TITLE: Timing


AUTHOR: SassyShoulderAngel319

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine playing hide and seek with Loki despite the two of you being adults. Imagine He always wins and that leads to other interesting things.


NOTES/WARNINGS: None to speak of, two minor substitutes for swear words.


I cursed under my breath. Loki was getting dangerously close to “one” and I still hadn’t found a decent hiding spot. Unlike him, I didn’t have magic so it was harder for me to hide. Plus, I didn’t know the facility very well yet so I didn’t know any good hiding spots.

We were alone in the New Avengers building, running around like children despite the fact that we were both adults. The team had been sent on some crazy mission to some far-off country I’d heard of during that one geography class I’d taken as a requirement as a freshman but I couldn’t remember where it was or what it was known for. So I had called my best friend the second they left to start playing games and pranks. (By called I mean I stood on the roof and shouted to the sky telling Heimdall, “If you can hear me, please tell Loki I want him to come see me!” Asgard doesn’t have a phone.)

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