Playing wth type

These caught my eye—simple compositions showing-off typefaces designed by the Copenhagen based design agency, e-Types.

The shop, PlayType, is an extension of the agency, and was the first physical shop in the world, selling typefaces and type related products in 2011. 

As the name suggests, the shop is an entity where the in-house team can play with the letters they’ve designed and create products for design conscious shoppers. They also collaborate with other designers, artists or photographers, sometimes hosting exhibitions.

Simone Øster, the Store Manager told me a little about the shop’s origins:

“When we opened the store, the intention was that it should be a temporary pop-up shop, lasting for one year only—but, after great interest from around the world (including a 6 page spread in renowned magazine, Monocle) we decided to keep the store.

So, what we just thought would be a cool gimmick and way of promoting the type foundry, turned out to be its very own business. Playtype Concept Store has a different, and much wider audience than the type foundry itself.

We have expanded our product list, so not only are we selling posters and mugs, as we did at first,  but also: clothing, iPhone covers, skateboards, bags, books and more. By engaging in collaborations with Danish brands like Soulland and Mismo we have also expanded our customer base and made the Playtype brand known globally.” 

The best selling products are the posters shown above, with ‘g’, ‘C’, ‘N?’ and ‘A7’ being some of the most popular. Right, I’m off to book my trip to Denmark…