I work at a small specialty wine/liquor store so most of our customers are entitled rich assholes who think common decency doesn’t apply to them. We have this one lady who always comes in with her gaggle of brats who proceed to either play hide and seek or just scream endlessly in multiple tantrums. They broke a $400 bottle of wine once and the mom never makes eye contact with me or says thank you. I fucking hate that family.

(Closed Starter) [trying out some kid Max for this] New Girl on the Block

Max stole one of her fathers flower crowns from his room and put it on. She smiled and giggled, running to the kitchen to see if her father, Angel, had seen her. He hadn’t. She turned around and snuck not so quietly to the living room and hid behind the couch. She loved playing hide and seek with people even if they didn’t know they were playing the game. Max curled in a ball behind the couch and giggled quietly.

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what’s better than this…. just teams being memes

  • *pidge says anything* “shut up you’re like 12″
  • they argue over all noises, not just laser noises
    • “and we’ll turn on the particle barrier and it’ll be like pshwoosh” “actually i think you mean vwooom” “what? that sounds like a lightsaber, it’s totally wooshaaaaa” “oh my god can you guys shut up” “you shut up keith”
    • shiro: “alright guys let’s get back on topic– though it’s definitely whishboom”
  • there are frequent petitions to play hide and seek as a bonding exercise
  • “keith do you have a plan” keith, who very obviously does not have a plan: “uh……. yeah”
  • whenever the team manages to finish a training session together allura swoops in like “wow congratulations paladins!!! you guys are now almost as strong as an altean nine year old”
  • *lance says something stupid* pidge, looking him up and down with disinterest: “………………….anyway”
  • they walk up to people who are Obviously Not Allura and wax poetic about how incredible altean shapeshifting is
  • lance: “i have never done anything wrong ever???”
    • hunk: “I know this and I love you”
  • a lot of latinx people kiss each other on their cheeks casually and one day lance slips up and does it to one of his teammates and do they let it go?? no, never

Imagine breaking open a fortune cookie to find, not a slip of paper bearing a short prediction or proverb, but a tiny handmade kitty figurine. Now join us in jumping up and down with glee because these delightful things are very real! They’re called ‘Dagashi Nyanko Kakurenbo’ or ‘Hide-and-Seek Kittie Candies’ and they’re made by Japanese mail-order retailer Felissimo.

These adorable itty-bitty hidden kitties come in snack sets that contain a pack of cylindrical karinto sweets and two individually wrapped triangular senbei rice crackers that each contain a delightfully round handcrafted cat figurine.

One set even features an impossibly cute sleeping kitty:

Hide-and-Seek Kittie Candies are currently available on the Felissimo website for 2,372 yen ($20) per pack, with a different style of kitty offered each month.

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i love your blog so much ^^ can i have a fluffy seven imagine? anything you can think of really~

I have several requests for Seven fluff, so for this one I’ll be doing headcanons and for some of the others I’ll be doing full-fledged imagines~

• So Excited to be married.
• Every time he sees you with his ring, he acts shocked. “such a pretty little lady who’s your husband? oh that’s right! me!!!”
• He’s a cuddler. He never wants to let go of you and he wants to make sure you never leave. Even if you happen to fall asleep in bed while he’s working, you’ll wake up to him crawling in bed with you not an hour later.
• He loves wrapping you in his clothes. Even if you’re just sitting on the couch, he’ll come up behind you to drape his jacket over your shoulders.
• You guys play hide-and-seek everywhere. No store is safe. Sometimes you can rope the rest of the RFA into it, if you’re lucky. Jumin doesn’t understand, but he understands that Zen is going to lose.
• Saeran doesn’t play, but he follows his brother around to make sure he doesn’t get kicked out of the store. Seven is always distraught. His hiding spots are so well-put and thought out, but he always gets found first because Saeran will be nearby.
• (to announce your pregnancy, you hid in a display of cribs. it took them half an hour to find you and your announcement, but when they did, seven was ecstatic, while also being worried. you shouldn’t be playing hide-and-seek so well while you’re pregnant!! saeran can’t believe it. he’s going to be an uncle. he’s so excited, his face is so red, but that also might be because his brother is an embarrassment, crawled into a crib and cradling you in his arms.)

What the signs remind me of
  • Aries:telling stories with an excitement filled voice, putting your hair up in a ponytail, getting mad after losing a game
  • Taurus:tapping your foot while listening to a song, putting a blanket over a sleeping person
  • Gemini:being the best hider while playing hide and seek, smiling at strangers
  • Cancer:sleeping with a stuffed toy, making friendship bracelettes, ice skating
  • Leo:old coffee shops, dancing around in your room, kissing the mirror
  • Virgo:sending your text to the wrong person, staring out of an open car window, to do lists
  • Libra:making shadow figures on the walls, turning a page in a book
  • Scorpio:glaring at annoying people, switching off the light, old photo albums
  • Sagittarius:pillow fights, not paying attention, biting your lip
  • Capricorn:rolling your eyes, stroking someones hair, scented candles
  • Aquarius:laughing untill you cry, doing a handstand and falling over, skipping stones
  • Pisces:spacing out, having weird dreams, making silly faces