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Playoffs- Connor McDavid

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(Type Connor McDavid into search, get pics of Leon… Tumblr knows)

Ok so we had a break without any smuts for my nice youngins (and those not comfortable with it) but now we’re back and you’ll have 2 smuts today! Today you get a lot of updates, mainly cause I was sick yesterday so I wrote all day and because I have another submission for you guys! So enjoy! If you’re not joining us, up next is: Sidney Crosby!

Warning: smut, smexy time, sex, cussing

@astilinski24 Request: Could I get a Connor Mcdavid imagine where they clinched playoffs(bc they did) and you surprise him at the game after saying you had to spend an extra day in Toronto for volleyball and then the celebrate after the game. If you do smut maybe do that


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Connor McDavid #2

Enjoy some angsty Connor :)

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The Oilers made history by making playoffs this season. But they didn’t make it past the first round, despite the frown on Connor’s face you were still so happy for him. It had been only two days since his schedule was nearly clear, and he was still moping around like he was a lost little puppy. 

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ollimaattaa  asked:


11. Which Olympic team do you root for? 

I am Canadian so I go for Team Canada in international events, especially the Olympics! I will admit that I have a lot of favourite players on different teams so my attention gets divided!

14. Favourite Current Player(s)?

I will try to keep this short. I have so many that it changes all the time. My shortlist is: Dylan Larkin, Zach Werenski, Tomas Tatar, Derick Brassard, and Jeff Skinner.

3. Second-favourite team?

This also changes all the time, but my second-favourite team right now is probably the Senators (blame @craigandersons). 

Thank you so much for taking the time to send this ask!!!


Jaguar USA new campaign.

Ben Kingsley - World Domination (and main teaser)

Mark Strong - Absolute Power

Tom Hiddleston - Business Associates

60sec ad will run during the Super Bowl. Interesting media buy - not their usual [key] target market. Clearly trying to get some ‘Super Bowl’ buzz - they’ve never run an ad during the Super Bowl…and as Jaguar has had some issues (aka, lack of sales) in recent years, this is a way to get noticed. Especially casting three amazing Brit actors.

The teaser (which ran during the playoffs on the Jan 11/12 weekend), seemed to focus on the new F-TYPE R (Mark Strong)… but it seems that they also be plugging the XFR (Ben Kingsley & Tom Hiddleston).





MIKE HOLOVAK: 52-46-9 ( 1 playoff appearance, 1 Division title, 1 AFL Championship game appearance) 1961-1968

CHUCK FAIRBANKS: 46-39 (2 playoff appearances,1 Division title) 1973-1978

RON MEYER: 18-15 (1 playoff appearance) 1982-1984

RAYMOND BERRY: 48-39 (2 playoff appearances,1 Division title, 1 AFC Championship win, 1 Super Bowl appearance) 1984-1989

BILL PARCELLS: 32-32 ( 2 playoff appearances,1 Division title,1 AFC Championship win,1 Super Bowl appearance) 1993-1996

PETE CARROLL: 27-21 (1 playoff appearance,1 Division title) 1997-1999

BILL BELICHICK: 163-61 (11 playoff appearances,11 Division titles,8 AFC Championship appearances, 5 AFC Championship wins, 5 Super Bowl Appearances, 3 Super Bowl Wins) 2000-Present