playing with your heart

It truly is an honor to be able to play Dorothy, especially the fact that I’m Hispanic […] For me in particular, I think it’s really interesting because I do come from somewhere else and I went to America and it’s very similar to what Dorothy is doing: she left home, so she’s not from [Kansas], and she’s come to Oz but she’s not from there either, and it’s sort of like that exact same thing that immigrants sort of go through when they come to America looking for a new opportunity. They’re not from home because they left and they’re not from here because they just arrived. And it’s that beautiful journey that also Dorothy takes, that it’s, what is home? And everyone ends up finding out that it kind of is where your heart is.

“Come on, Sam - I’ve never lied to you. You could at least pay me the same respect!” 

why your fav isak valtersen is problematic 

  • pretends he’s a fuckboi but:
    •  watches a sappy romance movie and cries about it 
    • is literally the s o f t e s t person. have you seen his face when he’s looking at even? amazing 
  • stalks his crush on the internet before he even speaks to him??? how did he even find Even i can’t remember but that takes Dedication
  • judges people for liking pop songs but likes all of them (literally asked jonas to play “i’m yours” and sang his heart out to it. isak why are you lying
  • plays phone games on full blast volume in bathroom stalls to get away from social events 
  • has no Chill 
  • questions whether he should send an emoji on a text or not
  • too cute too pure 

did magnus open the door for alec? or did alec realise that he screwed up and needed to speak to magnus one way or another?! obviously magnus knew that alec was there, probably knew the moment alec was outside his door. but also if alec just walked in, it signifies two things, one is that Alec screwed up big time and an apology needed to occur, and two Alec was comfortable walking into Magnus’s loft like he’s been there multiple times since the last time we saw, I wonder if Alec sees Magnus’s loft as his safe place.

When it’s over I just want to be able to look in the mirror and say, ‘Well, you were a half-decent player.’

Dear Yuri!!! On Ice,

You made all our hearts beat,
just 1 season: never enough
We close our eyes and realize that our dreams have come true

There is only binge-watching
when we open our laptops, your force is now unstoppable
where your legacy lies, playing on our screens
you set fan hearts on fire

Please don’t end now, you saved all our youth
we were born to ship Viktuuri
you made it happen,  our ships are canon
yes, you truly made history

                                     A very grateful fandom

  • What she says: I'm fine...
Purge Day | Part 1

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Pairing: Jungkook (main) x Reader (OT7 BTS) x Hoseok 

Genre: Purge!AU, angst, (soon to be?) smut, slight fluff

Warnings: mentions of unstable family life (more to be added in later chapters)

Word Count: 1,800 (so exact)

Jeon Jungkook.

One of your brothers best friends, play boy, fuck boy, heart breaker. He practically screamed dangerous, but there wasn’t a moment in the day you weren’t able to think about him and his perfectly chiselled jaw, muscular body and delicious thighs. He was danger.

How your brother, Hoseok, ended up hanging out with someone like him and his friends, was a question that remained unanswered. Hoseok was a sunshine, happy all the time and wanting to make everyone around him happy. Until he met Jungkook and his gang. They turned him into everything he wasn’t. He started drinking, started partying more than he should, got into fights and came home with a black eye and multiple bruises, playing with girls hearts, fucking them one night then dumping them the next. He came home with a tattoo one night, your parents brushed it off, telling him to cover it up when he goes out. The next week he came home with another. The next night, three more, the cycle kept going until he was covered in inks, they were beautiful and each held meaning to him – but your parents didn’t see that.

He was still your brother, still your Hoseok, only he was so much more different.

Your parents weren’t taking any of it. They were rich, we all know what they’re like. Snobby, wanting nothing more but money and being on the front paper and news, making their faces known. That’s exactly what they were like. They wanted to be perfect, be seen as perfect, have the most expensive clothes hanging on their bodies, being seen as perfect.

But they were far from perfect. Home life wasn’t perfect. Ever since Hoseok had started hanging out with those ‘hooligans’ he’d been the centre of most of the fights that happened in your household. His behaviour made your father furious, Hoseok would never listen to him or his words, he would never listen to your mother either. Your parents would be yelling downstairs as you’d be in your room trying to drown out the noise of glass shattering and screaming. Hoseok would walk into your room without a word and hug you, holding you close letting you know he’d be there for you and that he’d sorry. You’d fall asleep in your brother’s arms and wake up with some breakfast by your table and a note from him saying he’d stay away for a bit so the fighting would calm down. But it’d all start up again the second he walked in through those doors.

One day it was too much. They kicked him out, placed his bag on the front door and told him to go. You tried to stop them from doing do, you really did – but nothing could change their minds. He left for good. Your parents warned you not to go and see him, to leave him be, that you needed to be the child who ‘remained pure’ in the public eye but it’s not like you’d listen. He was your brother and he’d always be.


The first time you’d met Jungkook was when your parents were away from home and on a business trip and the guy’s thought it was a good idea to barge into your home and throw a party. Obviously, Hoseok didn’t disagree, instead he dragged you down and told you to loosen up and make friends, “but don’t get drunk, one of us needs to be sober” he told you.

You wished he had told his friends that because when you attempted to open the bathroom door, Jungkook came into view while he was pulling his boxers up his body, his jeans hanging low on his thighs and being slightly covered in sweat, causing you too look away with your jaw threatening to open in shock “You’re Hobi’s sister, yeah? He never told me how hot you were,” he smirked, pulling his jeans up and zipping them up.

“You’re one of his fucked up friends, am I right?” you spoke through gritted teeth, wanting him to hurry up so you could go into the bathroom that probably smelt like sex and sweat now.

“Woah, uptight much?” he chuckled, ruffling his hair and leaning against the bathroom door, “That’s not how you greet attractive strangers these days, baby girl,” he held out his hand, “Jungkook. Jeon Jungko-”

“Look can you move out of the way? I need to use the bathroom. Take your fuck toy with you.” You said rather angrily.

“Fuck toy?”

“Her,” you pointed to the girl who was on the floor of your bathroom passed out with the strap of her dress down her shoulder.

“She has a name baby girl.” He chuckled before stepping aside and walking off before turning around to you, “Good luck taking care of her. Oh, and if she asks for me, tell her I went home or some bullshit. Nice meeting you baby girl.” Jungkook winked and continued walking off leaving you to take care of the girl on the floor.


March 20th 2017 | 11:18 AM

One day until Purge night. It came around sooner than you expected. It’d been about three months since Hoseok had been kicked out. He barely had money and you didn’t expect any of his ‘gang’ to have much either, the least you could do was find them a safe place for the twelve hours of the Purge. You parked your car out in front of their ‘house’ and walked to the front door. What you didn’t expect was the door to be opened by a shirtless Hoseok with a gun in his hand.

“What the fuck are you doing with that?!” You gasped.

“Hi to you too baby sis,” he rolled his eyes and gave you a kiss on your forehead before stepping aside and let you come in. “Hey, sorry. But – why are you holding a god damn gun? You’re not seriously going to-”

“Purge? Hell yeah we are,” Jungkook smirked at you as he swirled a knife in his hand. “Wanna join us sweet cheeks?”

“Honestly, I’m going to punch you. Stop trying to pick up my sister, that’s disgusting Kook.”

“She’s hot, don’t blame me.”

“Surprised Hobi’s been able to keep her away from you for so long. Jungkook would have fucked her by now,” a pink haired Namjoon came out from the kitchen with a bottle of beer in his hand. He’d dyed his hair again, it was blonde last time you’d seen him.

“Guys, come on this is gross. Don’t talk about fucking her.” Hoseok whined, the idea just being revolting.

“Anyway, can I talk to you, Hobi? In private.”

“Yeah come on.” He ushered you into his room before closing the door and sitting down on his bed. “What’s up sis?”

“Was Jungkook serious? About you-” you took in a deep breath before saying, “you going out and purging…”

“Yeah. None of us are safe in this so called house. It’s breaking down and so easy to break into. What’s the point of staying when we’re gonna be killed easily? Besides the guys know what they’re doing. It’s not the first Purge they’ve gone through without protection.”

“That’s not the point Hoseok. It might not be the first Purge they’ve gone through, but it is yours. You wouldn’t even be able to kill someone, I know you wouldn’t be able too. Let me help, I won’t tell mum and dad – just let me find you and the guy’s a place for the twelve hours Hoseok. Security and everything…” you begged, you couldn’t live with the thought knowing you not finding a safe place for him resulted in him dying that night.

“Look, I appreciate you worrying, Y/N. I really do. But, I want to. I want to Purge this year. It’s one day a year where I can do what I want without being locked up. Everything that has happened in the last few months has me so mad, you-you don’t even know half the anger I feel right now. We all want to Purge. Let me do it.”

“Are you- are you serious? Are you sure?”

“I’m positive Y/N. I trust the guys with my life. They wouldn’t let me go if I was in danger. I know they wouldn’t. I’ll be fine yeah?” Hoseok took your hands into his, squeezing yours to reassure you but you couldn’t get rid of the sick feeling in your stomach. You only nodded back at him, not finding the words to say.

“Now go on home, don’t come out yeah? You better be home in your room, promise?”

“I promise, douchebag.”

“You love me.” He smiled and wrapped his arms around you tightly. Neither of you pulled away. This could be the very last time you two could see each other.

“I love you Hobi, please-please stay safe.”

“I love you too sis. You stay safe too. Stay with mum and dad, yeah?” you nodded back at him. “Come on, I’ll walk you out.”

Hoseok opened his room’s door and walked you out the front door to your car. “I’ll see you in a few day’s time, I promise. You know I never break my promises.”

“I know Hobi, I know.” You smiled and hugged him again before pulling back, a sad smile overtaking your features. “I’ll be fine, don’t worry about me. NoW go go go, get your little ass back home.”


“You love me, don’t you? Forever and always am I right?”

“Forever and always Hoseok, forever and always.”


March 21st 2017 | 5:58 PM

One hour and two minutes until the Purging started. The day was finally here. How stupid of your parents to have you go and guy god damn groceries at this time of night. Did they want you killed?

You slammed the door closed as you sat down and placed the key into the hole and turned it to the side. “What the fuck?”

You tried again. Nothing. “Fuck, fuck, fuck! This can’t be happening, fuck!” You rummaged around your bag to find your phone. With shaky hands you dialled your mum’s number.

The number you are calling is currently unavailable. Please try again later.

You hung up and tried your fathers.

The number you are calling is currently una-

Next was Hoseok’s but he didn’t pick up either. You glanced down at the time. 6:03 PM. No one was going to come and get you at this time, no shops were open either, and everything closed an hour or so before the Purge.

You got out of your car and grabbed your purse, opting to run all the way home even though you knew there was no way you were going to make it home by running in an hours time.

a:n/ okay the first part/chapter is kind of boring but i promise the next chapters won’t be! i hope you all enjoy this series because honestly i’m so excited to write it! i’ve been pretty dead with inspiration so i hope after this i’ll be writing the requests again!

i’m not tying to copy @jungblue with this fic at all (cause her purge fic is oh my god so amazing, go read it if you haven’t!) i’ve always wanted to write a purge!AU but i’ve been stuck for a plot, but damn here y’all go. hopefully this won’t flop cause i’ really excited for it! 

feedback is appreciated :)


This is Ziggy (Ziggiford) Houdini Stardust. We adopted this little jerk from a shelter when he was seven months and he is the wildest, cuddliest, friendliest, sweetest little monster in the world. When he’s not opening every drawer in the house or stealing your bra to best in, he’s playing fetch and stealing your heart one smolder at a time.

Our bodies dance to the melodies we make | Viktuuri

NSFW, Yuri and Viktor have sex for the first time!

I wrote this initially based on a comic I read about how Viktor is in love with the melody Yuri’s body makes and craves to hear his sweet sounds. I’ve never written a boyxboy smut before so I hope this isn’t too terrible…

In the beginning, your song was only a distant melody.
The music you created, only a faint noise amongst your blades.
Your song, plays permanently on repeat in my heart.
Forever singing.


Viktor looked down at the younger man, hair disheveled, mouth agape as he whimpered under his touch. He wasn’t sure how the two managed to be in this situation, but he didn’t care.

Their mouths danced to the song their bodies created in sloppy desperate movements. Their bodies arching into one another as they sat cross legged in front one another, desperate for contact as they stroked each other’s skin.

Viktor hurriedly pulled his top over his head, before quickly pulling Yuri’s off and throwing it into a pile on the other side of the hotel room.

A small, but loud moan escaped the younger boys lips, as Viktor latched his mouth onto Yuri’s neck.

Viktor hummed as he caressed every part of his lovers gentle body, moving his fingertips slowly down his arched spine, toward his hips and around to his lower stomach.

Shivers and moans, kisses upon untouched flesh.

Viktors mind was a mess, and he couldn’t seem to hold a thought as he made sloppy kisses down Yuri’s neck and chest and toward his pant button.

“Vitya,” Yuri moaned gently, hands reaching desperately for his touch once more.

“Please take care of me,” he mumbled as Viktor pried at the seam of his pants.

“Of course my love, I promise.” Viktor smiled, pressing a kiss on top of the boys belly. With a simple movement he eased Yuri to lay down on the bed.

With a quick tug his pants were gone and Yuri felt utterly exposed. His entire body laid bare in front of Viktor.

His hand reached down, to cover himself in self consciousness.

“No,” Viktor hummed, pulling his hand away.
“You’re beautiful.” He explained.

Yuri blushed a deep shade of pink, letting out a slightly awkward giggle. “What’s so funny?” Viktor asked, leaning up to kiss the boy.

“You, you’re so funny. This is so funny, this is unreal.” Yuri explained truthfully, laughing slightly as he pulled Viktor’s lips toward his own.

“You’re unreal.” He finished, watching as Viktor caressed up his legs, toward his hard length.

“You have a very nice cock.” Viktor admitted. The word made Yuri squirm in anticipation.

Viktors hand barely brushed against it and Yuri’s body jolted toward his touch. The older man laughed as Yuri covered his red face with his forearm.

“I want this to be slow, I want to show you my love as well as I can.” Viktor hummed, giving his lovers length a few slow pumps.
“Ahh, Vitya.”

The man lowered himself once more, so his face hovered just above the tip of Yuri’s erect member. He peppered a gentle kiss along the tip, humming gleefully as he swirled his tongue around it.

Yuri moaned, and Viktor was sure he had never heard a melody so sweet.

‘There it is.’ Viktor thought, the musics Yuri’s body made on the ice, now a vocal sensual noise.

He took a part of his length into his mouth, licking and sucking in all the right spots as Yuri moaned from under him.

“Ah, oh my,” Yuri puffed as he tilted his head back, a guttural groan of pleasure escaping him.

Viktor edged him on, feeling his cock twitch beneath his tongue as he pumped the rest he couldn’t get into his mouth.

“Viktor.” Yuri begged, the sweet sound flowing out of his mouth like honey.

Viktor released his mouth off of Yuri’s cock with a pop, and Yuri’s legs buckled slightly at the lack of contact.

“I don’t want you to cum, not like this.” Viktor explained, biting his lip. He reached toward Yuri’s hand, guiding it to rest over Viktors stiff member.

Yuri grunted as he gently caressed his fingers over his lovers length.

“Yuri, would you like to make love?” Viktor asked, hands delicately playing a tune on Yuri’s skin

“I-I’ve never..” Yuri mumbled.
“I promised I would take care of you,” Viktor explained, Yuri bit his lip nodding slowly.

“Please, make me yours,” Yuri agreed. The two shared a kiss as Viktor began to fiddle with his pant button, he allowed Yuri to take them off.

The younger boy smiled into Viktors glance, and Viktors heart began to dance.

Viktor took a deep breath, removing his pants the rest of the way before looking toward Yuri reassuringly. The boy nodded to his lover.

Viktors lips locked with Yuri’s and the two shared a deep kiss, Viktors hands trailed along Yuri’s body, his fingers making their way to Yuri’s mouth. He traced his fingers along Yuri’s bottom lip, before he pushed his middle and ring finger into his mouth.

Yuri moaned, brushing his tongue against his nimble fingers.

“Tell me if you’re uncomfortable or need anything.”
The older man smiled, taking his now lubricated fingers down toward Yuri’s entry. He swirled his fingers around the boys hole before gently pushing one finger in.

He watched his lovers face contort to one of discomfort, waiting until he eased into the feeling before pumping his finger a few dozen times and adding one more.

Yuri was extremely tight as he pushed his fingers into him.
“Relax.” Viktor hummed. The boy nodded.

It took a few moments, but slowly the boy unclenched his muscles, laying completely mellow and trustingly upon the mattress.

“There we go.” Viktor smiled, Yuri’s hand began to stroke his lovers length.

“Ah,” Viktor moaned, tilting his head up toward his lover. His eyes were shut, mouth open wide, a collection of pleased noises escaping him.

“Are you ready?” Viktor asked, positioning himself over him. Yuri nodded, eyes still shut as Viktor asked.

The older man laughed, pushing the tip slowly into him.

He took his time, patient as Yuri tightened around his cock.

As time passed and Yuri has gotten used to the new feeling of Viktors cock Viktor began to speed up. Holding Yuri’s legs comfortably around his waist as he thrusted into him, his other hand wrapped around his lovers genitals, pumping at the same speed as his thrusts.

Yuri moaned, a flurry of noises, squeaks and incoherent Japanese words escaping him.

Viktor slammed into him as Yuri begged for him to fuck him harder, his body slowing tiredly.

“Viktor!” He shouted, arching himself into his touch, a deep breath escaping him. “Don’t stop!”
“I’m about to,” he whimpered, Viktor nodded.
“So am I,” he breathed, giving a few more pumps to Yuri’s length.

Yuri spilled out onto his chest, heaving as Viktor soon followed.

NCT hyung line reaction to their GF/BF kissing them while they're in the middle of talking


Anon: Can you do a Nct reaction to their gf/bf kissing them while they’re in the middle of talking?

If you want the maknae line, please request it too. I didn’t realise they were quite shirt lol sorry! I hope you enjoy it - feedback is appreciated! :-D


Originally posted by smboys

He’d stop mid-sentence, gasping slightly. To be honest, he’s quite an awkward guy so wouldn’t know what to do or how to react. When you pulled away, he’d sheepishly apologise, an awkward smile playing on his lips. This’d only make your heart warm at his adorableness and bring him into another kiss, one of which he’d actually return. 


Originally posted by kunxxxsol

I have so much love for this guy it’s incredible anyway Hansol, although shy and timid, would love this sudden act of skinship. He’d immediately pull you close to him, humming in joy as he ran his tongue lightly against your bottom lip. You’d shiver, suddenly shy, since you never expected him to kiss you back like that. 


Originally posted by nakamotens

He’d make sure to tease you about it afterwards. If you ever started complaining about how much he was talking or if you told him to shut up, in front of the other members of not, he’d bring it up again and again. “What are you going to do? Kiss me? Failed last time, didn’t it? I wonder why”, he’d grin and laugh, ignoring the slaps you gave him on his chest. 


Originally posted by nctech

Surprised at your boldness, he’d kiss you back, this time letting you take the lead. He’d enjoy having you dominate the kiss and deciding what would happen. Although he’d never tell you that, you could tell and would make sure to always do that whenever he starts rambling or moaning. 


Originally posted by y-ta

He’d be a mix of Hansol and Johnny. He would probably take control of the kiss and turn it into a make out session rather than a quick peck. But would also enjoy teasing you about it, liking how you blushed and bowed your head in embarrassment whenever he brought it up. 


Originally posted by jonginka

Although it would be a quick peck, it’d be enough to completely stall him. He’d forget what he was talking about, his mind distracted by what happened only a few seconds before. There would be a lot of stuttering and blushing on his behalf, with you smiling fondly at his behaviour. 


Originally posted by nctjay

He’d be a blushing and grinning mess. Just a quick peck from you was enough to make his heart flutter for the rest of the day, but when you did it to shut him up, he’d say it was like the movies, and “totally romantic”. A smile would be evident on his face, and would not budge for the rest of the day. 


Originally posted by yoon-to-the-oh

He’d jump a bit, not expecting to be interrupted in any way shape or form. Even though he would be a little annoyed that you didn’t want to hear his story about when Yuta slept on Taeyong’s bum in the dorms for the 7284683 time, his heart would be pumping and the adrenaline would be going. “What was that for?" 


Originally posted by yoon-to-the-oh

He’d love it so much that he made it his priority to always ramble so that you would have to kiss him to shut him up. Jaehyun would smirk into the kiss, enjoying how his typical, shy girl/boy-friend suddenly did that. Soon, he’d melt into the kiss and make the most of it, probably trying to go further hint hint if he could. 


Originally posted by stannctchinaline

Would be a mix of Taeil and Kun. He’d immediately apologise for talking too much, so much so that you had to go to the extent of kissing him, but at the same time, would be stuttering and blushing so hard that the words barely formed. Your heart warmed at the sight and you’d bring him into a tight hug, saying that it didn’t matter and to basically calm the fuck down lol