Markiplier Characters: The Ultimate Video Masterlist

So, yeah, this is a list of all the videos I could find featuring the listed characters of @markiplier . It took me more than an hour and MAN I’m tired! but I think it was worth it!

If there are any other characters or videos you guys think I missed, please let me know :3

HOWEVER. in the case of Darkiplier, when it comes to pre-Date w/ Markiplier videos, I only listed the videos that Mark has pretty much confirmed Darkiplier is featured in. Yes, there are plenty of videos of Mark being creepy, but unless Mark says otherwise, that does not necessarily make it a Darkiplier video. But in general, the videos on this list have to fall under the following criteria:

  1. The character featured has to be made by Mark (as in the case of Wilford Warfstache or Jim)
  2. If the character is not made by Mark, Mark needs to have made the character his own, typically by featuring the character in his own skits (as in the case of Ed Edgar or the Host, both of whom were created by Cyndago)

If you’re still wondering why certain videos or characters aren’t featured on this list, check out my other list, which has videos and characters that don’t quite fit this criteria.

So, without further ado…

Origins of Wilford Warfstache and Darkplier(?)

Who Killed Markiplier? - Chapter 1 (Oct 10, 2017)
Who Killed Markiplier? - Chapter 2 (Oct 11, 2017)
Who Killed Markiplier? - Chapter 3 (Oct 12, 2017)
Who Killed Markiplier? - The Final Chapter (Oct 13, 2017)

Wilford Warfstache

The Fall of Slenderman - In his debut, Wilford Warfstache interviews the once feared Slenderman (Nov 9, 2012)
The Warfstache Affair - Caught in an affair with another man’s wife, Warfstache responds to the problem the only way he knows how (Jun 12, 2013)
Warfstache Plays: Slender - Just what it says on the tin (Oct 16, 2013)
The Ned Affair [feat. MARKIPLIER] - In this sequel to the Warfstache Affair, Wilford Warfstache must face justice for what he’s done (Aug 26, 2014)
Five Nights at Freddy’s: The Interview - Wilford Warfstache interviews everyone’s favourite disembodied voice, Phone Guy (Mar 7, 2015)
Warfstache Interviews Markiplier - Just what it says on the tin (Sep 13, 2015)
MORE? - In this choice from a Date With Markiplier, Wilford Warfstache gets you to ask the real question (Feb 14, 2017)
Markiplier TV - Warfstache acts as a gameshow host and poses a revolutionary idea to his colleagues (May 5, 2017)


Amnesia: Rain | Part 6 (Final) | ENDGAME - Mark wears a pink mustache and plays around with his Warfstache voice (Apr 3, 2013)
Markiplier Animated | WARFSTACHE - An animation of the above video (Dec 3, 2014)
WARFSTACHE RIDES AGAIN | Critical Annihilation - Mark plays with a Wilford Warfstache avatar and talks a bit about the character (Feb 26, 2016)


Don’t blink - dont turn around (Jun 19, 2012)
Don’t move -                             (Jul 4, 2012)
relax - Mark just wants to chill for his 14 million sub celebration, but someone has other ideas (Aug 13, 2016)
HORROR - In this choice from a Date With Markiplier, Darkiplier makes his official debut, and he’s missed you very much (Feb 14, 2017)
FREEDOM! - In this ‘choice’ from a Date With Markiplier, Darkiplier is prepared to provide you a worthy date (Feb 14, 2017)
LEFT - In this choice from a Date With Markiplier, you shot Darkiplier… Right? (Feb 14, 2017)
RIGHT - In this choice from a Date With Markiplier, you shot Darkiplier… Right? (Feb 14, 2017)
Don’t Play This Game - Watch as Mark submits to the madness of a nonsensical ‘game’ (Apr 16, 2017)
Markiplier TV - Darkiplier gives his thoughts on Wilford Warfstache’s revolutionary idea (May 5, 2017)
DARKIPLIER vs ANTISEPTICEYE - Who will win the ultimate evil YouTuber showdown? (Jul 28, 2017)


The Voice of Darkiplier | Markiplier ReMIX - Listen to Darkiplier’s dulcet voice in this Markiplier Recognized ™ remix by Day By Dave (Jun 29, 2017) THANK YOU TO @fandomfangirlworld FOR POINTING THIS ONE OUT TO ME


Google IN REAL LIFE | ft. Markiplier - Google is thwarted in this Matthias edition of Googleplier’s debut (Oct 31, 2014)
Google IRL - Google is defeated in this Markiplier edition of Googleplier’s debut (Oct 31, 2014)
360 VIDEO | Let’s Play Minecraft | Part 1 - Google restates his primary objective (Apr 1, 2017)
Markiplier TV - Google gives his thoughts on Wilford Warfstache’s revolutionary idea (May 5, 2017)
Google Gets An Upgrade - Google receives a visit from Bing while in the middle of an upgrade (May 20, 2017)

Dr. Iplier

Worst News Doctor - In his official debut, Dr. Iplier delivers a LOT of bad news to a young patient (Oct 27, 2013)
Markiplier TV - Dr. Iplier continues to deliver bad news and gives his thoughts on Wilford Warfstache’s revolutionary idea (May 5, 2017)


Surgeon Simulator 2013 - A playlist of Mark’s Surgeon Simulator playthroughs, from which come a lot of Dr. Iplier’s catch phrases
Markiplier Animated | Surgeon Simulator - An animation of one of the above playthroughs (Jun 13, 2013)
Markiplier Animated | SHUT UP NURSE!! - A continuation of the above animation (Jun 27, 2013)
Markiplier Animated | MEET THE MEDIPLIER - An animation of one of the above playthroughs TF2 ‘Meet the Medic’ kinda style (Apr 19, 2014)
Surgeon Simulator IN REAL LIFE - Mark applies Surgeon Simulator in the real world (May 10, 2016)

The Host

Danger in Fiction [feat. MARKIPLIER] - In his debut, the Host struggles with an uncooperative character as he attempts to narrate a story (Feb 6, 2013)
Danger In Fiction | Chapter II - In this sequel to Danger in Fiction, the Host tries to narrate a new story with a new, if equally uncooperative, character (Aug 20, 2013)
Danger in Fiction: The Host - An incredibly short preview of what was going to be a third installment of Danger in Fiction; features the Host in his blindfold and jacket for the first time, preparing to narrate something new (May 9, 2015) THANK YOU TO @fountain-of-muse FOR POINTING THIS ONE OUT TO ME
Markiplier TV - The Host narrates as Wilford Warfstache pitches his revolutionary idea (May 5, 2017)


Markiplier Makes: Fan Fiction (animated by Kayroos_) - Mark opens the video wearing his Host jacket and makes a few brief references to the character (Aug 5, 2017)

Jim News

Markiplier TV - In their debut, Jim and Jim cover various disaster reports and weather reports (May 5, 2017)
CORPSE ABDUCTION? - In the midst of the Who Killed Markiplier mystery, Jim and Jim enter the scene of the crime to get the main scoop (Oct 10 or Oct 14, 2017)
SUSPECT WITH A SHOOTY?! - Continuing their investigation, Jim and Jim tail the possible murderer (Oct 11 or 14, 2017)
DEMONS JIM, DEMONS!! - Continuing their investigation, Jim and Jim attempt to contact the demons contained within the murder house (Oct 12 or 14, 2017)
DUMMY JIM REENACTS GRISLY SCENE! - Jim and Jim conclude their investigation with the help of Dummy Jim (Oct 13 or 14, 2017)

King of the Squirrels

King of the Squirrels - In his debut, the King smears peanut butter on his face in celebration of 80,000 subs (Jan 23, 2013)
King of the Squirrels Returns - The King is sick, but he is still the King! (Mar 26, 2015)
Markiplier TV - The King crashes the conference while Wilford Warfstache is receiving feedback on his revolutionary idea (May 5, 2017) 

Bim Trimmer

Hire My Ass [feat. Markiplier, Danny Sexbang, & Matthias] - Bim Trimmer acts as the host to the ever popular game show that gives you the chance to win your dream job (Dec 10, 2014)
Markiplier TV - Bim Trimmer gives his thoughts on Wilford Warfstache’s revolutionary idea (May 5, 2017)

The Silver Shepherd

Super Infidelity - The intrepid superhero Silver Shepherd finds out that his dame may be cheating on him, but with who? (Jun 3, 2014)
Markiplier TV - The Silver Shepherd takes a break from fighting crime to pursue a job in entertainment and gives his thoughts on Wilford Warfstache’s revolutionary idea (May 5, 2017)

Ed Edgar

Ed Edgar Adoptallott’s Baby Bulk Buy - Ed Edgar’s sellin’ babies and today he’s got a special offer! (Mar 24, 2015)
Markiplier TV - Ed Edgar gives his thoughts on Wilford Warfstache’s revolutionary idea and he still has a special offer (May 5, 2017)


A Gentlemen’s Dispute feat. CaptainSparklez - Dapperplier and Jordapper look to settle their differences in the most civilized way possible (Jul 21, 2014)
GENTLEMEN’S DISPUTE w/ Markiplier - See Jordapper’s version of the above video (Jul 21, 2014)
REMATCH OF THE CENTURY | Max Gentlemen w/ Captain Sparklez - Dapperplier and Jordapper have fallen low and look to regain their honor in the most civilized way possible (Feb 10, 2015)
MAXIMUM GENTLEMEN’S DISPUTE w/ Markiplier - See how Jordapper remembers the above events (Feb 10, 2015)


MAKING LOVE FOR SENPAI | Yandere Simulator #14 - Yandereplier-chan shows her true colours in this kawaii intro! (Nov 13, 2016)
Google Gets An Upgrade - With a ‘saaaahhh!’ and a visit to Googleplier’s, Bingiplier makes his obnoxious debut (May 20, 2017)

anonymous asked:

i need to know how you broke your nose on phil lester details

Right so. Playlist 2013. I was 17 and super excited to meet Phil because Phil meant/means so much to me for certain reasons. So their meetup was only supposed to be 3 hours long and when the 3 hour mark came, I was so close to the front but terrified they were going to cut it short(which the didn’t because dnp are amazing and the stayed for a few more hours until they were forced to leave). But when I got to the front, I was a shaking mess. They were right there in front of me. A whole 3 feet away and my brain is saying ‘casually walk over and hug Phil’. BUT my feet just fucking ran.
I ran the small distance to Phil and I opened my arms and my foot stepped on his and my face went straight into his collarbone. It was the best hug of my life. After he got over the shock of me fucking running at him(Which I still to this day feel horrible about) he held me tight and rocked me back and forth. When we finally pulled away, I felt something on my face and then blood dripped down and I was like, shit.
Phil was super sweet about it though. He kept asking if I was okay and Dan said it was the best hug he’d ever seen(probs second to his hug with Phil when they first met) and It was amazing. My nose continued to bleed for about an hour. Everyone thought I was crying from meeting them, but my nose just really fucking hurt.
And that is how Phil Lester’s collarbones broke my nose.
Worth it.

I'm gonna die

Alfie, Jack, Finn, Marcus, Caspar, Sam, Ryan Abe, Dan, Phil, the Shaytards, Tanya and Jim, Charles and Alli, Jesse and Jeana, Chester See, Daily Grace, KassemG, Tyler Oakley, Zoella, Smosh, Troye Sivan and so many other people are coming to Florida in a few days for playlist. Asdfghjkl someone hold me.

Daddy Kink Masterlist

part two, part three

Links Last Checked: July 8th, 2017

A Handful - cozyfoxy

Summary: Dan has a nightmare and goes to Phil for comfort. One thing leads to another and smut ensues.

Better Than A Pillow - mermaidstailonmyface

Summary: Playlist Live 2013 - Hotel Room.

Daddy??? - eroticphan

Summary: Smut.

Daddy Dinner - thehiccupingbanana

Summary: Dan accidentally calls Phil ‘daddy’ while having dinner with his (Dan’s) parents.

Look Who It Is - postcardfromaplanecrash

Summary: Smut –  Daddy kink, blowjobs, frottage, cockslut Dan.

Mon Chaton - chocolatesaucelester

Summary: Dan, Phil’s hybrid, breaks one of the rules Phil has put in place for him, so Phil punishes him.

Oh Daddy - howelling-lester

Summary: Smut.

See Me In Hindsight/Tangled Up With You All Night - amazingphilia

Summary: “Don’t play innocent with me,” he hisses, “you’re here because you want my money, didn’t you? That’s all you ever wanted. That’s why you said you wanted the guy who owned the Maserati to fuck you.”

Softest Touch - crayolascripts

Summary: Phil’s had a busy day with the radio show. As it’s father’s day, Dan decides to give him some fun.

The Flower Shop Punk - indiestripper

Summary: Dan is a bratty teenager who gets a job at a flower shop to try and buy an overpriced pair of shoes. However plans change as he grows close to the owner of the shop who is ten years older than him, and covered head to toe in tattoos.

Young Volcanoes - smokinbyelevn

Summary: neck!kink, daddy kink.

Inktober 2017 - 01 : Musical Entertainment /Hellsing OST


Cette année, au lieu des sujets hasardeux habituels, je me suis constitué une liste de mes albums (voire artistes parfois) préférés-de-tous-les-temps, et tiré une piste à chaque fois, sur laquelle dessiner ! :> Ça faisait un bail que je voulais faire ça, l’occasion est là o/

En guise d’introduction, voilà une piste au titre fort approprié (joie dans mon coeur) tirée de la bande son d’Hellsing (version TV, pas les OAV. Mais j’ai vu les OAV et pas l’anime TV lolilol). Une vraie tuerie, pleine de trouvailles stylées, de mélodies marquantes, et de bonne guitare électrique bien gratouillée ! En l’occurence, dans Musical Entertainment je ne me lasse pas de la dernière partie de la piste en particulier… :D

Bon courage à tout le monde, que vous fassiez chaque jour ou pas, que vous innoviez ou non, que vous fassiez des illus complètes ou des petits doodles : éclatez-vous bien !!! >U</

Playlist Inktober 2017 | Inktober 2013 - Inktober 2014 - Inktober 2015 - Inktober 2016

I didn’t mean to kiss you
You didn’t mean to fall in love
I’ve never meant to hurt you
We never mean for it to mean this much
hush hush now

i wanted to keep you
forever next to me
you know that i still do
and all i wanted was to believe
hush hush now

so go on, live your life
so go on, say goodbye
so many questions but i don’t ask why
so this time i won’t even try
hush hush now
hush hush now

when I tried to forget you
I just keep on remembering
what we had was so true
and somehow we lost everything
hush hush now
hush hush now

so go on, live your life
so go on, say goodbye
so many questions but i don’t ask why
so go on, live your life
so go on and say goodbye
so many questions but i don’t ask why
maybe someday, but not tonight
Hush Hush now

Don’t, don’t, don’t you ever say a word (word)
Of what you ever thought you heard (heard)
don’t you ever tell a soul, but you know
i’ve tried hard but i still believe
we, that we were meant to be
and I could never let you go, no

hush hush now

so go on, live your life
so go on and say goodbye
so many questions but i don’t ask why
so go on, live your life
so go on and say goodbye
so many questions but i don’t ask why
maybe someday, but not tonight
Hush Hush now
Hush Hush now
Hush Hush

anonymous asked:

hello there i'm a new inspirit!! i just learnt all their names and i was wondering if you had any recommendations for variety shows/interviews etc. to get to know their personalities and dynamics?

Hello and welcome to the Inspirit fandom!! I’m happy to tell you anything you wanna know and to help you as much as I can~

I actually have an entire section of my blog dedicated to asks just like this one, and you can find all those posts here! You can also check my tags page to filter things by member. 

Here is a list of INFINITE’s variety shows so far. I know some of them are really hard to find nowadays, but I tried my best to find working links for at least the first episodes:

- 2010 (Pre-debut) - 당 신은 나의 오빠 (You Are My Oppa):

  • Episode 1: 1 | 2 (a lot of episodes have chunks missing from them because the videos got blocked, so you may need to search around a little to find them!)

- 2011 - 깨알플레이어 (Sesame Player):

  • Episode 1: 1 
  • Episode 2: 1 
  • Episode 3: 1 
  • Episode 4: 1 
  • Episode 5: 1 
  • Episode 6: 1 
  • Episode 7:
  • Episode 8: 1 
  • Episode 9: 1 

- 2011/2012 - 가족의 탄생 (Birth of a Family) with Apink:

  • Full playlist (Starting at Episode 1): X (Episodes 11, 15 and 16 have no INFINITE)

- 2012 - Ranking King:

  • Full playlist: X

- 2013 - This Is Infinite:

  • Full playlist: X

- 2015/2016 - INFINITE Showtime:

  • Full list of episodes: X

Then here is a list of Weekly Idol appearances:

I would also recommend these interviews:

If you have any more questions then please let me know and I will be happy to answer them!!

Wet Dream Masterlist

A Letter Can Make A Difference - huggabae

Summary: Dan is sleeping over at Phil’s house, after they’ve met for the first time. While Phil’s thinking about Dan being in the same bed as him and loving him, he doesn’t realise Dan’s dreams turn into something not so innocent. But, when he does, he decides to help him out.

Better Than A Pillow (Repost) - mermaidstailonmyface

Summary: Playlist Live 2013 - Hotel Room.

Camping - huggabae

Summary: Dan and Phil are brothers. They’re camping with their family when Dan has a wet dream about Phil. Phil helps him out and in the end he takes Dan’s virginity, and makes him cum two times in one night.

Dreaming - wilfullystrange

Summary: Phil hears Dan moan in the middle of the night and can’t stop listening.

Just A Flat Mate - danisnotlikingvagina

Summary: Dan loves it when Phil’s loud during sex, and every time Phil masturbates, Dan gets off on his noises until one day Phil catches him.

Once You’re Mine - cuddlephan

Summary: Dan and Phil are in high school and while Dan’s with Phil he has a wet dream about him and gets embarrassed which leads to smut.

Quiet - cuddlephan

Summary: Cat stays at Dan and Phil’s, and Dan and Phil share a bed to make things easier but Dan wakes up with hard on/wet dream.

Roll The Dice And Swear - ramonaspeaks

Summary: Dan and Phil share a hotel room during their trip to Las Vegas.

Sticky Sheets - 500shadesofblue

Summary: Dan looked down through his haze of desperation and saw glasses and a dark head of hair. Phil, as if sensing Dan’s gaze, looked up and gave a grin, then a coy little lick to the base of Dan’s cock. “Phil, fuck, I-” Dan was silenced by Phil going down on him, right to the base, throat spasming around the crown of Dan’s dick.

The Sweetest Dream - thouartthineownenemy

Summary: 2009 Phan! Typical Dan has wet dream, but wakes up before Phil does, so he continues grinding against him because Phil thinks he’s still asleep and he knows he can get away with it.

Too Hot To Handle - fringegapphil

Summary: Dan was sleeping on the couch and Phil comes in when he was having a wet dream. Later Phil finds out what the dream was about, and helps make it a reality for Dan.

Wake Me Up - smuttysideblog

Summary: Dan keeps having wet dreams and waking up Phil.. Phil decides to wake him up.

Wet Dreams and Skinny Jeans - exovative

Summary: Phil has a sexy dream about Dan and it’s all he can think about.

You’re Such A Tease - exovative

Summary: One has a sexual wet dream and the other sees it.