blackwellking  asked:

“who knew you’d be here?”

five word prompts meme. || nathan.

His remark is enough to cause her steps to seize progression mid-stride – a beat as doubt begins to consume her already anxious thoughts. Had it been a mistake to chase after him? Was space what he truly needed? Maybe. After all, all previous efforts to console Nathan seemed to have backfired in the past; acknowledging that fact alone had her hands gripping the hem of her sweater, tugging it down slightly in nervous habit.

Yet as images of mere moments ago flooded her, Samantha knew this was the right decision. The way his voice had fluctuated and cracked in discomfort and shame, the sullen look in his guarded eyes as he stormed off. The brunette knew the signs well and every time, it resulted in a knot forming within the pit of her stomach that slowly was making it’s way towards unbearable each time it was repeated. She had to at least try. What harm would it do? It wasn’t as if it would be the first time she blew a Comfort Mission.

Feet planting firmly on the ground, the freshman left whatever space that was left between them remain.

                           Don’t crowd, Samatha!

Brows furrow in concern as pale, hazel hues take a second to look his face over. It was turned away–of course it was. Pride, defense… It only made her wish to speak up more and it was exactly what gave her the courage to do so.
 Yeah, I – I’m kind of like a mouse, I guess. I tend to pop up unexpectedly and… not really asked for. But– ❞ Samantha pauses whilst her worried expression falters into one of warmth. There was no need to change her tone of voice; it already rang soft with concern. But as she tilted her head to try and get a better look at Nathan’s face, the belief in what words came next reached her eyes.

                 ❝  You’re going to do amazing. You know that, right? ❞