Ok you know what y'all think whatever you want like I said but don’t be out here lying about actual situations that are literally readable for anyone to see you’re lying it’s fucking weird. And double plus I hope someone goes back in your archives a year ago and starts coming at you crazy over shit you said a year ago and apologized for. Literally this shit could ONLY happen on tumblr. This isn’t being an abuser or a rapist or something, it’s liking a dumb ass play and then agreeing it’s dumb and apologizing for liking it A YEAR AGO like come on

Either Debby and Josh have cats that are twins or they're playing head games with is! Just to make myself feel better I'm going with the identical cat theroy..... Differently twin cats!
Toy car

“ you played me like a toy car because I was always in your play chest, I was always there and the new toys always seemed more fascinating than your old car. Your old car was the strongest though, it got rusty and almost gave out and broke at times but it never did and was always still there to play with. Your new toys were always cheaper and worn out fast and broke and went away to the trash. But you still kept them in the same chest with your old antique car. Every now and then you realized how much you loved your old car that has always been there you would play with it until something new was more exciting, when your parents told you that you had your old car to play with it just wasn’t enough, you wanted something new, something better, and more. Then one day you decided you only wanted to play with your old car and as soon as you took it out from the bottom of the chest all the wheels fell off and the car crumbled to pieces in your hand. It had been damaged from being thrown around in the chest so many years, played with every now and then. You realized at that moment that you wished you would’ve placed your old toy car somewhere different from all the other cheap toys. You should have put it up on your dresser for all your friends to see when they came over. You should have appreciated it more when you had it. It was something you wish you could show people when you were older but it’s gone now. It was that moment when you couldn’t have it that you realized how much you wanted it back. ” -SLH

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salty asks for the mun of a salt lord

26. Most shippable character?

well this is very hard considering i almost headcanon everyone as aromantic/demiromantic or that most of the things i ship are platonic |D i can’t even say raskreia because i only seriously ship her with like, two people. for the first time i am limited in my shipping options… those who know me will find this surprising because i am very well known in other fandoms for choosing one character and shipping them with everyone

tl;dr: i don’t have an answer for this and anon, you have bested me

27. Least shippable character

|DDDDDD uhm. i’m gonna have to say raizel, but only in terms of romantic shipping!! he’s seriously like, the one i definitely see as aromantic. i know, it sucks; given his duty, being alone is certainly the last thing he needs. but that’s where i feel as if his platonic relationships come into play. because he doesn’t need to be alone, he has so many people willing to help him at the risk of their own lives. those centuries of solitude are no more, for there is now no one who would be willing to let him be alone.

TV show idea:

A horrifyingly sad tragedy that has laugh tracks play at the worst moments.


“Your mother is in a coma” *laughing*

“You are fired” *laughing*

Just a sadistic show that shows how cruel the world is

Paying my Respects to Norma Jeane Mortenson, also known to the world as the beautiful breathtaking “Marilyn Monroe.” She was born June 1, 1926 – and passed August 5, 1962, an American actress and model. Famous for playing comic, iconic and dramatic blond characters in films. She became one of the most popular sex symbols of the 1950s, emblematic of the era’s attitudes towards sexuality. Although she was a top-billed actress for only a decade, her films grossed $200 million by the time of her unexpected death in 1962. She continues to be considered a major popular culture icon. Caption - Wikipedia/ Photo - John Megliorino @marilynmonroe #marilynmonroe #actress #beautiful #westwoodmemorialpark #westwood #icon #model #cine #restinpeace #rip #eternity #memorial #americanactress #hollywoodicon #sexsymbol #stunning #famous #mausoleum (at Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery)

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Nazrin eager to do battle against more senior counterpart

After 12 matches played in the Super League, PKNS FC are struggling down in ninth spot - just one point ahead of the drop zone. However inspite of their inconsistencies, there has been a few shining sparks in their season thus far and one of them is Nazrin Syamsul Bahri.

At 26 years of age, Nazrin isn’t a new star waiting to burst into the scene. Some players just take longer to find their feet and Nazrin’s performances this season, vindicates E. Elavarasan’s belief in the left-footed midfielder.

Elavarasan’s decision to move Nazrin from a wider berth into central midfielder proved to be a masterstroke. The diminutive player showed that he can strive in a deeper playmaking role, utilising his good range of passing.

On Wednesday, PKNS will go up against Johor Darul Ta'zim (JDT) for Nazrin - it’s a chance to pit his strengths against more established midfielders like Safiq Rahim and Amirulhadi Zainal. Speaking to Goal, Nazrin also acknowledge that it’s a up-close learning opportunity despite raring to play against them.

“Of course, every time we play against JDT, we are excited. It’s an important match for us. We know that Safiq and Amirul are very good players in the M-League. I know there’s still plenty for me to learn from them,” said Nazrin.

With the Malaysia national team scheduled to play Lebanon in Johor Bahru for their first match in the 2019 Asian Cup qualifier, Nazrin harbours hope to be noticed by new head coach, Nelo Vingada. Yet he knows that to catch the attention of Vingada, Nazrin will have to continue to improve so that he can achieve his own personal target.

“For me, it [performances to get a call-up] hasn’t been enough. I will continue to work harder to ensure that the new coach sees my qualities. My target is to play for the national team,” added Nazrin.

No better chance for Nazrin to show it than against an illustrious side like JDT where there are undoubtedly observant eyes on the match, compared to others.

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“Can I give you some advice when it comes to playing?” Paula took a drag off her cigarette, gently taking the guitar from Noodle and holding it. “Don’t hold your hand so tightly around the neck of the guitar; relax, kid.” Handing the guitar back, she sat down and looked at her. 

“Try it again. You were doing great.”

Dating Michael Clifford Would Include

*Him teaching you how to play his favorite video games when you first start dating

*And now that you’ve been together for so long, you’ve gotten better than him at some of them (and he’s not happy) 

“You’ve got to be cheating or something, there’s no way you’re this good” 

*Him trying to get you to go to every concert you possibly can 

*Even if you have to remind him it’s on the opposite end of the world and he’ll have to do this one without you there

“But babe, you know I only feel like a Rockstar when you’re in the crowd”

*Cuddling 24/7 whenever he is back from tour

           “Come on Michael we need to get up and do something”

           “But you promised we could lay in bed all day”

           “Yeah, but that was yesterday. Today we actually should do something”

*You each waking up in the morning to a million messages/snaps from one another

*Him completely engulfing you in a hug whenever you break down crying in front of him for any reason

*You talking about wanting Ashton to teach you how to play the drums, but Michael insists your hands are more made for strumming a guitar

*Him always trying to do something stupid or silly to ease the tension whenever you are stressed or mad

           “Michael, I know you did not just boop my nose”


*Him giving you a smug little smirk whenever he’s turned on

*Seeing the smirk a lot…. ;)

*Making out on the tour bus

*Making out in the dressing room

*Making out wherever and whenever you have time

*Him always getting nervous when you say you are going out with one of the boys. Not because he doesn’t trust you or them, but because they do stupid stuff a lot and he doesn’t want you to get injured because of them

*Him never letting you forget how much he loves you