playing with textures sorry


I did another thing that I’ll be releasing today-ish? Either way, I kinda like it :P


Pray for me sister. Give me a mention. 
I’ve got no faith and oh did I mention?
I want no trouble. I want no trouble. I want no trouble. I want no trouble.

qvoixcc  asked:

Just stumble across your simblr and ohmygod I love it! ❤ uhm, may I ask do you use any reshade presents or what photoshop actions do you use cos holyshet your screenies are eye poppin! So colorful!

Hi, friend! Thank you so much for loving my story!

I knew I would get this question someday so I have been both excited for it and dreading it. It’s taken me a looooong time to get my editing process perfected and I change it a lot but I’ll tell you how I’m currently editing, under the cut!

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