28. Madrid Madrid Madrid… pedazo de la España en que nací

(Translation: ‘Madrid, Madrid, Madrid, piece of Spain in which I was born’. It doesn’t have the same effect, I know.)

Almost three weeks since I came back to Spain. Nineteen days to be exact. And I still haven’t yet get used to the fact that I’m not coming back to London.
Maybe it is because I am too comfortable here, I’m not going to lie. A little bit bored too.

The thing is that I had my life there, in London, and now I come here and like me, everyone have been living their life here too. And then you try to meet your friends but everyone works or have a routine and you’ve been away for three years, so they are not going to put aside their whole life just because you came back.
And I kind of understand. We are expecting everyone wanting to spend all the time with us and meeting us be the first thing when we arrive. But that is a little bit selfish. I thought everyone was going to be at my feet, but that is a mistake.
While you were away everyone continued to live their lives and that’s okay, because I left and I lived my new life there too.

But yeah, you come back and you feel a little bit out of place. Because this is my house and it will always be my house but in a way it is not anymore. Because everyone changed, myself included. And I’m sad and happy at the same time.

New adventures are coming. The most important one is that I’m moving again, but to Valencia (I will talk about that in another post).

The next adventure, happening in two weeks is that I’m going to a small cottage in the ‘mountains’ in a small village. To celebrate my anniversary. I don’t really think there will be snow, but I’m going to take some pictures of the landscape anyway.

(The pictures are Madrid -Sol, Callao, Calle Preciados, Calle Montera- in Christmas time)


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