Playtime (Finn Balor Imagine)

Finn Balor x Reader
Warning: Smut. Soft femdom. Orgasm denial.
~2400 words

After bad news, Finn needs some playtime.

I’m also going to tag any lovelies who seemed interested when I posted about this a few days ago!
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theguardianknux  asked:

What symptoms of NIDS affected Maria during her life time? Was Shadow educated on the disease?

I think Shadow would have been educated on NIDS, since it’s a significant part of the reason why he even came into being. Though it’s interesting to note that in his memories in SA2, he claimed he didn’t know his purpose—maybe it was something Gerald erased during his reprogramming?

As for symptoms that affected Maria … perhaps anemia, or something to do with the blood? She can’t seem to run for long without having to catch her breath. (If you complete her missions in ShTH, at the end of The Doom or Lost Impact, she pants a bit before waving at the camera.) Considering that she liked to run around, it might have been something that cut into her playtime. 

Most of the fics I’ve read seem to feature frequent check-ups, mostly blood-related, to help her stay on top of things health-wise. So ennui was likely a major part of her life.

The signs as award winning songs

Aries - Take a Vacation

Taurus - Energy

Gemini - Woof Woof Woof

Cancer - Welcome to Lazytown

Leo - Playtime

Virgo - Bing Bang

Libra - Cooking By The Book

Scorpio - Spooky Song

Sagittarius - You are a Pirate

Capricorn - Man on a Mission

Aquarius - Always a Way

Pisces - Wake Up