A New Study Has Found That People Buy PS4 for Graphics, Xbox One for Brand and Wii U for Fun

The latest gaming study by The Nielsen Company examines the top factors consumers consider when buying their new eighth generation gaming consoles. With consumer favoring the PS4 for its graphics, the Xbox One for the brand and the Wii U because it fun.

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Mortal Kombat X - Story Trailer - CHARACTER REVEALS

"Near-immortal crusaders, a class conflict that defined the era, and the racial imbroglio with werewolves that didn’t: It’s a delicious recipe that makes for an intriguing alternate London, which is rendered so sharply that it’s hard to not be captivated by this tubercular Victorian wonderland. It’s maddening, then, that The Order doesn’t even give us the chance to interact with what little substance is inside its alluring jewel-encrusted chalice.”

The Order: 1886’s worst crime is wasted potential