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6/9/2017 Mike Orazzi | Staff Holy Cross’ Allie Brown (1) during the Class S Final held at West Haven High School Friday night.

The road to the CFB Playoffs is full of dangers!

Last week two conference favorites (Ohio State and Penn State) were upset as they battled on the road, causing major damage to their playoff hopes. And this week it sets up in a very interesting parallel. Both Alabama and Georgia, the two best teams from the SEC, face road battles against good teams. Do not take a second for granted!! 

First College Football Playoff rankings released

The first rankings from the College Football Playoff committee were released Tuesday evening with some surprises among the top four teams.

At the top are two unbeaten SEC teams in Georgia and Alabama. The Bulldogs and Crimson Tide are in opposite order in major polls. However, committee chairman Kirby Hocutt noted Georgia’s wins against No. 3 Notre Dame and No. 16 Mississippi State as the reason for putting Kirby Smart’s team ahead of the Alabama, which has no wins among teams in the top 25 in the rankings.


“I’m very grateful to life of being here at Trento to play these matches. I’m happy to have these kind of teammates..i’m happy, really. I can say that i have a lot of things, almost all the most important things in life: family, friends..and then volleyball. […] The most important thing for me is to keep being myself, to keep knowing that i’m very lucky of being here at this moment, to know that i have people who loves me. All the rest comes in second place: victories, win, you loose, this is the life of an athlete. I’m grateful everyday to be where i am now.”

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Sorry school I’ve got more important things going on right now, like the Stanley Cup Playoffs.