Keeping your child or student from falling behind

This is an article I wrote for school as part of my internship in the English department. I was looking up information on education and education reform and found a gem of a video that I decided to build from.

“For education majors and parents, here’s a great TEDTalks video on the state of our educational system and things that can improve it and the experience for your students or children.

Towards the end, the speaker talks about parents and teachers working to find what works with their children and class. Whether it’s flashcards; algebra blocks, like the speaker used; Bill Nye and the Magic School Bus; or even Jeopardy (I know many of us remember playing that in school), one MUST experiment to help the child succeed. Because of our system, until it’s fixed, will not help every student understand the material, this is the only way to ensure every child makes it.

Personal experience has taught me how to get through my homework and study every day. Growing up with ADHD and Aspergers made school an uphill battle, and I’m thankful that my parents were willing to take extra time out of their day to help me. I learned my ABCs with flashcards and a small broom on the kitchen floor, multiplication with MnM Minis (obviously a favorite), ran laps around the house between a clump of problems or questions, and my mom covering the whole page of homework, minus the row of math problems I would be working through to help me focus without feeling the pressure of a page of thirty math problems.*

Another thing that can help is finding a subject they love and excel at and relating it to the subject they’re struggling with. I explained the history of English to my mom the other day, using natural selection and evolution.

It is little tricks like these that can make the difference in a child’s experience in their education; a few extra minutes of your time every day can be the key to that child doing well.

Find what works for your child or student and don’t fret if it takes a week or so of experimentation to find what works for them. Do what it takes and make the effort, the reward is seeing that child excited and their face lighting up when they finally understand; the ah-ha moment is what you should strive for.

*I have a horde of tricks for school that I learned growing up and if you want ideas, don’t hesitate to ask because I love sharing the games and activities that helped at home.”

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Taylor said she played 1989 to her ex who had turned into a close friendship (Harry) but what is a close friendship in Taylors eyes? I mean, i wouldn't say a someone you're close with is someone who you don't acknowledge in public or just see cus u have mutal friends but otherwise don't text or call. I would call that acquaintances, I don't know why she keeps saying friend...They left on friendly terms and respect each other but their not friends per say, they barley acknowledge each

They were trying to keep on the low so the media wouldn’t find out and start speculating again. 

Maybe the St. Louis Cardinals are losing games on purpose. That way, even if the Giants continue to collapse, they’ll still be the second Wild Card team, which means they’ll get to play away from Bush Stadium, where they’re 38-24 (no other team has a better record than that).

We mean, Mike Matheny may not be the most thoughtful manager in the league, but is he so unthoughtful that he’d wait until there were runners on second and third to bring in Oh?

Also, why did 6 of the Cardinals’ last 9 outs last night come by strike outs? Was it because they were afraid that if they’d make contact, they’d hit a home run or two and maybe win?

Bubba Trammell Baseball doesn’t espouse conspiracy theories, but…  

Rory Culkin's life becomes a nightmare in trailer for Jack Goes Home

In Jack Goes Home, Rory Culkin is living the dream as a successful magazine editor (although being a magazine writer is really where it’s at) named Jack Thurlowe. But after Thurlowe’s father dies in a car crash, he returns home for the funeral and finds audio recordings and video tapes that lead him to question childhood memories and the very foundation of his identity. With his sanity crumbling, Culkin’s character comes to learn that the idyllic world he has believed in since infancy is in fact a nightmare full of lies, deception, violence, and murder. 

Worst. Throwback. Thursday. Ever.

Jack Goes Home is written and directed by Thomas Dekker — who played John Connor in Fox’s Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles — and costars Britt Robertson, Louis Hunter, Natasha Lyonne, Daveigh Chase, and the great Lin Shaye, who plays Thurlowe’s mother.

The SXSW-screened film arrives in select theaters, on demand, and via digital platforms Oct. 14. See the new trailer for Jack Goes Home above.

PSA girls on Tinder/otherwise: Please stop asking me to hook up with you and your boyfriend. A very small part of me is flattered but a much bigger part of me has their feelings hurt every time because I’m such a hopeless romantic that when I see a cute girl had sent me a message I automatically think, “hey this could be my soulmate” and then I’m sad all over again when I read your message bc someone assumed I would be cool with being just a sexual play thing that you and the guy you’re in love with cold toss back and forth. I don’t know what it is about my picture that make you assume that I am down, but I do know it started very clearly on my profile that u am a lesbian. It would take very little time to look at my social media to figure that out. I’m not sure why some couples think that if they’re hot enough I just might <i>forget</i> my sexual preference. It took me 20 years to accept myself. There isn’t one person in the world who could make me change my god damn mind.

Overwatch headcanon

Satya is a sex repulsed ace, but every once in a while she gets a bit of romance feelings. She actually has two girlfriends back at home and it works well, she has very high standards and like only seeing her girlfriends every so often works really well for her (as she is always traveling for work/overwatch).
However, Mei is very sweet and every so often Satya is surprised to find she wants to hold her hand. They talk about it in not so many words. And like, it’s rare but every so often they hold hands. If Mei takes her hair down, Satya likes to run her hands through it and Mei will sometimes ask Satya to put her hair up for her if she’s having a bad hair day. Occasionally Satya will take out Mei’s hair just so she can put it back up. Some days, Satya and Mei will spend an entire afternoon together with Satya playing and braiding Mei’s hair while she sits in her lap. Playing with Mei’s hair is one of her favorite stims. They kiss occasionally, but Mei is okay with Satya not wanting a lot of physical contact.
It’s nice, their relationship. It’s not a horribly official thing, but it is a thing. It works for them.
And one day Satya whispers into Mei’s hair “I love you” and Mei only smiles, nods, and leans her head back into Satya’s hands.

  • 100 questions to invade my personal life
  • 1. What's your middle name, and do you like it?
  • 2. are you artistic?
  • 3. Have you had your first kiss?
  • 4. What is your life goal?
  • 5. Do you have any expieriences with a famous person?
  • 6. Do you play any sports?
  • 7. What's your worst fear?
  • 8. Who's your biggest inspiration?
  • 9. Do you have any cool talents?
  • 10. are you a morning person?
  • 11. How do you feel about pet names?
  • 12. Do you like to read?
  • 13. Name a list of shows that have changed your life.
  • 14. Do you care about your follower count?
  • 15. What's the best dream you've had?
  • 16. Have you ever kissed someone of your same gender?
  • 17. Do you have any pets?
  • 18. Are you religious?
  • 19. Are you a people person?
  • 20. Are you considered popular?
  • 21. What is one of your bad habits?
  • 22. What's something that makes you feel vulnerable
  • 23. What would you name your children?
  • 24. Who's your celebrity crush?
  • 25. What's your best subject?
  • 26. Dogs or cats?
  • 27. most used social media besides tumblr?
  • 28. best friends name
  • 29. who does your main family consist of
  • 30. Chocolate or sugar
  • 31. have you ever been on a date?
  • 32. Do you like rollercosters?
  • 33. Can you swim?
  • 34. What would you do in the event of an apocolypse?
  • 35. Have you struggled with any kind of mental disorder
  • 36. Are your parents together?
  • 37. What's your favourite colour?
  • 38. What country are you from/do you live in?
  • 39. Favourite singer?
  • 40. Do you see yourself being famous some day?
  • 41. Do you like dresses?
  • 42. Favourite song right now?
  • 43. Does talking about sex make you uncomfortable?
  • 44. How old were you when you first got your period?
  • 45. Have you ever shot a gun?
  • 46. Have you ever done yoga?
  • 47. Are you a horror girl?
  • 48. Are you good at giving advice?
  • 49. Tell us a story about your childhood.
  • 50. How are you doing today?
  • 51. Were you a cute kid?
  • 52. Can you dance?
  • 53. Is there anything you do that you can't remember ever not doing?
  • 54. Have you ever dyed your hair?
  • 55. What colour are your eyes?
  • 56. What's your favourite animal?
  • 57. Have you ever made a huge fool of yourself?
  • 58. Do you have a good relationship with your parents?
  • 59. Do you have good friends?
  • 60. Are you close with anyone of the lgbtq+ group?
  • 61. What's your favourite class?
  • 62. List all the tv shows you are watching.
  • 63. Are you organized?
  • 64. What was the last movie you saw? Opinion?
  • 67. Which tv character do you relate to most?
  • 68. What are some things that stand between you and complete happiness?
  • 69. If you received enough money to never need to work again, what would you spend your time doing?
  • 70. What would you change about your life if you knew you would never die?
  • 71. What would you do differently if you knew that no one was judging you?
  • 72. If you could start over, what would you do differently?
  • 73. Would you break the law to save a loved one?
  • 74. When was the last time you travelled somewhere new?
  • 75. When you think of your home, what immediately comes to mind?
  • 76. What have you done to pursue your dreams lately? How about today?
  • 77. What did you want to be when you were a kid?
  • 78. If you dropped everything to pursue your dreams, what would you be risking?
  • 79.When did you not speak up, when you know you really should have?
  • 80. Describe the next five years of your life, and your plans, in a single sentence
  • 81. What would happen if you never wasted another minute of your life, what would that look like?
  • 82. If you could live forever, how would you spend eternity?
  • 83. How would you spend a billion dollars?
  • 84. If you could time travel, would you go to the past or the future?
  • 85. What motivates you to succeed?
  • 86. What dream that you’ve had has resonated with you the most?
  • 87. Would you rather live in the city or the woods? Why?
  • 88. Do you believe in life after death
  • 89. What teacher inspired you the most? How did they?
  • 90. What’s your fondest childhood memory?
  • 91. If you could have dinner with any one person, living or dead, who would they be and why?
  • 92. What would you have to see to cry tears of joy?
  • 93. What is the hardest lesson you had to learn in life?
  • 94. What do you think happens after we die?
  • 95. What would you do if you would be invisible?
  • 96. What's something you can't do no matter how hard you try?
  • 97. Would you want to choose the sex and appearance of your offspring?
  • 98. How did your first crush develop?
  • 99. Is there a feeling you are trying to ignore? What is it?
  • 100. Do you live or do you just exist?
This poem is dumb

Down by the river we all sing a song

We sing when we’re happy, or when something’s wrong

We sing when we’re working, we sing while we play

We sing all night long and we sing through the day

The song billows sweetly up through the trees

It floats on the water, it blows in the breeze

We’re told we’re unsteady, but we sing without fear

We all harmonize when we’re singing down here

The birds sing it softly, the bees sing along

The tree branches sway as they dance to the song

The song fills the atmosphere all the through the forest

The river itself joins us all for the chorus

Down by the river we all sing a song

Though there are no lyrics we all sing along

Each one of us has our unique voice to bring

But we sing the same song we’re created to sing

The tune’s in our heartbeats and we all sing as one

Deep down in the valley we sing to the sun

Down by the river we all sing a song

We are fueled by our nature, our voices are strong

Our lungs fill with air, though we’re dying to spill them

To pour out our praise to the One who first filled them


Act Two: Magnolia Steele Mystery #2 by @denisegroverswank releases on September 13th!

For as long as Magnolia Steele can remember, the past has had its hooks in her. Her time as a Broadway actress in New York City was an escape that ended in public humiliation, but now that she’s back home in Franklin, Tennessee, she’s feeling the grip of the two incidents that stole her innocence. The first was the disappearance of her father when she was a teen, who left home for a meeting and never came back. The other incident…well, her memories have returned, but it’s best left where it belongs—in the past.

Hoping for closure, Magnolia decides to look into her daddy’s cold case. Though the town gossips are convinced he ran away with his client’s wife and money, she has always suspected foul play. Talking to a few of his old acquaintances seems harmless enough—until the man she’s arranged to meet turns up dead. There’s evidence someone murdered him to keep him quiet, and she realizes that whatever conspiracy her father was mixed up in is far from over; it’s entering its second act.

If Magnolia keeps digging, she’s not sure she can trust her own momma to help her, let alone her new friends and the police detective who’s eager to woo her, but after years of running, she’s ready to stand her ground.

#books #reading #readmorebooks #MagnoliaSteele

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tummies and nappies

read it on the AO3 at

by louisofvere

everybody has obsessions.
louis is obsessed with wearing nappies and harry really loves his baby’s tummy.

Words: 1724, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at

LACMA your art we 💕💛….Here wonderful bright Giant Pool Balls installation by Swedish artist Claes Goldenburg in Los Angeles County’s Museum of Art. Wish it was interactive art though like the sensory installation ‘Penetrable’. Kids like me would loving rolling these balls around the gallery to Zulu punk or hell why not calming Mozart. One can only play with the balls if dressed in in one block colour reflecting a colour from the balls! Lol you know why? To be even more fully in the present art-soaked moment. But I don’t like exclusion of any kind but as a creative extension of this concept I think it would be pretty cool and most importantly way more fun. May get a tad dangerous though! Be heightened if we had to wear roller skates. Flash mob zulu punk style!

#lacma #museum#LosAngeles
#LA #art #streetart #ClaesGoldenburg #installation #artsoaked #artlove #artgallery #suzytravels #giantpoolballs #giantsnookerballinstallation #art #travellife #travellife #zulupunk

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