this?” he asked, his black mask hiding his face. 

Your eyes widened. Shit. “How did you know my name?” 

He chuckled. “Does it matter?”

Yes. “No..I suppose not.” you voiced with a little shakiness. 

“You didn’t answer my question Y/N…” his voice changing a bit. 

Your gaze caught him. “What question?” you asked playing dumb. 

He scoffed. “What is a girl like you doing in a place like this?” he asked again.

“I was brought here with a friend but we got separated…” you start to say but what does it matter. “Why?” you questioned. 

He was scooting closer to you now but stopped at arms length away facing you. Your cheeks begin to blush. “Aren’t you supposed to be at home studying Y/N..” he started to taunt you. You froze as you narrowed your eyes a fraction. “I bet you’re still a virgin…so why Y/N..are you…in a place…like this?” he teased into your ear as you blushed away from him but he grabbed your wrist and kept you in. 

You were done for. He knew who you were even with the stupid mask on. “I..uh..I wanted to see what it was since it’s a new attraction in town Jimin.” you spat at him getting irritated that he was making you flustered on purpose. 

He didn’t take it too kindly when you said his name in a tone. “Since we know each other then, how about we take off these masks.” he asked but came out more like a statement. 

No. “Okay.” you agreed but didn’t move because he had already beat you to it. He pulled your mask off and then with his. 

When your eyes met his, he paused, but you didn’t break the eye contact. “What’s upstairs?” you questioned him. 

“You’re not ready for that yet.” he said mono toned. 

“And why not? I’m an adult, I’m a big girl Jimin, I’m not afraid of you.” you challenged getting angry. 

He pulled you into his lap so fast and pinned your wrists behind your back as his other hand brushed against your body. The hairs on your arms stood up, a shiver going down your spine. He looked you dead in the eye. “Oh really? So you would be okay with going upstairs with me following my commands, being rewarded or punished for the things you do or say? You would be okay with bending over my thighs to spank you and tease you? You would be okay if I made you unpure?” he whispered so that his breath was glazing your face. A smirk plastered on his face as he saw that you were blushing like a red tomato. 

You were in a trance and frozen. Maybe because your mind was telling you that this was your crush since forever. You gulped. He leaned in closer enough to barely touch your lips. “Let’s go upstairs then and see if you still want this..” he said pushing you off of him, having you already flustered and unbalanced self follow him up the stairs to what looked like Tier One. 

He stopped at a doorway that was locked and entered a pass code before the door allowed entry. As you walked through the door, you noticed a sign above the large door. You bit your bottom lip. 

Level One: Darkest Fantasies

anonymous asked:

45 and Luke pleaaassseee??

“I had a nightmare about you and I just wanted to make sure you’re okay.”

Luke was awakened by the shaking of his shoulder and a light calling out of his name. The first thing he saw were the red numbers of his alarm clock; 3:32 am. Way too early to be awake. So Luke gave a groan and pushed his head into the pillow. “Go to sleep.”

You fell quiet for a moment, your hand still on his shoulder. “I had a nightmare about you and I just wanted to make sure you’re okay.”

The small, pitiful tone of your voice woke Luke up even more. And he felt a little guilty for shrugging off your attempts at waking him. He flipped over onto his hand, seeing your face in the dark through blurry eyes. But he could still see how concerned you looked. So Luke raised a hand and wrapped it around your arm, letting his thumb stroke the skin there. “I’m okay. It was just a dream.”

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Could you pleaaassseee draw Google IRL and Jack? Please? ;w;

here’s a short! :D I imagine this happening when jack had finished babysitting googleIRL for matthias xD idk i love the idea of jack baby sitting googleIRL for some reason hnng <3333

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(man right as i reblog that 2p-haven post this comes along)

“You haven’t been smoking for a while, right? And you said you didn’t want to quit.” Your voice breaks the silence that often comes up after dinner. Not that you minded, but James wasn’t too big on small talk–or talking in general.

He sighs and shifts around, resting your head on his chest. “Well, maybe I’ve changed my mind.” 

“I’m glad.” You reply, but you can see that his hands are trembling. Is he just nervous, or is it withdrawal?

No, he couldn’t be nervous. You had passed that stage of the relationship. Sure, you were glad that he was trying to stop, but at the same time…

“I don’t think going cold turkey is doing too well for me, though.” James grips a fistful of your shirt, probably to stop his hand from shaking. “I get the itch to smoke constantly, and I think it’ll get worse if I keep going.” He lets go of your shirt, choosing instead to sit up with you in his lap. “I’ll probably get nicotine patches once I run out of packs.”

“James…” Your voice is quiet, and for once, you don’t really know what to say. You lean back into his arm, and he freezes up.

“U-uh, yeah?” He carefully shifts his arm so your head can rest in the crook of his elbow. When you look up at him, he’s…blushing? He’s not looking at you either; his head is turned to look outside the window at the setting sun. More specifically, at the tree where he usually smokes. Was he too stressed out again?

You gently turn his head to face you. While he blushes harder, he doesn’t look away. “I do want you to stop smoking, but not immediately. That sort of stuff takes time. I don’t mind if you keep smoking, so long as it’s less common and you do it outside.” 

“I’ll…fine. Thanks, _____.” He reaches the arm you’re using as a pillow down and strokes your arm with his thumb. “I just…I want to be better for you, so I don’t wanna smoke as much.”

Because of you, he wanted to stop? It was your turn to blush.

“Well, I’m flattered, to say the least.” You snuggle into James, and he chuckles. You can feel the sound vibrating in his chest.

“I’m serious.” He reaches down and kisses you on the forehead, ever so gently. “Besides, I’m sure it’s not very pleasant kissing me right after I smoke, so there’s that.”

Morning Breath// Lee Joo Heon

Originally posted by doyoung

Pairing: Jooheon x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary:Anonymous said:
waking up with jooheon fluffy scenario pleaaassseee? 💘💖💓

Author’s Note: he’s so soft and sweet sfhejksdhgkv I love Jooheon he’s literally a bean

xoxo Sara

He began stirring at around seven. He wondered why he was up so early on his day off, and he couldn’t quite put his finger on as to why in God’s name that he couldn’t fall back asleep, something that he had been a pro at doing everywhere they went.

It was a quiet Saturday morning. The sun was just rising, the birds chirping through the window right by his bed as they huddled in their nests, the sounds of his other band mates in the kitchen and the smells of coffee being made making it as peaceful of a morning as ever.

Rubbing his eyes slightly, he let our a yawn; stretching all of the limbs of his body out as the sound escaped his lips. He rolled from his back to his stomach, his face now pressed into the pillow. He turned his head to rest his cheek on it instead, allowing him to breathe, as well as allowing him to see you.

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They look bored at best, blonde hair concealing their heavy-lidded eyes and mouth pressed into a flat, straight line. They disliked being in the form of Ryou Asuka for so long, it always took a lot out of them, and it wasn't them. This wasn’t Satan’s true form.

Wherever they were, it wasn’t their home planet. This was another version of Earth, one where humans ruled over it, where demons were nonexistant… for now.

It wasn’t a world they were familiar with.

The sun beat down on them, prompting them to remove their trench coat and draped it over one shoulder. They sighed through their teeth, then looked around. Perhaps there’d be someone else around to amuse themselves with.