One thing I love about s12 so far is that we are seeing more of Sam and Dean’s little brother-big brother dynamic.

Mary’s return (even if she is not physically there most of the time) has changed the equation between Sam and Dean. Her presence seems to allow them to regress to younger versions of themselves - Dean’s bliss in eating, his laughter at playing games, his teenage-style angst, Sam’s tattle tale behavior to Jody, his need for physical affection and to touch Mary all the time, and then sitting with his headphones on in the car while not listening to Dean (tell me teenaged Sam didn’t sit in the backseat pointedly ignoring Dean and John while listening to his music).

Mary’s presence even in the abstract relieves that crushing binary-star existence they’ve had through the years, gives them unspoken permission to lightened and react like kids in many ways. It’s an interesting theme that some writers have handled well and others might have been a little heavy handed with.

It also reminds me of s1 with smiles and pranks, which makes sense because John was still alive (and oh so similar in that he wasn’t present as well but an abstract parent figure existing in the background).

Do you guys remember Liverpool under Klopp when he took over last season? The football was so slow and boring to watch. He had to go through the process of rebuilding a team from the scraps Rodgers left him. They are unrecognisable this season, even though the players are mostly the same. 

You can’t expect to get those results right away. Especially for clubs like United and Liverpool who had managers with terrible “philosophies.” If we can sit through LVG and have faith in him for so long, we need to give that to Mou. Even if you hate him, you can’t deny he’s made huge improvements to the playing style of our team. 

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