I want you to…

Fuck me until my legs tremble and I’m too tired to keep them open. Fuck me until I pass out. Fuck me until I can’t cum anymore. Fuck me until I can’t remember anyone else’s name but yours. Tell me I’m your fucking slut, I’m your fucking whore and you’re going to use me until you’re finished having your fun. Degrade me until I’m nothing then build me back up because you love and care about me and then degrade me again. Break me. Control me, get strict with me. Use hand signals instead of words. Punish me when I get them wrong. Make me gasp, moan, and scream. Teach those forgetful neighbors your name. Teach me a lesson when I talk back. Leave me tied up and blindfolded for hours on end. Tell me I belong to you because I’m your fucking property and you can do whatever the Fuck you want with me, whatever the Fuck you want to me. Make sure I never forget it. Make me drip with cum, your cum or mine. Send me out in public/to important events with no panties like that. Make me dripping wet and send me to important events like that. Make me wear a collar to classes, in front of my family, in front of my friends and your friends. Humiliate me, torture me, and dominate me. Make me like it. Don’t let me cum, edge me until you think i deserve to cum. Make me play with myself in front of you. Tease me with your cock but don’t fuck me. Make me cum from teasing me. Take me over your knee in front of our friends and family when I talk back to you, use hand signals in front of them. Play with my pussy under the blanket/table/in the car. Shove me against the wall the moment you walk in the door after a long day and rip my clothes off of me and fuck me. Make me your fucking slave. Tell me it’s for my own good.


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