Me Playing Dragon Age II:

My Hawke will be a lesbian for Merrill. Yup. Totally. Merrill’s so cute and precious.

Oh! There’s Anders. Look at how sad he is. My sweet, sad, beautiful healer.

Resist. Flirting. With. Anders.

Maybe just a ~little~ flirting with Anders. To, you know, cheer him up after he had to kill his boyfriend. My Hawke can be bi, but still romance Merrill.

Okay, so I kind of just told him I want to ride his dick. But, I’m still going to romance Merrill. Promise.

You know, with my play style, I really should bring Anders with me. To watch my health. Because I’m reckless. Not because he’s a babe and I like listening to him talk.

I really should be pro-mage since Anders Merrill is a mage.

Look at how happy Anders is that I’m helping his people. He’s so cute when he smiles.

He’s so cute always.

Tell me again how you’ll drown the world in blood for me, Anders. But, I’m still committed to Merrill. Maybe.

Mama will get you a cat, bae. Mama will get you all the cats.

I just banged Anders, but it’s not too late! I can tell him it was just sex.

He’s moving in.

They’re kissing.

Leandra’s thrilled her daughter has a boyfriend.

Shit. I romanced Anders. Again.

Well, better see this thing through and become fugatives together.

I put Cassandra in a dress
(now I run for my life)


Nothing says “back to school” like a spiffy new backpack. And no backpack says “I’m ready to learn all the things” like a backpack that looks like a gigantic steak. 

Japanese online vendor Village Vanguard offers backpacks shaped like grilled steaks and raw steaks.

Both jumbo steaks are also available as cushions as well:

[via RocketNews24]

The worst part

of losing in Rio has been all of the articles post-loss. All of these so called “soccer reporters/analysts” keep acting like this is the one game Jill made a mistake! And I’m over here like WE’VE BEEN SCREAMING THIS FROM THE ROOFTOPS SINCE ABBY RETIRED. SHE’S /BEEN/ HORRIBLE FOR YEARS. Some of these soccer geniuses could learn a thing or two from tumblr.

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