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Christina Grimmie’s “frans” are still unable to wrap their heads around the singer’s senseless and untimely death on Friday.

The Voice alum and YouTube star opened for the pop-rock group, Before You Exit, at Orlando’s Plaza Live Theater. After their concert ended, they all took a moment to sign autographs within the venue when a man opened fire and shot Christina. She passed away shortly thereafter.

Now, one of Christina’s fans who was in attendance at the show is opening up about the tragic events and how it was just a “normal” night for the singer.

“It really hasn’t hit me yet that she’s gone, but it’s just really shocking and heartbreaking, to have been there especially.”

“She’s always so bubbly and energetic on stage. She loves what she does. It was just a normal night for her. I remember the last song she sang was a very upbeat song… She loves singing and performing. She was just very energetic like always.” X


Interior Plaza Theater, Atlanta, Georgia
by Wendy Darling

A few snapshots of the recent renovations. Among things that have been replaced or upgraded: carpet, paint on walls, massive curtains inside the main theater, seats in the main theater, projector (and new digital projector put in as well), sound system. And more things too, but those are the main. They are nearing up on completion.


Punch Brothers performing “Morning Bell” by Radiohead

Plaza Theater 3/31/11

I snuck up to the third row just behind the man filming this one.

Such a fantastic show.

Plaza Theatre, Atlanta, Georgia
by Wendy Darling

Interrupting the oft-interrupted Deco A-Z to present some recent shots of Atlanta’s Plaza Theatre, which is near the end of extensive interior renovations. I was there on Friday to see Fritz Lang’s psychological thriller M and again on Saturday for Ghostbusters.