Twitch goes after Steam with direct game sales
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Twitch has a dilemma – it can get you fired up about a game, but then you’ve got to head off to Steam or another site when it comes time to buy (insert sad trombone sound). However, the Amazon-owned streaming outfit has some big news that changes all that. Starting this spring, you’ll be able to purchase games directly from Twitch – if you’re watching a stream about Tom Clancy’s The Division, for instance, you can click on a “buy now” button directly below the stream, as shown above.

Games can also be purchased on the “details” page for a given title. They can then be downloaded and played via the existing Twitch launcher desktop app (which arrived with Twitch Prime) or via publishers’ services like Uplay. Buyers will also get “Twitch Crates” rewards that differ from standard loot boxes with Twitch-centric emotes, chat badges and “Bits for Cheering.”

Twitch says it will make “dozens” of games available from both AAA and indie studios including Telltale Games, Ubisoft, Digital Extremems, Hi-Rez Studios, tinyBuild, Paradox Interactive, and others. (There’s no comprehensive list of titles yet, however.)

Developers get 70 percent of the money, streamers earn a 5 percent take and the rest, we presume, goes to Twitch. “By allowing viewers to help support their favorite streamer just by buying a game on Twitch, we’re able to help strengthen the community that has done so much for us,” says Telltale Games SVP Steve Allison.

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Amazon has been using the Twitch launcher to sell indie and other titles, but it was pretty clear that it would eventually become a Steam competitor. Amazon has been making a steady foray into gaming with its Lumberyard game development engine, for instance, and already hosts a large number of social gaming platforms on its massive AWS server network.

One of the perks of Amazon Prime is free access to Twitch Prime. Given the large number of Amazon Prime users and Twitch streamers in general, it’s not hard to see how Twitch games sales could become a headache to Steam and other distribution platforms. On top of that, Twitch is promoting it as a way for its community to pay both streamers and developers (as shown in the video above), something that might motivate gamers to buy from Twitch, all else being equal.

Sales will launch in spring 2017 for English language versions of games only, in US dollars, with the service rolling out to other countries “later in the year.”

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Barcelona looking to persuade Isco to join as a free agent in 2018

Barcelona are hoping to poach Isco from Real Madrid in 2018 by attempting to convince him not to extend his contract in the Spanish capital.

The midfielder is currently negotiating an extension at the Bernabeu, even if he has yet to fully convince Zinedine Zidane.

And Goal understands that Barcelona are hoping to capitalise on uncertainty regarding his place as a starter by promising to make him the heir to Andres Iniesta in the heart of their midfield.

Luis Enrique is hoping to persuade the 24-year-old to follow in his footsteps, with the Barca boss leaving Madrid during his playing days to join Barcelona as a free agent in 1996.

The Catalans believe they have nothing to lose approaching Isco and would relish the opportunity to get one over on Madrid president Florentino Perez, who has made overtures to Neymar, Iniesta and even Luis Suarez while they ply their trade at Camp Nou.

Barcelona have indicated to the Spain international that they have always rated him highly and only the presence of stalwarts such as Xavi and Iniesta in their line-up previously prevented them making a formal approach.

While revered by the Bernabeu faithful and having turned down opportunities from around Europe to leave in the past, Isco is aware that he faces limited playing time should he stay on at the club he joined from Malaga in 2013.

Barcelona are closely monitoring the situation and are aware of the possibility they might be able to nab him on a free transfer in 2018 by making early contact.

My Rendered Landscape

This is what I have came up with and what I’ve produced using C4D. I have used these types of colours as I like the idea of joining two opposite thing together so I have made a landscape with spikes and acid which makes it look and sound dangerous. that’s why I have added the fresh colours so that people think its friendly but really its a danger underneath a sweet cover.

Then I’ve played a bit with the settings and changed the date and time so that my landscape actually look scary. This is the outcome and I think that these colours make it look different and more powerful.

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TWO CAN PLAY AT THAT GAME MWAHAHAHAHAHA also Im the anon that asked you "Do you like LIKE Cross!Sans or He's just your favorite Sans???" STILL. MWAHAHAHAHA TRY TO FIND OUT WHO AM I !!! ~Love An Anon

hmmmmmmmmmmmmm @pixi1314 maybe

My fluff of a rat decided to snuggle this morning instead of play and wander. Which is typically unusual of her. Guess she must have missed her mom over the weekend. ^^ She also decided that she loves being tucked in. She climbs onto me while dragging the blanket and waits for me to take it. Then she will get comfy and let me tuck it around her. Then of course she will groom my skin and fall asleep. She’s honestly too cute for this world.


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good Monday morning, NYC!
congrats to all the winners last night.
press play for 🎧 #pink - raise your glass
winter mix: morning side track fourteen. (at Brooklyn Bridge)

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Watch: Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition returns us to a f**ked up world we'd forgotten about

Watch: Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition returns us to a f**ked up world we’d forgotten about

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Bulletstorm was great. You likely remember the electric leash that allowed you to lasso enemies and then pull them in for some close-range, slow-mo punishment, but how about the broken door sporting a Red Ring of Death? This was a game with a very particular brand of humour.

A lot of the incidentals had disappeared from my memory though, so when I played through a couple of levels of the…

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What happened with Aida Rikako? why is she a betrayer?

In case you haven’t heard of it yet, this is in reference to what happened to Rikyako on Day 2 of Aqours’s First Live. Particularly, during the performance of Omoi yo Hitotsu ni Nare. I wasn’t there myself (I only attended Day 1 of the Live Viewing of my country), but I was watching LL Wikia’s twitter as they were live-tweeting Day 2 of the concert when it happened.

From LL Wikia’s live tweeting of the incident:

Here’s also a more detailed account of what happened:

As you can see, the pressure and everything else finally got to Rikyako, and during the segment where she was supposed to play the piano, she completely broke down. Anchan immediately went to comfort her with Ainya and Suwawa following. Everyone in the audience, however, immediately changed their penlights/kingblades to sakura pink and began cheering Rikyako’s name to give her their support. It was a moment packed with emotion and the fan’s unwavering feelings.

To explain the whole “betraying” thing, here are Rikyako’s thoughts post-live after the entire thing blew over (From Mod Ischy’s translation):

Rikyako basically feels that she’s no longer qualified to be a professional, that she’s a complete failure, and that she basically betrayed everyone who believed in her by screwing up the entire performance during that incident. I predicted that she’d beat herself up for this but I didn’t think it would be this bad. :(

Of course, I myself, as well as all the other fans think otherwise. A lot of social media sites are flooded with posts of fans showing their support for Rikyako and there’s a lot of fan art on Pixiv demonstrating how much everyone still loves her. That’s also the point of the post I made. We should continue displaying our support for Rikako and hope our thoughts will be able to reach her. I’m pretty sure the other members of Aqours feel the same way.

This reply ended up pretty long but I hope this was enough to enlighten you on what happened and why I posted the thing you saw. :)

the characters in my radio play use numbers as codenames and my lecturer was like “is it numbers because you cant use colours” and i was just like… .yes……

reservoir dogs is RUINING my fucking LIFE

Middle-earth: Shadow of War Coming to Project Scorpio, Xbox One, and Windows 10 This Year

Middle-earth: Shadow of War Coming to Project Scorpio, Xbox One, and Windows 10 This Year

Talion and Celebrimbor return in Middle-earth: Shadow of War, sequel to the smash-hit Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, available as an Xbox Play Anywhere title on Xbox One and Windows 10 beginning August 22, 2017. The title will also be available for Project Scorpio following the console’s launch this holiday season.

Players will wield a new Ring of Power and confront the deadliest of enemies,…

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Background and Animation Process

After finishing my story board I’ve started to draw the background and getting all of my frames ready to animating. I have photocopied all of my frames onto acetate and cut them out into the same sizes. I could then start to layer then one by one and take pictures but the important part is not to move the camera and when swapping frames (acetate) make sure you put them in the same place. I have drawn a little dots on each corner where the paper was laced but this only works with same sized acetate.

I have then placed the camera on a tripod so it stands still and carefully swapped the acetate (frames) and token two pictures each for a safety reasons. After I had to transfer all the images from  the memory card to Photoshop and edit it. I have added a timeline and made frames out of layers so that it was quicker, when it was ready I could play the animation and change the settings if I didn’t like it or something went wrong.

This image shows the background I have drawn and used for the animation, I wanted to have a wild place where humans wont survive so this is what I kind of imagine a place like that.

Beverly D'Angelo is grateful for friendship with Chevy Chase

Beverly D'Angelo says she and Chevy Chase have enjoyed a life-long friendship due to their roles in the ‘National Lampoon’s Vacation’ films.

The actress and the comic legend have played married couple Clark and Ellen Griswald on six occasions - including an online only short film 'Hotel Hell Vacation’ - beginning with the original comedy in 1983 and most recently in the 2015 reboot 'Vacation.

Beverly, 65, never imagined the series would prove to be so popular and beloved by so many people and she is very grateful to be approached by fans of the films and for her friendship with Chevy, 73.

In an interview with A.V Club, she said: “It was kind of conceived as being a successful movie, but along the lines that 'Animal House’ was successful. But this was mainstream and everybody was like, 'I’m just like Ellen.’ 'Oh, my husband’s like Clark.’ And I thought it would go away. It never went away, and to this day, it hasn’t gone away, so I thank god that I did that. Because not only is my friendship with Chevy Chase tried and true, and when I say tried, I mean tried. We’ve gone through so many things together. We tried to do a TV show a couple years ago. It was a nightmare. I was so mad at him when we were shooting the pilot. And it was over, and it was like, thank god, now I can go back to loving him. That’s a long-term friendship. And this relationship that I have with the public because of the Griswolds - what a gift. Generation love it.”

Beverly is proud of all of her outings as Ellen Griswald but her favourite is still the first film in which Ellen and Clark make a disastrous road trip with their kids from Chicago to Californian amusement park Walley World.

She said: “The first one [is my favourite]. Well, I’ve done five. The original one, 'European’, 'Christmas’, 'Vegas’, and then the reboot.”


In the thirty-second episode of Nearphotison’s Let’s Play of Brave Fencer Musashi we hunt down the fake Princess and end up reliving some frustrations from earlier in the game.