Mousetrap I

He stumpled out of the glass case and turned around just to make sure it didn’t disappear in the next second. He could have hold onto it. (Or just sat in it.) 

When nothing happens he looks around, but sees nothing but tall dirty walls and a long hallway stretching out in front of him. Petting down himself he took stock. All his weapons are gone but they left his snickers bars, the evidence bags. He still had needle and thread but his SHIELD pen was missing. His dog tags were also still present under his tac suit. (He unzipped a bit to check.)

After that check was done - there was nothing left but to walk that path. He crouched low and kept close to the right wall, expecting enemies immediately.

After many slow steps he could see that something sits at the end of the hallway. When he reaches the crossway (slowly looking down into the path to check if its clear) he can see what waits at the end of the path: A plastic clown figurine.

Nothing good would come from getting near such a blatant trap so he lets it be and slowly walks along the hallway, until he reaches the next crossway. Left or right? His Pa always said in maze’s to keep right, so he breathes deeply and presses close to the wall again, before keeping right.

He reaches another crossway and chooses again the right way. Which turns him around in a snake-motion. He can already see that this is not the way out, but he’s curious what may lie in the middle of the circle way.

It’s a white package wrapped with a big red ribbon.

It’s so clicheé he would have loved to pick it up and throw it against those creamy walls.

But it’s a really big package, he’d like to know what is inside. He gets nearer and listens for any ticking that might give away a bomb (because Arcade would build bombs that actually tick like in the movies, he read that dossier)

When he’s close enough to touch the gift he notices that the ribbon bands are sliced so he can take the top right off the box. Which he does after some brief hesistation and a look over his shoulder to check if someone’s been creeping up on him.

He plucks the top up and the ribbon slides off in an airy arc before settling on the ground next to his feet. Nestled in bright green and white filling material (that resemble flips) is an old crowbar. He can see the rust at the edges and it’s chipped.

Better than nothing, he takes it out and then overturns the package, letting the green and white flips fly everywhere. Sadly nothing else is in the package.

Equipped with a weapon he feels ten times less vulnerable. He turns around and walks back, scrabbing at the rust absent-mindedly.

He misses his gun.

Played OXENFREE with my bf yesterday and… This is really nice and interesting ! I love the game mood ♥ REALLY ! I want to know more about these two teens.

About the pic, yeah… We have the choice to ask embarrassing questions to our new step-brother or to… SAY HOW MUCH THE VIEW WAS NICE. (Yeah I choose the third one) Even when I’m playing, I feel incapable asking embarrassing stuff !

HAPPY FUNTIME SLIDE (Murderworld 2013)

Arriving ten minutes late to the amusement park was a bad start to his first mission. He just hoped Agent Black explained it good enough to Agent Quartermain.

He doesn’t let himself worry over his reputation long, because when he joins up with two of his friends (they run and spar together) he’s told that Ashe had been reported missing just a few minutes ago.

He decides to stay with those two (it did say teams of two and more) for now and keeps his cummunicator in his left hand at all times, ready to report anything unusual he might spot.

So far the only thing thats out of ordinary is a clown puppet that fell off the podium it had been sitting on. It looked like one of those you shoot at with a water pistol. He found remains of a really dirty water pistol not far off.

“How creepy.” said one of the Agents behind him, he couldn’t put them apart by voice only. He crouches down with the intent on setting the clown up and straight again - the sight was making him sad. Even the exclamation of “Ah, no, don’t touch it, god, why are you doing this man.” made him reconsider. Thankfully that phobia left him alone.

“Stop whining, do something useful instead and tell me where As- Agent Matsumoto disappeared.”