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Soooo, top 5 set/match points? (I'm expecting Angst™)

You came to the right person then, my dear friend

1. Karasuno vs Aoba Johsai, Miyagi Prefecture Representative Playoffs. You wanted angst? Here you go. I’ve already talked about this specific set point everywhere and, even if it’s Karasuno who got it, to me it’s all about Seijoh. It’s the last point of the Aoba Johsai as we know it, the last iwaoi toss/spike, talent is something you make bloom, it’s the last chance Oikawa got to go to the Nationals. And if this specific exchange was very long and of course full of drama, is the aftermath that really gets me every time. I’ll never get over all of them crying, Iwaizumi blaming himself, Oikawa not shedding a single tear while his team was falling apart, supporting and guiding them to take their final bow, like the commander that he is. I’m happy for the crows, but this would never stop hurting. Never. 

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2. Aoba Johsai vs Karasuno, Interhigh-Preliminaries. “Tobio, I might actually lose to you, considering how quick you evolve. But that won’t be today.” Another dagger right in the middle of the heart. The crows tried their best, they really thought they could win, but didn’t succeed. Ok this was painful as shit, but I love this specific point because that pain triggers all the amazing character development that we saw in season 2 and 3.  Plus I bet none of us forgot the lunch scene, where they were all eating and crying (and we all cried with them, let’s be honest). “Eat…eat…a little at a time…but be sure…to grow stronger.”

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3. Karasuno vs. Fukurodani, Summer Training Camp. Oh, finally a heartwarming moment after all this sadness. This is surely my favorite Bokuto’s spike, but overall it shows how strong of a team the owls are. Even if they were almost cornered and with their captain in emo mode, they were absolutely calm and collected, creating the perfect soil for their ace to make a majestic comeback. Everything about this one is frankly breathtaking. From the set up, to the support of all the Fukurodani members, to the ear-splitting sound it makes, to Bokuto’s scream and his expression right after, to Akaashi’s petty smirk…it’s just…ICONIC. 

4. Karasuno vs. Shiratorizawa, Miyagi Prefecture Representative Playoffs. I mean, such an epic match could only end with an as epic match point (that almos 360 view of the court was really something else). The flock of crows really killed the big white eagle in the end. It’s not only the spike itself (honestly dudes, it’s the last point OF COURSE Kags would have set it to Hinata…just like Oikawa did to Iwa), but their expressions after it tore my heart out of my chest and put it directly in the blender. They were…so shocked, so tired, so happy they were almost desperate. BUT let’s never ever ever forget the swans tho. My heart still breaks into pieces and I’ll be forever haunted by the image of my little Goshiki crying ._. 

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5. Karasuno vs Wakutani, Miyagi Prefecture Representative Playoffs. I hold this match really close to my heart, since I’m the ultimate Ennoshita stan and this match finally gave him all the recognition he deserved. He saved the last ball and made Hinata and Kags do the point. He wasn’t only taking Daichi’s spot as a substitute, he was taking is rightful place as a captain to be and…that’s my baby and I’m really proud :’) 

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Year in Review: Hockey Tumblr (february)



  • Connor McDavid comes back to the lineup and scores a goal against the Columbus Blue Jackets
  • Michael Latta’s picture with the dolphin surfaces


  • Toronto Maple Leafs unveil new Logo
  • All the Canadian teams in the NHL take up the standings from 22nd to 28th in the league.


  • everyone is still making all the “Stamkos to Toronto” meme and jokes. we were all so certain this was gonna be a thing.


  • A goalie for a girl’s high school hockey team makes 112 saves in a single game almost twice as much as the current NHL record.
  • Tom Wilson posts a picture kissing a dolphin finishng the holy trinity of dolphin pics from the brobeans.


  • Braden Holtby and Cory Schneider take the ceremonial puck drop for Martin Brodeur.
  • There’s a lot of drama when Ryan Mcdonagh cross checks Simmonds in the head and then Simmonds punches him in retaliation. Nothing happens to McDonagh but Simmonds is tossed from the game.
  • Malcolm Subban takes a puck to the throat and is taken to the hospital. He broke his larynx and doesn’t play again all year.
  • Sidney Crosby becomes the 10th fastest player to reach 900 points


  • video of carey price skating on his injured leg is posted and it’s supposed to be uplifting but really it just shows the world how bad his injury really is.


  • Dion Phaneuf is traded to the Ottawa senators in a 9 player trade !!
  • Milan Lucic plays in Boston for the first time since he’s traded. the tribue they play makes him cry.



  • CWHL announces they will hold the finals at the Canadian Tire Center, the home arena of the ottawa senators
  • Patrice Bergeron gets in a fight???



  • Adidas releases statement that they will not terminate or modify contracts if a player comes out while under contract with them.




  • Habs reach 1 million twitter followers and have an automated response system to anyone who mentioned them. This went terribly of course.


  • Toronto Maple Leafs trade James Reimer to the San Jose Sharks


  • eric staal is traded to the New York Rangers and has to explain to his son that he’s not leaving his son when he moves.


you can read the rest of the year including january here


a little hockey history: the good friday massacre

The Good Friday Massacre (in French: la bataille du Vendredi saint), was a second-round playoff match-up during the 1984 NHL Playoffs on April 20, between the Quebec Nordiques and the Montreal Canadiens. The two teams already shared a well-known rivalry (nicknamed The Battle of Quebec) but the fighting started as the second period was ending, after an incident between the Nordiques’ Dale Hunter and the Canadiens’ Guy Carbonneau, who was “pinned to the ice” by Hunter. The start of the third period was delayed because it took so long for referee Bruce Hood to tally up the penalties. Ultimately, 12 players were ejected and some 252 penalty minutes were handed out. Many describe this game has more than a just violent brawl but also a real on ice battle between the English and the French.