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I don’t mean to sound like one of those annoying crit blogs but Star VS The Forces of Evil tackles a lot of the same issues Steven Universe does, and seems to do it a lot better. I’m not saying Steven Universe doesn’t do a good job or anything, but Star VS TFOE handles everything a lot better, the flow is just a lot cleaner and everything fits so well, but it’s not too preachy about it, like it’s trying to say “Look at me I’m progressive” it’s just doing what it’s doing and it fits a lot better into the story and the world. It’s not subtle though, they say it like it is. I feel like it really doesn’t get as much attention as it deserves for doing such a good job, but Steven Universe is kinda placed on a pedestal for it’s LGBT+ representation (Which is very good!!) even though it’s lacking in some other areas. Star VS TFOE handles things like war, massacre/genocide, and prejudice, a lot better than Steven Universe in terms of both story and as social issues. 

Okay, MMFD fanfic writers: let’s be having you.

Open up the file of the last fic you worked on, copy the very first sentence of that fic add it to the bottom of this post, and reblog.

He’d only had to kiss one other person in the game after Rae and Finn disappeared.     

i just finished get out and HOLY SHIT!! i swear this is one of the best horror movies ive seen so far because this one had an actual plot that was well worked out and fuck fuck it was good. like the only negative thing was the very clear windows promoting they did lmao but they deserve it honestly

also im so s o so so glad that it ended in that way because in the trailer they used a scene that they didnt use in the movie and from that scene in the trailer you would think it would end way differently

just a couple of old guys killing time


ok y’all sorry to shitpost but um can we just appreciate that every white mccree is Officially Banned Forever (Always Been but ya know)


Fans worked their asses to buy the fucking album, streamed and promoted the boys and what did SM do? They played dirty. And these instagram famous doesn’t even know shit about NCT. But what did SM almighty do? They fucking gave these people privilages; giving them the chance for fan meets and other events (that is if they get to a certain amounts of likes but still, wtf) while NCTzens actually BOUGHT THE FUCKING ALBUMS AND WENT TO THEIR FUCKING SHOWS. Wrong move, SM. Wrong move.

The boys didn’t spend 9-12 hours of practice to only get this bs. Fans didn’t work extra jobs just to buy and stream the albums. And these non fans gets all the treasure and glory just because they’re famous on sns. No wonder people were a bit overwhelmed why NCT 127 got recognised by them. They were paid to promote. Fucking give SM around of applause, people.

P.S - To those fans that woke up at ridiculously early hours and actually went to the music shows and got sore throats from screaming out the fanchants, I’m sorry. I’m so so sorry they did this to you. Your hardwork will always be appreciated by us. And for the boys? I hope they don’t feel guilty because this is not their fault. SM was the one that did them dirty.