playscale dollhouse


There was a sale on Fashionistas but I couldn’t decide which one I wanted, and anyway I should be saving my money right now. This set of empty cardboard boxes was only half as much, so by contrast it felt like a sensible buy. They’re “playhouse scale” rather than playscale or dollhouse scale, so they’re only for me. Sorry, various dolls.

What I like is that besides all the Nestlé stuff there’s a few wellknown local products: pärlsocker, lättmjölk (well, letmælk), Rynkeby, um, søde apelsiner? Weird, seems like most of them are danish-owned nowadays (ok, DanSukker is a no-brainer). It makes sense actually, since the toy store chain is danish too. In fact, turns out this is one of the dreaded TOP-TOY products! (Dreaded because it’s so damn impossible to google.) And the contact address is german so who knows.

The Kerrygold butter package looked familiar from Lidl, but I googled and it turns out they just made their own “grass-fed”, “irish” butter with a very similar packaging design. Also I learned that grass-fed butter is huge in certain circles because something something LCHF? And also hipsters and their bullet-proof coffee which I guess requires unsalted butter. Idk, I’m staying out of it. I just want the empty boxes.