You watched silently as Cas brought his glass of wine under his nose a moment before swilling the contents a bit.

“Is that a good one?” you asked. 

“A–a good what?”

“I don’t know,” you shrugged. “A good year?”

It only took a moment before Cas’ face broke into a smile and he dropped his head with a laugh.

“I don’t know,” he confessed. “Y/N, I know almost nothing about wine.”

“Really?” you asked, grinning now too. “When you picked this place, I just thought…”

“Sam and Dean helped me find this restaurant. Now Balthazar, he would know a good wine immediately, but this isn’t really me. I’m sorry. I guess I’m more PB
&J than cabernet.”

“Don’t be sorry, Cas,” you said, shaking your head. “I’m relieved. I was feeling kind of intimidated by all of this.” You gestured around you at what must have been the very expensive restaurant to where he’d brought you.

“Maybe we could leave?” he suggested with a tilt of his head. “We could take a walk and just talk some?”

You were out of your chair before he’d finished his sentence, pulling your coat on, and he gave you your favorite smile as he pulled some cash from his pocket, laid it on the table, and offered his arm to you. And with Cas beside you, you never looked back.


Imagine a kindergarten with baby angels and human babies. Dean, Sam, Gabriel, and Cas becoming friends and playing together.

Dean instantly falls in love with his new friend’s tiny, fluffy black wings and gladly helps him clean them.  Cas, from his side patiently sits and listens to Dean with his blue eyes opened wide, as the little freckled boy teaches him about various rock bands. 

Sam steals a lot of candies and brings him to his new friend - Gabe. The baby angel does not tell him that he can make them appear instantly, as Sam has to prove what a good friend he can be. 

Years will pass and they will grow up. Their friendship will turn into something else, much stronger and beautiful but the time has not come to tell that story. Not yet.

Here’s the original version of my sign before I added the other words and hearts. I’ll post the other version when I get home tonight. Please give credit when using :)


The second you dropped the lighter and the flames ignited it was like you were only seeing things in shades of gray. Whether it was because you knew how you were breaking Cas’ heart, that he was struggling to understand, that he didn’t believe, or because of the tears in your own eyes that you were unable to stifle any longer.

You couldn’t even look at his face because you knew you would shake to pieces. All you could do is murmur, “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t–Y/N,” Cas said. And you had never heard him sound so broken.

“I’m–I’m sorry. Please forgive me for this–I don’t have any other choice.” You only made it into your vehicle before you broke down, and couldn’t calm yourself for  long time.