09. 24.2017 // my (early) month review ft. screencaps from seventeen’s change up! if i’ve learned anything this month, it’s that reflection is so SO important- looking back on this month there’s definitely a lot of things i need to work on but despite that, there are also so many good things that happened that i’m thankful for! take time to celebrate the “heck yeah’s!” and try to improve the “awwww man’s”! 💫

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how long did it take for you to come up with the story for your nuzlocke? Did you start planning before or after you began playing the game, and how much of it transformed during and after you played? Were you designing the art for the comic while you wrote the story, or were they two separate stages? No pressure, I was just wondering and thought I'd ask! Your comic is fantastic!

Honestly, I did like letting my mind wander while I was playing the game, but I wasn’t super concerned with having a solid plot at that point. Most of my ideas during that time were just for fun, like a bunch of “what-if”s.

I didn’t start seriously plotting until after I’d finished the game, using those initial ideas as jumping off points. Most of the original ideas I had while playing changed pretty drastically by the time I was drawing up the first pages, tbh, either by being completely dropped (Roman was originally an adult taking the league challenge as a rite of passage) or by being reworked a ton to fit the rest of the plot (I always imagined Talia chasing after Roman to bring him back to Vaniville, but her motives for doing that have been totally rewritten).

Art and writing were definitely done simultaneously! In fact there are very, very early sketches of Roman in my files before I even had the idea of Vacants as a story point, haha. Hell, my early sketches weren’t even drawn with the thought that Burn Away was going to be a full-fledged comic. Originally, I was toying with the idea of an illustrated script kind of story.

Oh! and thank you so much!

anonymous asked:

how do you write???????? songs??? i mean, i personally have taken voice lessons for 6 years and do concerts and everything but i cant write for shit? at all? and your songs are so fuckgind AMAZING i want to cry; what's your secret??

this is way too nice omg thank you so much thank u for jerking off my ego boner 

if you’re trying to get into songwriting, a really good exercise is to take songs and remix them!!! ie, mash them up with another song, play around with the melody, change the tempo or message of the song. i always like to challenge myself and make little tweaks to my favorite songs and it helps me understand song structure/melodies a little better

i’m constantly humming to myself and usually the base melody i come up with is pretty boring so i play around with it (like how i’ve described in the previous p) until i come up with an original melody that i’m happy with!! or sometimes i have a story in my head i make up with then go from there. lyrics come really easy when i have the melody already but occasionally the lyrics come to me first and then i use the vibe to help write the melody

i wrote more on this here :)

<333 thank u so much for ur kind words and i hope this helps u 

100 Ways to Say ‘I Hate You’

I saw a post about 100 ways to say ‘I love you’, so I thought I’d make the anti-version if it doesn’t exist already. Roleplayers, send these to each other for angst reasons! Tw for emotional abuse, language, and some major rejection themes, though some  them are joking and could be used for friendly rivals or pals who play-insult one another. Change or add pronouns as necessary.

  1. “You’re a disappointment to me.”
  2. “I don’t care if you live or die.”
  3. “I used to care about you. Now? I regret every second I wasted.”
  4. “How do you think I feel? I’m pissed off!”
  5. “Go. Just go.”
  6. “If you come back, I won’t be here.”
  7. “I’ve never despised someone as much as I despise you.”
  8. “Ha! You think I care about you? What do you think I am, desperate?”
  9. “I regret ever saying ‘hello’.”
  10. “Leave and don’t come back, ever.”
  11. “Remember when we first met? I wish I didn’t.”
  12. “You’re the worst mistake I’ve ever made.”
  13. “Don’t touch me. Don’t even look at me.” “You took months/years of my life away. I’ll never get those back.”
  14. “I saw a trash bag on the side of the road today. Reminded me of you.”
  15. “I could have been doing so much better than wasting my time with you.”
  16. “You’re a sick bastard, you know that?”
  17. “I don’t care.”
  18. “Go ahead, leave. Don’t worry about coming back.”
  19. “You’re such a piece of shit.”
  20. “I didn’t think you could be any more of a shithead, but you just proved me wrong.”
  21. “You’re so stupid.”
  22. “Why do I waste my time with you?”
  23. “You’re not the person I thought you were.”
  24. “Hey! Just a daily reminder: you’re a piece of shit!”
  25. “I deserve so much better.”
  26. “We’re not friends. We were never friends!”
  27. “I pretended to like you because I felt bad for you! How did you fall for that?”
  28. “I never want to see you again.”
  29. “You’ve done nothing but make my life a living hell.”
  30. “Don’t apologize - you don’t deserve my forgiveness!”
  31. “No, I’m never giving you another chance!”
  32. “I wish you were never born.”
  33. “You’re the last person I wanted to see right now.”
  34. “I’d rather be working with anyone else in the whole world right now.”
  35. “When you get back, your shit’s gonna be on the front lawn. Take it and get out.”
  36. “Go ahead, choose them! You deserve each other.”
  37. “I don’t know what they see in you.”
  38. “You’re an embarrassment to me.”
  39. “You’re an embarrassment to all of us.”
  40. “I wish it was you. I wish it was you to die instead of them.”
  41. “God, why did I have to end up working with the biggest asshole in the world?”
  42. “How could you think I ever loved you? You seriously think I’d sink that low?”
  43. “Sorry, I just puked in my mouth a bit. I accidentally looked at your face.”
  44. “How can you even live with yourself?”
  45. “If I was your mirror, I’d break myself just so you would throw me in the trash and I wouldn’t have to look at you.”
  46. “Being with you was the worst time of my life.”
  47. “You’re a monster.”
  48. “Not a day goes by that I don’t wake up wishing I was dead because of you.”
  49. “I’m going to ruin your fucking life.”
  50. “You said you would change, but you never did! You never will!”
  51. “Some people are just born to fail. Sorry you’re one of the unlucky ones.”
  52. “You’re so worthless, you hardly even exist to me.”
  53. “I wish I could go back to the day I met you, and just walk away.”
  54. “If you give me that look one more time, I’m skipping jump-rope with your large intestines.”
  55. “Honestly, I’m embarrassed to even know you.”
  56. “Ugh, it smells like something died in here. Oh. It’s just you.”
  57. “You need to stop. You hurt everyone around you!”
  58. “Until you get your shit together, I don’t want to hear you complain.”
  59. “Look at you. You’re disgusting.”
  60. “Stop making me look bad.”
  61. “You have a face that makes me wish punching people wasn’t frowned upon in our society.”
  62. “Shut your mouth. I don’t want to hear your obnoxious voice.”
  63. “Go play in traffic.”
  64. “Fuck off.”
  65. “If I saw you in the ocean clinging to a log for safety, I’d save the log and let you drown. At least wood can become something useful, like toilet paper.”
  66. “How could I ever love something as terrible and hideous as you?”
  67. “I can’t even look at you right now.”
  68. “It was all a lie.”
  69. “I never loved you, and I never will.”
  70. “Don’t try to beg. It won’t work.”
  71. “You’re not worth the mud on the bottom of my shoes.”
  72. “Look at you. You’re pathetic. I’ve never seen a sadder sight.”
  73. “I’m going to hurt you slowly, and I’m going to enjoy every second of it.”
  74. “For what you did to them, I’ll do the same to you.”
  75. “An apology? You want to offer an apology? No. I don’t accept it.”
  76. “You’re everything I hate in a person.”
  77. “I wish you were dead.”
  78. “You’re nothing to me. Less than nothing!”
  79. “What a sad sack of shit you are.”
  80. “My life is in fucking shambles thanks to you!”
  81. “How could you? You bastard!”
  82. “I’d rather eat sewage than ever touch you again.”
  83. “Hey asshole, I’m here to ruin your day, just like I did yesterday and the day before that.”
  84. “You’d be more useful if you weren’t even alive.”
  85. “Hey, it’s my least favorite waste of space.”
  86. “Every day that I woke up next to you, I was tempted to smother you with a pillow while you slept.”
  87. “Love you? Don’t make me laugh.”
  88. “Just thinking about you makes me sick to my stomach.”
  89. “You deserve a slow and painful death for what you’ve done.”
  90. “I can’t stand people like you.”
  91. “Stop doing that thing. You know, that thing I hate. Breathing.”
  92. “If I could trade you for a nest of angry wasps, you would be long gone.”
  93. “I can’t wait to dance on your grave.”
  94. “If we were the last two people on earth, I’d be subtracting one.”
  95. “I never want to see the likes of your filth around here again.”
  96. “I’m disgusted by you.”
  97. “Fuck you!”
  98. “If I ever see you again, it will be far too soon.”
  99. “I have three words for you: Burn. In. Hell.”
  100. “I hate you.”

alterfoxx  asked:

Hey Jack! I'm sure you've had a ton of people telling you this already, but there's a problem with how Hiveswap's default screen resolution works (which was why it was tiny and off center when you played it) if you change the screen resolution in the game's settings, it'll record way easier. I loved your first episode of HS by the way! I just finished the game this morning and I know you'll love it the whole way through.

Yeah it should be fixed for next time :) thanks to everyone for the tips!

Cost me 2 working days of pay and tell your supervisor I'm a liar, ok let's play.

So I decided to change my internet/cable provider. I had a date and time scheduled for the change and the new provider never showed up. It was an early morning appointment so I called out of work. They missed the 8-10am window, I called customer service and they told me they were running an hour late. Fast forward to 4pm no one showed, I called customer service back and they told me that the technicians showed up to my residence, couldn’t reach me and they called my home and cell phone multiple times to no avail. So we reschedule, for tomorrow at the same time. And guess what? Another no show, but they told customer service the same thing that they banged on my door and retired calling me multiple times. After jumping through hoops I finally get the warehouse number and where the technicians are based out of and reach a supervisor who told me that his “He runs a tight ship and all the guys he works with wouldn’t lie to him” and went on the accuse me of fishing for discounts or free service by creating problems. I try to tell him no one called me and no one came to my house and I have the cameras on my house to prove it. But it wasn’t having any of it. Well, now it’s the weekend. So rather than do fun things on the weekend my hatred fuels me to print out multiple copies of my home and phone records and make full 12 hour copies of my home surveillance cameras. After talking to upper management for a few days the following week and letting my displeasure well known, I send in my “courtroom like evidence” (their words). After some digging management finds something interesting. Turns out those trust worthy technicians have a habit of telling dispatch that their earliest appointments are not home, so they can come in a few hours late. At the end of the day I got 2 deadbeats fired, their supervisor wrote me a letter apologizing for the way he handled the situation and corporate gave me 6 months free internet/cable and 24 months of premium movie channels.

So, like, wild thought folks

When Cassian said “it would take more than that to kill me.” And Elain, ever joyful, said it wouldn’t, do you think she saw the battle with Hybren play out, with his wings breaking and the King coming to kill him, with no one there to save him.

Do you think she saw that, and then saw the grief Nesta would go through, and tried to play a way to change the future.

Do you think, Azriel may have guessed and given her truth-teller.

Do you think, the only reason she knew where to go on that battlefield, was because she’d seen his dead body lying their in a vision.

Do you think she somehow found a way to make sure Nesta was with him, just in case she didn’t make it in time, so Cassian wouldn’t die alone.

Because I do


Until your mid-twenties, you’re still growing up mentally. It’s fair to say there’s a bigger difference between twenty and twenty-five than between twenty-five and forty in terms of who you are, how you relate to your work, and what you want out of it.  Playing Pennywise will change my life and career forever. It’s going to change my path. And who knows where that path might lead me?

Bill Skarsgård for Esquire.


Playing for change playlist i … bir insanın kendine verebileceği en iyi terapilerden birisi :)

aisawriter  asked:

I love your art! A question occurd to me as I saw your family pic. What do you think the relationship between Ginny and Teddy is like? I feel like there isn't much about that out there.

I love love love love the thought of Ginny and Teddy interaction! I imagine lots of scenes for them.

  • Ginny holding a 2-years-old Teddy when he’s crying. She tought Harry how she hold the baby to calm him down when she wasn’t even a mother yet.
  • Ginny explaining for a 7-years-old Teddy why Harry was grumpy and didn’t want to keep playing with him. “You see, he has a lot in his mind right now but if you promise not to let me win, I can play with you.”
  • Ginny changing James’s diaper and Teddy looking curiously at both of them, wondering out loud where his mother was.
  • Teddy asking to everyone “how babies happen?” and Ginny being the one who frankly tells him “it’s a thing called sex.”
  • Teddy actually arguing with someone when hearing bad things about Holyhead Harpies.
  • Ginny giving him some advice about Victoire because “Harry will just advise you to save the world, cuz that’s how he got me. But there are simpler ways to do this.

and it goes on

Mun Questions!

This is a mix bag of questions about your characters, personal writing styles, likes/dislikes, and more! 

  1. Who is your favorite character in __?
  2. Who is your favorite OC?
  3. Do you have a favorite AU?
  4. Name one thing you don’t like about your character.
  5. Name one thing you love about your character.
  6. If you have multiple characters/OCs, who is your personal favorite?
  7. Who is your favorite muse to RP with that is not yours?
  8. Any other blogs? 
  9. If there is one thing you can change regarding your character’s world, what would it be?
  10. Draw your muse?
  11. What one character you’ve thought of RPing but haven’t yet?
  12. What made you start RPing your muse?
  13. How long have you been RPing for? 
  14. Is there anything character-wise or writing style-wise that you can’t stand? 
  15. When is the best time for you to sit down and write replies?
  16. What kind of anonymous questions are your favorite?
  17. What is your weakest point in writing? Angst, fluff, dialogue, etc.?
  18. Is there one thing you will not write at all, either due to personal choice or other reasons (you do not need to specify why if you do not want to)?
  19. Do you prefer writing paragraphs or simple sentences?
  20. Has your character(s) changed over the time that you have been playing them? How have they changed? 
  21. Are you prone to go a few days without responding due to life/personal reasons/lack of inspiration?
  22. Have you ever deleted/abandoned a muse before? 
  23. What fandom do you like but have never interacted with?
  24. Do you like crossovers? Do you have any that you like more? Less?
  25. Do you like OCs? 
  26. Name one thing about your character(s) that no one knows about.
  27. Name one thing about yourself that no one knows about.
  28. If the site closes down for good at this minute, could/would you go to another platform to RP on? 
  29. If your character(s) were paint colors, what would their paint color names be? (Go silly if you want!) 
  30. Free Question! Ask any question you wish with this number!

there are two (2) reasons i’m excited to see the knights play:

1. nhl teams change during the offseason but this team is all new, and thus a mystery. will they burn the league to the ground? will they scrape into the playoffs? will they do worse than the avs did last season?

2. sparkles on the jerseys and that’s fuckin edgey


“Stand By Me” by Playing for Change

Songs Around the World (2009)
Stand By Me | Playing For Change | Song Around The World
Playing For Change is a movement created to inspire and connect the world through music. Join the movement here: From t...

her ne kadar  Tracy Chapman yorumunu diğerlerinin hiçbirine değişmem desem de bu kokteyl hali de kendi tarzında güzel bir yorum olmuş… müzik kesinlikle sokaklara yakışıyor… 


Higher Ground | Playing For Change | Song Around the World
Bill Skarsgård Knows Playing Pennywise Changed His Career Forever
His performance in this year's adaptation of Stephen King's It is a turning point for the young actor.

There’s a behind-the-scenes video of Bill being fabulous and handsome on his photoshoot. In other words: YAAAAAAASSSSSS DADDY. You will definitely want to click that link and watch.

Via Esquire Magazine.

yall are missing out on the most significant part of holding to the ground.  the entire production plays with impermanence, with constant change, growth, maturity, very specifically the 2016 revival with the block of furniture.  the use of grey props that are used as tables, couches, beds, footrests, etc. symbolise a group of people that really isn’t settling, the tkf is chaotic in every sense of the word and the recycling of the same materials for different purposes is intentional.

aside from the obvious relation to the characters’ jewish heritage, it reflects the men.  malleable, changing, adapting, and by something bad / more raquetball most of the characters have overcome their more prominent flaws.  whizzer is smitten with martin and pays attention to him, marvin is appreciative of whizzer as a person instead of just the role he wants him to fulfil.  otherwise, we have jason, whose arc revolves around coming to terms with whizzer & death in general, mendel, who arguably completed his own arc in act one, the neighbours who don’t have a separate narrative, and trina.

trina has been trying to hate whizzer since she broke down in act one.  he’s the person marvin left her for and i think it really adds to her complexity as a character if we acknowledge that her love for marvin (& also her pride) may have clouded her judgement, that is, i’m sure she wants to believe that whizzer seduced marvin to the ‘gay lifestyle’ instead of marvin running away from trina.  they were definitely in love with the idea of each other - trina with a rich, smart husband and marvin with his heterosexual wife.  whizzer took that from her.

the reality is that whizzer and trina have so much in common.  their relationship hasn’t been touched on deeply enough - these two people have both put up with what is downright abuse in trina’s case, and posessive condescension (possibly more) in whizzer’s.  they both went into a relationship with marvin expecting something that they didn’t receive, they’ve been put down and yelled at by marvin - that spousal treatment can be awfully traumatic.  whizzer’s experience as an effimate gay man & trina as a heterosexual cis woman also allow a degree, not a lot, but a degree of similarity in terms of the way they interact with the gender expectations of the 1970s.

and here we have holding to the ground.  trina trying not to care about this man who marvin loves.  this is her growth song.  she sings about what she wanted, what she has, the fact that everything keeps changing and she can’t catch a fucking break.  the props that could be anything, really - tables, chairs, footstools, buildings, even - are replaced with what is undeniably a hospital bed and a corresponding table, an iv drip, a literal hospital armchair.  you know they could have at least used a grey block for the chair or the bed maybe, but they don’t.  this isn’t something that can be avoided, this isn’t something that can be changed or become better.  trina can’t see the world as black and white anymore, it’s not her versus whizzer, it’s not her marvin versus his marvin, it’s not the baddies versus the goodies.  the perminance has arrived, the crushing weight of growing up.  falsetoos is really out here telling us that growing up doesn’t happen when you’re thirteen, or eighteen, or twenty-one, or whatever.  it’s something that happens throughout your whole life


Gimme Shelter | Playing For Change | Song Around The World