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Hello Tink. I have some wild speculation to share. This is very unlikely to happen, but still. What if Dean still has some of Jack's grace inside him from when Cas healed him and this grace is what brings Cas back? We saw Jack's grace can like attach to things, like when Kelly touched something and the grace remained there for a moment. Anyway, just imagine Dean being the one to resurrect Cas via the residual grace. I know it won't happen, but that'd be beautiful.

You mean like true loves kiss? Like every romantic / fantasy story ever?

I’m well up for that ;)

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Gafou high school AU where Gaston has been with every girl in the school but Belle so he’s like
“if i didn’t like any of them, then i’ll like her!” and tries really hard to get her but one night, him and LeFou are having a sleepover while his jerky parents aren’t home.
And he just breaks down in the middle of the night while LeFou is asleep because he realizes why he doesn’t feel for Belle or any girl like he wished he did.
and LeFou wakes up and comforts him. and he’s like “It’s okay Gaston! one day you’ll find something who will make you feel like that! they’ll make you laugh, and smile, and they’ll just be absolutely stunning!”
And Gaston is like… shit that’s how i feel for you.
And he just starts pining hella hard for him and is dying and closetedTM


Crossover! Beauty and the Beast live action / Pokemon

- If Batb characters had Pokemon -

Since I’m a huge Pokemon fan and Batb fan too, I’ve got this crossover idea! :D

I don’t know how many Batb fans are Pokemon fans too to understand and appreciate this fan art (I hope many of you! ;3), but anyway here it is!

I really hope you like it! ^_^


If you notice, each character has got a matched pokemon :)

  • Lumière -> Litwick
  • Plumette -> Altaria
  • Maestro Cadenza -> Kricketune
  • Madame de Garderobe -> Meloetta
  • Adam -> Ursaring
  • Belle -> Roselia
  • Maurice -> Smeargle
  • Mrs. Potts -> Rotom
  • Chip -> Pichu
  • Cogsworth -> Klang

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"We'll never make each other happy, Gaston"

Belle is so kind? It’s more than clear that she has absolutely no interest in Gaston, maybe even dislikes him? Yet she doesn’t call him out for the things she doesn’t like about him. All she states is that they just do not fit together, which is like one of the kindest things you can say in such a situation?


*trying to hide a mediocre video behind a good thumbnail*

So yeah, as I said before, Fleurie’s whole album is an absolute Gaston/Gafou inspiration for me. I hope you all like this video!

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A Crystal Forest

A Crystal Forest

“The air is blue and keen and cold,
With snow the roads and fields are white
But here the forest’s clothed with light
And in a shining sheath enrolled.
Each branch, each twig, each blade of grass,
Seems clad miraculously with glass:
Above the ice-bound streamlet bends
Each frozen fern with crystal ends.”
~William Sharp

“For in that solemn silence is heard in  the whisper of every sleeping thing: look, look at me, come wake me up for still here I’ll be.”
~Lines added from Beauty and the Beast