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My most sincere wishes go out to Eddie Lack, the Carolina Hurricanes, and their fans for a speedy and complete recovery. Latest updates say he’s got full feeling in his extremities and is undergoing further tests.

I’d like to take this opportunity for a little concussion awareness. As someone who has had multiple concussion that have ended my time playing a sport I love, it is very important to me. Concussions and other traumatic brain injuries are not a joke and should not be ignored or messed with. If you or someone on your team takes a knock to the head, get it looked at and take the proper precautions. If you have a concussion don’t be an idiot about it. Don’t keep playing through it, don’t drink or do drugs with a concussion, and please please please don’t hide it from your coaches and friends try to keep playing. It may seem worth it but trust me it’s not; the effects of TBIs and post-concussive syndrome can last years. Take care of your brains, kids. You only ever get one.

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NGGH, THAT SWDBS CONFESSION SCENE THOUGH! The music was great and I really liked how Min Hyuk just put Bong Soon's hand over his heart, going "it hurts here." I also love the night setting + the soft lighting of the house behind. I love this scene so muuch, aaa~ <3 Also, I was wondering, do you know the name of the track that played during that scene? :>

t’s a new OST song which will serve as the main theme for BS’s and MH’s love story and it will released next week. The title is still unknown but it’s sung by a boy band VROMANCE. Two of its members previously sung The Heirs OST ‘Love Is…’

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PLEASE HELP ME. My game is broken, I literally can't play any household??? It happened after the most recent update, i turned on my cc after I forgot to. It removed it from my sims which was unusual. When I put it on my toddlers it wouldn't save??? now I can't play householdddddddddddddddddsssss. kmskms help

take your entire sims 4 folder out and put it on your desktop you’re just gonna have to do a clean reinstall 

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are there any lgbt actors in the dceu?

Yes. Amber Heard who is playing Mera (identifies as bisexual), Ezra Miller who is playing Barry Allen/The Flash (identifies as queer), and Kiersey Clemons who is playing Iris West hasn’t necessarily “come out” but I’m p sure she’s bisexual and secretly dating Dove Cameron, who has come out as bisexual, cos they got matching “XO” tattoos and were also kissing on Dove’s Snapchat not to mention their tweets to each other veers way past platonic but it’s merely speculation based on plentiful context. If I missed anyone, correct me but these are the immediate actors that come to mind.

Topi’s Daily Card #947:  Tragic Arrogance

White in the last few years have been getting sweepers with all sorts of varied effects.  Tragic Arrogance is one that I think has the most political play in EDH, and for good reason.  You get to choose what they get to keep, although with the downside that they are keeping one of each of the chosen types.  One trick to remember is that you can chose an artifact creature as both an artifact and a creature,so you can wipe more of the board if they give you options like that, or protect two creatures for yourself as long as one is an artifact or enchantment.  On top of that, the ‘wrath’ part is a sacrifice, while while negated by a few cards in magic(that aren’t played much), this will take care of gods and other indestructibles.  It’s a solid wrath and worth the five mana, just hope that what you leave behind will protect you from the potential hate coming your way.

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I have red curly hair,green/blue eyes,freakles,love WWE,wolves,and puppies,and I love crazy guys even someone who acts like a ninja*hint hint*

Your Gear.

you wore a red and black plaid, leather top that was cut out to reveal slight cleavage. You matched it with simple black shorts and ankle black lace up boots. You walked out to the ring wearing a black denim cutoff jacket that was bedazzled on the shoulders with a painting of a wolf on the back. Your hair was always braided intricately and pulled back out of your face in twisted ringlets.

Your Male Tag Team Partner turned Boyfriend

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You and Dean had been friends since he came into the WWE. Shortly after they debuted as The Shield, creative decided they needed a female to balance everyone out and that’s where you came into play. But it wasn’t Seth who left the group first, though he was the one to sell his soul to the Authority. You left, claiming you wanted to be a She Wolf, you walked alone. But behind the cameras, you and Dean were happily together.

Your Male Tag Team Partner/Best Friend

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 Baron Corbin came onto the scene and his attitude immediately appealed to you. You both felt like lone wolves on screen and things got easier when you started tag teaming against Dean together. He was there when you needed him.

Your Signature Move: 

You decided on a Shining Wizard, wanting the simple and aggressive brute force of your knee to the face.

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I’m not pretending Trump isn’t currently playing his part, but it’s casually ignored that it all started during Obama’s time in office.

This literally only makes sense if you’ve been following the pipeline opposition ONLY since Trump has been in office. Trump is being blamed now because Trump is the president now. When Obama was the president, the outrage over this was easily at the same level, I would say even more so and it was directed towards Obama. 

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Sorry if you've answered this before, but I was just wondering if you'd still dislike Maggie/Floriana if the writers left that "growing up non-white" line out? I'm a qwoc myself and I adore Alex but god, they really should have hired an actual Latina or ethnic actress to play Maggie

I would still be bummed that we didn’t have an interracial lesbian relationship on the show but I wouldn’t have all this animosity for the character or the actress because she wouldn’t be playing something she’s not.

However if the conversation that Lima likes to steal Latinx roles came up despite them not whitewashing Maggie I would have amplified the voices of people who had a problem with her and defend them for it.

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Bionicle Drinking Game

Can be played with the written media or movies, fun for the whole over 18 family! Probably don’t play this with alcohol, you will die. Feel free to add your own rules, this is just to get you started.

Every time someone mentions Unity, Duty, or Destiny, take a sip.

Every time the Turaga lie, finish your drink.

Every time someone “foils” Teridax’s plans, finish the bottle

Every time a main character dies, feel your heart implode into a burning singularity of tears and feel crippling sorrow whenever you think about it for the rest of your days.