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It’s a Scraplet Infestation!!!

The @consplay-superior group has a new Prop addition! I don’t Think Stascream, Soundwave, or Knockout are all too thrilled about it tho lol! ;D 

For commission please Email:

These fellas are Priced At:

  • 1 =$35 
  • 3 = $100 (save $5) 
  • (Does not include shipping)


  • Legs are pose-able. 
  • Are lightweight so easy to wear. 
  • They have Rare Earth Magnets that you can use to stick them to your shirt or cosplay piece as depicted! 
  • I’m pleased to find they work on some pretty thick foam too! 
  • The bodies are hand sculpted as well as the eyes finished with a gloss coat. Elements are hand painted to add detail and bring these tiny terrors to life!


ellinlovesbaytin  asked:

Jack are you okay? You seem to be a little fed up or unusual on Mark's prop hunt video, is there something wrong if I may ask kindly?

Nothing wrong, we had just already played that map in Prop Hunt before so it wasn’t as fun as the others. Plus if you could see Bob’s cam as well I think you would see how done he was too lol I like when Prop Hunt is half jokes and half gameplay but when it’s all just jokes and dicking around it gets less fun

anonymous asked:

Moments when kaisoo are blatantly flirting with each other? 😘

ohohohohooh I like this anon ;——————-) 

Ok, so *cracks knuckles*

Ofc, Kolon sport bts vid!! One of my fave kd moments. 

The one that posted the vid said in the description, that ppl find it attractive when a younger guy changes the form of language (like from formal to informal, and back again). It’s a form of flirting in a way.

They’re so blatantly flirting, it’s like they left their shame at the dorm xD

I mean c’mon?? Nini is flirting with soo using a cookie as a prop! 

Playing footsie under the table hehe

I could put all the moments from asian idol awards here, cuz they were literally flirting with each other the entire day+night!!! 

Why you gotta bring attention to your lips, bite them and stuff, and then make those eyes at nini at the same time??? 

Lol this was both hilarious and weird, cuz they were almost being too obvious here xD 

Hehe JM :—–)

I’ve always considered this moment to be really flirty, look at Soo’s shy smile ;) 

More flirty kaisoo under the cut ;))

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“Are you nearly done?” she spoke, fingers reaching out to touch your waist. She’s warm, and it feels very sweet  when she presses a kiss to your bare shoulder, worn sweater of hers hanging off your frame. It’s the warmest feeling, her arms wrapping around your waist. Her sweater was given to you when she was in college. A small liberal art school on the coast, her fingers drumming on the counter top.

 You stir the spaghetti, and you smile, nodding.

 “It’s almost done, babe.” she laughs, looking at you with honest to god heart eyes.

 “Look at us,” she laughed, taking a sip of the Welch’s grape juice you’d poured in wine glasses, glasses you’d bought to celebrate your first home together. “We’re fucking saps.” she smiled at you, and you swore to god that you could melt, between the cracks of the hardwood you stood on.

 Home is the perfect word to describe this girl, and this place you’ve moved into. It’s tiny and the AC is awful and her clothes don’t have enough room but she’s here. She’s here and she looks like an angel, hair tossed up in a bun and a silly smile on her lips. 

She’s here and she is so beautiful, the kind of beautiful you could wait your whole life and still never see. She is the kind of blessing that all those nights wondering if this, liking who you do and loving who you love was worth it, she’s the kind of blessing that makes your heart scream yes, of course.

“Stirring spaghetti and playing shitty music from 2009, we’re such rom com princesses.” you quip back. She rolled her eyes and grabbed your hand, and a spike of worry shot up in your tummy because there was a roll in the oven.

But a beautiful woman had just grabbed your hand and you weren’t about to say no because of a fucking roll. Incidentally, she’d pulled you to an empty floor surrounded by boxes, laying down and looking up at the ceiling.

There’s plastic night light stars for kids stuck on the ceiling. It’s not glowing because the lights are on. The spaghetti smells lovely.

You’re lying down, and you turn to your side and press your face into her neck.

“We’re really doing it, huh?” she whispered. Her family hadn’t loved it, the idea of doing it when you did, and your family wasn’t huge on it because she’s… not a guy.

But you get up to put the spaghetti on plates and your favorite movie is playing on an ipad propped up on a box, and life feels good.

The ipad is all her eyes are trained on, and you look at her, you look and look and look and you still don’t get tired of it because she’s lovely, because she’s brilliantly gorgeous and lovely in a way you’ve always been in awe of.

“See something you like?” she says cheekily. 

“Nope,” you smiled, turning to her, and kissing her, slowly and feeling her smile into it, “Something I love.”

I guess Far Cry 5 has joined the elite “games I normally wouldn’t give a shit about but am tempted to buy cause it pisses off angry disenfranchised white dudes” club.

Imagine being best friends with these three idiots.

“Where is he, Y/N?” Mark yelled, searching around relentlessly for Jack. The four of you were playing Prop Hunt together. “Don’t tell him!” Jack pleaded as Pewds walked in his direction.

“Okay, Jack. I won’t tell them that you’re next to the dumpster that Felix is walking towards,” you chuckled, laughing as Jack immediately ran away, Mark and Felix close behind.

“God dammit, Y/N!”

The “Becoming RT Trash” Pack

For @lucysaxonbooks:

Let’s Play GTAV (Offense Defense 2, Slasher 2, Lindsay’s Heist, Enter the Dragonface, The Prison JobSnipers vs Stunters, Maximum Multiplayer)

Let’s Play Minecraft (Clouds, Creeper Soccer, Ice CubeMega Dig [Part II], The Kings Series, Capture The Tower RTX)

Let’s Play (Organ Trail, Prop Hunt [Part II] [Obj Hunt], The Ship Part III, Fibbage, Mario Kart 8, Magic the Gathering and the ultimate tests: Fuel & Fuel Part II)

How To (Agario, Belligerent, Sports Friends, Mount Stuff, Joel and Jack Meet the Kinectimals)

Go (Ray vs The Crew)

RTAA (Headlight FluidMichael Gets Locked Out, Miles’ Strip Club PredicamentGus On Mars, Barbara Pun-kelman, Kyle Becomes Wolverine, Burnie Gets Busted, That’s My Uncle!)

RT Shorts (Pongo!, Baby GusPrank King, Sex Dogs, Macrowave Time MachineGhost Fuckers, Productions Facility TourStage 5 Facility Tour)

Things To Do (Achievement Knievel, Cake Walk, Frogger, Hot Foot [X], Hot Hoof [X], The Shocker)

Funhaus (Scrobbles, GORIEST GAME EVER, DUMBEST GAME EVER, ask @iron-wang for more tbh as I don’t follow them all that much)

Extra Life (#2Spooky, Cheese Master Gus, Highlights)

Music Videos (Odds Are, Tower of Pimps)

we played 6v6 lockout elimination and somehow the enemy widowmaker killed our entire team, resulting in the scariest game of cat and mouse i’ve ever played.

you can’t hear me screaming but i was literally losing my shit. i’ve been away from overwatch for a while so i’m really rusty, and i haven’t played tracer for a long time anyway. i also COULDN’T FUCKING FIND THE WIDOWMAKER, AND I KEPT RUNNING INTO WALLS. calculated.

First Con Tips

-Bring lots of water

-Buying your tickets online can be a wise move

-Try to accumulate yourself to wearing wigs before the con


-Don’t cosplay shame

-Don’t let yourself be cosplay shamed

-Bring as much money as you can

-Eyeliner looks good on everyone, no matter what gender your character is

-Whatever can go wrong with your costume will go wrong

-Take a stupid amount of selfies with your new con friends

-Seal whatever body paint you may have on

-Try to avoid playing with other people’s props

-Ask before taking pictures of or hugging fellow cosplayers

-Be confident and have fun!!

(Add if I missed anything)

The Way I See You

Genre: Oneshot. Fluff, getting together, friends to lovers, reality

Summary: Fiction. Dan’s shocked when he realises that Phil’s self-conscious about the way he looks. Apparently Phil doesn’t know that he isn’t allowed to be sad when Dan’s around. So Dan takes it upon himself to fix the situation - by complimenting something about Phil’s appearance every day. Trouble is, Dan isn’t very good at hiding his teensy tiny crush on Phil. (Originally written for the phanfic exchange from a prompt from comeonitsphan)

Warnings: Some swearing

Word Count: 11k

A/N: This is the fic I wrote for the phanfic exchange quite a while ago ^_^ It was a really fun experience! I wrote this before the tour happened, so the radio show was still going on. Enjoy the getting together phan schmoop <3

Edited by the lovely OvereducatedAndOverworked, thank you so much for doing this on such short notice! <3

AO3 Link

“I can’t believe you actually said that!”

Dan’s voice was indignant as they crashed through the door into their apartment. He shook his head, a fond smile playing at his lips as he turned to regard his best friend, close behind him as they made for the kitchen.

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Kenta visiting the Engeki Haikyuu Exhibition and…

Playing around with every prop he can get his hands on (including both Karasuno and Aoba Johsai cheering flags), and playing shopkeeper in the goods store.