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Teenage Link is a late bloomer when it comes to puberty, and his best friend is turning into this athletic young man while he stays short and chubby-cheeked a while longer. In this time he becomes obsessed with muscles and men, and he gets really into wrestling. And Rhett, his friend who goes from lanky to lanky with a few muscles, becomes his big crush!

AAAWWW YES …. omg rhett’s so tall and he’s good at basketball and he’s had more girlfriends and he can play guitar ……. and link is shorter and he still has a baby face and he’s awkward when girls talk to him …. and he tries to play soccer but he’s not very good …. (he also plays some guitar but he’s not as good as rhett …)

omg i feel like high school link’s obsession with wrestlers was at first like, wow look at their muscles and how cool and confident they are .. i wish i could be like them …
and then it slowly became like, wow look at their muscles and how cool and confident they are …… i wish i could smoOCH THEM …

and it becomes that way with rhett too …. like he went from admiring his bff to like REALLY ADMIRING HIS BFF…… especially when rhett gets a bit of muscle (as much muscle a lanky teenage boy can have lmAO) from all the basketball practice and link just wants to feel his arms and chest so bad …
(and link doesn’t know that rhett loVES link’s cute baby face and his cheeks and wishes he could smooch him so bad too ….)

Cool Space GIFs from the Internet

There’s a lot of historical and archived space footage on the internet and we’re excited to see that the public (you!) have taken it to create many other products that teach people about exploration, space and our universe. Among those products are GIFs. Those quick videos that help you express what you’re trying to say via text, or make you laugh while surfing the web.

Are space GIFs the new cat videos of the internet? Don’t know, but we sure do like them!

Here are a few neat space GIFs from the internet…

This GIF of the Cat Eye Nebula shows it in various wavelengths…

Followed by a GIF of a cat in space…floating in front of the Antennae galaxies

One time, a frog actually photobombed the launch of our LADEE spacecraft…someone on the internet gave him a parachute…

Want to see what it’s like to play soccer in space? There’s a GIF for that…

There are also some beautiful GIFs looking through the Cupola window on the International Space Station…

This warped footage from the International Space Station gives us ride around the Earth…

While this one encourages us to explore the unknown…

When our New Horizons spacecraft flew by dwarf planet Pluto in 2015, the internet couldn’t get enough of the Pluto GIFs…


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GIF Sources

Cat Eye GIF:
Cat GIF:
Frog GIF:
Soccer GIF:
Cupola 1 GIF:
Cupola 2 GIF:
Earth GIF:
Explore GIF:
Pluto 1 GIF:
Pluto 2 GIF:

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Simon – can I call you Simon? I’m going to go ahead and call you Simon, since you seem to be on such familiar terms with me and my generation. Simon, let me tell you about my participation trophies. I got them for playing soccer, and they were handed out from a bag at the end of the year with all the ceremony of communist factory workers getting their lunch rations. My response was not “Well, clearly I’m going to be handed a six-figure job as an adult.” It was “Neat, a trophy! Now I’m going to go back to thinking about Pokemon or farts, because I am a child.” Later it was a nice reminder of time spent playing with my friends, and as I got older, eventually only the teams that won were rewarded. This did not shock and sadden us – it was what we expected, and wanted, because we were actually capable of observing adult society, and we noticed that pro sports teams weren’t handed many trophies for constantly losing.

But Simon says all of this caused us to drift through life until one day we entered the “real world,” which to Simon means the workplace, because once you step outside the office, reality dissolves into a hypothetical cloud. And once in the “real world,” we were all stunned to discover that we weren’t special and that our moms couldn’t make our bosses give us promotions. And so “in an instant, their entire self-image was shattered.” What? Do you think no millennial ever watched their parents struggle with their career? Do high school and college exams, where you are literally graded on your performance and told that it will shape your future, not count as a “real world” which can affect your self-image? What the fuck are you talking about? But Simon is convinced that because of this, millennials have lower self-esteem than previous generations. Hey, that sounds like a conveniently vague, borderline-impossible-to-measure “fact” that you made up on the spot. Oh, and what data we do have suggests that you’re wrong.

That Anti-Millennial Rant Is BS: Cracked Destroys A Meme

*squints* is that a happy soccer au i see? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

here’s the lowdown:

  • mari and adrien are childhood best friends™ 
  • they met through being new neighbours adrien used to be legit just a loner until he met mari who was like ‘dude play soccer with me’ and they became straight up bffs after that 
  • they both loved sour patch kids and space and drew what they thought was a genius graphic design of a space sour patch kids logo when they were young 
  • they end up going to different highschools in the same town and still live in the same neighbourhood. they both join soccer teams in the their respective schools.
  • in terms of skill and technicality, mari is the better player but adrien seriously pulls unexpected moves that make him stand out. 
  • uhmm..everyone girl is rlly gay for mari in her school they are just her fangirls lmfao same thing for adrien but mari has got like 4k followers on instagram and all she does is take a photo of her soccer ball 
  • they have this tradition to draw the space sour patch kids logo on their team shirts ever since they started soccer in high school so that neither forget the other and wow that’s romantic guys 
  • their coaches were at first like wtf no but they used permanent marker so they ended up accepting it over the years and now everytime they join new teams or get new shirts everyone is like ‘when r u having the logo’
  • their schools r so nosy on who tf the person who draws their logos is omg everyone is always trying to spy on them to figure out who adrien/mari is
  • this time it’s adrien who has a crush on mari and mari is the one to eventually fall in love 

italian themed restaurants: at least 6 italian flags hanging up on the walls, “now that’s what i call italian music” cd bought from walmart playing through the speakers

italian restaurants: framed pictures of both mother theresa and the pope, italian newspaper clippings about the italian soccer team dating from at least 30 years ago, there’s a soccer game playing on the tv mounted to the wall but it’s nearly inaudible over the sound of loud italian talking coming from the kitchen


Renji has a baby ♥♥♥

I was in the mood for some Dad!Renji because I think he is an awesome dad and I need more Renji & Ichika pictures <3 (although I think he likes it more to play soccer with her instead of tea party- he still won’t refuse but gets so bored and falls asleep). He messed up with the food in the second picture (I just love to draw this kind of faces).

I want to draw another version with Rukia and Ichika as well.