Playlist - Malachai Parker

I. I’ll Be Good // Jaymes Young
II. Control // Halsey
III. One Time // Marian Hill
IV. Heathens // Twenty One Pilots
V. Borderline // Tove Styrke
VI. Centuries // Fall Out Boy
VII. Love Me Again // John Newman
VIII. Balaclava // Arctic Monkeys
IX. Judgement Day // Stealth
X. Settle Down // The 1975
XI. Nobody Likes Me // Deuce
XII. Goner // Twenty One Pilots

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Art ~

Ravenstag emerging from the water (art) by @ashrenmistart 

Will Graham (art) by melythemac

Hannibal - pencil portrait (art) by kveratomlinson

Its Still Beautiful - Hannibal Portrait  (art) by  dinner with 연두부 

Will Make Charms of These (gif and fanart) by @nim-lock

Edits & Aesthetics ~

Sometimes The Richest Things Can Come Into Our Lives (aesthetic) bycrestfallen999

5 Years 7 Months Earlier (edit) by @desperatelyseekingcannibals
For fic of he same name

Hideaway (edit) by @chesapeake-cannibal

You’re A Risk (edit) by elakelly

I Know You (edit) by elakelly

When My Hand Reached Out (edit/aesthetic) by @chesapeake-cannibal

Like Sudden Lightning (aesthetic/fic) by @shiphitsthefan

Gifs ~

What A Beautiful Day (gif) by miyuukirai 

Playlists ~

Are You Afraid of Me Now? (playlist) by @hollymartinswrites

Redemption (playlist) by TheQueenOfTokyo

Where I End & You Begin (playlist) by @mirayuuki

It’s Still Good - Hannibal (Playlist) by @fatherronaldknox

Recipes ~

He Will Hardly Be Caught a Second Time (cocktail recipes) by@eatbiscuitdrinkflip

Song ~

Surrender (song) by @days-of-dust

Vids ~

Heathens - Will Graham editions (fanvid) by @destinyawakened

PSYCHOMACHIA || 80s style space techno, dark rave and dirty-dirty industrial rock unite to kick the Republic’s ass; Hux approves
There’s a Kylux fic to accompany this; you can read it on AO3 

i. not over till we say so / blue stahli ii. master / GosT iii. pretty when you cry / layer cake iv. division ruin / carpenter brut v. eyes on fire (zeds dead remix) vi. deep space / blokkmonsta vii. diabolus ex machia / perturbator viii. futurescape / megadrive ix. sentient / perturbator x. mr. terror / dance with the dead xi. battlefield / panzer ag

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First Playlist ((Harley/Chato))

1. Duele El Corazon (English Version) -Enrique Iglesias feat. Tinashe and Javada

2. Bailando (English Version) -Enrique Iglesias feat. Sean Paul

3. Dangerous Woman -Ariana Grande

4. Jealous -Nick Jonas

5. Toothbrush -DNCE

6. Treasure -Bruno Mars

7. Ain’t No Mountain High Enough -Marvin Gaye feat. Tammi Terrell

8. Your Precious Love -Marvin Gaye feat. Tammi Terrell

9. United -Marvin Gaye feat. Tammi Terrell

10. My Girl -The Temptations

11. Closing/Oh! Susanna -Show 4 -Hank Williams

12. Jimmy Choo -Fetty Wap

((I will be accepting playlist requests lmao

Let’s be real no one wants this except me))

“I’m Okay” [listen]
upbeat songs for the sick and suicidal. We know it’s tough and we know we’re gonna live on.

1. Some Nights : Fun || 2. Kill Your Heros : AWOLNATION || 3. Migraine : Twenty One Pilots || 4. Float On : Modest Mouse || 5. Smile : Mikkey Ekko || 6. I Wanna Get Better : Bleachers || 7. This Year : The Mountain Goats || 8. Sick of It : hi i’m case || 9. The Next Storm : Frank Turner

Hey everyone!  I just wanted to let you all know that I created a playlist for SBR over on 8tracks.  I’ve made similiar playlists for all the other parts of Jojo and if you’re interested, I can share them as well if you would like!  Jojo has exposed me to all sorts of wonderful music and I would love to share with you the songs and artists that inspired our beloved adventures. Steel Ball Run by johnny_joestar.

-Mod Johnny

¡ahora si, cabrón!: An El Diablo/Chato Santana Fanmix

“I can’t change what I did. And neither can you!”

  1. Runnin’ with the Devil - Van Halen
  2. Head Like a Hole - Nine Inch Nails
  3. Gold - Imagine Dragons
  4. Greed - Patrick Stump
  5. I Want It All / We Will Rock You Mash-Up - Queen
  6. Temperature - Sean Paul
  7. Gasolina (Remix) - Daddy Yankee
  8. Fire - BTS
  9. Ticking Bomb - Aloe Blacc
  10. Love the Way You Lie (feat. Rihanna) - Eminem
  11. Things We Lost in the Fire - Bastille
  12. Slippin’ Into Darkness - War
  13. Burning Bright - Shinedown
  14. World War Me - Theory of a Deadman
  15. Bartholomew - The Silent Comedy
  16. Slowburn - Revelation Theory
  17. Fire It Up - Thousand Foot Krutch
  18. Burn It to the Ground - Nickelback
  19. Bonfire - Knife Party
  20. Arsonist’s Lullaby - Hozier



Arkadaşlar playlisti bitirdim, 70 şarkılık hareketli nostaljik falan karışık bir playlist oldu, telefondan nasıl dinleyebileceğinizi sslerle gösteriyim dedim. Masaüstü sitesi isteyin yerine tıkladıktan sonra dinlemeye başlayabilirsiniz. Ha bu arada müziği başlattıktan sonra tarayıcıdan direkt çıkarsanız müzik çalmaya devam eder ama 8 dakika sonra falan kapanıyor. Playlist ile ilgili yorumlarınızı bekliyorum anonimden, iletiden, yanıttan yazarak düşüncelerinizi belirtirseniz sevinirim. Umarım beğenirsiniz 😺