Oikawa's knee

Seriously we honestly don’t know anything about these characters. Like, I’ve always thought, huh yeah oikawa over worked his knee, but TO BE HONEST WE ACTUALLY DONT KNOW AT ALL?? like he could have slipped while singing in the shower and hurt himself majorly?? He could have just, like, I dunno, tripped while playing volleyball?? We honestly don’t know. And as much as I love the head cannon that he overworked his knee, I feel like he wouldn’t have after Iwaizumi screamed at him tbfh. So yeah, who knows?? It’s not confirmed. Idk someone could write a fic where he hurts his knee somehow else,

Computer Top 25

1 Michigan - I admit it.  I was wrong about Michigan.  Can we move on please?

2 Alabama - An awesome win?  Yep.  So whats the problem?  Well Penn State winning made Michigan look better.  Arkansas and Ole Miss getting trounced made Bama look worse. The USC and Tennessee games are still the best performances by any team this year but Michigan never struggled with Ole Miss

3 Louisville - They also have two of the best wins of the year (FSU being the 4th best win and NC State making the top 10).  They went out with a case to prove and that case was “We are still better than Clemson”

4 Ohio State -  They should have won.  They outplayed Penn State for 4 quarters but one massive play flipped the game from a boring Ohio State win to the kind of loss that is painful to see.

5 Clemson - I told you Auburn was good.  I didn’t know Troy was good.  But I told you Auburn was good.  We will get to Auburn soon

6 Washington - Chris Petersen has is being held down by one game: Arizona.  They haven’t been the most consistent team which is actually good news because it means they could be a bit better than this.  But they are right now looking pretty significantly inferior to Michigan/Bama

7 LSU -  I TOLD YOU LSU WOULD BE GOOD!.  It just turns out Wisconsin is better than I thought and Auburn is as good as I thought.  Everyone else told you but give me credit for never deviating from saying LSU was good and shouldn’t have fired Miles.

8 (TIE) Boise State - They’re good too.  And incredibly consistent.  Which means they acutally are good and actually aren’t any better than this.  But Boise should be happy with “Probably top 10 definitely not #1″

8 (TIE) Wisconsin - I hope they win their division.  I hate to see scheduling doom a team.

10 Colorado -  I’ve never been so happy to be so wrong.  The Buffs are #Good

11 Auburn -  I wish I had been wrong but Gus Malzahn is a damn good coach and anyone who wanted him fired needs their head examined.  They were way better than you thought last year and they are great this year.

12 West Virginia - West Virginia is legit, spread the word.

13 Washington State - I feel WAY more comfortable with them at 13 than where they previously were.  Could win the PAC 12

14 Texas A&M - They actually put up a fight in Tuscaloosa, not everyone does that.  Give them credit.

15 Western Michigan - This could all fall apart like Houston but… it won’t.  ROW THE FRIKKIN BOAT

16 USC - Early USC was BAD.   Recent USC is nearly playoff caliber.

17 Baylor - Wow its sad that the top Big 12 team being #12 made me call them legit.  Yeah neither Baylor not WVU deserves a playoff bid.

18 Florida State - They’re only kind of good honestly.

19 Florida - They were right to be scared of LSU

20 Oklahoma - Oklahoma Suks is a beer in Texas.whose can is burnt orange.  Thought you should know.

21 Nebraska - They aren’t nearly as good as Wisconsin…

22 Ole Miss - So freaking inconsistent.

23 Utah - Hey the Utes are ranked!!! That makes me happy

24 UCLA - Yes they’re 3-5 bite me.  I stand by this.

129 Penn State -  I mentioned before.  Penn State is my honorary #129 because… they are disgusting and my sister nearly died in the riot last night as people trampled her.  That fan base is just a massive probably way more than half of them in a basket of deplorables.  Its disgusting.  But only 24 football teams are better than them this year.

But serious Penn State your football program should be shut down.  There is something seriously seriously wrong with you

Four houses  alike in dignity
Emerge like the plague
Like the apocalypse after the fall of the USSR
In the shadows

    and Death»
waited for the opportunity to take over, making the Country of Romania their homeland. They became the top people, that no one ever did see. As the world was focused on the destruction around the falling of  an empire a new one took it’s place. Unseen and cryptic the four houses have been there ever since.

An uneasy trust is made for a hundred years between these four houses, although they never trusted each other.

As it seemed with good reason, as the four horsemen, the leaders have disappeared leaving only the second commanders in charge of the house.

Tense and untrusting the four houses are now on the edge of a war that could have ramifications not only for their home, but for the entire globe.


anonymous asked:

The houses at summer camp?

On arrival/at night:
Hufflepuff would be the ones who would want to set up the tent and start the fire, initiating the marshmallow roasting, Gryffindor would initiate the singing of campfire songs.
Slytherin would start telling spooky stories and Ravenclaw would enter a competition of the most elaborate stories (and pick out the plot holes in the Slytherin stories)

The day time:
Gryffindor would end up doing something stupid like playing stunts off a motorbike, and Slytherin would snigger when they messed up (while Ravenclaw would chastise them and Hufflepuff would check they were okay and then tell them off for being stupid)
See: Gryffindor and Hufflepuff conspiring and throwing Slytherin into the river, while Ravenclaw takes a video of the whole thing going down.

-Emily (Hufflepuff who’s never been to a summer camp and has no idea what they involve so have a wild guess :D)

'The Office': Before They Were Stars

‘The Office’: Before They Were Stars

Steve Carell

Steve Carell made his on-screen debut in 1991. The actor, who went on to join The Office as Dunder Mifflin boss Michael Scott, earned his first credit for Curly Sue, playing a waiter named Tesio (pictured above).  

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Rainn Wilson

Years before he became everyone’s favorite salesman, Dwight Schrute, on The Office, Rainn Wilson was picking up one of his first acting credits on the big screen. The actor joined Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, and Alan Rickman in Galaxy Quest, playing Lahnk (pictured above).  

Source: Entertainment Weekly

John Krasinski

John Krasinski, who played The Office’s resident dreamboat, Jim Halpert, landed his first acting gigs in the early 2000s, making early appearances in episodes of Ed, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (pictured above).  

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Jenna Fischer

Jenna Fischer joined The Office as the charming receptionist Pam Beesly, a gig she took on years after she filled her résumé with her first roles. Fischer’s early parts included turns in The Specials and Melvin Goes to Dinner, and episodes of What I Like About You and Undeclared (pictured above).  

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Ed Helms

Ed Helms rose to fame as a correspondent on The Daily Show, first appearing on the comedy program in 2002. A few years later, he joined The Office in its third season, playing regional director Andy Bernard.  

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Leslie David Baker

Leslie David Baker made his on-screen debut in the late '90s and earned early credits in episodes of Maggie, Judging Amy, and That '70s Show (pictured above). A few years later, Baker joined the cast of The Office as sales rep Stanley Hudson.  

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Brian Baumgartner

Brian Baumgartner got his big break as The Office’s Kevin Malone, a gig he picked up after making early 2000s appearances in episodes of LAX, Arrested Development (pictured above), and Everwood.  

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Angela Kinsey

Pictured above in 2002, Angela Kinsey built up her acting career in the late '90s and early '00s. The actress, who played The Office’s Angela Martin, popped up in episodes of Step by Step, Run of the House, and All of Us, and lent her voice to a few episodes of King of the Hill.  

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Phyllis Smith

Phyllis Smith earned her first acting credits in the mid-2000s, including her turn as sales rep Phyllis Lapin on The Office. She also landed gigs in an episode of Arrested Development (pictured above) and The 40-Year-Old Virgin.  

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Kate Flannery

Kate Flannery found her spot in The Office as Dunder Mifflin employee Meredith Palmer. Pictured above as a part of a comedy festival in 2003, Flannery made her first on-screen appearances in Trick, Spyder Games, and Curb Your Enthusiasm.  

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Creed Bratton

Fans first met Creed Bratton in the 1960s, when the future star was a part of the rock band, The Grass Roots. Bratton then pivoted to acting in the '70s, eventually joining The Office as director Creed Bratton.  

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Oscar Nuñez

Oscar Nuñez, who played The Office’s Oscar Martinez, landed his first on-screen acting credit in 2000. He appeared as an unnamed “male parking attendant” in the first season of Curb Your Enthusiasm (pictured above).  

Source: Entertainment Weekly

B.J. Novak

Pictured above in 2003, B.J. Novak’s first on-screen acting credit came thanks to The Office. The actor, who starred in the comedy as Ryan Howard, picked up early work as a comedian and on Punk’d. He also earned writing and producing credits for The Office.  

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Mindy Kaling

Before Mindy Kaling was The Mindy Project’s Mindy Lahiri, she was The Office’s Kelly Kapoor. Pictured above in a 2003 production of her play Matt & Ben, Kaling’s early work included turns in The 40-Year-Old Virgin and an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm.  

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Craig Robinson

After popping up in shorts and TV movies, Craig Robinson landed a gig as Buddy LeGendre in Lucky in 2003 (pictured above). A few years later, he joined The Office as Dunder Mifflin employee Darryl Philbin.  

Source: Entertainment Weekly


Reactive Plays: House Darklyn (CK2) - Part: 2



also some things i learned today:
• water lilies and lotuses practically look the same
• american football and british football are NOT THE SAME
• apparently doing the peace sign like the one we did in the picture is the british equivalent for flipping someone off??? wtf
• you can play hangman on a napkin in the middle of a loud and crowded bar and still have a good time 11/10 would recommend

It's below 0 F out there

and we just got back from a 50 minute walk. My toes are numb and my cheeks are burning.

Olaf on the other hand, initially refused to come back inside because SNOW and I WANT and PLAY. After coming inside, he immediately looked at the door like PLEASE OUTSIDE PLAY?

Yeah, you a husky.

Going to try and lure him back to bed so I can cuddle for warmth for 30 min before I have to get ready to go feed the horses: wish me luck.

Hey does anybody know any mods that make dragons dogma… Less miserable to play? Like, every encounter I’ve come across so far has been either literally impossible or a complete joke, with almost no exceptions.

A Little Priest//Closed.

Christine didn’t know how long she had been staring outside, through the waving glass to the muddy London street, watching small families bundled in jackets and scarves rushing home together, hand-in-hand. The sky weighed down upon them with a frosty vengeance; a mixture of snow and sleet carried by a gnawing wind, whipping against anyone in the street and bashing against the window, causing small puffs of wind to brush against her milky skin, brushing her curled hair slightly behind her shoulders.

The pink tuffet which she sat upon, she felt a small tug, and turned to see her son, now waddling around the room–dressed in ruffles and blue, his small shoes clicking against the cold hardwood. Christine, herself, wore a black dress-as she had worn every day since her imprisonment in such a lavish house, every day since her husband had been yanked from her. “We can play later, Gustave” said she, lifting her child from the bottom of her tuffet and pressing him close, kissing his crop of black hair. “Right now we have to keep watch for Daddy.” She whispered into his little ear, lest her guard–the man of the house–hear that she held hope for her husband.

Gustave, still being a small child, reached out his tubby hand and pressed it against the cold glass, a small ring of heat touching his silky skin; he giggled at the cold and turned to his mother, Christine, who gave a large, toothy smile back to him. “He’ll be home soon, Gustave, I’m sure of it. You’ll love him, you’ll love Erik as I do.” She whispered wistfully, turning her attention back to the deserted London street.