Forge Advice

This is gonna be part rant part advice column. I apologise for saltiness in advance.

  • BE POLITE! Nothing dooms a match like insults and general rudeness.
  • ORGANISE ROLES PRE-MATCH. If you choose a role someone else thought they’d have you can ruin their entire play style. For example: I can play Wilson as healer but I cannot darts dps to save my life.
  • RESPECT AGREED ROLES. I once declared Healson pre-match, but the moment we got into match a Winona healer was declared and I wasn’t quick enough. The Winona was there when I called Healson.

So ever since Tanaka first shocked everyone with his “super inner cross”, Suna’s the one who had to put up with them and failed both times.

And then there’s Oomimi:


anonymous asked:

as much as i hate this nerf, and don’t get me wrong, i fucking h a t e it, but now that mercy is garbage my teammates actually acknowledge what im doing?? i have a couple of groups of people i usually play with and in the last few days they’re all saying how great i’m doing, but like, i’m getting around 20k healing each match,, which is no different than what i was getting before?? so did they just not realise what i was doing before?? or do i now finally deserve respect because my main is shit?

I’d like to think what happened was they appreciated you before, and they’re acknowledging how well you adapted your play style so you can still functionally play a character that’s wildly different than what you had gotten used to. they’re commending your adaptability and your sticktoitiveness.

Ahsoka in F3! (thanks @avada-matata )

I’ve gone too long without making new gay Ahsoka content…ive truly failed in my blog’s purpose…

(Im gonna read the Ahsoka novel soon!)