playing with your new puppy

Imagine having to go on a business trip for work. You haven’t spent much time traveling on your own, so you’re a little nervous. Thankfully your husband, Luke, knows just how to calm you down. He wakes up early to send you encouraging messages to read when you wake up, and takes lots of videos of himself playing with your new puppy that never fail to make you smile.

Puppy Love

Dean Winchester x Reader

Requested by @deansgirl215. From the Drabble Prompt list, she picked #51: “I’m your husband. It’s my job.” 

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Today had been one of those days you wanted to throw in the trash bin and pretend it never happened. It had been horrible, and disappointing, and you wanted nothing more than to crawl into bed and forget about it all. Wanting nothing more than for Dean to be there, taking you in his arms and holding you tight.

But Dean was somewhere two states away, battling another nameless Monster, leaving you home alone to deal with the daily life. And sometimes it was just too much to bear by yourself. But you never told him that. He was already worried enough about leaving you alone for long periods of time. Leaving you vulnerable to the monsters that might want revenge on him.

Grabbing one of his flannels, you wrapped yourself up in it before curling into a ball on the bed. With tears in your eyes, you stared at the picture of the two of you that was on his night table. You were smiling, staring up at Dean, so much love in your eyes. He had just asked you to marry him, while sitting on the hood of his Impala, and Sam had taken the picture.

So caught up in the picture that you missed the sound of footsteps walking down the hallway. “Y/N, sweetheart?” Dean’s voice rang out, and you sat straight up, quickly wiping at the tears in your eyes. 

“Dean?” You questioned, not expecting him to be back so early. 

Pushing open the bed room door, Dean leaned against the frame. “There you are. When I could find you, I got worried.”

“I was just planning on going to bed early.” You told him, but he grabbed your hand, pulling you off of the bed.

“Not yet. I have a surprise for you.” He told you, before his thumb traced the skin on your cheek. “Have you been crying?”

“I was just missing you. That’s all.” You told him, and he pulled you in tight for a hug. 

“I missed you too. So freaking much it hurt.” He answered. “But come and see your surprise.”

Letting him guide you down the hallway, and into the living room, you were shocked to see Sam standing there, a little bundle of fur in his hands. “Dean, what is this?”

“I know I’m not home as much as I should be. It worry’s me, and I know you get lonely. So I had Sammy help me pick out a puppy. I hope you don’t mind.”

“But Dean, you don’t like dogs.” You argued, even though you were already taking the puppy from Sam’s arms.

“I know.” He sighed. “But you do. And this little guy will keep you company, and keep you safe. And that’s more important than my dislike of them.”

“Thank you Dean!” You told him, giving him a quick peck on the cheek before getting down on the floor to play with your new puppy, your sad mood already forgotten.

“I’m your husband. It’s my job.” He replied. “To keep you happy, and safe. Besides, he is kind of cute.”

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Fake Royalty

Pairing: Alexander X Reader

Words: 398




“…Jefferson…money…Washington…stupid Jefferson…” was all you heard when your husband, Alexander Hamilton, walked in the front door that night.

You knew that something had gone wrong during the cabinet battle today.

Sending your daughters off to go play, you grabbed a glass of water and a slice of bread, and made your way into your husband’s study.

Setting the plate down next to him, you put your hands on his shoulders, giving him a massage. He relaxed into your touch looking out the window of his office where your daughters were playing with their new puppy.

“They look so much like you darling,”Alexander said, shifting around in his chair to pull you into his lap. He held you close to his chest, fingers in your hair.

You slid your arms around his neck and hugged him. “Do you want to tell me what happened today?”

He sighed, giving you a slow kiss on your forehead.

“Jefferson is being an imbecile as usual. He told me I smell like new money and dress like fake royalty. What does that even mean. I’m the Treasury Secretary of course I smell like new money!”

You gave a small giggle.

“If anyone dresses like fake royalty it’s him. Have you seen that magenta coat that he wears? And that bow that he wears around his neck? Too many frills if you ask me. It’s way to over the top,” You ranted giving Alex a peck on the cheek.

He gave a few chuckles himself.

“It’s such a hideous shade of purple,” Alex said flipping his hair.

You both gave a laugh and settled back down.

“I did win the debate however. For the most part,” He told you. You gave him a big smile and a kiss on the lips before your daughter came running into the room with a bouquet of flowers.

“For you mommy and daddy! We love you!” They shoved the flowers into your arm and ran out the door.

“They get all that energy from you,” you told Alexander.

“Yeah probably.”

The two of you went back to your own work, Alex in his office you running the household.

That night you thought that it would be the best time to tell Alex your news.

The two of you were laying in bed Alex tucking your head under your chin.

“Hey Alex?”


“I’m pregnant.” 


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Another Monday, another week of school started, meaning another five days of watching what used to be your best friend ignore you as you passed each other in the halls.

Derek and you used to be two peas in a pod and now you only sat together in study hall, and even then he was too busy righting her name in his notebook to even say hi.

You slammed your locker closed in frustration as you saw Derek and Paige enter the school together.

‘(Y/N)!’ Derek called  before he said something to Paige and running towards you.

‘I need to talk to you.’ Derek said.

‘Oh, now you need to talk to me?’ you said as you began walking away.

‘OK I deserved that, I know we haven’t hung out in a while-’

‘A while? Try five months you dick, you missed my birthday.’ you glared.

‘I did? It couldn’t have been that long (Y/N), you’re exaggerating.’ Derek said, refusing to believe he’d been that shitty of a friend to you.

‘Listen to my heart then. You. Missed. My. Birthday. Derek.’ you said slowly.

Yeah you knew what he was, and even covered for him at all the games where he nearly wolfed out, well you did before Paige was there to keep him calm.

‘Oh my God I missed your sixteenth birthday, (Y/N) I’m so sorry I don’t know what I was thinking.’ Derek apologized.

‘Don’t lie Derek, you know you were thinking about Paige, or you were with her again, maybe you two fucked or whatever. I don’t care anymore, friendships end all the time, it was our turn.’ you said calmly.

‘No I just-’ Derek tried.

‘Get back to Paige before she evaporates without you by her side.’ you said before walking to class.

The day went as normal, class, lunch, no talking to Derek (this time by choice though) and luckily you didn’t have study hall today.

So after school you were sitting on a bench waiting for your ride, doing your math homework while you waited. 

‘I never thought I’d see you doing homework before the last minute.’

‘Well without a best friend to spend time with I’ve had a lot of time to be productive, turns out you ditching me was great for my GPA.’ you said as you looked up at Derek, surprised Paige wasn’t with him.

‘I’m sorry, I’ve been a jerk.’ Derek said.

‘I already told you. its cool, happens all the time. I’m not even mad or upset anymore, still bummed but other than that I’m fine.’ you smiled honestly.

‘Well I cancelled on a date with Paige, we can hang out today.’ Derek smiled.

‘Sorry, but I have a study date today, I still suck at English, despite the fact that I speak the language.’

‘You have a date? With who? Last I checked you were single, and I haven’t seen you with anyone in the halls.’ Derek wondered.

‘He doesn’t go here.’ you said.

‘When did this happen?’ Derek asked.

‘When he brought me a present on my birthday and found me crying in my room, because I was spending my sweet sixteen alone. Remember when we were thirteen and we made that promise?’

‘If by your sixteenth birthday you still hadn’t done it, I’d be your first kiss.’ Derek said sadly, feeling disappointed in himself.

‘Well he did it for you, that’s when it happened.’ you said.

‘You let some guy have your first kiss?’ Derek said in shock.

‘Oh I’d like to think I’m not just some guy to (Y/N).’

Derek turned and his eyes widened as his uncle Peter walked up and kissed you on the cheek.

‘Peter? What the hell? She’s sixteen!’ Derek accused.

‘I see you remembered her birthday.’ Peter said.

‘Nah, I told him.’ you said.

‘Just a reminder I’m only twenty and have no intention of doing anything untoward til she’s legal.’ Peter informed.

‘So you were that pissed at me (Y/N)? You made Peter be your first kiss?’ Derek asked angrily.

‘I didn’t make you kiss me, did I?’ you asked Peter.

‘Well you did suggest it.’

‘Oh my God, did I actually manipulate you?’ you asked in worry.

That’s not what you meant to do that night at all.

‘Maybe I wanted to kiss you.’ Peter shrugged.

‘This is so wrong (Y/N), you know what type of guy Peter is.’ Derek said.

‘Yeah I do, he’s the kind that showed up and made me feel better when you left to play puppy love with your new favorite toy.’ you said as you put away your things in your bag.

‘Let’s go Peter, I have to write a report on the first Act of Macbeth.’ you said as you pulled your boyfriend to his car, leaving Derek baffled and maybe pissed.

Love Me

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Love Me 
[Jay gets jealous of your new puppy]

Jay watched you playing on the couch with your new puppy. You cuddled it close as it happily licked your face, causing you to giggle. He originally bought you the puppy because he hated leaving you alone when he was on tour. You always put on a brave face and toughed it out but he knew that you were lonely. He recently had to go away for a month for a world tour and decided to surprise you with a puppy. He loved how happy it made you. You spent his entire tour sending him pictures of the puppy, your instagram filled with little videos of the two you.

However he’d now been home for an entire week and still hadn’t managed to spend any quality time with you. That puppy hadn’t left your side. If you weren’t cuddling him, you were walking him, playing with him, or sleeping with him. You even watched your dramas with him on your lap. Which used to be Jay’s spot.


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He smiled warmly as his and yours little boy, Kazuo, played in the mud. With the new puppy that Shuu had gotten him named Edgar.
“Edgar roll over Edgar!” Kazuo spoke with enthusiasm, as he rolled on his back in the mud himself. To get Edgar to fallow suit, his German Shepard puppy ears flopping. As Kazuo’s own blonde hair was becoming more and more matted with dirt.
“Daddy! Daddy! I got Edgar to roll over!” The 7 year old vampire child ran over with delight with Edgar stumbling at Kazuo feet trying to keep up. It own huge paws getting in the way. But never the less it was happy, it’s pink tongue hanging out the side. And it’s small thin tail wagging the best it could.
“I saw. But now your all muddy, now you two need get clean before Mother gets back. How about a dip in the lake to clean you off?” Shuu smiled, not caring of it required more effort than he wanted to give to make Kazuo happy.
“Yes! Yes! Please!” Kazuo cheered, and started to dart off towards the lake with Edgar following suit.
“Kazuo what’s the main rule with Daddy?” Shuu asked as he stood up, stopping the child in his tracks.
“Stay within Daddy’s sight and don’t make him chase after or worry about me.” The child recited dutifully.
“Good boy.” Shuu smiled as he walked up to his child and rustled his muddy hair lightly.


“Are you wanting the bunny?” Reiji asked Eri who sat on his shoulder.
“Yes please get the bunny for me please.” Eri spoke in her small and squeaky voice that made Reiji smile slightly.
Then you’ll have to go to your Mother so I can shoot properly.“ Reiji told her as he took the child off of his shoulder and put we in your arms.
"You can do it Daddy!” Eri cheered, excitement and hope shinning in her eyes that was so much like her Fathers. As she pushed up her little glasses. And then started to pump her little arms in the air.
Reiji focused, determined not to let his child down.
It was onto a few minutes later that Reiji had one the oversized bunny for Eri. Who gave a large grin, showing that her two front teeth were missing.
“Stand with Mother and let me take a picture ok.” Reiji held up his camera as Eri held the oversize bunny next to her as you grin proud of your husband and your child.


He stared sleepily at his twins in their cribs, which were side by side. As Mayu was sucking on her thumb and Mayumi was sleeping with her legs up resting on the crib. And he grinned as he leaned down to softly their foreheads. As you walked in with two freshly made bottles and put them in the mini fridge on their dresser. So they would nice and cold for when they woke up next.
“How did you get them to sleep without milk?” You whispered as you peered down at your twin girls.
“Yours truly-” he was cut off by a yawn as he then sighed, “never mind sleep now!” He ordered softly as he picked you up and walked you over to the bed on the other side of the room.
Placing you down softly, he felt onto the bed right next to you and was out within seconds. You smiled as you run your hands through his messy hair.
He had been the one to always put them to sleep at night because he was trying to be the best Father and husband but it was driving him into exhaustion.
“I love you.” You heard him mumble in his sleep. “No stay in your crib.” He mumbles next. As you chuckled softly.

Puppy struggles

(A/N): yaaass, fuck me up with this Bucky fluff

 Request: Baaabbeee ! I had such a great dream tonight and I thought I’d give you that as an idea hihi :) You live with Bucky in the Tower and one time you come home Hearing noises behind the door and when you get inside you see Bucky struggling with a Little puppy that was planned as a surprise for you. You watch as the puppy then licks Buck’s metal Hand and bucky seems to be swamped but it Looks cute to you. You spend the whole day with the puppy then and later fall asleep with puppy cuddling Buck’s arm 

Warnings: swearing, fluff 

    You were more than confused when you heard the soft clack of nails on wood and the soft whimpers coming from…well, from something. Hesitantly you open the door, not expecting to find what you did; Bucky crouched on the floor, a small golden retriever nipping at his fingers. 

    “Whatcha doin’?” You ask as you attempt to cover the wide smile upon your face. 

    “Well-” Bucky begins with a sigh, “Trying to surprise you with a puppy, unfortunately-” Bucky glared at the dog as it once again began nibbling on his fingers. “The little rascal won’t stop biting me,” You chuckle softly as the puppy growls, biting down on Bucky’s metal finger playfully. “So for the last 15 minutes I’ve been trying to get the dog to stop treating me like a chew toy,” You cross over the threshold before taking a seat beside Bucky, smiling at the dog affectionately. The dog pays your no mind instead continuing to gnaw on Bucky’s fingers before lapping at them, soothing it’s “bite”. 

    “It sure is cute,” you speak softly as you reach a hand out to gently scratch at the dogs ears. The puppy suddenly notices you, dropping Bucky’s hand instead jumping into your lap and attempting to lick at your face. You laugh softly, wrapping your arms around the fuzzy dogs ribcage. 

    “When it’s not coating my fingers in slobber, sure,” Bucky rolls his eyes but the way he’s gently scratching at the dog’s ears tells you he isn’t too serious. 

   "Oh you love it,“ You smile at the puppy as it turns it’s head, attempting to bite Bucky’s finger once again. "It really likes you, that’s for sure,” Bucky hums softly as he sticks his finger out for the dog to gnaw on once again. The puppy immediately bites down, growling once again. 

    “Yeah,” Bucky gives the dog a fond smile, “I think it’s starting to grow on me.”

    The rest of the day was spent playing with your new puppy and by playing you meant by watching it gnaw on Bucky’s metal hand as you attempted to get it’s attention. For some reason the dog was fascinated with it, it was constantly nuzzling up against it (essentially begging to be touched), leaving soft licks along the palm, and constantly gnawing on the fingertips. 

   Sure, Bucky preteneded to hate it but you knew deep down that he was touched that such a little, pure soul loved his arm so much. Plus you found it absolutely adorable when Bucky would furrow his brows in confusion as the puppy would rub up against his arm, begging for attention.   

    It was nearly midnight when you and Bucky decided to go to bed, exhausted from managing a puppy with seemingly endless amounts of energy. The two of you trudge to bed, desperate for a break from the day’s activities. 

   You take a step towards your bathroom but stop when Bucky’s finger slither around your wrist, pulling you back against him. He wraps his arms around your waist, nuzzling his face into the crook of your neck. He presses a sleepy kiss to your neck, no doubt smiling brightly.

    “Buck,” you sigh softly as you run your fingers over his hair, momentarily distracted by the cotent moan that falls from his lips. “I gotta go brush my teeth,” Bucky groans softly, slumping against you. You chuckle softly as you push him off you, casting him a playful glance. “I’ll be right back you baby," 

   "You better.” You playfully stick your tongue out at him before sauntering into the bathroom, preparing for bed.    

    By the time you come out Bucky is already knocked out, curled up on his side of the bed, snoring softly. The sight melts your heart but what truly gets to you is the sight of your puppy curled up snugly against Bucky’s metal arm and the small smile upon the latters face.

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Dr Jongin and Mr Kai (part 22)

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You watched Jongin’s back get smaller and smaller as he walked further away from you, and although your stomach felt tightly tied up in a knot due to the excitement of seeing him when he picked you up from work, you also felt a tug in your heart, because every step he took, took him further away from you.

How could you be in love with both Jongin, and Kai? Was it even right? But then again, the situation wasn’t normal.

You walked back inside, and closed the door gently behind you, taking a deep sigh. You leaned against the wooden door, pressing your back against it, as you ran your hand through your hair. It was odd, almost comical, how he could have been gone for only 5 seconds, but you already felt hollow.

“Ah… I’m such an idiot.” You laughed at yourself, before walking towards your bathroom.

You let the warm water wash away your troubled thoughts, as you massaged your scalp with the deliciously scented shampoo. Your fingers danced along your skin, as you remembered Jongin’s gentle touch on your body. He was so sweet, so caring, so gentle, it made it easy for you to think of spending a lifetime with him.

You got out of the shower, turning the tap off, and wrapping yourself tightly in a towel. You dried your body consciously, and then proceeded to get dressed for the day. Jeans and a t-shirt, you can never look too fancy when working with puppies, right?

That’s when you remembered Mark. Your entire body tensed up at the memory of his name. Mark had kissed you, and he had been pushed away by Kai. Not Jogin, but Kai. You had a shift with him at work today, and that was sure to become awkward. You had to keep him away from Jongin at all cost, or things could end up really badly.

You quickly slipped your Converse on, and grabbing your handbag you ran out the door, already almost too late for work.

You ran to the pet store, but stopped in your tracks when you got to the door. You could see Mark inside, organizing something on the shelves, and you didn’t know what to do or say. Part of you wanted to run right in and smack him, part of you wanted to run back home, and another part of you wanted to just forget it ever happened and hold Mark as the friend you thought he was.

You took a deep breath, and walked in, the little bell ringing to alert of your entry.

Mark looked up, and then immediately looked down, his cheeks blushing a deep red. He was ashamed of his behavior, and was worried it would change things between you.

“Look Y/N I’m sorry…” He mumbled, desperately trying to find the right words to say, but you raised your hand, signaling him to stop talking, and smiled gently.

“It’s okay, I understand, we all do crazy things when we are drunk, right? But that’s fine, still friends yeah?” you told him, extending your arm to offer him your hand in a gesture of friendliness.

Mark smiled at you, partly relieved because you had not taken his actions in a negative way, but also disappointed, because he didn’t really want to be your friend. However, he took your hand and shook it firmly, thankful that you were such a reasonable person.

The day went on quite normally, occasionally Mark’s eyes would linger on you a little more than was necessary, he would stare at the way you smiled, or the way you tucked that rebellious strand of hair behind your ear, as you played with the new litter of puppies, or he would watch you hum to yourself, deep in thought as you tapped a pencil against your lips. And then he would bring his own fingers to his lips, and smile shyly, because even if it was for one second, his lips had been on yours, and the sweet taste of your lips somehow still tingled on his mouth.

You didn’t notice anything, and you continued working as you had done before anything happened, smiling at the puppies, and the kittens, and doing the best job you could with all of the pets.

The bell at the door rang again, signaling a new customer had arrived, but you didn’t hear it, you were at the back, doing inventory. You had forgotten to check your phone, before you went there. Your shift was already over, and as promised, you were being picked up. Just not by Kai.

Mark saw Jongin walk into the store, as he was feeding the kittens, and immediately tensed up. He wanted to run to the back, and bring you over, or hide behind the bags of dog food, but he couldn’t run away from his actions.

He turned around, and faced Jongin, who immediately made eye contact with him, and smiled. Mark was confused, why was he smiling? Shouldn’t he be trying to punch his face off again?

“Where’s Y/N?” Jongin asked him with a soft voice, and a smile on his lips. Mark’s confusion only grew at this.

“A-At the back… She will be back soon…” He replied, trying not to stutter.

“Ah okay, I’ll wait here then.” Jongin spoke, shuffling his feet a little, as he shoved his hands in his pockets. Mark smiled at him awkwardly, thoughts running through his mind at an alarming speed. His heart was pounding in his chest, and he was torn between what he wanted to do, and what he should do. A moral battle had broken inside him.

Mark sighed, before walking towards Jongin.

“Jongin… About this weekend…” Mark started hesitantly. Jongin looked at him with his forehead furrowed in confusion. Mark didn’t know this, but he hadn’t been hit by Jongin, Jongin knew nothing about the weekend.

“yes?” Jongin asked, trying to not let his confusion show in his tone.

“I am really sorry I kissed Y/N at the club. I was really drunk, and she was so upset with you, that I just made the wrong decision, and I didn’t listen to her when she said no, and I’m really sorry. I also want to say that I don’t blame you for punching me, or saying anything you said, because I understand what it is to love someone so much, and watch someone else upset them. I’m really sorry…” Mark apologized innocently, trying to clear his conscience. But he didn’t know that his little apology had set off a vast amount of doubts in Jongin’s mind. He didn’t understand anything.

Jongin’s breath became jagged, and rough. He didn’t understand anything at all. He felt overwhelmed by all of the new information, and he didn’t know how to approach this situation. What was Mark talking about? When did he punch him? He didn’t understand what was going on.

He heard a gasp beside him, and he watched you standing on the door that led to the back of the shop, with your eyes open widely in pure horror, and your mouth forming a small ‘o’ shape.

“Jongin…” you whispered, trying to test the grounds… This was bad, very bad.

“What does this mean Y/N?” He asked you, his tone lost somewhere between anger, betrayal, confusion, and most of all hurt. You heard the little crack in his voice, signaling that his heart felt broken.

“Jongin I can explain….” You started, and cringed at yourself, because how on earth is that line ever the right line to deliver?

Everything was out now… and you had no idea what to do about it.

Something new

“Come on, it’s a puppy” Hannah poked you.

“Yeah Hannah…but I don’t know” you trailed off.

“It’s one step closer to having children” She joked.

“Fine” You gave up and grabbed the car keys. Hannah let out a little squeal as you two walked out. 

You swear Hannah was so excited she was going to pee her pants. You stopped at the shelter and Hannah bolted, grabbing your hand not as your girlfriend, but more as your little child.

You walked in and the cashier scoffed at Hannah, whose arms were covered in sleeves made of ink. You stood by and watched as Hannah looked at a little brown dog that she pointed and nodded frantically.

“Hannah you’re such a child” You walked over to her.

“I pick this one. I like this one” Hannah clapped her hands together. 

You shook your head and pulled her in, giving her a light kiss.

“No PDA” you looked behind you to see the cashier.

“Excuse me, that was a kiss” You stepped over to her.

“It was still here in a public place” she leaned over the counter “Queers”

“Excuse me?” Hannah walked over “Where you saying something to my girlfriend?”

“Yeah, like how about you two keep your paws off of one another in public places where children are, it’s bad for them” She sighed.

“Excuse. But how is me loving my girlfriend bad for kids? Because I am one hundred percent sure that no one gives a flying shit except you” You watched as the top of Hannah’s ears got red “I came to here to adopt a damn dog, not to listen to your bullshit”

The girl behind the counter clenched her fists, and shook her head “Then how about you adopt then?”

Hannah pointed out the dog that you two wanted, and paid for everything, quickly getting out with your new pet.

“Look at you” Hannah laughed, playing with the puppy through the cage. You smiled a little bit and shook your head “Who knew someone as punk as you could love puppies”

“I may look like a terrible person, but I do love puppies” Hannah laughed “I think I love you even more”

“I was willing to make out with you right in her face” You crossed your arms.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Hannah poked you “Or do you wanna wait until we’re settled at home?”

You just let out a small laugh “Let’s wait until home”

Okay. Yeah, this was different. I don’t know what came over me to write it but I hope you enjoy <3 - Pikachu

Preference O2L #2 His Favorite Gif of you and why

Connor Franta:He loves how that is always how you end your guys’s skype call

Ricky Dillon:He thinks it’s funny to watch your reaction when he makes a funny face at you while you’re listening to music.

Sam Pottorff:He like your reaction when he said he was coming to visit you from tour.

Jc Caylen:He loves how cute you look when you’re playing with his new puppy

Trevor Moran:He loved your reaction when sam called and told you that he's pregnant for one of his video's 

Kian Lawley:He thought it was funny when you tried to give ricky advice about his crush and this is what happened.

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Magcon Preference:The Puppy He Buys You For Your Birthday !!

Matt: Boxer 

Your boxer had died a few weeks ago and Matt knew how much that dog mean’t to you, so on the weekend of your birthday Matt surprised you at your house by putting a bow on the puppy and leaving it in your room. You arrived a few minutes later and walked into your room and noticed the little guy sleeping on your pillow. The note on the bow said “Happy Birthday babe, I hope you like your gift xoxox ” you called Matt and thanked him for your wonderful present. 

Taylor: Poodle You have always wanted a poodle but never had been able to buy one because your mom and dad didn’t like dogs. But when you moved in with Taylor, he said he would get you the dog but you told him not to worry about it. Once your birthday came around Taylor was determined to buy you the dog without you finding out. So Taylor waited until you were at work and went out and bought the dog. You came home from work and opened the door, the house was completely dark. Suddenly the lights came on and your boyfriend stood up with the big grin. “What did you do?” you said looking at him. “Go check the backyard” he said pointing to the back door. You walked outside and saw the cute little fur ball running around the yard. You smiled and ran over to Taylor and kissed him on the lips.

Jack Gilinsky: Husky You and Jack were at the mall looking for a birthday present for you. You guys past by a pet shop. You immediately stopped in front of the shop after spotting an adorable husky puppy staring at you through the window. “Awww Jack look its so cute” you said pulling your boyfriend over to the shop. “Yeah it is come on lets go over here” Jack said walking over to other store. “I want it Jack” you said looking over at Jack with puppy dog eyes similar to the dog in the window. Jack looked at you and caved in. “Ok fine. I will buy you the dog” Jack said walking into the pet shop. “Yess !! Thank you babe” you said kissing Jack on the cheek. “I love you Jack”, you said looking at him. “I love you too Y/N” Jack said kissing you on the lips.

Jack Johnson: Border Collie You have always wanted a Border Collie and Jack knew that, so when your birthday came around Jack already knew what you wanted. He blindfolded you and drove to a breeding home. He pulled the blindfold off and you saw all the cute Border Collie puppies. “Pick your favorite” Jack said looking over at you. You looked down at all the little puppies coming up to you and the other puppies playing with each other. You picked a cute black and white one that was chewing on your shoe lace because he reminded you of Jack in a cute way. “Happy Birthday Babe” Jack said kissing you on the lips. “I love you Jack, thank you” You said hugging him and kissing him on the cheek. “I love you too Y/N" 

Nash: Pomeranian A woman was selling them near the beach where you and Nash were. While you were tanning, Nash sneaked over to where the lady was and he bought a female puppy because he knew how much you loved Pomeranian’s. "Hey babe looked what I got” You pulled your glasses down and saw your boyfriend holding the world’s cutest dog. You got up and held the puppy in your arms. “Happy Birthday Y/N ! ” You smiled at him and kissed him on the lips. “Thank you Nash, I love you so much ” you said while playing with your new puppy. “I love you too !!” Nash said pecking you on the cheek.

Cameron: Chocolate Lab You and Cam were playing with Jake in Cameron’s backyard. Cam’s neighbor walked over to you guys holding up a chocolate lab. You ran over to her and took the puppy in your arms and started playing with him. “Hahaha she loves dogs” Cameron said to his neighbor. “Oh she does, well I’m selling him, do you think she would want to buy him?” Cameron knew it was your birthday tomorrow and he didn’t really buy you a gift yet, so he decided to buy the dog as an early birthday present for you. His neighbor said that he was such a sweet boyfriend and that she would come back and pick up the money later. “Hey she forgot her dog” You said walking over to Cam watching the neighbor leave. “You mean your dog” “What do you mean my dog, did you buy me the dog?” you asked looking at your boyfriend. “Maybe” Cam said taking the puppy from you. “Happy early birthday babe” Cam said kissing you on the forehead. “Thank you Cam, you are the most amazing boyfriend ever” “I know I am” You hit Cam on the chest and took the dog away from him and starting playing with the new dog and Jake.

Jacob: German Shepherd One of Jacobs friend’s dog had puppies and they were German Shepherd puppies. You have always told Jacob how much you wanted a German Shepherd, so he bought you one of the puppies. He sent you a video of him playing with the dog. You were about to text him back when the doorbell ring. You opened the door and there was your boyfriend holding the same dog from the video. “Happy Birthday baby” Jacob said handing you the puppy. You smiled at the dog and kissed Jacob on the lips. “I love you” you said letting Jacob in your house. “I love you too Y/N” Jacob said sitting on the couch next to you.You guys spend the rest of the night playing with the dog and figuring out a name for him. You both decided on Sony.

Shawn: Golden Retriever You love big dogs but you couldn’t have any because your younger brother was allergic to dogs. When you moved in with Shawn you thought about getting a dog but never did because of you and Shawn’s busy schedule. You realized with you working very late shifts and Shawn going on tour there was no way you could take care of one. On your birthday Shawn wanted to do something special but he didn’t know what to do. He overheard your conversation with one of your best friends about how you wanted a Golden Retriever. When Shawn heard that, he got his keys and drove to a breeding home and got you a male puppy. You heard the front door open up and you walked over to the door. “Hey Sha-” You stop yourself after seeing the adorable little puppy in Shawn’s arms. “Shawn that’ sweet but we can’t keep it, we are too busy” you said looking over at Shawn, “Yes we can and we are” Shawn said bringing the puppy into the living room. Shawn and You talked all night about the dog and you guys came up with a schedule so you guys were able to keep the dog. “Oh and Happy Birthday Y/N” Shawn said before getting ready to go to bed. “Thank you babe, love you ” you said playing with the dog. “Love you too" 

Dillon: Long Haired DachshundYou and Dillon had saved this little girl from the streets and it just so happened to be on your birthday. You fell in love with her from the first moment you saw her and Dillon knew that. So he asked you if you wanted to keep it. After you heard that you quickly walked over to the puppy and held her in your hands. "So this counts as a birthday present right?” Dillon said hoping he didn’t have to buy you anything. “Yes it does” you said kissing him on the lips. “Good, happy birthday Y/N” Dillon said holding your hand. “Thank you and you still have to buy me something” You said walking off with the puppy in your hand. “Are you serious?" 

Aaron: RottweilerYou and Aaron were walking around the park and you saw so many dogs in the park. "I want a puppy so bad” you said looking at a Rottweiler playing with its owner. Aaron finally knew what to get you for your birthday. While you were out with your friends, Aaron went out and got you a dog. You came back and walked into the living room seeing a little Rottweiler watching Spongebob. “Aaron?” you called out for your boyfriend who was nowhere to be seen. “Happy Birthday !” Aaron said jumping out from behind the couch. “Omg Aaron, Thank you !” you said walking over to Aaron and kissing him on the lips.

Sammy: BeagleHim and his sister had bought a beagle for your birthday because they knew how much you loved those dogs. Sam had invited you over to his house for your birthday and you said that you would be over in 20 minutes. Sam had decorated the house and kitchen with birthday decorations and hid the dog in the backyard. When you walked in the house, everyone jumped out and yelled SURPRISE you were so shocked. Sam walked over to you and dragged you into the kitchen. He told you wait there and that he would right back. While he left, you walked around the kitchen saying “Thank you” to everyone. “Happy Birthday babygirl ” You turned around to see Sammy holding a beagle the dog you have always wanted. “OMG Sam !! Thank you so much, this is the most amazing gift anyone has ever given me” you said holding the puppy. “Your welcome babe” Sam said kissing you on the lips.

Carter: Shiba Inu It was really random. You came home from school and found Carter and this cutie sitting in the kitchen eating a sandwich. “Hey babe, how was school?” Carter said looking at you. “It was good” you said sitting down. “Happy Birthday ” Carter said handing you the dog. “Aww thank you Carter, he is so cute”. “I’m glad you like him” Carter said getting up and cleaning the dishes. “I love you” you said putting the dog down and hugging Carter from behind. Carter turned around and kissed you on the lips “I love you too”.

Hayes: Yorkshire Terrier You were playing with Skylynn when all of a sudden Hayes called Skylynn to go downstairs. “I will be right back” she said walking downstairs. You smiled and waited for her to come back. You heard the door creak open and in came Skylynn holding a puppy in her hands. “Here ya go Y/n” she said giving you the dog. “Happy Birthday” Skylynn said sitting back down. “Who is this from?” you said asked looking at the dog. “Me” Hayes said walking into the room. “Do you like it?” Hayes looking at you. “No” Hayes looked a little hurt. “I love it, thank you” You said giving the dog to Skylynn and walking over to Hayes and kissing him on the lips. “I love you Y/N” Hayes said giving you another kiss on the lips. “And I love you too Hayes”. “Ewwww” Skylynn said covering her and the dog’s eyes. You and Hayes both laughed. The rest of the night you guys and played games and played with the new member of the family. 

Christmas Morning with your Child


As you woke up from a beautiful sleep, you could hear the excited yelps of your 8 year old son, Dean. Little steps were heard and a small voice followed, “Santa came!” 
Liam groaned beside you at his loud excitement, but quickly smiled at your son. “Really?” You said excitedly as you quickly got out of bed. “Yes! He left a lot of presents! Hurry up daddy!” Dean took a hold of your hand and turned to face Liam before attempting to pull him up. Your husband simply laughed before getting up on his own, and finally following you out the door.
Dean ran down the stairs fast, leaving you and Liam behind.
“Merry Christmas, beautiful.” He said sweetly. Liam leaned forward and joined your lips in a simple yet loving kiss. As you pulled apart you gave him a smile, “Merry Christmas to you too.” Just as you were wrapped in each others arms, someone coughed beside you.
Your son looked up at you impatiently as a smile was breaking into his cute face. “Come on! It’s time to open the presents!” Once more he hurried you guys over to the presents filled living room and excitedly looked over every present. You walked over and sat next to your son watching him as he opened his first present. Liam laughed at Dean’s excitement while looking at you two lovingly.


Something beside you shook your shoulders, successfully waking you up. You frowned and tried to see anything in the dark room. Checking the time, you noticed that it was 4:00 in the morning. “Babe…. I think someone broke in.” Louis’ sleepy voice was heard in the room, and as you turned to face him you spotted a baseball bat beside the bed. “And so you plan on hitting them with a baseball bat?” You wondered sleepily. “I’d do anything to protect you.” He winked as he made a move to get out of bed. Although he was lightheartedly joking, you knew by hims stance that be was quite nervous. Louis took a step and suddenly there was a loud bump. You quickly shot out of bed and just as you were about to walk out the door Louis held your arm and pulled you to him. “Be careful! We don’t know who’s out there.” His words only helped your worry to increase. “That’s what I’m worried about, we need to go check on Jacob.” Your son was only 6, meaning that he had most likely been woken up by the noise. Louis nodded with determination as he walked out of the room with you following close behind him. He took cautious steps but then you heard another loud bump and quickly followed it. The noise had led you to the door of the living room, Louis carefully opened the door and turned the lights on. You sighed in relief as you saw your son, Jacob, playing with one of the presents. A toy robot which was currently continuously bumping into the wall. Louis seemed to be very relieved as well, and quickly walked over to your son. “What are you doing up, buddy?” Jacob shot you a sheepish smile knowing he’d been caught. “You said Santa came at 12:00, it’s 4:00 already so I started opening my presents. A-am I in trouble?” You smiled at your son and shook your head. “No, sweetie, just wake us up next time.” He nodded and gave you a sweet hug. You leaned down and whispered something in your ear which made him giggle. “I didn’t mean to scare you, daddy.” Louis looked at you unbelievingly. “I wasn’t scared, I was just… Protecting my family!” He puffed out his chest to prove his point. “Thank you, dear. Next time someone actually breaks in, I’m glad that at least we have a baseball bat to defend ourselves with.” You broke out into a loud laughter with your son, and surprisingly Louis soon joined.

Hearing muffled sounds coming from down stairs made you wake up nice and early on a Christmas morning. You wondered what it could be until you saw that Zayn had left the bed and was nowhere to be found. Smiling lightly, you got up and after going to the bathroom you made your way downstairs. As you finally reached the final step, you felt two arms wrap around you. “Good morning. I swear you get sexier everyday, Mrs Malik.” Zayn whispered in your ear and lightly kissed your neck. You laughed and turned around in his arms so you were facing him. “And you get even more flirtatious everyday, Mr Malik.” He smirked at you and guided you to the family room where the Christmas tree was. As you arrived you saw so many presents of many different sizes. Usually, since you didn’t have any kids yet, you would just hand them to each other like normal adults, but this brought the good old magic back. You hugged Zayn tightly and felt him return the embrace. “I know that ever since we got married we’ve wanted children, but I am also aware that things don’t always go as planned. We’ll keep trying, beautiful, but for now I thought we could have a child’s Christmas of our own. Lets start with this present.” He picked up a box which was nearest to the tree. It was wrapped in a nice black velvet box. He handed it to you and you delicately opened it. Inside the box was a beautiful necklace decorated with white, silver and gold stones, diamonds or gems. Your husband picked the precious token up and opened it in half. One one of the sides was a picture of you and Zayn on your wedding day, staring lovingly into each others eyes. On the other side, written in small writing were the words, “Work in progress ~ Future Maliks x” A sob escaped your lips as Zayn placed the necklace around your neck. You joined your lips to his in a passionate kiss. The kiss wasn’t very long but instead was very meaningful. As you pull back, he smiled at you. His eyes full of love and joy. “I have a present for you too.” He looked at you confused and immediately shook his head. “You shouldn’t have. All I want is you.” He winked at you and once against wrapped his arms around your waist. “It’s kind of a…. Combined present.” His confusion seemed to increase at your words and you knew he wasn’t getting the hints. “Zayn, I’m pregnant!” You bluntly stated and waited for his reaction. He stood there for a few seconds before finally coming back to reality. His smiled widened and the love and joy in his eyes were multiplied by a thousand. “You’re pregnant?!” He asked happily as if he couldn’t believe it. “Yes, Zayn. I’m pregnant.” He picked you up immediate and spun you around while hugging you. “You’re pregnant, I’m going I be a dad!” He stated to himself. Zayn let his hand drop to your flat stomach and slowly caressed it. “I can’t wait for you to arrive, then we’ll be able to complete your mom’s necklace!” You smiled at his cuteness but was thankful for the chance to be a mother.


Someone’s lips on your neck was what woke you up on Christmas. “Mmm” you groaned and turned so that you were facing you husband. “Good morning to you too, baby.” Niall smirked at you and pulled you closer to his body. You gladly accepted the warmth that radiated off his body and allowed him to keep kissing. His lips freely ran across your skin, rapidly inching closer to your own. Just as he was about to kiss them there was a scream from down stairs. “MOM THE PRESENT IS MOVING.” You shot up off the bed nearly making Niall fall as well. Niall seems disappointed and then confused at your daughter’s words. You smirked at him and quickly bolted to where your daughter was. You found Leah, your 10 year old daughter, behind a chair. “What’s wrong Le?” She turned her head to face you and dashed to hide behind your legs. “Oh, mother, thank goodness you’re here. That Christmas present is alive!” You followed he gaze and spotted a big red box which seemed to moved up and down every few seconds. Niall stood beside you, also very confused and deep in thought. Just as your were about to walk to it, you heard the unmistakeable sound of a small bark. Leah watched the box even closely and slowly approached it. She carefully opened it and took out a cute black puppy. “Awwwww.” She said as she hugged the puppy tightly. Niall looked at you before you both started laughing. He walked over to the box and examined it. “Of course! It’s from Louis, always giving us a little but of a scare for Christmas.” You shook your head with a small smile on your lips as you pulled Niall with you over to Leah. The rest of the day was spent playing and bonding with your new puppy.


“Shhh, sweetie.” You heard a deep voice whisper. “Daddy, can I wake them up?” Another much smaller voice followed. “Of course, but not yet.” A few shuffled footsteps were heard before lips connected with your forehead. You opened your eyes only to find your 4 year old daughter, Lucy, standing right above you. “Merry Christmas, mommy!” She said as she kissed your cheek before moving to your pregnant stomach. “Good morning, little brother.” She kissed your stomach delicately and scurried off to open the blinds. That’s when you spotted Harry at the door carrying food with him. He approached the bed and set the food aside. “Good morning, gorgeous.” He said as he kissed your lips sweetly. You smiled against his lips as he pulled away and slowly stroked your stomach. “He has grown very fast.” Harry quietly commented it, he kept brushing his fingers along your skin. “Yes, he’s definitely going to pop out any minute now, I can feel it.” Harry laughed at you before placing the food on the bed and calling Lucy over. “We thought that since the baby is sleeping in your tummy, we would make you breakfast in bed.” Your daughter explained, watching Harry as he nodded. “And then Lucy had the great idea of joining you for breakfast up here.” Lucy smile proudly as her father explained her plan. “That sounds good to me.” You say an watch their smile widened. While you were eating breakfast Lucy turned to Harry. “Daddy, what do you want for Christmas.” Your husband stared lovingly at your daughter before he answered. “Sweetheart, I have everything I could ask for. A beautiful wife,” he looked at you and kissed your hand, “an amazing daughter,” he tickled Lucy and she giggled as she blushed, “And a little man on the way!” You smiled at Harry and leaned in to kiss him. He kissed you back and wrapped his arms around you. In between your passionate moment, you heard your daughter whisper, “That’s nice. I want a bunny!”

Getting a Hard On Part 2(Michael and Calum)

Getting a Hard On Part 2

Michael: You guys would be picking up the house and out of boredom, you would put on your favourite song at the moment. As the song began, you’d move your hips to the beat, not knowing that Michael was no longer cleaning up the upstairs but now watching you move. Since the music was so loud, you would never hear his low breaths and soft moans that left his pink lips. It wasn’t until you felt a pair of hands on your hips, pushing your ass up against his hard on that you knew he’d been watching. You’d be surprised until you hear Michael’s husky voice in your ear demanding you to keep going. So slowly you would grind yourself into him, earning a strained moan to come out of him. After you guys did that for a while, he would get so painfully hard, you’d be on your knees in seconds “helping” him out with his problem.

Calum: You’d be playing around with your new kitten/ puppy that Calum bought you guys for your anniversary. Being that the animal is so small, you’d be on your knees, crawling around on the floor trying to catch the little bugger. Cal would get home from the studio, to see you on your hands and knees, crawling towards the animal, giving him a fucking fantastic few of your backside. He had already been fantasizing of what you guys did earlier this morning at work so this was just teasing him. So in no time, you would be thrown over his shoulder and brought up to your guy’s bedroom, his brown eyes filled with nothing but lust. You would know you were in for a rough but very fun night.

Taylor Imagine for Janie

thejackgilinsky ;)

You were walking over to your boyfriends house, he said that he had a surprise for you but you didn’t know what it was. You weren’t sure if you could trust a surprise from someone like Taylor, but at the same time you knew that it wouldn’t be bad… after all he was your boyfriend. When you reached his house you knocked on the door and in seconds he whipped it open with a huge grin on his face. “Janie! You’re here, okay come in but go wait in the living room. I’m not done yet, I didn’t think you would get here so fast.” He said, seeming a bit breathless. You made your way into the living room, making yourself comfortable as you usually did as you listened to Taylor in the other room. You heard crinkling and a few frustrated curses, and your could have sworn you heard Taylor say ‘shut up’. You were getting so curious but you didn’t want to ruin what ever surprise he had for you, so you sat in your spot on the couch and waited for him to come to you. After 15 minutes you saw Taylor come into the living room holding a huge box decorated with boys and wrapping paper, and you were pretty sure there was glitter too. You couldn’t help but laugh as he set the box down on the coffee table in front of you. “I’m actually scared to open this.” You said with a small laugh. “Do it, you’ll love it.” He said, unable to hide the grin on his face. You lifted the lid of the box and saw a small puppy inside, it started to whine when you opened the lid as it tried to jump out. You couldn’t control all the “aw’s” the fled from your mouth as you picked the small puppy up, holding it in your arms. “Taylor, my mom would never let me keep her!” You said, kissing the puppy on it’s head. “She will, actually. I asked her before I went out and bought her, and if she ever gets to be too much we can always trade off who takes car of her.” Taylor said, smiling at you cutely. You smiled as you leaned forward giving him a kiss on the lips. “I love you Taylor, thank you so much.” You said and he kissed you back smiling, “I love you too, Janie.” He said with a grin. For the rest of the day the two of you played with your new puppy as you tried to think of a name for her. 

- written by Nikki (I hope you like it! xo)

51 Amazing Moments in Life;

1. Falling in love.
2. Laughing so hard your face hurts.
3. A hot shower.
4. No lines at the supermarket
5. A special glance.
6. Getting mail
7. Taking a drive on a pretty road.
8. Hearing your favorite song on the radio.
9. Lying in bed listening to the rain outside.
10. Hot towels fresh out of the dryer.
11. Chocolate milkshake.. (or vanilla or strawberry!)
12. A bubble bath.
13. Giggling.
14. A good conversation.
15. The beach.
16. Finding a 20 dollar bill in your coat from last winter.
17. Laughing at yourself.
19. Midnight phone calls that last for hours.
20. Running through sprinklers.
21. Laughing for absolutely no reason at all.
22. Having someone tell you that you’re beautiful.
23. Laughing at an inside joke.
24. Friends.
25. Accidentally overhearing someone say something nice about you.
26. Waking up and realizing you still have a few hours left to sleep.
27. Your first kiss (either the very first or with a new partner).
28. Making new friends or spending time with old ones.
29. Playing with a new puppy.
30. Having someone play with your hair.
31. Sweet dreams.
32. Hot chocolate.
33. Road trips with friends.
34. Swinging on swings.
35. Making eye contact with a cute stranger.
36. Making chocolate chip cookies.
37. Having your friends send you homemade cookies.
38. Holding hands with someone you care about.
39. Running into an old friend and realizing that some things (good or bad) never change.
40. Feeling as though you finally belong somewhere.
41. Watching the ___ expression on someone’s face as they open a much desired present from you.
42. Buying amazing clothes that you found on sale.
43. Watching the sunrise.
44. Getting out of bed every morning and being grateful for another beautiful day.
45. Unexpected moments that become your favourite memory.
46. Knowing that somebody misses you.
47. Getting a hug from someone you care about deeply.
48. Knowing you’ve done the right thing.
49. Deciding what you want to do with your life.
50. Meeting people that happen to change your life
51. Realizing that everything is going to be okay.

Preference #?? // He get Jealous

(A/N: Okay, so I’m starting to write again… so request some preferences! Thank y'alls)


“ (Y/N) who was that guy you were walking with?” Harry asks.You were out and about earlier today and you didn’t know Harry was too.

“What?” You ask, slightly confused.

“You were walking with a guy. Very close, I might add.” He frowns. You suddenly remember. ’Why would he be jealous of my cousin– who is gay? Doesn’t he remember Jonathon from the last family gathering?’ You think to yourself.

“Harry… That’s my cousin Jonathon… Who is gay…” You say slowly, letting him process it through his mind. Sudden relief flows through him, then embarrassment takes over.

“Oh… I’m sorry, love… I just don’t want to lose you…” He trails on. You just smile.

“Harry, you don’t have to worry about that. You’re not going to lose me.” He smiles and brings you into a hug.


You walk into your bedroom, seeing a very jealous Liam.

“Honey, are you okay?” You ask softly. You might know why he would be jealous, but he should know you wouldn’t cheat.

“You were extremely close to Eric at the party (Y/N)..” He says. Last night, you and Liam went to your friend Eric’s party. You had to work early in the morning so you and Liam didn’t get to see eachother other then right now.

“Liam.. he’s my best friend..” You say. ‘He should know I love him and only him..’ You think to yourself.

“And I’m your boyfriend!” He slightly yells.

“Liam, why the hell are you so jealous?!” It was your turn to raise your voice.

“Because. You’re mine.” He simply says. You roll your eyes and kiss him gently.

“Of course I am. I’m no one else’s.” You whisper. He smiles softly and mumbles ho much he’s sorry.


“Hey Nialler” You slur. You, Niall, and a couple of friends went out to a club and you were pretty much wasted.

“Hello babe” He chuckles, “I’m going to go to the bathroom really fast, alright?” He starts walking to the washrooms and you get bored. You walk out on the dance floor and start dancing. Pretty soon, a very handsome and intoxicated guy starts grinding with you. You start giggling and getting into it.

“(Y/N) what are you doing?!” Niall exclaims. You turn to face Niall and you sober up at his reaction.

“Oh my god I’m so sorry Niall I was drunk and bored and -” Niall cuts you off with a hard kiss.

“Shh. Let’s go home. I’ll show you that you’re mine.” He glares at the guy and you two leave. (OOOOh get someee)


(Okay so this one is gonna suck balls)

You were sitting on your floor playing with your new puppy, you weren’t exactly giving Lou all the attention, but this puppy needed the love and affection.

“(Y/N)!!!” Louis whines.

“What Lou? I’m kinda busy.” You say, playing with the puppy. You look up at Lou.

“Can you give me some love instead of wasting it all on that dog?” He says with slight attitude.You stand up and scoff.

“Is someone getting a little jealous?” You tease. He crosses his arms,

“Honestly, I am.” And with tthat, all your attention turns to him and the dog.


Zayn has been giving you the silent treatment all day long after you him and one of your very close guy friends went out to lunch. You have been giving a lot of your attention to your Friend, but that’s because you haven’t seen him in 6 years! You thought Zayn was being outright ridiculous.

“Zayn, I didn’t even technically do anything wrong!” You say. He just ignores you.

“Zaynnnyyyyy” You whine. You get up and straddle him. You make him look at you, with your hands.

“Zayn, I am soooo sorry. I love you and only you. I just haven’t seen him in forever an d he’s like a brother to me. But you are the only one I love. Okay?” As you said that, he just grins.

“Alright, love. All is forgiven.” He kisses you gently. You smile, glad that he isn’t mad anymore.

(A/N I know it suckkkkksssssssss but please request more! I’m bored as fuck)

5SOS Preference - Valentines Day with Him.

Ashton: You’ve been with Ashton for as long as you can remember, before 5SOS anyway, and you are still going strong. Each Valentines Day gets better by morning and night. Today Ashton said he had something really big planned for you and you couldn’t wait to see what he was going to do. I mean he brought you breakfast in bed, you had a great night last night, he’s given you little presents and it’s all you wanted. Now you’re on your way to some dinner with him and he seems pretty nervous. “You okay babe?” You asked and he smiled pulling up outside a fancy restaurant. He smiled at you before getting out of the car and opening your door for you. ‘You look amazing Y/N’ He said taking your hand and leading you to the restaurant. You guys took your seats and ordered your food. “I’ll be right back baby” Ashton said before getting up and leaving you. You waited for ten minutes before he came back. “Where’d you go?” You asked. “Just to make sure our food was being cooked properly” He replied. The waiters came with your food and placed it in front if you. “Yum” You stated and Ashton watched as you began to eat. You looked at him strangely as he smile watching you eat your food. That was when you felt a round object in your mouth that wasn’t edible. You took it out of your mouth and you saw it. A beautiful, diamond encrusted engagement ring laying in the palm of your hands. You looked at Ashton who was now down on one knee in front of you. “Oh my god” You said tears beginning to for in your eyes. “Y/N, Y/N. I love you so much. We have been together for six years now and I fall in love with you more each day. You have been there for me when I wasn’t there for you and I don’t want to spend the rest of my life with you, I need to spend the rest of my life with you. Please Y/N, make me the happiest man in the world and marry me” Ashton said and you started to cry. “Yes! Ashton yes I’ll marry you” You said and he picked up kissing you as the restaurant started to applause. “I love you so much” You said and kissed him again.

Michael: You were enjoying a nice sleep when you felt someone place kisses all over your neck up to your lips. You opened your eyes to meet your boyfriend, Michaels eyes. You guys had a full make out session until he pulled away handing you a small box. “Happy Valentines my Princess” He said as you opened the box revealing a heart shaped locket. You opened it up and there was a photo of Michael as a baby on one side and you as a baby on the other. “Mikey this is so amazing. Thank you so much baby” You said hugging him. “I didn’t get you an actually gift but I have something very exciting planned or tonight” You said with a wink and he licked his lips. “That’s all I need baby” He said. “I have a whole day planned out for us starting in one hour so we gotta get ready” Michael said. “Baby do you wanna do this?” You asked and he looked confused. “What?” He asked. “Do you honestly want to go out today, or is it just for me” You asked. “I wanna make you happy, I don’t mind what we do” He replied. “So you wouldn’t mind if we cancelled everything today and stay home, play video games, cook so food later, listen to music and just do nothing” You said and he smiled. “This is why I love you so much, you get me” He said and started to kiss you again. Let’s just say you gave him his present earlier than expected.

Calum: This is your first Valentines with Calum, to be honest you didn’t are about Valentines day, it’s just another day. He is honestly the best boyfriend anyone could have though. Right now your waking up to Calum cuddled up next to you. You were laying half on your back and half on your side while Calum’s head was rested on your shoulder, your legs intertwined and his arm wrapped around your waist holding you close to him. You gently lifted your hand and ran your fingers through his hair. He sighed and smiled. “Hi Baby” You said as he sat up a little. “Hi Sweetie” He said his voice purposely deep causing you to giggle. “Hi babe how are you” You said in a funny accent causing him to laugh. He brought his lips to yours and kissed you softly. “Blah I hate morning breath” You whined and he laughed only kissing you more. “Your….so….annoying” You said between kisses as he straddled your hips and his hands on either side of your head. “Mhmm, but you love me” He said staring to kiss down you neck but stopping at the neckline of your black Nirvana muscle tee. “Baby why do you wear clothes” He whined causing you to giggle. He plopped down on the bed laying next to you, both of you turning your bodies to each other. “Happy Valentines Day Y/N” He said. “Happy Valentines Cal baby” You replied. “What would you like to do?” He asked. “You mean you don’t have the whole day planned” You said acting shocked. “Nah baby I don’t really care about Valentines, let’s just have fun today we don’t have to get each other presents or anything” You said and he smiled. “Okay babe, but I got you a small present yesterday, I’ll be right back” He said leaving the bed. A few minutes later he came in with a minimum sized box. “That’s not small” You protested taking the box from him. As soon as you fit the box, the lid opened by itself revealing a little puppy. “Oh my god Calum!” You said taking the puppy in your arms. “He’s so cute” You exclaimed. “See now it’s a present for both of us” He said. You gave him a kiss and spent the rest of the day playing with Calum and your new puppy.

Luke: This your second Valentines with Luke and sadly he’s not here to spend it with you. He’s in the UK with the band and can’t get home to you and you miss him so much. It’s very early in Oz so you don’t expect him to be calling you anytime soon because of the timezones. As you entered your kitchen you saw a large bouquet of roses sitting in the kitchen table. “Got here this morning” Your mother said and you smiled running to the flowers. “They’re so pretty” You said. There was a note taped to it which read “To Y/N, wish I could be with you to say but hopefully these will do until I get back. I love you. Luke Xxx” You smiled at your mother who then took the card to read it. “Aww he’s so sweet honey” Your mother said. “I really miss him” You said as your phone rang. It was Luke. “Luke? What time is it over there?” You asked. “That doesn’t matter, did you get the flowers?” He asked. “Yes and they’re so beautiful, I got your note too. I really miss you” You admitted. “I know baby I miss you too, I can only talk for a minute so I’ll have to go but I’ll see you soon” He said. “Okay baby, I love you” You said hanging up. “Ugh you guys are too cute, I can’t” You’re mother said waking out of the room causing you to laugh. Just as you were about to go to your bedroom the doorbell rang. You sighed and went to answer it. When you opened the door you saw Luke standing there. You couldn’t believe it. “Luke Oh my God!!” You yelled jumping into his arms. He lifted you up and spun you around. “Ugh I missed you Y/N” He admitted. “I can’t believe your here” You said. “I told you that you’d see me soon” He said before kissing you. So Luke took you out for the day since your mom couldn’t handle the cuteness and you had the best day ever.

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