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I’m emotional about Bryan Bickell

There’s just been so much in the last few days, I’m not sure I can actually put all my thoughts together, but I’m going to try. Bicks spent most of his career here in Chicago (both in the AHL and NHL). I’ve watched him play since he first came up. He was never a flashy player, never one of our stars, but he had this ability to score big goals at big moments. The 2013 Cup doesn’t happen without Bickell’s goal. Lots of our boys turn it up at playoff time, but Bicks was exceptional at that. Those big goals in the 2013 playoffs got him a big contract, which he was never really able to live up to. He started dealing with health issues not long after that, and we now know that it was the multiple sclerosis starting to take hold. I admit that I was one of those who cursed that big contract. I knew he would eventually be traded to unload said contract. As much as I knew that would happen and in terms of our salary cap position I was glad, I still missed the Bickells in Chicago.  He and Amanda seem to be such amazing people. I’ve supported their foundation since the first calendar they produced. They do amazing work for animals and children and now for MS too.  

Watching how the Canes have supported him throughout his time with them, through his diagnosis and his struggle to get back on the ice, and his decision to retire, has really been amazing.  This is a guy who didn’t spend years with their organization, but yet they were right there for him, and especially over the last few days have done their best to honor him. Seeing all his teammates join the MS Walk - on a game day no less - really shows how much hockey players become family to each other.  Then the tribute in their last home game. 

And then tonight. I couldn’t watch the game, but I’m sure his teammates were feeding him the puck every time he was on the ice, trying to get him a goal in his last game. When I saw the game was going to a shootout, I thought, well that’s that.  But then they send him out first in the shootout. It was only his 2nd shootout attempt in his career. He is not a shootout guy. But the coaches wanted him to have that moment in his final game. And he scored! He went bar down; crossbar and in. It was so amazing. Watching his teammates celebrate on the bench, and then seeing them surround him on the ice after the shootout was won. It was an amazing end to his career.

There’s no doubt this was and will continue to be an emotional journey for him and his family. Watching that postgame interview from the other day was heartbreaking. To have your career ended at 31 due to a neurological illness. But he strived to get back to the ice, so that he could go out on his own terms. He is strong, and he has a great support network. I wish him all the best as he fights MS. Thank you for everything, Bicksy.

This is Thomas “Tom” Wilson. Aka Willy. Aka Whip. He is #43 and a forward for the Washington Capitals. He is 6’ 4" (the tallest for the Caps) and he’s 22 years old.

Where do I start about Tom Wilson? Tom Wilson is flawless. I heard his hair is insured for $10,000. Lol jk but Willy is one of the pretty boys for the Caps.

Willy is the trifecta of superlatives for the Caps: prettiest, tallest, and most penalty minutes. This guy likes to scrap. A lot. We love him. Other teams hate him - naturally. He’s like the Tim Riggins of the Washington Capitals. Like you think he doesn’t care about anyone except for like one person besides himself but he fights a lot for his team. He also looks like Tim Riggins and his favorite TV show is actually Friday Night Lights so it fits (at least he did before he cut his hair).

Anyway Willy is 1/3 of the brobeans (or the other ½ if you stop counting Latta as a brobean since he’s all the way on the other side of the frickin country but I won’t stop). He used to be roommates with Michael Latta and Andre Burakovsky until Burt moved out for more privacy and room and then Latta didn’t get resigned with the Caps so he moved out to the LA area where he plays now. So now Willy is roommate-less. But like #CapsRoomies was the best thing ever. They did Twitter takeovers and Costco runs where they bought three bottles of ketchup because why not? They would cook together and have ping pong tournaments and wrestling matches before they got a TV (and after). They were literally one of the best bromances in the NHL that got broken up this summer (one of the many 💔). This year they were even each other’s Valentines - Latta confirmed. One time they were asked favorite date spots and Tom was like “he [Latta] takes me to Georgetown a lot”. Wilson and Latta grew up around the same area and had some of the same friends so they were like destined but the hockey gods are cruel. Anywho. Willy and Burkie also have a really endearing bromance and they were road roomies last year. Burt said that Willy is the person he would most like to have lunch with. They play fight at practice and they are basically the children of the Caps.

He was drafted 16th overall by the Washington Capitals in 2012 and began playing with them in 2013 during playoffs and then in the 2013-2014 season. He got into his first NHL fight before he scored his first goal. Willy is known for fighting and tbh some nasty hits that I’m not proud of because I want to love him a lot but I don’t like when he hurts people. He also gets a lot of unnecessary penalties that are legit because the refs just pull them out of their asses. Like he could get penalized for breathing. Anyway. That’s Tom Wilson. He’s great most of the time. Bye.

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I got into hockey by bandwagoning the h*wks (rip i was young) during the 2013 playoffs because playoff hockey is fun to watch and they played in every round so I had more time to remember who was who, and I like the city of Chicago. If I hadn't 'jumped on the bandwagon' for the cup winning team I wouldn't have come back in the fall and watched regular season games and found the teams that became MY TEAMS. Bandwagon fans are how the fan base grows esp in areas that aren't hockey markets

Yeah! I mean, to be honest, unless a team’s your hometown team or your family team (or a team of a friend who drags you into a sport lol) it’s going to be ‘bandwagoning’ and I hate that we use it as kind of an insult for new fans. Everybody’s got to start somewhere, yeah? If it’s because of a certain player or two or because the team’s popular or doing well nobody should really care lmao.

I’ve been watching hockey my entire life, and I’ve long surpassed ‘new hockey fan’ status. I have super vivid memories of having conversations with my fourth grade teacher about the Stars and talking about those conversations with my dad, and then coming back the next day and going “Mr. S, my dad said this when I talked to him about it last night, what do you think?” I’ve watched every Winter Classic since they started in 2008 with my dad and my brother. I literally do not remember a time when I didn’t watch hockey.

But I also realize that not everybody grew up in a hockey market where hockey was easily accessible, and not everybody grew up with parents who were huge hockey fans either. I want hockey to grow, though. I want people to appreciate hockey in all its forms and I want it to be bigger and I want to have more people to talk hockey with.

Which is why I make such an effort to be helpful and nice when people have questions about hockey, and why I keep reiterating that anybody can ask me damn near anything about hockey, no matter how ‘silly’ of a question they think it is, and I’ll either answer as best as I can or direct them to somebody who would be able to answer better than I would. 

‘Bandwagoning’ is just a term people use to feel elitist, and it bothers me so much. I have absolutely no patience for gatekeeping, and that’s why I’m doing my best to defend new fans. Because honestly? As long as you aren’t hurting anybody, I have no problem with the way you watch hockey. You’re watching hockey, and that’s mostly all I care about.

Houston Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson catches a pass with New England Patriots cornerback Aqib Talib draped over him during the AFC Divisional Playoffs on Jan. 13, 2013 at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Mass. Johnson is retiring from the NFL after 14 seasons. He spent the first 12 seasons of his career with Houston, where he made the Pro Bowl seven times. Johnson is ranked ninth on the NFL career receptions list with 1,062 catches. He also has 14,185 yards and 70 touchdowns in his career. (Heinz Kluetmeier)

Kobe ranked the top 5 toughest teams he played against: 

  • Spurs in the Playoffs (won 4 out of 6 Playoff matchups, not counting the 2013 Playoffs where he was out with an injury and LA got swept),
  • Kings in early 2000′s (won all 3 Playoff matchups in ‘00, ‘01, ‘02), 
  • Celtics in 2008 Finals (lost 4-2 to the defensive-minded Celtics), 
  • Pistons in 2004 Finals (lost 4-1 in a major upset), 
  • MJ’s Bulls in 1997 and 1998.
Remembering Andrew Shaw (Part One)

 From the day you were drafted….

 From the day of your first NHL fight in your first NHL game…

 From your time with the IceHogs….

From your love of shinpads during the 2013 NHL playoffs…

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crosby voted all star captain
  • Bettman: *looking out a big window* You have nowhere to hide Crosby, the fans did this to you not me.
  • Crosby: *sitting in a chair on the other side of a desk, hands folded in his lap* you severely underestimate me Bettman
  • Bettman: you'll disappoint the fans?
  • Crosby: ha, were you asleep for all of the 2013 playoffs? I'm a pro at this.
  • Bettman: *turning to look at Sid with an evil smile* don't pick a fight you can't win Crosby.
  • Crosby: *stands from his seat* I always win Bettman