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philip shea + textpost meme (a pair piece for my lukas one) 

Today, i did not wake up with that glow in my eyes. They say i will, once wounds have healed and my hands have picked up all my broken pieces. Well, i guess i am not there just yet. But one thing is for sure: now, i know better.

I made a playlist of the songs that reminds me of what it used to be and by judging the songs it has, i know that for both of us, it was love. Altogether, it was joy, longing, passion and even the feeling that butterflies give.

I loved you more. I loved you more that i loved us. I loved you more than i loved myself. I loved you more than you loved me.

We were something beautiful and something tragic. Maybe i was too poetic about everything that life threw something almost the same as my poems and metaphors. And ironically, even though it burned me to ashes, i am grateful.

It still hurts; knowing how someone else and i overlapped, of how easy it was for you to leave and go on, and how it will never be the same for us again. But i do not wish for moments when you suddenly knock on my door to beg for forgiveness until i take you back, not anymore.

I know better. I just hope that one day, i can get that glow in my eyes as i leave all the pain in my sleep just like how she said.

—  r.m.d

rockin’ jams that are great to scream along to at the top of your lungs

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a mix of some sick beats for girls who love girls who love dancing and singing along. this playlist is for all you wild souls out there, you music loving gal pals. grab your girlfriends hand and DANCE!

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“..then i must”  [an instrumental playlist inspired by diana prince]

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1. Forest Calling - Lineage 2 | 2. Bjorn’s Choice  - Trevor Morris | 3. Maester - Ramin Djawadi | 4. Towers of the Void - Brian Reitzell | 5. Suspended Dream - Stuart Earl   | 6. We are all to blame - Rupert Gregson Williams  | 7. The Lady in the Lake - Daniel Pemberton | 8. Hitler Youth - Dominic Lewis | 9. The Legend of Excalibur - Daniel Pemberton | 10. The Necklace - Dominic Lewis | 11. Mountains - Hans Zimmer | 12. Hawthorne Abedsen - Dominic Lewis | 13. A Nation of Thieves - Bear McCreary | 14. No Man’s Land - Rupert Gregson Williams