Zack when u said u were doin’ an independent study on volcanoes I thought u meant like a vinegar and baking soda thing what the fuck is this mess

I was so worried about the Beaumont brothers, especially Bertrand, but they were everything I hoped for. only one question to check if it was true, and as soon as MC says it wasn’t, they are both fully supportive and ride or die. I just… I just love them, okay? and this + Liam being supportive as well gives me hope that this mess will actually be handled sort of well


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“play michael is basically book michael ergo play michael: ugly”

Does this mean you’ll stop posting art of him? Or will you continue despite this?

play michael =/= musical michael

musical michael has no reason to obsess over and fetishize asian girls bc hes gay and also asian and understands how gross it is to be fetishized for your race


Everyone needs a Hype Man on the battlefield…

PSA: Portrayals and Interpretations of Characters

Friendly reminder that you can play your muse however you wish, whether they be a canon character or an OC: it’s your portrayal and interpretation. No one can take that away from you.

You’re the one putting work into that character, you’re the one putting your heart and soul into it, and no one has the right to dictate how you should play them.

Respect each other above all, give constructive feedback that helps not harms, and NEVER hate on anyone’s portrayal of a character, simple as that.

We have the right to sculpt and change our character’s looks/backstory/preferences as much as we want. This is a creative hobby, and we should not feel restricted on what we can and can’t write/create.

Like another big thing wrong with telling asexuals that our sexuality is actually just a disorder is that this parallels with straight people telling gay people that crap for the longest time (and this thing still happens). The DSM had being gay as a disorder until about over 40 years ago. 

So yeah knock it off with trying to say certain sexual and even romantic orientations are actually derived from disorders because that crap has and still is being used against the LGBT+ and it needs to stop.