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Detailed questions for your OC's: Aymeri 3,21,25, 28 & 49 please and thank you!

Thanks for asking! Aymeri is a favorite of mine, and his character is constantly evolving.

3. Did they have a good childhood? What are fond memories they have of it? What’s a bad memory?

At around age 5 or 6 or so, all male dragons are given to the mother of their clutch to be raised together. In Aymeri’s case, he went from his birth mother, Maurrean, who was a kind, nurturing Earth dragon to the hot tempered Anaia, the Daughter of Fire, which was a bit if a culture shock for him. Being very adaptable by nature, he adjusted to his new circumstances, but never lost his curiosity, and often challenged the boundaries his clan’s leader set for him.

His fondest memories of childhood are of playing his favorite game, hunter and prey (like hide and seek) with Terhanis and Seryn. He especially loved being the prey, and finding the best places in the eyrie to hide.

His worst memory is from the time when he was eight years old, a few years before his first transformation into his dragon form, when decided to try to swim across the ocean to the mainland where the adults would hunt. It was much further than he anticipated, and by the evening he was completely lost and alone in the middle of the ocean. Eventually Merrin, another Water dragon in his eyrie (Lyannis’ clutchmate) was able to find and rescue him, but he spent a few hours absolutely terrified he would be alone forever.

21. Do they have a temper? Are they patient? What are they like when they do lose their temper?

Aymeri is very patient and it’s very hard to rile him up. In his long life so far, he’s never really lost his temper or been more than mildly peeved at anything or anybody. But that patience is going to be tested rather soon in the story.

25. What do they find funny? Do they have a good sense of humour? Are they funny themselves?

Aymeri is not really one for making jokes, but he is amused by Seryn’s sarcastic remarks, and the way Terhanis can mockingly imitate her mother. (Behind her back, of course, because no one mocks Anaia to her face)

28. What is their biggest fear? What in general scares them? How do they act when they’re scared?

For all dragons, their biggest fear has always been their superstitious dread of the fae. As magical creatures, they are aware of and sensitive to the fae presence on the mainland, and they are terrified by it. Aymeri has grown up fearing it as much as any of them, but that fear has also made him curious about it. His reaction to that fear has been to understand and learn about it, rather than just avoiding any mention of it.

49. What is their most valued object? Are they sentimental? Is there something they have to take everywhere with them?

Dragons are not big on possessions (lol, no hoarding in my dragon lore) so Aymeri doesn’t have any object he particularly treasure. But he is sentimental, especially in regards to his clutch and their bond.

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I saw the ask about Haise having a toddler daughter and I thought it was so cute! the qs are babysitting and she wants to play hide and seek. what do the qs do?

Hide and seek used to be my favorite game to play as a child, i was so small i could fit in any spot and for the most part i won every game because i was the only player to fit themself in a cupboard.

(Im following up this post with more child + quinx parent posts for today because iTS TOO CUTE TO RESIST.)

The child would have a damn ball with the game though, The chateau is huge and she had already planned out different places she could hide (she favors a space behind the couch). The quinx actually know where she is hiding but they intentionally leave her for last.

Urie is the one who paces around the living room muttering with a grin on his face that hes “sure shes in the room somewhere” while checking all the possible spaces she could be without checking the one he knows shes hiding in. He eventually moves onto another room but not before checking behind him to spot the child peeking out at him.

Mutsuki likes to Hide more than he likes to seek, but is intentionally difficult when the child isnt the seeker (hes ESPECIALLY DIFFICULT when Urie is the seeker). There have been times when he helps the child hide in difficult places like up on the ceiling.

Shirazu is the kind of guy who plays with tension in such a playful way that the child gives away her position from laughter. His main method of ‘attack’ is tickling her when he drags her out from her hiding spot which means now whenever hes close she giggles just from the muscle memory.

Saiko, bless her, is the one who is obvious about her hiding spot so the child knows shes on a good start of the game. Saiko hides behind curtains with her feet poking out, or behind the couch with her blue hair sticking out from behind it.

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What are some of your Gladion and Lillie younger sibling (like from when they were babies up to Lillie leaving Aether) headcanons? Like playing together, etc? Coolest siblings award 😌

  • Gladion was always watching out for Lillie
  • If she got hurt or scared, there was big bro coming to her aide
  • They loved playing together
  • Hide and seek was their favourite game
  • A lot of times they’d also play pretend
  • Lillie loved pretending to be a famous researcher and Gladion, of course, was a strong trainer.
  • Even as they got a little too old for games like that, they liked to sit and talk about one day actually becoming trainers
  • They both loved being able to see all kinds of pokemon as they came through Aether Paradise.
  • Sometimes they would sit with a couple of the pokemon and play with them
  • Lillie looked up to him a lot.
  • Neither one of them ever could have imagined what kind of things would happen to them in the future
  • Gladion felt so guilty leaving Lillie behind with their mother
  • Lillie was so scared on her own after he was gone
  • She told herself she’d go out and find him again when she could, just to make sure he was alright
  • She never truly blamed him for leaving her there alone with their mother, but always felt so lonely

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opinion on lumas, and would they make good friends with yoshes :o

lumas are so adorable… just like yoshis are!!! i think they would be bffs!!! <3 like………. lumas would turn into those rabbits and then play hide n seek with yoshhhhh and they’d share their fav food with each other!!! yosh could try starbits and luma could try yosh fav fruits!!!! <3333 


Batkids on their playdates team missions!

A few fun facts:

  • Roy often skips Boy Scout meetings to hang out with Kori and Jason (Don’t tell Ollie)
  • Kyle Rayner is usually hanging with the Troublemakers but had a cold on this particular day and Hal wouldn’t let him leave the house.
  • Cass is wearing Bruce’s old costume (here) that she found in the attic while playing hide and seek with her brothers. Alfred has since made a few alterations to it, of course.
  • That stuffed cat looking thing behind Damian was made by Dick. Alfred has been teaching him how to sew and he practices by making tons of plush for his siblings! (They’re finally starting to look like actual animals)
  • Don’t worry, Alfred fixed Mr. Moo.

what’s better than this…. just teams being memes

  • *pidge says anything* “shut up you’re like 12″
  • they argue over all noises, not just laser noises
    • “and we’ll turn on the particle barrier and it’ll be like pshwoosh” “actually i think you mean vwooom” “what? that sounds like a lightsaber, it’s totally wooshaaaaa” “oh my god can you guys shut up” “you shut up keith”
    • shiro: “alright guys let’s get back on topic– though it’s definitely whishboom”
  • there are frequent petitions to play hide and seek as a bonding exercise
  • “keith do you have a plan” keith, who very obviously does not have a plan: “uh……. yeah”
  • whenever the team manages to finish a training session together allura swoops in like “wow congratulations paladins!!! you guys are now almost as strong as an altean nine year old”
  • *lance says something stupid* pidge, looking him up and down with disinterest: “………………….anyway”
  • they walk up to people who are Obviously Not Allura and wax poetic about how incredible altean shapeshifting is
  • lance: “i have never done anything wrong ever???”
    • hunk: “I know this and I love you”
  • a lot of latinx people kiss each other on their cheeks casually and one day lance slips up and does it to one of his teammates and do they let it go?? no, never

Imagine breaking open a fortune cookie to find, not a slip of paper bearing a short prediction or proverb, but a tiny handmade kitty figurine. Now join us in jumping up and down with glee because these delightful things are very real! They’re called ‘Dagashi Nyanko Kakurenbo’ or ‘Hide-and-Seek Kittie Candies’ and they’re made by Japanese mail-order retailer Felissimo.

These adorable itty-bitty hidden kitties come in snack sets that contain a pack of cylindrical karinto sweets and two individually wrapped triangular senbei rice crackers that each contain a delightfully round handcrafted cat figurine.

One set even features an impossibly cute sleeping kitty:

Hide-and-Seek Kittie Candies are currently available on the Felissimo website for 2,372 yen ($20) per pack, with a different style of kitty offered each month.

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What the signs remind me of
  • Aries: telling stories with an excitement filled voice, putting your hair up in a ponytail, getting mad after losing a game
  • Taurus: tapping your foot while listening to a song, putting a blanket over a sleeping person
  • Gemini: being the best hider while playing hide and seek, smiling at strangers
  • Cancer: sleeping with a stuffed toy, making friendship bracelettes, ice skating
  • Leo: old coffee shops, dancing around in your room, kissing the mirror
  • Virgo: sending your text to the wrong person, staring out of an open car window, to do lists
  • Libra: making shadow figures on the walls, turning a page in a book
  • Scorpio: glaring at annoying people, switching off the light, old photo albums
  • Sagittarius: pillow fights, not paying attention, biting your lip
  • Capricorn: rolling your eyes, stroking someones hair, scented candles
  • Aquarius: laughing untill you cry, doing a handstand and falling over, skipping stones
  • Pisces: spacing out, having weird dreams, making silly faces