playwriting and directing

Let me tell you about my students...

I want to share with you some of the incredible accomplishments of my students lately:

  • One student made it her New Year’s Resolution to take lessons every week.  She’s on her sixth week in a row!  You go, girl!!
  • One student just got accepted into her first collegiate performance program as she goes into Unifieds this week!  So proud of you!
  • One student just got her first acceptance into a performance program that she did a walk-in audition on at Unifieds!  What?!  So cool!!
  • One student from Russia is taking the leap and applying to a program and a scholarship here in the US!  I’m so excited to see what happens!
  • One student got accepted for a BFA in Directing, Playwriting, and Production, a secret dream of hers!  Wooooo!!!
  • One student just got the lead in her school musical!  Yessss!
  • One student just took a chance and auditioned for the first time for a professional theatre!  That is such a huge accomplishment, I’m cheering you on!
  • One student is getting back into lessons, even though they scare her!  You’re so brave for doing something that isn’t easy, keep going!
  • One student just got accepted into an agency for voice over work!  You’re killing it, keep it up!  
  • One student successfully taught her first full day without having vocal fatigue at the end!  That must feel so incredible!
  • One student buckled down on lessons and is taking two a week, and truly committing between each one!  I’m inspired by your drive!
  • One student is putting himself out there and recording covers, even though it’s scary!  I love hearing you, keep recording!
  • One student didn’t get cast in her spring musical, and she’s choosing to commit to other aspects of her development with that extra time!  I’m so proud that you’re using your time so productively, you’re going to make huge leaps this semester!
  • One student auditioned for a choir solo that was totally out of her comfort zone, and learned a ton along the way!  Run to the fear, you’re incredible!
  • One student had high belt click for her and sang Defying Gravity all day without strain!  Yessss!!
  • One of my students literally JUST TOLD ME that she got Audrey in Little Shop and had a fantastic callback!!!!  I got goosebumps when you told me!!

I love you all so much!  Keep up the amazing work, you never fail to inspire me!


Based off this famous tumblr text post by “ofgeography” ( I decided to turn it into a one act short that my college, Salve Regina University, performed during a festival. Except for the first few lines, just to clear up what was going on to the audience, the rest is verbatim from the text post.
Performed by Stagefright Players