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Destiny Group: Space Nerds (PS4)

  • Because I do not have friends to play Destiny with me I made a group so I can find some nice people to play with
  • Weil ich niemanden zum zocken kenne habe ich eine Destiny Gruppe eröffnet um mit netten Leuten spielen zu können

If you got a gaming blog or better a Destiny blog could you pls share this? maybe one of your followers plays Destiny on the Ps4 or even better speaks german =D


PlayStation 4 priced at $399, Xbox One priced at $499. Xbox has restrictions on trading, re-selling and borrowing games. Playstation has no restrictions. Xbox One requires you to connect to the Internet every 24 hours in order to play the console. PlayStation 4 does not require online connectivity. Xbox One must have Kinect always connected. PlayStation 4 sells the PS Eye separately. Xbox One imposes restrictions on Indie developers. PlayStation 4 supports Indie developers and allows them to post freely to the PSN store. Sony have won this console war without even trying. Microsoft were Sony’s best marketing campaign of all time.

Mighty No. 9 Signature Edition Won't Be Available On Wii U

Mighty No. 9 Signature Edition Won’t Be Available On Wii U

More news for fans of the upcoming Mighty No. 9! Comcept and publisher Deep Silver have announced a Mighty No. 9: Signature Edition, which includes a physical copy, new DLC, a foil signature and a posable Beck statue. Unfortunately for the Nintendo faithful, according to a tweet by Deep Silver, this special edition bundle will only be…

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Konami‬ has restricted all mention of Hideo Kojima from interviews after they took his name off Metal Gear Solid V. What ungrateful fucks. Hideo is a fucking game designing genius. The man invented a series that is a gaming icon and classic. Snake has  gone on to star in Super Smash bros and they even made a MGS cameo in Wreck it Ralph. Goes to show you there’s no respect. Would you take Bob Kane’s name off Batman or Disney’s name off Micky? No Konami go fuck yourself! His name and production company better be on the final game.

Next Generation Console Rundown!

Gaming now has grown into something of a graduation stage and its not sure what the hell to do!

The last console generation (made up of the Xbox 360, PS3 and the Wii) was an awkward puberty and now it seems like its gonna all go down hill.

So prepare gamers for the most retarded game of Cluedo ever played!

First we have Nintendo with the Wii-U!

Who were so eager to play the game as Professor Plum with the two other big boys that it forgot that it had no arms, legs and half a brain.

Nintendo must have converted to some kind of cult religion with a Cat-faced deity that promises gold and chocolate that only Nintendo can see because that is the only explanation as to why it jumped into this game of Cluedo with nearly zero games and a very weak triple A party support. Its no wonder EA is discussing whether or not to give the Wii-U its graces because you can take a horse to water but you can’t make it crap money!

In the metaphorical world of the Cluedo game, the Wii-U is currently sticking its Professor Plum piece up its nose and playing Texas Hold'em with the clue cards.

And next with Colonel Mustard is Sony with the PS4!

Which is trying so hard to appeal to the Internet gamer community that its a few dollar notes short of being a pole dancer.

I can understand the strategy behind it but this kind of freedom always comes with a catch and what I’m fearing is that the “lets plays” of the future are gonna be a 10:00 minute advertisement, with future Pediepie’s and Tobygames marked with the burned logo of Sony on their arses!

And finally the Xbox One! (and since the last console was called “360” I’m am pretty sure all the people in Microsoft have the mathematical intelligence of a stuffed tiger rug!)

Now Microsoft has not selected any pieces to play Cluedo but instead have constantly been changing from a Monopoly boot, a Twinkie and a Rainbow Dash doll and hoping no one would notice!

Since the information of what it can do has been shifty at best lets look at all the stuff it can’t do.

Can’t play pre-owned games

Can’t be played on any SD television

Can’t play offline

Can’t play 360 games or their controllers

And it can’t work with the Kinect off, which is like saying “ You can eat this pizza but only if you you replace the Pepperoni with anthrax pellets!”

So that’s the next generation console rundown, we have a:

A limbless dolt with no particular talent with a tea tray sized controller

a whore

and a picky, greedy money machine that that will bully anyone to buying their product.

So do you know which I’m gonna buy? FUCK ALL!

I’m gonna go on my PS2 and play some Ratchet and Clank 2!



New Glacial White PlayStation Headset Revealed


New Infamous: Second Son trailer (about the tech of the game)