#10: 討鬼伝2 (初回封入特典「なりきり装束・天狐」ダウンロードシリアル同梱)
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討鬼伝2 (初回封入特典「なりきり装束・天狐」ダウンロードシリアル同梱)
プラットフォーム: PlayStation Vita
発売日: 2016/7/28

新品: ¥ 7,344 ¥ 5,999
7点の新品/中古品を見る: ¥ 5,999より


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Microsoft exclusive ReCore strives to be light but meaningful

ReCore is one of Microsoft’s biggest exclusives for the rest of year. It comes out on September 13 for Xbox One and PC. Exclusives can help a console stand out for the competition, which is especially important for the Xbox One as it looks to battle the better-selling PlayStation 4 this holiday season. ReCore is […] #Playistic


Mahlzeit 🖖🤘✌😆😆 #playstation #4Theplayers #gamer #ps4info #grillen #hannover

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Toukiden 2 presenta su opening

Koei Tecmo ha publicado el opening de Toukiden 2, juego que saldrá para PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4, y PS Vita este 28 de julio en Japón. Además, ya se encuentra disponible en la PlayStation Store japonesa una demo que nos permitirá transferir sus datos guardados al juego principal cuando este salga al mercado.

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Just completed the epic Uncharted 4. This is my favourite Uncharted game alongside Uncharted 2. Where the latter triumphs on unforgettable action sequence (e.g., the opening sequence and the train chase), the latest Uncharted comes out on top on story and gameplay mechanics. 

9.5 / 10

Wochenrückblick KW 29 - #DeadRising #PokémonGo #Batman #TheWalkingDead #Sonic

Wochenrückblick KW 29 – #DeadRising #PokémonGo #Batman #TheWalkingDead #Sonic

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Willkommen zum Wochenrückblick von PS4Info! Hier präsentieren wir euch unsere Top 7 News der Woche. Mit freundlicher Unterstützung von Gaminger.


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REVIEW: Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force - Part 2

REVIEW: Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force – Part 2

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Having already introduced all the characters in Part 1, I’ll jump right into talking about the fighting system of this game. One of the criticisms of the first game was how much the fighting system was cribbed from the Neptunia games. That complaint can still be leveled some against this one, however both of those franchises have diverged since then. First off, in the newest game, Megadimension…

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‘Sonic Mania’ and ‘Project Sonic’ Celebrate 25 Years of Sonic in 2017
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SEGA also presents Sonic Mania in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the character they return to its roots with a new 2D throwback version of the game. Sonic Mania was announced for both PC and Consoles this week and you can watch the official trailer now here below.

Retro gaming is a big online trend, as we have already seen earlier in the week with the announcement of the miniature NES Video Game Console.

The SEGA team surprised its fans also with something entirely new.

ONE MORE THING… Say hello to Sonic 2017! #Sonic25

— Sonic the Hedgehog (@sonic_hedgehog) July 23, 2016

Project Sonic brings the character into the future. The game will come to the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo’s NX some time next year with an expected release around the holiday season. A teaser trailer for Project Sonic 2017 has been released and you can watch that here below.

We will keep you posted on the release of both games over the next months.

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Top 10 Retro Must-Plays

Top 10 Retro Must-Plays

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Real Talk by: Rickayyyyy There are tons of games these days, and the sheer amount of them sometimes hinder many people from playing some of the classics. There are so many good retro games that it can be hard to choose which ones to play. I am here to aid you with my top 10 favorite retro games (I count retro as anything N64/Playstation and before). If you haven’t played all the games in this…

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Marvel: Ultimate Alliance volverá otra vez a las nuevas consolas

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance volverá otra vez a las nuevas consolas

Desde el evento de San Diego Comic-Con, se ha confirmado que los dos Marvel: Ultimate Alliance que han salido en 2006 y 2009 en multiples plataformas como Xbox 360, Wii y Playstation 3, llegará ahora a las nuevas plataformas Xbox One, Playstation 4 y PC. Dichos juegos tendrá multiples mejoras g

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Nuevo tráiler en inglés de Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy

El blog oficial de PlayStation ha revelado un nuevo tráiler en inglés de Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy. La película se estrenará el 19 de agosto en los cines de Norteamérica y llegará a las plataformas de streaming digital a partir del 30 de agosto. También llegará en Blu-ray el 30 de septiembre.

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Episode 17 - #TooMuchTitle
This week on Gamers Without Borders: Updates:Nick continues his journey in The Witcher 3 and meets triss for the first timeDapper has been working on a Television Show.Dave has been to the Hospital to discuss medication changes and has been creating...
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