playland japan

Playland Japan (game center in SF jtown)

Yay so I finally went to SF Japan town to try the ufo catchers.

The experience wasn’t bad, and I thought it was overall a pretty decent little game center. I mean, it’s probably the best we’re going to get in the States with the exception maybe of Round One which is an actual chain from Japan. Some of the machines were no good and you’d have to just be lucky to win at them..I didn’t see anyone win a macaron arpakasso or a fusajiro and I couldn’t either.

In my opinion most of the toys were too hard for beginners. The cheaper toys were easier to win, though, and they had some easy to win snacks that were labeled as such. I don’t think the worker liked us very much because I don’t think they’re used to people winning often..I won 4 things and my friend won 2, but I didn’t see anyone else win more than one toy while I was there. Also there was a sign saying that if there was an item you wanted to buy they may let you purchase it. The maido store in the same complex was selling some ufo catcher goods, many which were in my shop in the past! ..but most of them were a lot more expensive than how much I sold them for. They had a few arpakassos as well.

Anyway I had a lot of fun and it was great to go ufo catching after almost two months being away from Japan. Of course it wasn’t up to par but it was still fun ^^

This reply is super late sorry, but charmingalpacasso I had fun the first time I went to Playland Japan and I won a few things, but the next time I went it seemed a lot harder to win stuff and I think they have just been making it too difficult so it’s not that fun anymore. But it’s definitely fun to look around at all the cute stuff in the ufo catchers and you can buy the toys now for a semi-reasonable price..I think it’s more worth it to just buy online though lol. derpola has probably been there more than I have and probably knows more about it!