plays pretty much the same character too

You know what my favorite part about theatre is?

An actor in a movie or TV show gets given a script and takes that character given to them and performs that character. And some of them do it incredibly well, and some of them do the bare minimum, but all of them do.

And theatre actors don’t get that liberty, not if they want to be remembered. Theatre actors are taking a character that’s probably been seen a million times, who only has a set number of lines or songs, who fans probably feel like they know, and each new actor makes that character a little different, adds a little bit of them. Because if they don’t, the only thing that will change is the face, and that’s not the beauty of theatre. Theatre changes every time somebody new gets on stage, every time anything is changed.

Theatre actors take two passing words in a two act musical and add an entirely new layer. And that’s why people can look or listen to a single piece of a show and know who it is.

The difference between actresses’ “fiyeroooOOOOO” can let you know exactly who is playing Elphaba.

The different way Jack leans on the scaffold, the different sound Katherine makes in Watch What Happens, the simple difference in tone used in the delivery of a line.

Theatre actors take a given script and make it their own, and everybody’s character is different, no matter how many other people have played it.

The difference between Laura’s Zoe and an understudy’s Zoe, for example. Same songs, same lines, same costumes and lighting and mic and story, but the character feels entirely different because Laura’s Zoe is entirely different from any other version of Zoe. 

I don’t know, I just think that’s pretty cool.

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what are you hopes for da4? where do you think it'll be set?

i don’t follow fandom theories and meta too closely so this is really just my superficial take on things. i also try not to think of anything as “predictions”, because who knows, really.

that being said im ALMOST sure it’ll be at least partly set in tevinter, because it really seems to be gearing towards that for a number of reasons

  • qunari war starting up again
  • dorian & co wanting to change how things are over there
  • the final moments of trespasser were really pointing to that too
  • tevinter is heavily tied with elven history which seems to be particularly in focus in the story rn 

with all that i think it’d look ridiculous if we weren’t in tevinter at all, but i say “almost” sure because again, who knows.

as for my hopes, well,

  • it would be nice to hear from the grey warden situation, and if we do go to the north it would put us closer to the anderfels so it’s not entirely unrealistic, or so i’d like to believe.
  • i would like whoever the human option for player character to not be a noble. i dont think that would be of much interest if we’re going to be put in the middle of a possible slave uprising in tevinter. a return of a city elf option would be great too, for the same reason. 
  • if it is tevinter, a city setting more like da2 had would be cool, and less of endless expanses of land with nothing but fetch quests. it looked pretty, sure, but it’s not what i play dragon age for.
  • dwarves. literally anything about them in any positive or relevant way. that would be nice.
  • a comeback of the mood icons in the dialogue wheel but this time it actually shows up more than 3 times in the whole game and actually matters, something like the special red/purple/blue options you had in da2 when your hawke is predominantly a certain color would be cool.
  • same thing for the race/class specific dialogue options. let the character’s background be relevant.
  • on that note, something like the origins quest would be nice, getting a glimpse of what the character’s life was like before they’re thrown into the main story.
  • bringing back approval/friendship slider. i want a visual representation of how much that character loves me.
  • letting us rename saves again. my crops are dying.

@ everyone feel free to reblog & comment on or add to this if you feel like it, i’d be interested in seeing what other people are thinking

reasons why akko x andrew is a pretty solid pairing.

I think the pair fits a little more better than what you people give it credit. This is kinda my view from a storytelling perspective:

Andrew is indeed a rich prodigy as you said. It’s been pretty well established (especially here) that his path has been laid out for him: Go to an academy, prep to be a statesmen just like his father, probably marry someone like Diana, and have disgustingly uptight aristocratic children. Essentially, he’s completely bound by his perceived fate, expectation, and duty to his father (with whom he contests, but obviously deeply respects). While he’s stoic, he’s obviously suppressed his own dreams and aspirations.

So then to Andrew, Akko is then everything he’s not but maybe desires to be. She’s unbridled, passionate and outspoken. Life with her would obviously be an adventure for him (look at their two meetings). She’s studying an art who’s practical place in the world is clearly dying because it’s her dream, and for little other reason. In short, she’s defiant of the limitations of destiny and true to herself, and I could see how she could appeal to a character like Andrew. Choosing someone like her is in essence choosing his own form of life and happiness.

Akko’s side is a little more convoluted and murky, since up to this point, the only real thing we know about Akko’s background is that she’s a Shiny Chariot fan (I can imagine there’s got something there about studying a dying art abroad as part of a not-rich family). But pressing on doggedly for the sake of argument…

Akko’s character is something of a story book romantic. She’s also insecure and being constantly put down over having no natural talent. In short, she wants validation. Andrew comes across as the kind of guy who’s approval is heard won but precious, and he shows that kindness is lurking underneath the stoicism. It also helps that he’s a handsome guy with a hidden soft side and all the accolades and composure a young heart could want. Pretty much an instant lady killer. I guess right now I couldn’t see a compelling love there, but infatuation definitely.

Really, the whole point (I feel) of putting these two in the same space is for each to drop their guard and play foil to each other. You could argue that Diana and Akko could also do this, and they do, but there is too much antagonism there for the softer sides of the characters to show.
I think it’s progressing naturally, without any forced rushing or rude sudden developments. Though it would really help if we knew more about how Akko ticked and what her secondary desires are besides just a Chariot-obsession. How does a normal girl from Japan make it all the way over to England, what makes her so dependent on this dream? I feel like there is a lot to be told there still.

I doubt it’ll ever be anything more than it has been in the last couple of episodes - a quiet subplot that is played for some heartwarming cute moments and a bit of humor.

(credited to fetusfeast on reddit)

realising now that Alex Summers is probably the most relatable character in the x men films

  • he’s traumatised as fuck but acts like nothing is a big deal lets play pin ball and eat oreos
  • doesn’t care too much about jokes against himself like lol haha yeah self detrimental thoughts yay
  • is the epitome of the guy making toast who notices a nuke go off outside, shrugs and walks off
  • looks pretty bored considering he only saw the same four grey walls for who knows how long, you’d think the world would be more fascinating
  • the only times he smiles or laughs he then goes quiet and in his head is like ‘don’t laugh u fuckin mess i am worthless
  • spends most of his time in xmfc looking at other people for reassurance because he acts tough but secretly he is a fragile precious cinnamon roll
  • bitch face for days at everyone’s fuckin stupid ideas
  • got strangled and hung but like who really cares Sean sprained his ankle PROTECT SEAN
  • clearly does not give a shit that his friends are international terrorists they’ll always be rae rae and erik boo to him *pat pat*
  • does not have any tolerance for anyone’s romantic drama bullshit but at the same time has out his popcorn and deck chair
  • immediately asked where Erik was because shit is going down obvsly Erik is involved somehow
  • honestly look at any given scene Alex is in the background of. pause it. zoom in. admire the patented Done
  • manages to be the most stressed and bitter character and yet also the most chill lol you wouldn’t think he wants to fly into the sun
  • is as confused by Hank’s serum as we are and the plot holes in it
  • called a god-like asshole an asshole and prolly died thinking ‘ah ffs’

Car Boys Headcannon: Nick and Griffin are two gods born into the universe of BeamNG.Drive. Nick’s backstory is that he is the first, and received all the physical powers to control the worlds environment. For a long time he was alone, but found some satisfaction in destroying cars. Then Griffin appeared. Griffin has no physical abilities, but is the only other person of god status besides Nick. In order to please his new friend, Nick starts smashing cars together. Griffin is very amused, which encourages Nick to continue. Even though they are born into a vast and beautiful universe to explore, they instead take to the act of destruction. Though, it’s only on a small scale, so not much harm can really be done. At least that’s what they told themselves.

               They then decide to create their first living being. Something sentient, just like them. They named him “Busto 1.0” and even though he was only created by Nick and Griffin as a toy to experiment with as they pleased, he was complacent with that fate. They were his gods, and that was the role he was meant to play. “Busto 2.0” did not see things the same way. He rebelled against his gods, not standing for the torture he was made to endure. He channeled a dark deity, the Blob, and gained a fraction of its power. With it, he challenged them. That is how the first real conflict arises.

               Pretty much every object spawned into the game is either a character or has a very strong symbolic meaning behind it (but that would take way too long to analyze and explain). Just a few examples being: Iron Man, Busto 2.0’s lover. Their love parallels that of Hades and Persephone. Iron man ultimately deciding to stay in the cube prison with Busto 2.0. The Crucifix Plane is another example, being a strongly religious image, and a ominous piece of foreshadowing for Nick and Griffin’s sacrifice at the end of the series.

               When Busto 2.0 corrupts Gridmap, we get to see some character development from Nick and Griffin. They are forced to leave Gridmap behind and begin exploring the many, many worlds that are open to them. They are slowly learning to appreciate the true gift they were given when they came into existence, and don’t simply rely on destruction for entertainment. Once they lost Gridmap, they realized that these worlds are, indeed, precious.

               The truth behind the blob is that it is actually the manifestation of the two’s thirst for destruction. They deny it, try to separate themselves from it, and attempt to eradicate it, but that only causes it to grow. In the end when the two enter the light tunnel, they are followed by the blob, because the blob is a part of them. It will continue to exist as long as they do. This is why they must remain in the time stream forever.

               The ending’s actually very uplifting when you think of it in this context. The whole time Nick and Griffin were really just attempting to seek a sense of satisfaction with their lives, existing in an infinite world with no clear meaning. They went about achieving this all wrong, thinking that continuous destruction would make them happy, but it only made their yearning more intense. Now, they have learned that their world is worth preserving. They have accepted the blobs true identity, and by extension themselves. All they have now is a waterproof car that plays only Candles in the Wind, and each other. That is enough. Because the pre-credit ending demonstrates how scary it would be if they had to spend eternity alone. Finally, they have found their place in the world, and the role they were meant to play. They are finally content. They have found their answer.


I cannot, for the life of me remember who submitted this idea to me, so if you’re out there…this one’s for you!

Disclaimer: I do not hate Leta (I don’t even know her) I’m just using the concept of this character and what we know about her to create some fun conflict. Tbh because she’s played by Zoe Kravitz I’ll probably end up loving her.

P.S. This was too long to do as a one shot so here is Part 1 out of 2 or 3

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Falling in love with your childhood best friend was an absolute dream come true.

You and Newt had met at Hogwarts after you both had been sorted into Hufflepuff together, and hit it off instantly.

You did pretty much everything together. You had all the same classes, studied together all the time, and generally never left each other’s side.

So of course, you started to fall for him, and call you crazy, but you were pretty sure he was falling for you too. Everything just felt so natural between the two of you, it didn’t even matter what anyone else at school thought of you. You had each other, and that was all either of you wanted.

It was perfect, wasn’t it?

But of course, nothing stays perfect like that forever.

At the beginning of your third year at Hogwarts, is when a woman by the name of Leta Lestrange walked into your life, and ruined everything.

Newt was instantly head over heels in love with her, and it absolutely killed you.

He stopped coming to your daily study sessions, and spent all his time following the Lestrange girl around at her heels. She developed an interest in magical creatures just to wind him around her finger even more, effectively knocking you out of the picture.

She was an absolute witch to him, yet you were the only one who could see it.

So when she ultimately accidentally got him thrown out of Hogwarts, you were furious.

You had to finish the rest of your magic training alone, and it was absolutely miserable.

Your finished school with mediocre grades, and got a job working at the Ministry, where you eventually found each other again.

So one book, many kisses, and three years later, here you were, falling in love all over again.

And it was perfect again.

So it only seemed appropriate that the woman who ruined that the first time, would walk right back into your lives and do it again.


You and Newt were cuddling on the couch in his flat, doing nothing but looking into each other’s eyes, and kissing each other’s hands playfully. There were two untouched glasses of red wine on the coffee table, and the sound of rain resonated outside.

“I really need to check on my creatures” he said between kisses, lips pressed to your knuckles.

“Why don’t you stay just a few more minutes” your gaze lingered on his face, studying his intense amount of adorable freckles.

“No, we’ll end up sitting here for hours…” You felt him start to rise, but you grabbed the arm of the couch, and held onto his tie, keeping him sat on the couch.

“You’re not going anywhere” you whispered, and leaned down, planting kisses along his jaw.

“(Y/N)…” he groaned, giving into the heat, when all of a sudden…

There was a knock at the door.

Both your heads perked up, wondering who the hell it could be at this hour.

Sure you were use to random reporters from The Daily Prophet at the door, wanting to get a word from your boyfriend, but at 11:30 at night?

“Who the bloody hell could that be” you complained, but Newt swung your legs off of his lap, and stood up. You pouted, grabbing your wine glass and following him to the door.

He waited for you to appear at his side, before he twisted the handle, and swung the door open, revealing the last person you’d expect to see.

“Leta?” Newt breathed, in complete shock and confusion.

You never thought you would have to see her again, yet here she was. The beautiful, Leta Lestrange, stood in your doorway with a suitcase, soaked to the skin.

The glass slipped from your hands and shattered on the wooden floor.

They both stared at you, as you try to comprehend what’s happening.

You blinked furiously, bringing yourself back to reality.

“I am so terribly sorry!” you exclaimed, face turning beat red from embarrassment.

“You just…surprised me, that’s all. I’ll go get a dustpan to clean this up” you backed up from the scene, and raced to the kitchen.

What the hell was she doing here.

“Newt…I didn’t know where else to go” you heard her helplessly wail, and you rolled your eyes.

You bent down to get the dustpan from under the sink, wondering if he even owned the blasted thing.

“I can’t believe I was so foolish to believe I could trust Igglehart… My business completely fell through! I lost my job, my house, my friends…I’m ruined!” You laughed to yourself.

So karma really does come through.

“I heard you lived in the city, and I just knew I had to come find you. I was wondering if I could stay here with you?” You were ready to hear Newt absolutely shoot her down, humiliating her for even stepping foot in this building.

But of course he wouldn’t do that.

“Oh…Leta I-I don’t know”

“Oh Newt, it will only be for a few nights. Just until I’m back on my feet.” She practically begged.

“Then I guess…I guess it’s fine just for a few nights”

“What?!” you cried, shooting your head up only to be met with the ceiling of the cupboard.

You cried, and rubbed your bruised skull in regret.

You pulled yourself out from under the sink, observing the scene.

Leta had launched herself at your boyfriend, engulfing him in a hug.

You swore he was about to wrap his arms around her, before you called out and got his attention.

“Newt!” you hissed, calling him to the kitchen. He furrowed his eyebrows, but followed you.

He entered the room, and gave you a confused look.

“What is it, love?” he, much too innocently, asked.

“You cannot let this…this monster back into our lives! Much less share a roof with her!”

He looked suddenly taken aback, and frowned.

“(Y/N), how can you say that? She was my best friend from school…you’re telling me I must throw her onto the streets?” You cringed, hearing those words come from your boyfriend’s mouth, but bit back your pride and scowled.

“That would be ideal, yes”

“You know I can’t do that! This is my home, and I have the right to open it up to anyone I please.”

You opened your mouth to say something, but was interrupted by shout from the living room.

“Is this wine?!” Leta called, already taking several sips from Newt’s glass. Your scowl deepened.

“Newt, this woman is nothing but trouble! She had you expelled, hell, you were in LOVE with her! Are none of these excuses valid enough?” you whispered sharply, half out of rage and half out of immense fear. You were so terrified that because Leta was back, Newt’s feeling for her would resurface, and you would be cut out from the picture again.

Newt shrunk away from your sudden outburst.

“I admit that what she did in the past was wrong, but can I not give her a chance to redeem herself? We’re all different than when we were in school.”

You couldn’t help but notice he dodged your second statement, making your heart ache a little.

“I don’t know Newt…” you mumbled, staring at your hands.

Sensing your unease, he reached down to your fingers and kissed your knuckles in a sweet, familiar fashion. Your stomach was filled with butterflies. How could you say no to him?

“Fine…only because I trust you” you say with unwavering confidence. Newt would never act upon Leta, you were 100% sure. Newt’s not the boy he use to be.

He released the breath he was holding, and pressed a grateful kiss to your cheek.

“Thank you (Y/N)” he smiled, and raced back into the living room to help Leta with her things.

You watched him talking to Leta, and your smile fell to the floor.

And suddenly you were back in Hogwarts. You were sitting alone in the library, watching as Leta took everything from you all over again.

You were beginning to regret ever opening that damned door.

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To continue the in character Hyde in season 1 headcanon/meta, you think Jackie would had fallen in love with him earlier?

Not necessarily, just as he may not fall for her earlier either.

What would had changed it’s the way their interactions would had gone and the way his relationship and small crush on Donna would had worked out. I think, had he been in character since the pilot, his resentment towards Jackie would had been lesser with the past of the episodes after ‘Ski Trip’.

‘Ski Trip’ it’s the first time we see Jackie running into his arms when she is seeking comfort. We never get an explanation on why, and my guess is that writers did it for the laughs since he was presented as the cold hearted/jerk of the gang at the beginning, so having this girly girl wanting to hug him and cry on his chest was going to be ‘funny’, especially when he was, in ‘Ski Trip’, trying to get Donna.

(I also have this headcanon that Jackie may have gone to bear-hug Hyde to save Donna from the awkwardness, since she knew Hyde was crushing on her friend and was being stalked by him)

But joke’s on them because we didn’t see anything funny but cute in it, lmao.

Anyway, I think they could had formed an actual friendship and we could had seen it grow with episodes like ‘Career Day’ while they were hanging with Red, and ‘Prom Night’ (I believe this would still be the hugeeee HJ episode on season 1).

~ Prom Night ~

I’m making a whole section for this because I have given it a lot of thoughts since we first started talking about this posibility.

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I noticed in the past you seemed to generally hate Kairi, so I wanted to know if your opinion has changed or is still the same?

Haha I did! Thanks for asking! :)

After examining myself more, I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t hate Kairi herself. I just hate the way she is written by Square Enix. I think this was exacerbated by the fact that I played KH1 when I was young where I pretty much hated all physically weak, male-dependent damsel-in-distress waifu characters (I still do hate those characterizations tbh).
I also hated that the romance between Sora and Kairi was forced on me, so I unfairly directed my displeasure at Kairi. It wasn’t because of the “Sora belongs to Riku, not Kairi” fangirl mindset. I hated Riku too in KH1. I grew to like Riku only after playing KH2 because he wasn’t such a massive asshole anymore, but my opinion of Kairi had stayed the same, if not worsened because I had to rescue her again! Christ on a stick!!

((Don’t quote me on this but I’ve read somewhere that in an interview with Nomura, he stated that Kairi is actually pretty good at fighting and is only second to Sora? or something. Yeah so how come we only see like five seconds of her fighting in KH2 and that’s it? I still wish we could have also fought her in early KH1, where we duel with all the other kids. ))

What propelled that self-examining is a post I read on Tumblr (suuuuper long ago, before KH3D. I wish I can find it again) where someone laid out that Nomura’s team sucks majorly at writing female characters. Basically, all the major females in the game are typical waifus waiting for their male companions to rescue them and/or have no character growth/side plot of their own. The female characters only exist to push forward the male characters’ plots. They pointed out that even Aqua fits into that narrative - everything she does is for the male characters, Ven and Terra. She doesn’t have any catalyst that is unrelated to Ven/Terra pushing her for her own development. I think the OP concluded with their observation that many actually hated the weak writing of the female characters. 

Reading and thinking about it made me realize that yeah, it’s the writing that I hate. Namine I was indifferent about since she had very little screentime in KH2, and I didn’t play KHCoM to know about her. Aqua got a pass because she could fight and didn’t need rescuing. Also her Ghost Drive was super rad Xion I hated just because she reminded me so much of Kairi lol. 

I’ll say though, after coming to this realization I tried watching re:COM cutscenes until I realized that I hated how Namine was written and couldn’t stand to watch lol. Everything that I said I hated above, Namine was that too. But Namine had the buffer of me actively knowing that it was the writing/the type of characterization that I hated, while Kairi didn’t (same with Xion). 

I won’t say that I actively like Kairi now, but she’s okay. I don’t hate her and I don’t cringe when I see her. I really like Kairi’s design and I try to think more positively about her. 10+ years of not liking a character is hard to turn around quickly :’)

Still don’t care for Sora+Kairi romance though. 

Losing respek for niggas left and right

Man just the other day i was in class with homeboy talkin bout nothing.

Him: “Oh , you know they’re making a new wonder woman movie with..” *idr who*

Me: *remembering that glorious edit of Serena Williams in that Wonder Woman costume* “Eh I’d love if Serena were Wonder Woman”

Him: “Serena?..”

The look on his face already made me want to gag.

Me: “Yeah… Serena Williams.. Tennis pla-”

Him: “Serena’s too black to be Wonder Woman.”

Me: looking home boy dead in this face thinking bout how he “The Darkest Night of All the Land” would have any audacity to comment on skin tone shades… I’m in awe.
The disbelief sways me.

Me: “Too black?”

Him: “Yea , like she’s too black.. Wonder Woman is from the Amazon.”

I almost drop the topic because this guy is really smart. Like I usually aim to be best in class and dude is always the only thing close to a challenge. And i don’t even know anything about the Wonder Woman Comics because he starts talking about the way it’s written.. but then…?!

Me: “So you’re telling me Hollywood hasn’t changed anything from how things are written in books when they produce the movie ?”

Him: “Not when it’s made to be that way.. like Wonder Woman’s charact-”

Me: “So you mean white people aren’t out here playing Egyptians.. and Scarlett Johansen wasn’t just the whole lead role in a movie about a book that was centered strictly around Asian culture?”
*every image reference clouding my mind of every time the character placement was off*

Me: *remembering he used “she’s from the amazon as a rebuttal* –"And i know you’re not going to sit here and tell me she’s from the amazon .. like black people wouldn’t exist in the amazon when you know black people exist in pretty much every part of land you can think of despite what media will fool you into thinking.”

Him: “The Amazon isn’t real–”

Me: “Oh.. so now you’re telling me Serena Williams is too black to play a fictional character from a place that isn’t real???”

Him: *talking about how its written in the comic or w.e*

Me: *thinking about how Serena is and can be all those things* Ok?

Him: *realizing he fucked up* “You know what _ never mind.. you’re annoying.”

Me: *is annoyed*

This the same dude that’s always projecting to be so pro-black. I thought we were on the same team. I was rooting for you!

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While making inherently-Chinese/Japanese/etc. stories made for Western television (ex. Mulan=Chinese or Ghosts In The Shell=Japanese), what is, in your opinion, the correct way to cast? Do you believe in the validity of casting East/Southeast Asian actors as specifically Chinese or Japanese? As an Asian person myself, I am constantly torn in between wanting representation for all Asian ethnicities and slightly offended when western media sees a, for example, Korean actress interchangeable (1/3)

Hey sib!

Sorry for the late reply but I had to think about all your asks lol. Anyhow, for “American adaptations” of anime like Ghost in the Shell, I think they should star a Japanese American woman. For American animations like Mulan, I think they should star a Chinese American woman. Basically for any kind of American creation (or recreation) that centers around Asian people, cultures, or stories, they should always star an Asian American that accurately represents the leading character.

So with that said, I don’t like how Hollywood and other western media act like all Asian people are interchangeable too. As much as I would like to see Southeast Asians represented, we can’t have a Southeast Asian person playing a East Asian character or even a Korean person playing a Chinese character. They’re pretty much saying that all Asian people are the same while erasing the diversity that exists among us. So much for “diversity” right?

(pt 2/3) with a Chinese character. I would also like to hear your opinion on the casting of hapas for these same roles. LikeI’m super excited to see Henry Golding get roles on screen and I love Ross Butler and would be thrilled to see him as Li Shang in the Mulan movie (entirely fan-supported), but cannot help but feel as if a full-Chinese actor would be robbed by having them cast. While I would never want to put a barrier on how ‘Asian enough’ someone is, I do think that some mixed Asians have

Just for terminology clarification, hapa is a Hawaiian term for mixed people so it’s not actually correct to use it in this context even though most people probably would. For people like Henry, I think it would be more suitable to use Eurasian (?) and for those like Ross, I don’t know to be honest lol. White-mixed Asian American is too long but that’s what I’d normally use. Anyhow, this topic is a discussion for actual mixed folks.

But I do agree with you here. It’s not that Eurasian folks or white-mixed Asian Americans aren’t Asian enough, it’s just the probable cause that for some, their whiteness has given them an unfair advantage over “full-Chinese” actors. There are tons of folks who have tried to break into the mainstream but then suddenly, someone we don’t really know gets a leading role and is considered to be some breakthrough when we already had others trying for years. I personally think whiteness has an unfair advantage in the mainstream.

(pt 3/3) that some mixed Asians have a significantly different experience and also, while they do experience hardships, do get more roles and have a slight advantage. I respect your opinion and this blog and would really like to hear what you have to say on this topic as to more fully educate myself and form an opinion. I felt if I should ask someone who is at the very least probably more informed on racial issues in the Asian community than I. Keep doing the good work!

Yep, I think so too. It also depends as well though because while there are some white-mixed Asian Americans who may have “beneficial features” as @solacekames pointed out, there are others who may not have such features which wouldn’t grant any privilege. So some do definitely have an advantage while others may not.

Sorry for the length but thanks for the respect and all! :D I wouldn’t consider myself more informed on racial issues in the Asian (American) community than you or anyone else though. I don’t know how to explain it but I just like to read a lot and especially like to talk a lot of crap lmao.

Angry Asian Guy


post TEN characters you’d like to roleplay as, have roleplayed as, and might bring back, then tag ten people to do the same.  ( If you can’t think of ten characters, just write down however many you can and tag the same amount of people. )





just… just ask, ok. there are too many for me to list.
this ALSO includes a BUTT TON of ocs i can’t be bothered to list.
just ask if you’d like them.


NANU.  ||  KUKUI.  ||  EUSINE. (who, yes, i have had before, but have wanted to bring back off ‘n on.)

My sister and me thought about the kids from Digimon Adventure 02 (in the ending) and decided to give them names and personalities. So Koushirou’s daughter Umi and Yamato’s daughter Yuko got names from their seiyuus. And Taichi’s son got the name Yuuta, which literally means ‘great courage’.

Since all of them seemed to be in the same age we also thought of them going to school together and playing in a band. xD

Also the kids have somehow a flipped personality (if you look at their parents). Umi is strong-willed and a super happy character, Yuko is much more sensitive and pretty moody and Yuuta is a shy, but very kind boy. I personally think this makes Yuuta pretty cute although the scenes are a little too feminine for him… aren’t they? xDDDD

fairy2queen  asked:

Can I have a Jumin x Jaehee and Yooseven HC when they have kids ?

♥️Jumin and Jaehee
-Jumin would spoil the heck out of the kids.

-Jaehee thinks other wise.

-“You shouldn’t spoil them so much.”

-Jumin would probably want the kiddies to work for the company when they’re older.

-Jaehee would be against it.

-I honestly don’t see a positive relationship with Jumin and Jaehee.

-Like fights breaking out quite a bit.

-Not a good environment for the munchkins.

-Would try not to fight too much for the sake of the kids.

-I see the little ones being pretty loud and all over the place.

-They’re probably stubborn as all get out.

-Such a hectic environment.

-They would spoil the heck out of their little ones.

-The children learn how to play video games at an early age.

-They’d probably have their little one cosplay as something cute.

-Like some cute character
from LOLOL

-Yoosung would find it hard to be a little tough with them.

-Seeing those puppy eyes, he just melts at their cuteness.

-Saeyoung being kinda the same way.

-Always lets them ride on their backs or shoulders.

-Lots of fun family vacations such as going to Disney.

-They’d learn to love Honey Buddha chips at an early age.

-They’ll never starve ever.

-Kiddies would probably love car rides in Saeyoung’s cars.

-Saeyoung and the kiddies would play pranks on Yoosung a lot.

-Kiddies jumping on the bed to wake up the boys.

-Saeyoung will sometimes dress up in one of his outfits and mess with the kiddie’s friend’s families.

-“Such a pretty woman! You have a mother? I thought you said you had father?”

-Yoosung always falls for the “I’m sick…boohoo! Can’t go to school” trick.

-They never EVER work on Saeyoung.

What to Steal: Shadow of Mordor's Nemesis system

Disclaimer: There’s a fascinating conversation going on around Tolkien’s treatment of race and slavery in his original works, the movie adaptations and this new game. I don’t have much of value to add to that aspect of the conversation, beyond pointing you towards it. A really interesting case study on adaptation of problematic source materials. I would certainly acknowledge these issues in the game, and the nemesis system’s involvement in them, fingers crossed I can discuss the mechanical coolness of these systems without causing offence.

Disclaimer 2: I talk in here about mechanics that are initially hidden from the player, so if you are still in the first world, or have yet to play the game, beware of spoilers

I bloody loved this game. What it stole, it improved upon, be it AC’s openworld design rhythms, or Batman’s combat system. Crucially, they did a brilliant job of bringing freshness to the game via their Nemesis system and adjoining mission structure. Much has been made of it, both by the marketing campaign and by players. And it’s great, but I think I like it for different reasons to most gamers.

A lot of folk compare games to movies. Movies you can interact with. And that’s not an awful way to look at them, although I personally think of them more as theatre myself.. because I’m a pretentious dickhead. Both analogies are worse than the best I could apply to this game.

Videogames are magic tricks.

An incredibly mundane reality exists, a finessed sequence of hand gestures, trap doors and misdirection, but in the audience’s mind, something incredible, impossible and impossibly real has occurred. And just like a magic trick, once you see the edges, once someone points out the false compartment, the magic disappears, and so does a lot of the interest.

Well, unless you’re a magician. If you’re a magician, you marvel at the genius of that palming technique, you admire the craft of the magician who gave you that temporary sense of wonder.

So, if you’ll allow me, I want to enjoy the showmanship of this system, and sort of point out the structure (as I see it) to show just how achievably concise it is, how smartly a reasonably cheap system has been deployed to such fantastic effect. Please don’t read this as a debunking, the talent of whoever designed this system is, if anything, even more obvious in its simplicity. A lot of folks think game design is about devising the magic show, it’s not, it’s about working out the most efficient size of trapdoor to use.

Time for one of my lists, the relatively small number of overlapping systems and assets that made you believe Uruk the Butcher was bullying you. It isn’t exhaustive, but it hopefully demonstrates just how clever this design is.

  • Shadows - That screen with all the chaps on is the core of your understanding, and framing of events. A group of individuals are shown, initially in shadow. These characters are static, until you encounter them - a shadow character does nothing, because of course it doesn’t, we don’t care about it. That’s a trend to this system: If you don’t care, it doesn’t bother making that aspect interesting. Shadows are, effectively, filler.. their movements in the hierarchy are to fill gaps, and at a stretch, interact with known characters. They serve the purpose of being dull, and making you want to discover Orcs.
  • Investigation - The player can discover an Orc in 3 ways: Getting killed by one (this is less discovery, and more creation of an Orc captain), interrogating or investigating and thus clearing a shadow, or encountering one in the world. This feels good, it’s like minesweeper, your visibility of the game improves. The game designers know the potency of shadow clearing as a reward, so they use it to encourage exploration of the open world (finding orcs or interrogation/investigation opportunities) or to soften the blow of dying at the hands of a bad guy. They also know that ‘getting killed’ is the most frustrating outcome in their game (offset only partially by their last chance QTE) so personifying failure to a specific Orc is a genius way of getting the player to invest in a hell of an emotional relationship*.
  • Randomised events for Orcs - Nothing makes you believe in a game character as much the implication that they do stuff when you’re not looking. This is of course not the case.. these are straightforward generated side quests that only occur if you arrive, but there are intentionally just a few too many of them, meaning that those you don’t get to are fought between Orcs and result in outcomes you didn’t interact with. This creates the illusion of the world outside of your view.. Woody and Buzz go on adventures even when you’re at school! The stats behind these encounters between Orcs are obfuscated, deliberately.. I suspect to cover the fact that this system usually favours Orcs the player has had some interaction with, be it failed mission attempts, directly being killed, or whatever. The game designers know that a random shadow killing the Orc that has bested you three times doesn’t serve the story you’re telling yourself, and never forget, they don’t want to simulate a real world, they’re simulating a world about you.
  • Orc levelling up - It’s easy to imagine a game with a static version of this system, with no channeling of Orcs up the ranks. It would have nowhere near the effect. Orc levelling achieves a whole heap of things for the game (and pretty straightforwardly)
    • Orcs remain relevant as you level up, they don’t simply drift back and become one hit kills.. they do level slower than you, so you can gain an edge and come back, this is nicely balanced
    • Side quests have consequence for orcs as well as you, so taking an Orc on is risky.. if you lose, they’ll get better.. a big deal.
    • Again, they have an implied life away from you.. which further humanises them.
  • Branding - This is a lovely (if, well, narratively uncomfortable) extension of the game.. it’s a shame it comes in at the 75% mark, I’d have liked more time to fiddle with it. Suddenly, you have allied Orcs, which takes an interesting system of implied interaction outside of your view, and gives you a stake in it. It’s massively empowering, and feels fantastic. It makes the meta game suddenly far, far easier, as you surround warchiefs with Orcs you control. There are some limiters which are smart, such as the inability to have more than two Orc captains directly compete (unless you sic a warchief with bodyguards).. that makes breaking the game by pitting 7 guys against 1 something that’s hard to achieve, and ok to be rewarded with dominance, rather than a cheap exploit.
  • Names, art and audio assets - This one is perhaps the cleverest bit of spending on a small pool of assets I’ve seen. Obviously a random name generator is in effect, which is pretty straightforward to do. What’s clever is the way in which the name generator, art assets from which new Orcs are composed, and audio files for their voice and their allies’ voices are hooked up together to imply way more personality, and emergence, than is actually present.
    • The brute, the fatty, the camp, the idiot, and the fiendish - there are probably more, but I noticed about 5 'types’ of Orc.. I suspect there might be a matrix rather than a list, but either way, those names and traits aren’t random. The game makes, say, a fat orc, then gives it a name (at random) followed by a qualifier from the fat list 'the chubby’, then ensures it uses voice files from the fat VO pack.. it’s amazing how much this makes the character feel cohesive.
    • First name chants - this is lovely. I reckon there are, maybe, 50 names in the game? Each name has an attributed chant audio clip, meaning that it can be implied that side characters are cheering on any Orc in the game. Very clever, and a great way to state 'this is an important and identifiable character’ to the player.
    • Shoutouts on appearance - these are smart.. every time you encounter an Orc, they get a little line of dialogue. These seem to be drawn from 3 pools: General (these always make reference to class, so fatty will talk about eating you), situation specific (you’re interrupting my duel!) or history specific (you burned / shot / stabbed me). The lists aren’t massive for these shoutouts, but they catch you by surprise. It might be in my head, but it seems that these are weighted to lean more to history specifics at the start of the game, and more to situation specific at the end, presumably because the designers (correctly) assumed you’d start to forget names and faces by the end.
  • Story integration - A nice side effect of the nemesis system being deliberately obtuse about the decisions being made behind the scenes, is that story characters can be incorporated at no risk. Ratbag comes to mind, he’s integrated into the list, but you cannot break his role in the game: He is present, and will never get killed by another Orc, and because his location is not listed, you can’t have any influence on his role by, say, killing him. I suspect that once his role in the story is finished, you can go back and kill him? I’ve not tried.
  • Limitation? - A common complaint amongst players of the game, especially folks who’ve only played for a few hours, is that some Orcs seem to keep coming back to life? I suspect the reason is that those players weren’t getting killed enough. The system wanted to ensure there were recognisable characters for whom the player could have vendettas, so, until they started to naturally get killed enough to make more, reused the same Orcs. I didn’t encounter this respawning of Orcs, I suspect, because I died so damn much :) 

This is a great system. Pretty damn repeatable too, no reason that an indie game couldn’t do this on a text level. Arguably many do similar (FTL comes to mind as an example of a game I’ve built similar relationships within). There will of course be a whole heap of clones of this system, directly as a way of giving NPCs character, but it’s worth thinking beyond that. If the lesson is 'make players care about locations, characters and events through randomisation, persistence, reaction to player actions and implied actions off screen’ then one can see similar stat based meta stories occurring far more diversely.

Somewhere along the way, we began designing games around the here and now. Mechanics and cause and effect exist, but they are to do with what you’re up to at this moment. We forgot that games can also make rough simulations and gestures toward larger realities. If I take out the power station over here, does that turn the lights off over there 10 minutes of gameplay later? Open worlds, with their non linear movement, can do a bunch of interesting stuff in these directions, but so can smaller games. We’re a medium obsessed with the context action button, maybe we need to think about larger contexts.

Wowsers, what a pretentious final sentence to my already slightly overblown blog post.

*aside - this is the same trick Valve pulled with the AI director in L4D.. by calling it a 'director’ rather than 'procedural randomised enemy spawner’ they made me angry at the dickhead director, rather than their code. I also imagined a far deeper system than existed 'ahah! The director is going for an emotional reaction here’. The true system was brilliant and clever, but no code has yet been written than can match the genius I attributed to that code because Valve drew a smiley face on it :) 

Here I go again: Something about Madam and Grell

Again sorry about the long post. My head is still spinning and I do whatever the fuck I want. (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻

Second thought, I should probably be considerate…

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The costume version for Dangan Ronpa the stage.


Thanks to warbee12 for notifying me!!


When I first saw the casting for Maizono,

I was like ‘Mmkay, I think they could’ve done better casting’. And she was the only character that was auditioned publicly(I guess they couldn’t use anyone too expensive since she’s the first to die). And when I saw the costume version


I dunno about how she’ll look on the actual stage, but

Personally they coudn’t have done the photo better!! Really!!

She looks plain yet pretty at the same time, and has somewhat unknown sad darkness in her eyes!! I like this so much!!

I wanna fly over to Japan and see the play already!!

I’m so happy that I’m sobbing right now T^T

Dramatical Murder Anime Episode 06 Review

And we begin with PIXEL MIZUKI

Douchebag Toue, get off.

Baa-chan is safe! But…

Comatose Mizuki ;__;

I have to say that the characters’ close shots in this episode are great. Even Aoba fainting is amazing!

I think this is the first moment I considered Sei pretty in the anime. This episode is really good.

That moment you wanna hug Ren and kiss him nonstop.

I’m really laughing how Mink was isolated all the time from the conversation.

Aoba yellow socks <3

Koujaku is adorable for trying to lighten the mood.

But I’m curious because he called Clear “Kuria” instead of “Gas Mask”.

And now this is the explanatory episode. Some people hate it and want to sleep. I sure love it!

Nitro and Urobuchi really like this theme (so do I)

Don’t question the purpose of cute All Mates! (ok, I know anime didn’t mean them, let’s continue)

Tae, you’re forgetting something. But I agree it would be too shocking to Aoba to know now.

I really pity these guys.


There were some parts of the dialogue that I had forgotten, this was refreshing to read. I really like this scientific part of the game.

I can sense Sei’s internal screams.

Awwwww, Aoba…

Yay, looks like everyone is going to Platinum Jail!

And Tae smiling, a so rare scene!

“I want osananajimi love, come here, Koujaku.”

I told you to not say you would do anything he wants, Aoba.

Fuck off.


Delicious cooking! *smiling face*



Aoba is so pretty in this episode. I’m loving his close ups.




I didn’t want to see this again, it’s torture!
But a necessary torture for the plot.

You weren’t harsh, Tae, you were such a sweetpie! *IRONY*


“And then left him there.”

You make Aoba look like a bastard like that.

This episode is probably clarifying many things for those who didn’t play the game.

So much information thrown at Aoba at the same time, poor thing!

Even your pills are blue, Aoba!

I was sure she wouldn’t say everything now!


Wow, the invitation came in his home!

This episode is indeed so pretty, I really liked how they are drawing the characters so well!


Aoba, what are you doing, your boots don’t have shoelaces.

Oh yay, Koujaku got an invitation too!

Terrorists? LOL


That’s the kind of HUGE spoiler you don’t notice it was a HUGE spoiler unless you’ve played both games.

And the winner of bromance hints in this episode IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIS…





I have the feeling the next episode will be about Clear, but I’m not sure. Because of the “I’m not a person” (something like that) in the preview.

I have no idea how they’ll make the Platinum Jail part, but it looks like they’ll do a good job! I’m looking forward to it!

And I want to congratulate NAZ for improving the quality so much in this episode!

anonymous asked:

how about derek and stiles don't know each other but both go to the movies to watch star wars and they fight for something while buying the tickets and then fight more at the popcorn stand only to discover they have side-to-side seats (or the same) and keep fighting while the movie is going resulting in them being kicked off and going on a date/for food after to complain about the movie theater?

i totally read it as “fight over something” so i went with it. based on actual fights i’ve had with my brother.

Star Wars were the kind of movies Stiles would marathon when he was feeling sad, when he was happy, bored, in a good mood, or just when he had the time. He had watched all of them so much, that he now knew most of the lines by heart, and he would always make his own commentary through the prequels. To say he was a fan would be an understatement.

So when episode VII was announced, he was more than a little excited. None of his friends particularly cared for Star Wars, Scott hadn’t even seen any of them yet, so he was the only one in his friends circle to be excited. Scott was excited for him, of course, but Stiles knew there was no way he would be able to drag him to the movies with him. And he kind of didn’t want to either.

Stiles managed to score tickets for the midnight screening on opening night, and he got so caught up in the movie, that he forgot all about the popcorn in his lap or the candy to his right. He cried openly four times, and he left the theater feeling a joy that lasted all through the next day.

He was so unable to think about anything but the movie for days, so a day where he didn’t have much to do, he decided to go watch it again. This time, there weren’t as many people at the theater, no one dressed up as jedis or stormtroopers or sith lords, and the line for the tickets wasn’t that long. Lucky him.

He hadn’t been standing in line for more than a few minutes, before there was a tap on his shoulder and he turned around.

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Get on Your Knees

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader
Warnings: Light swearing, kissing
Words: 1,375
Summary: Sebastian, who always seems so calm and collected during interviews, suddenly becomes extremely nervous just as you all are getting ready to leave. 

A/N: Prequel to Pearly Whites and Lacy Tights. Many thanks to Morgan for editing! Also up on AO3. As a reminder, I am taking requests. To see more of my work, visit my Masterlist.

“Alright everyone, thanks again for coming today. I’d like to go ahead and introduce our next panel of guests. Put your hands together for the cast of Captain America: Civil War!”

Your face splits into a smile as you follow Anthony, Chris, and Sebastian onto the stage, waving at the crowd as they explode into cheers. You settle into your seat between Sebastian and Chris, accepting a handheld microphone from one of the volunteers. Once everyone is settled and the audience quiets, the moderator begins.

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