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1. “Playoff hockey woohoo!”

This type of fan seemingly forgets about hockey till it’s the playoffs and then they come bursting out of their holes to cheer on their team.

2. “You’re not a real fan if you don’t….”

This type of fan sets a standard that every other fan must follow or else they’re not an actual hockey fan. (We all know one of these and secretly imagine strangling them).

3. “I only cheer for my team when they’re doing good.”

This type of fan is often called a ‘bandwagoner (mostly by the #2 fan above) and only seems to watch/talk about hockey when their team is kicking ass.

4. “Did you know in 1923 hockey player (fill in the blank) did (fill in the blank)?”

This type of fan is Pierre McGuire, a little weird, a little annoying, but mostly a good source of hockey knowledge.

5. “Your team sucks, mine is better because –”

This type of hockey fan is literally everywhere and can be quoted as hating other teams for big things like a dirty play or small things like hitting your goalies waterbottle (often comes from a team who hasn’t made the playoffs in over a decade and is struggling with acceptance).

6. “I don’t like the players on that team but I don’t mind the fans.”

This type of fans is basically the opposite of aggressively hating fan (see below). These fans will normally just hang out and chat about hockey no matter what team/league.

7. “Say my team sucks and I will punch you in the neck.”

This type of fan is aggressive in their love of their team and will fight anyone who disagrees (maintain eye contact and back away slowly). These are by far the worst fans.


MJ’s best play of EACH of his 179 Playoff games.

1 hour worth of plays.