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I noticed in the past you seemed to generally hate Kairi, so I wanted to know if your opinion has changed or is still the same?

Haha I did! Thanks for asking! :)

After examining myself more, I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t hate Kairi herself. I just hate the way she is written by Square Enix. I think this was exacerbated by the fact that I played KH1 when I was young where I pretty much hated all physically weak, male-dependent damsel-in-distress waifu characters (I still do hate those characterizations tbh).
I also hated that the romance between Sora and Kairi was forced on me, so I unfairly directed my displeasure at Kairi. It wasn’t because of the “Sora belongs to Riku, not Kairi” fangirl mindset. I hated Riku too in KH1. I grew to like Riku only after playing KH2 because he wasn’t such a massive asshole anymore, but my opinion of Kairi had stayed the same, if not worsened because I had to rescue her again! Christ on a stick!!

((Don’t quote me on this but I’ve read somewhere that in an interview with Nomura, he stated that Kairi is actually pretty good at fighting and is only second to Sora? or something. Yeah so how come we only see like five seconds of her fighting in KH2 and that’s it? I still wish we could have also fought her in early KH1, where we duel with all the other kids. ))

What propelled that self-examining is a post I read on Tumblr (suuuuper long ago, before KH3D. I wish I can find it again) where someone laid out that Nomura’s team sucks majorly at writing female characters. Basically, all the major females in the game are typical waifus waiting for their male companions to rescue them and/or have no character growth/side plot of their own. The female characters only exist to push forward the male characters’ plots. They pointed out that even Aqua fits into that narrative - everything she does is for the male characters, Ven and Terra. She doesn’t have any catalyst that is unrelated to Ven/Terra pushing her for her own development. I think the OP concluded with their observation that many actually hated the weak writing of the female characters. 

Reading and thinking about it made me realize that yeah, it’s the writing that I hate. Namine I was indifferent about since she had very little screentime in KH2, and I didn’t play KHCoM to know about her. Aqua got a pass because she could fight and didn’t need rescuing. Also her Ghost Drive was super rad Xion I hated just because she reminded me so much of Kairi lol. 

I’ll say though, after coming to this realization I tried watching re:COM cutscenes until I realized that I hated how Namine was written and couldn’t stand to watch lol. Everything that I said I hated above, Namine was that too. But Namine had the buffer of me actively knowing that it was the writing/the type of characterization that I hated, while Kairi didn’t (same with Xion). 

I won’t say that I actively like Kairi now, but she’s okay. I don’t hate her and I don’t cringe when I see her. I really like Kairi’s design and I try to think more positively about her. 10+ years of not liking a character is hard to turn around quickly :’)

Still don’t care for Sora+Kairi romance though. 

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Lets get some NaCl-y on Munday! 

  • What’s the worst role playing experience you’ve had?

- Yugioh fandom I’m afraid, you pick and choose really. While I love the characters and the show to death, some rper made it very uncomfortable to be with. Too much UNNECESSARY hate, if you didn’t ship yaoi in yugioh you were automatically shut down. Or worst, send anon hate for roleplaying girl muses, which to this day still manages to piss me off because as someone who always played guy muses, I LOVE hetero ships too. 

  • Why did you leave your last fandom?

 - The same stated as above, that and replace. My ex-partner writing pretty much dump me for another, which is my biggest fear is to be replace. I felt like I didn’t matter and considering how HUGE Yugioh fandom is, its easy to get lost in it or become one of the many numbers.

  • What are some things you are tired of seeing in the RPing community?

 - Elitist assholes, people who think they are BETTER than you, and when you try to give your character (canon or oc) some kind of realistic view they start being picky assholes and break it apart how that’s not possible. Like I get it, you don’t like someone having a sleep disorder but that still doesn’t give you a free ticket to be a fucking asshole. Don’t like it? Don’t comment and unfollow. Simple concept that seem to be almost.. forgotten?

  • Your view on Mary/Gary sues?

- One of my BIGGEST fear when I made my OC was to fall under Mary sue syndromes. Still am? I don’t like them, not to say I will spread my hate on them because that’s a waste of my time but - i still don’t like it. End of story, like I said, it’s a waste of my time to hate.

Bloody Valentine

Modern AU with @elyon-kurae~

How long had he waited? Far too long. She should have been here by now, in fact she should have been here exactly 3 minutes ago. He knew by fact that it didn’t take so long to get from the classroom to where they usually met.
Wondering what exactly kept her, he fiddles with his phone, checking the messages, before putting it away with a badly hidden sigh.

He got a few looks from the students leaving the school, as he leaned against the wall, trying to look for some other way to spend his time. Perhaps he should call her, or somehow… Make sure she’d never be late again. His eyes fell on another girl that left the ground that very second.

If he wasn’t wrong, she was one of her friends. He’d seen her with her before. That could very well be a suitable pun-
His thoughts were interrupted, as a voice called out to him, and he changed his stance, thoughts of murder forgotten for just a few seconds, as the hint of a smile appeared in his golden eyes. “Elyon.” 

No signs of his annoyance were to be found in his voice, as he casually dropped his wright forward, moving away from the wall with smooth movements.

“Ready to go?” Not that they were busy in any way. 

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I'm not saying it wasn't a cheap way, I'm just saying we have no real proof that Laurel's mother's maiden name was Drake. And as for 3 people named Dinah, I know like 10 people named Mike, three of whom are in my immediate family.

Still ludicrous writing, if you ask me. I’m sorry if I came off as rude before, I’m sure I did and it was not my intention. I was just really appalled at the so called reveal. Don’t get me wrong, no hate towards the actress who’s playing Tina/Dinah… she seems great and I’m sure she would’ve made a hell of a Dinah if she was there all along and didn’t just came to replace a pre-existing character in a way that seems that they are all pretty much interchangeable. I mean, they both have the cry and they both have the same name and they both will fill the same role, it’s just too much of a coincidence to swallow. Yeah, sure, it is common to have people sharing your name, I know at least 5 people with the same as mine. But really… having the meta cry, the fighting skills to match and everything else that makes her simply perfect to fill Laurel’s role and being better than her in every single one of these things? It’s just disrespectful af to the actress and the fandom. And slaping a canon character’s name on this new BC just so people will stop complaining about comic book accuracy is just the laziest writing I came across in a really long time. The problem is less of a “Dinah Drake is Laurel’s mother name” thing (which, y’know, should be her maiden name, but it is too much to expect accuracy and respect for the source material from Arrow) and more of a “we didn’t know what to do with Laurel’s version of BC, so we’re starting from scratch with this new OC that is pretty much everything Laurel was supposed to be from the getgo but we fucked it up, and while we’re at it, give her Dinah Drake’s name so people don’t whine too much about it”. Honestly, Arrow just doesn’t deserve a character as awesome as Black Canary, they should just let her rest in peace and keep her as far away as possible from their terrible storytelling. 

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ok, so, here are my initials thoughts pls respond with yours

  1. 1995-wentworth does not pull off overwhelming nostalgic longing in quite the same way as rupert penry jones, so he seems a lot meaner.  Like they do the same stuff but you can tell rpj is in PAIN abt it
  2. amanda root is too old to play anne (so was sally hawkins, but she looks less old??? i dunno i’m very shallow) but she did manage to brighten up quite well
  3. the side characters are much improved in the 2007 version, except for henrietta and her bae and mrs. musgrove, since henrietta got lines and also her boyfie showed up and was all bitter and funny, and musgrove was turned into a gossipy lady in 1995.  Also, I did like that Elizabeth was pretty in the 1995 version, that made her look all ridiculous in the 2007 version but she was supposed to pretty.
  4. I like the Long Walk in the 1995 version.  I think that was the best part of the movie?  The 2007 version made it all weird and dramatic and used dumb camera work, but the 1995 version was cute and lots of GLANCING, always a fave
  5. mr. elliot in the 1995 version was sooo 1990s greasy, which was nice, but he didn’t ever seem like someone anne would like, whereas even though 2007 elliot is a bit of a weirdo, you believe anne might marry him? until you find out he’s a slut through and through
  6. the operatic concert was good in both but obviously rpj won on the front of being nonsensically petulant and pouty
  7. 1995 did a more “correct” adaptation of the love confession than 2007 did (my main issue w/the 2007) but probably since 1995-wentworth didn’t have enough PAINED looks, it wasn’t very swoony
  8. I did like that 1995-Wentworth was mean to lady rushworth, that was fun.

Anyways, tbh I love the 2007 adaptation so much, I’d just change it a bit so that it’s not so terribly desaturated and then that they do the love confession properly with the overhearing bit and less like ~confusing hallway times~ and MAYBE add a bit more allusion to their previous love (the book some cute vague stuff abt it) and also JUST KISS INSIDE YOU ANIMALS.  

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⭐ Aw man, I just love how she's clever and sneaky & quite morally ambiguous. You play her like the barely-a-teen she is &work with it. I love all the au's we have (&all of them are just on point with pidge's characterization and how it might be affected by different circumstances). I love how pidge delights is causing mayhem, even if it's a good-natured sort of mayhem. You're so much fun to talk & plot with, & I'm so glad you're chill with random blurbs dropped into your message box at weird hrs

send me a ⭐ if im one of your favorite mutuals and explain why || @lionessofthestars

Heck yeah, moral ambiguity is one of my favorite keys to play! I’m actually pretty pleased to see the age I stick her with is enjoyed, too? I know age is a weird controversy in this fandom. But yes, the AU’s.. Getting to talk about how our characters would be the same and then how they’ll differentiate is always so much fun for me. Makes the worlds we create seem more unique (ESPECIALLY the ward verse, I love “cub” pidge ;;) and an easier head-space to get into. 


For real, though, cuate… It could be 05:00 on a blue moon night and I’ll be absolutely ecstatic to see whatever you got for the table this time. Talking about the things we do at these random bursts always manages to just pick up my mood. Simple home customs could be the subject, and it’s made all the more entertaining since I’m getting to talk ideas with you. 

IDK about the whole joking around thing… but then im mostly talking about character hate posts about Junkrat. And with Torbjorn its been 1000x worse… like there are few fics I read in Overwatch in general but there are some that trash Torbjorn so bad I cant even read that much.
YEAH! The shipping thing it seems to be the most problem! Like personally I kinda find him annoying… but its not like I play the game so I dont have to hear him much.
Roadhog just seems pretty cool to me. And I always liked huge characters that like cute shit…. hes got the coolest voice too!
I was disappointed in his in-game lines to Junkrat… because I thought theyd have more friendly lines… but Hog seems mostly annoyed with him…

SAME THING FOR (disappointed in the … fandom bit of them I guess I mean…)McCree and Hanzo… I was SO shocked to find they literally had nothing to do with each other. It was wild.


OH and the shallow thing maybe thinkin he’s ugly… maybe but I cant recall anyone sayin nothin about his looks… just that they hated him and Mei wouldnt ever be with him or w/e. !!!I cannot believe hes younger than Lucio tho! That was crazy finding that out…. I guess premature balding is a thing… but I was surprised.

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For the question thing 20, 33, 40

20. Favorite Sims game?

I’m going to count this answer for question 40 too since they’re pretty much asking the same thing. Favorite sims game is The Sims 4 (Now that we have toddlers) but besides TS4, my all time favorite sims game is the Sims 2. I love TS2 so much, I wish I still had my discs I would still play it tbh 

33. List 5 facts about your favorite character?

5 facts about Rosie;

01. || She has the nerd brain aspiration.

02.-04. || Her traits are; loner, family-oriented, and loves the outdoors.

05. || She works in the social media career but I couldn’t tell you the last time I actually had her go to work lol

Thank you for asking! ❤