Three Types of Angels

Humans categorize angels in one of three ways:




Of course, none are suitable for the modern angel

But you can select pieces of each archetype that work for you

for example:

The Loyalty of a Biblical Angel

The Power of a Supernatural Angel

And the sexual attractiveness of the Victoria Secret Angel

This leaves humans confused and unable to pigeonhole you

What they are forced to do instead, is take you seriously

“And hold me still, bury my heart next to yours.” [x]

The endless list of things that should’ve happened in season 9: Cas finding his way back to the bunker, collapsing into Dean’s arms and both of them holding onto each other for dear life, thank you, bye. [x]

also that song is so beautiful and so about them, I’m gonna cry…

What saddens me most about Castiel is the excuse writers kept giving in the previous seasons, about why he couldn’t be more onscreen and had to constantly be depower, vilified or stupefied. According to them it was hard to write Castiel as a powerful ally without having him be a walking, talking Deus Ex Machina. Yet this season, with Castiel’s powers non-existent, nothing changed. They still kept him off screen, and didn’t let him be a part of the main story arc even though that story was about fallen angels. Instead they turned him into Irrelevant Steve whose presence or absence didn’t matter. The only function he had was to vouch for Ezekiel, the new walking, talking Deus Ex Machina on the show, and, I suppose, to be comic relief.