although the Native Tongues was based on the east coast there was plenty of artists from the west coast who add fuel to the fire. Can you name a few? List your thoughts in the comments and don’t for get to RSVP for this Saturday oh oh and come EARLY that come late mentality will have trying to text folks who have no service once they step inside hence our hashtag #eyespynowifi #playsmart #beawinner ‘cuz losing isn’t an option ✌🏿


The reason I don’t get as bent out of shape as most people do when bad comes my way is almost because I expect it. Not that I’m a pessimist. But a realist. I know that what I’ve sown in life I may have to one day reap. So when bad things happen, I don’t play victim. I ask myself, am I reaping or am I sewing?

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