playing with tones

i fuckin hate classical music playlists because fucking 99% of them are like “music to study to :]” and “relaxing playlist <3″ and “get~inspired” and fucking “instrumental tracks for rainy days” and then they play goddamn strauss tone poems or schumann or Mars or some shit and i want to just quietly take away someone’s computer and chuck it into a goddamn volcano because you know what??????? that’s how your fucking relaxing playlist INSPIRED ME ok buddy i cannot STUDY to fucking SHOSTAKOVICH because i just get distracted planning violent ways to TAKE DOWN THE SOVIET REGIME


Dark Horse Extension in Melbourne

In a row of workers’ cottages, there is one Dark Horse – a handsome creature designed by Architecture Architecture. The stepped parapet, centred window, side-lined door and entrance awning are carried with the familiar, unassuming composure of the others. Yet here the materials, stark in their composition, have a distinctly 21st century character, hinting at the contemporary home within.

Indeed, the palette of black, white and grey is carried throughout the house, lending tonal variation and spatial depth to an otherwise diminutive site. The play of tones establishes a subtle field of spaces that expand and contract, creating moments of generosity and intimacy.

Play it cool
  • Michele: *walks into kitchen* is something burning?
  • Emil: *leans seductively against counter* just my desire for you
  • Michele: Emil the toaster is on fire
  • Sherlock: Hey Rosie do you know the easiest way to get your dad's attention? Watch this (he clicks a button on his phone and it plays Irene's text tone)
  • John, not 1 second later: wHAT WAS THAT
Musically speaking, I would say that the basic element of the russian school is the legato. When I was young, all I ever heard was: “More legato!” The treatment of the legato is the reason that many people associate the Russian school with a thick, rich tone and a great dynamic range.
—  Alexei Volodin

i love night in the woods so much now, it’s so nice

also, what better way to start trying out lineless art than drawing something night in the woods related? 

i really like how lineless art looks though, i might do it more often 


My SecretSanta-ee was @firefrightfic / @crumpeting who had requested “League of Assassins Jason and Red Robin Tim”. I really hope you like it, I enjoyed playing around with the tone on tone red : 3 Merry Christmas lovely!

Follow @jaykore for the DC goodness :) Reblogs are always appreciated -muah-

BONUS Maskless Tim (becaues his eyes are just too pretty)

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Saviors of Christmas?

Been a while since i’ve touched mp100! I actually wanted to make a more “domestic” fanart, like a christmas dinner or something, but then i remember that one official art of genos and saitama being santas, so this happened.

Merry christmas and happy holidays everyone!


Alec X Reader

Requested By Anon

Alec had missed you, that much was clear, the moment he got back and had the chance to be alone with you he took it. Jace didn’t even complain that he hadn’t got to hear the full details of your adventures in Idris he just let Alec hurriedly shove him out of your room.


“I missed you.” He mumbled as he kissed and biting at your neck.

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Project Diva Future Tone -  Nice to meet you, Mr. Earthling (PS4, taken by me)

I only first heard this song when I first played Future Tone a couple of months ago and it’s definitely one of my new favorites. It is so fucking adorable, omg. lol. Adorable, catchy and fun to play! Watch for yourself, although this Miku (not my Miku) isn’t wearing the awesome alien clothes. …. Oh, it changed. lol. There she is. Okay. Enjoy. 

i remember before HHD came out ppl were trying to say that ac not having skin coloe options was because “the series is japanese uwu” even tho dark japanese ppl exist and animal crossing has been a worldwide franchise since gamecube and nintendo is perfectly aware of that fact