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How To Cuddle BTS to Sleep

Jin: Jin is probably the most stable and peaceful sleeper in BTS. I feel like he would like to wrap an arm around you and pull you to rest your head on his chest. He would like to have patterns drawn on his chest or arms to lull him to sleep as he talks about his day. Once asleep, it would be quiet and cozy. (That gif does things to me, ISTG)

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Yoongi: Suga Boy can sleep ANYWHERE. He doesn’t expects to be cuddled all the time especially when people would sleep he would probably be working but he’ll definitely be wanting cuddles when he is stressed or just feels like it. He probably likes to be the little spoon if he’s feeling down but if it’s just exhaustion he would like to be the big spoon. (I would kill to be looked at like that by him)

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Hobi: Ok, so Hobi’s parents put him to sleep by stroking his arms and chest and he still does it to himself to fall asleep. It doesn’t take a genius to know that he would want his cuddler to rub his chest and arms till he falls asleep. Mostly if he’s tired and ready to sleep if he blinks he’ll just sleep while you keep stroking him. He might wrap an arm around you in his sleep. (Don’t you just love his laugh?)

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Namjoon: Ok, so he snores, so what? I still love him. He is an extremely considerate person though so he would probably be the one cuddling you to sleep before he falls asleep by tucking his head into your neck and trying to muffle his mouth into your warm skin so he wouldn’t wake you up. (He’s a sweetheart ok? I love him and I would cuddle him to death)

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Jimin: I think Jimin is a peaceful sleeper too. He’s so small and fits literally ANYWHERE. (Remember him escaping that prison cell?) He’s a profound cuddler. He would just snuggle up to any warmth he could find. He’d be into having his back rubbed, probably, and I think he’d also like to have feet tangled in sheets. (This husband of mine is going to kill me, I love him so much)

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Tae: He is a restless sleeper. He grinds his teeth, makes weird noises, sometimes sleep talk AND sleepwalks to get cold noodles. (Someone protect him!) I think he would like to be firmly restrained, tucked into blankets, arms wrapped around him, limbs entwined. He would rest his head against your chest or nuzzle into your neck while you play with his hair. (This cutie, OMG, this gif)

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Jungkookie: He’s a die hard sleeper. You could blow a trumpet in his ear and he won’t wake. (Ok, don’t do that. He’s not a morning person.) He’s an easy sleeper too. He works so hard, he falls asleep quickly. He probably enjoys having his hair played with, patterns drawn on his chest, sweet stuff like that. Stuff he can enjoy but won’t distract him from his much needed rest is best. (This little bunny, can you believe it?)

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I am actually crying because I want so many things all at once and I just cannot.>_O I seriously wish I could download information into my brain like in the matrix

I want to learn Japanese and French, I want to learn how to sew properly and draft patterns and stuff, I want to learn to play piano and violin, I want to learn like a million types of dance and yoga and all sorts and just HNNNGGHH.

Too many cool things in the world. Not enough time. Cannot cope.>___>