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She died loading the dishwasher. January 2nd, a Thursday. I was five. We were in the yellow house on Potsdamer Platz. This was when Pops was stationed in Germany. I’m in half pants and a dinosaur shirt playing with Silly Putty on the floor. Remember how you could press it into the funnies in the newspaper and make a copy? 9:15 in the morning. It was raining. Then it stopped and the sun came out… 

“Sun Icon” Tim Delaney, 1990s

When Disney California Adventure opened in 2001, it was met with less-than-positive reviews, and was criticized for its generic content and poor design. The kitschy entry area, Sunshine Plaza, featured numerous shops and structures that together created a living “postcard” of California. At the far end of the area was a reflecting pool that featured a large metallic sun, known officially as the Sun Icon, (and unofficially as The Hubcap.”) Simulated waves would crash in the fountain for effect. This lacking plaza was far from a hit with a fans and in 2012, it was replaced with the beautiful, 1920’s-set Buena Vista Street.

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Yuri!!! On Ice Choreographer, Voice Actors Will Host Figure Skating-Themed Event

Original Article: Anime News Network

Figure-skating choreographer Kenji Miyamoto and skater Akiko Suzuki will get Yuri!!! on Ice fans in shape for the Grand Prix at an upcoming event. The “Yuri!!! on Ice ~Figure Skate o 100-Bai Tanoshimu Shūchū Kōgi~” event will teach fans about figure skating using footage from Yuri!!! on Ice.

The event will also host creator Mitsurou Kubo and voice actors Toshiyuki Toyonaga (Yūri Katsuki), Yūtarō Honjō (Guang-Hong Ji), and Shun'ichi Toki (Leo de la Iglesia) for the first session and Kubo, Toyonaga, and Kouki Uchiyama (Yuri Plisetsky) for the second session.

The event will take place at Nakano Sun Plaza in Nakano, Tokyo on March 3. Tickets are 4,500 yen (US$40) and went on sale on Wednesday. However, due to the high demand to attend the event, 48 theaters throughout Japan will also livestream it.

Ok, I get that you are excited about Rainbow Rocket, but-

Why hasn’t anyone talked about this:

This is not the same castle as the offical Rainbow Rocket Castle we saw in the english trailer. (The shape and sky are different) And judging by the bridge and cylindrical shape, this is supposed to be a Rainbow Rocket-ified Festival Plaza, but why? And how did they get the plaze to be this way? (Colress is good now, so he cant do this), so either they forced Sophocles to do this or Sophocles did this willingly (which is unlikely) or something else?

Whatever. I’m just happy that Sophocles gets a semi-important role in the games and the fact that rumors are saying Molayne is one of the Elite Four.

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Author’s Note: I am so sorry if you find any writing mistakes, also, who do you predict will end up with the main character? 

Plot: You are secretly in love with your best friend and ashamed to admit it. You have known Jungkook for many years, the both of you grew up in the same neighborhood. You know everything about him, from his small quirks to strange humor. He gradually became your medicine and laughter – you fell in love with him during the last couple months of high school and could not stop thinking about him since. The both of you get accepted to the same university and you are unable to handle the tension.  

Pairing: Jungkook | Female Reader or Jimin | Reader

Genre: Romance, Drama

Word Count: 1389

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