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Overwatch Chinese New Year Event Starts January 24th

It’s the Year of the Rooster, boys and girls, and Overwatch is celebrating with an event starting on January 24th. No major details yet, but there are confirmed skins for Mei and D.Va.

Edit: Just a head’s up, a previous version of this post said the event began on the 25th, but all current news sources say the 24th. I guess Blizzard decided to bump it up a day.


You know, I’m actually starting to like it here? Sure, it’s a dangerous planet riddled with murderous robots and exotic predators. But take away all that and what do you have? A presidential retreat-slash-water park!

Spyro the Dragon.  I have such fond memories of playing the first three games of this series.  I had a great time drawing this little purple dragon that it made me want to dust off the old disks and play them again.  

As an added bonus, click here to listen to “Artisan’s Home” one of the songs from the first game.  Just a little something to set the mood for this illustration.