playing with photoshop for the first time

Quite aside from his boyish good looks, Eddie is by far one of the best actors I have ever seen. Why? Because every role he has played has been so different from the others & yet he is absolutely, 100% believable in every single one of them. You don’t watch him act & see Eddie - you see Newt, Marius, Stephen, Qwerty, & so on. His talent & skill are formidable!This is why he has won so many awards.. & no doubt there will be more in his future!

(Disclaimer: This is the first time I ever attempted a collage in photoshop, so please excuse the imperfections. Photoshop hates me! Also, I know not all of his many roles are represented, but I tried to choose my favourite from each year. And I couldn’t choose between Birdsong & Les Mis! I also just realised that I left out My Week With Marilyn… gah!!!)

While I was making that other post last night, I noticed something interesting in this episode: 2x9 Queen of Hearts.

At the very beginning of it, we see this:

A hooded figure. Reminds you of someone? Maybe the one in Emma’s vision?

Guess who is under it in the Season 2 episode?

When I saw this, and went to look for the vision, I also noticed that the smoke that makes disappear the sword is this color:

(I didn’t change it on photoshop) which resembles more H00k’s as the dark one:

Than Gideon’s as seen in the latest episode:

(Again, I didn’t change the coloring.)

Before you say “but Emma sees H00k in the vision”, it is not the first time someone is disguised as someone else, right? Everyone has been Cora’d at this point.
Plus, there has been a lot of focus on who is and who isn’t there while the vision plays out?
Why focus so much on that to just say that Regina would not be the hooded figure, and she would not hurt Emma?

And technically… we have been told that Gideon is the one under the hood, but we never actually saw a face in any of the visions so far?!?

Here’s a work in progress I’ve been chipping away at on and off for the past few months. I don’t know when I’m actually going to finish it since my computer has decided it hates me using Photoshop now, but I’m really happy with it so far, so I’m putting it up.

It’s more FusionFall Edd. I love the roles the Eds got to play in that game, and I really wanted to draw something with Edd “stealing” that treasure map from the Fusions. There was going to be some Fusion monsters in the background and something casting a shadow over him but I didn’t get that far before my art program became temperamental.    

Hello, I am Baymax, your personal healthcare companion.

I managed to pick up my camera the other day for the first time, properly, in years. I had a fun little play about with various stuff. With not having photoshop any more, I downloaded a new editor and had fiddle with that as well. Here you see the end result. It’s not fantastic but it IS symbolic. And that’s why I wanted to share it. My illnesses prevent me from indulging in the things I love and joy, as a form of self punishment and denial. It was a real challenge to allow myself to do this. I might not ever win the war against my disordered and diseased brain, but I will continue to revel in the little victories. After all, that’s what keeps us going.

Please don’t remove caption. :)

its-courtz  asked:

I notice there is a lot of different styles you post on this blog. What is your preferred style of art? What medium do you prefer the look of?

I have a deep appreciation for all art. I grew up with it, music was always playing in our house. I learned to read and love words at an early age (and the only time I ever actually sat still). I also danced for a long while, but I got out of it. But I grew to love first traditional art and then digital art when my Godmother bought me adobe photoshop cs. Then I found DeviantART.

So preferred medium? There really isn’t one.

I certainly have preferred genres at least. I am not so into abstract or surreal art, but I can and do like some pieces. I have a love for ‘fantastical’ or perhaps ‘imaginative’ or ‘dreamscape.’ But I also adore portraits as I love people watching.

I hope that answers your question! If not message me again!

Turned my demon OC Jay into a demon from @living-when-dead-comic !!


First full drawing using Photoshop only >V< I was kinda playing around with brushes and stuff the whole time and got carriiedd away- ouo’’ oops.

Tried to kinda match the style from the comic- //tried// 

Haha…. I worked on this non-stop XD and oh hey- almost 2 AM- welp-

*sorry for the watermarks- I just really like this piece and wanna keep it safe* qwq


Recently played all the Half-Life games and really loved them! Although the Striders in-game really spook me out, as characters I really like and feel sorry for them, because I see them as creatures that were enslaved by the Combine before they invaded Earth. So introducing Alyx and the Strider she befriended pre-HL2, meeting Gordon for the first time after kicking some serious Combine butt.

Also yes, in this alternate storyline Alyx has a HEV suit too :D (and a socket wrench!)

It was really fun doing something a bit out of my comfort zone (i.e: not a woman against a patterned bg or whatever, haha)

To people who are just jumping straight into Toonz


Give it a while. It’s new to everyone atm, and it is probably best for the professionals or more technologically competent people to understand it first and make it easier to access for those who want to begin using it.

Exhibit A: You’ve just come from Flash/Photoshop, or you’re about to animate for the first time, you think hell yeah GHIBLI used Toonz!! So you download it, open it and:

(My bg is red bc I like red c:)

“So where’s the brush settings? How do you draw? Onion Skinning? Keyframes? What?! I don’t understand?!” Luckily I’ve figured out where the brushes are and onion skinning, and to edit the playback settings so when i press Enter it plays.

However the timeline is definitely different to people not familiar with animation.

This is a dope sheet, which is what nearly every traditional animation studio used back then, and (i’m assuming) Ghibli still use now. It’s not just in 2D, it’s essential for animations to get your timings for the layers including expressions, colours, sounds, cameras and everything timed perfectly right. By looking at Toonz so far its layout is roughly based off that, and of course Ghibli would be used to this because they are primarily a traditional animation studio. For people with pencil and paper, pegs to hold it down over lightboxes, that kind of stuff, REAL traditional animation.

This won’t be familiar to nearly anyone just starting animation or without knowledge of it, so that’s why I wouldn’t recommend jumping right in. 

This program seems to be more for cleanup for animation than actual from-scratch animation. I’m not saying you can’t do that! But it seems to be what it was made more for, seeing as you can scan traditional drawings into it frame-by-frame, then colour them and cleanup any mess.  

There IS a version of Toonz known as Harlequin which is pretty similar, but as I said, this has JUST come out, so it wouldd be much better to wait for the professionals for figure it out <3 Also, considering it is Open Source, programmers can edit the source code to potentially make the program more user-friendly!

tl;dr, yeah I know Ghibli uses this and you’re SO excited to jump in, but it’s very early days, things are confusing, and everyone is just slowly stepping into new territory, so give it a while before you rush in and end up too confused and angry to know what to do or breaking anything.

Thanks~! Happy Animating ^-^

I got an ask about my colouring method like a billion years ago and since i finally have like a solid method for the comic i took some screenshots!! I do all my colouring in photoshop cs6.

I start with picking the colours for the overall mood or atmosphere i want for each panel. usually if the base colour combination of the panels works, then  the page will still look good when I lay down the flats.

I then start picking colours. if a colour isnt working for me, I use the colour replacement tool in photoshop (image>adjustments>replace color) this cuts down on time a lot.

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Look at it! Look what I did! My first real digital art piece! If you saw my previous post, you’d know that I’ve been taking a computer graphics class and learning how to make this type of stuff. I’ve been solely a traditional artist for almost my entire life, (using the term “artist” loosely, of course) and have had next to no knowledge of programs like Photoshop. But now that I’m taking this class, I can FINALLY digitalize some of my work!

Now I know @therealjacksepticeye played Spyro literally ages ago at this point, but I actually drew this during that time. I loved the sketch, so I felt that it was about time I shared it considering everything I’ve learned! So here’s Spyro Jack with his buds Septiceye Sparx, Markiroo, and Hunter Pewds hanging out in Midday Gardens! I’m really proud of this piece, and I’m super happy with how it turned out! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Also just as a side note, I didn’t make the background. It’s just a shot of Midday Gardens directly from the game.


176/? - 83/365: woke up early this morning and just had quite a chill time, watching some youtube and then playing around in photoshop and uploading my vlog that’s going up tomorrow. went to my seminar early and got some work done first, and then after the seminar i headed to town to run some errands. when i got home i did some more work before having a three hour facetime with julie and having some dinner. since then i’ve just been watching netflix and enjoying my friday night


I have been waiting for a long time to make this into a floor for the game. It’s one of the very first wood textures I ever found and I’ve been waiting (not patiently at all) for Sims4Studio to let us make floors. I would open the folder I had it in and look at it lovingly. I would even open it in photoshop and play around with colors and tiling. Anyway, enough about the love story between this floor texture and me.

There are 26 different versions included in the file. I could have made more. I wanted to. I want all the versions of this floor. Infinity. But I stopped at 26. Don’t want to seem obsessive.

I included pics of what it looks like without SweetFX by brntwaffles (which I use and can’t live without!) for those who don’t use it. Sorry for the lights in those pics, the invisible lights aren’t invisible in buy mode, so I just used some of Dot’s small ceiling lights.

The first preview pic and the unlabled pics were taken with SweetFX on. Just an FYI. Click on the pics to see bigger previews.

All show up under one thumbnail found under “Wood” in buy mode>floors.

Download at my

google drive

TOU: Don’t reupload and don’t claim as your own. Because I love this floor. 

To celebrate hitting 200 followers, I’m doing my first follow forever🎉🎊💕👀

I would like to thank you all for those amazing 6 months🎉I met so many amazing people that I bonded over with on more than just kpop. I treasure you all so much and for mutuals, even if we don’t talk a lot I always read your tags when you reblog from me and check stalk👀 your blogs from time to time to see how you’re doing and all, ily❤️❤️

please excuse my shitty banner, I just played around with photoshop options

so without further ado, here we go:

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Star Crossed Myth {Krioff, God of Aries x Scorpio, God of Scorpio}

{{My first edit! Feel free to use with proper credit; do not repost}}

I brOTP these two losers so hard. And, yes, that is an apple blossom flower crown on Scorpio’s head.


Wanted to animate something a little more dynamic using Skeleton King from SRMTHFG!. First time heavily using Photoshop to animate with little control over it. Sorry it’s moving so fast. Top version is better quality and only plays once.

External image

Inktober Day 16 - What’re you lookin’ at?

This is actually a redraw of my first ever undertale piece that I made exactly one year ago today! Hard to believe it’s been a full year since I first played this game; a whole year and I still can’t draw a consistent sans… 

For fun you can see the original next to the redraw under the cut!

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