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“I’m in a Crevice of Death…..”  x



I can’t stop drawing this Battle Ready Baggins. Also it gives me more reasons to work in Manga Studio and play around the perspective tool and work on some inking.

So this takes place after Thorin tries talking to Bilbo in the woods after he captured the dragon. I know, I can’t stop. I might as well just illustrate this whole story - WHICH will be kept to a few sketches due to my work schedule.

So here’s another snippet from Battle Ready Baggins. 

“Bilbo had returned to the village to collect his pay, and Thorin and company had followed him. Bilbo knew that there was no talking Thorin out of following him, the stubbornness of dwarves was legendary. The best he could do was distance himself, and maybe lose them when the early morning came.

For tonight though, the villagers were so grateful that they threw a celebration at the local tavern. Bofur, and the Durin boys were more then happy to finally relax and drink with Bilbo since it was rare when they had journeyed together to Erebor. Bilbo held his tall pint of ale between his hands, watching Fili and Kili squabble over something - he wasn’t sure, he hadn’t been listening. He had noticed Thorin sitting with Gandalf towards the back with Legolas - who he wasn’t quite sure why the Elf had come along - they were watching him celebrate with the others. Bofur on the other hand was curious about on he acquired his new skills. The hobbit smiled, scooting over to let Bofur sit so he could tell his tale. 

Bilbo may have acquired a few new skills, but he was still a hobbit. And a hobbit that would rarely take a drink of ale. So as Bilbo told his tale to Bofur; soon attracting the attention from Fili and Kili, the bartender kept passing him a full pint of ale as soon as he was done with the other. He slurred as he described his stay in Rivendell, about how he asked Lord Elrond about the art of archery.  He hiccuped when he mentioned the details of Legolas teaching him sword play when he had traveled through Mirkwood. When he had gotten to his meetings with Beorn about studying different plants and their uses, his head was already leaning against his arm, his eyes sleepy and a lopsided smile on his face. Bofur was already on the verge of passing out, and Bilbo turned to lay his head on the bar table top. He reached into his pocket, feeling brave all the sudden or perhaps he just didn’t care, and pulled out the golden ring. He brought it up to hold it between two fingers.

He gave another goofy smile, staring at the ring. Funny how something so small could contain so much power? He had made sure to keep his quest quiet, though how Thorin found out was a little concerning. 

Bilbo scrunched up his nose. Blast it, Thorin.

Thorin had confronted him after he took down the dragon, telling him that it was too dangerous, that he shouldn’t be going on this journey alone. How dare he. He was perfectly capable of traveling on this journey alone, Thorin had banished him after all. 

Well, the banishment had been revoked. But that didn’t mean Bilbo was just going to open his arms and forgive Thorin like that. He didn’t trust Thorin around gold, and this ring was something precious that needed to be guarded. Too precious to be shared. It was his to carry. It was his to hold. It was his-

Bilbo shook his head, putting the ring back into his pocket. He rubbed his face, and with a final look to the sleeping Bofur, he slipped off the bar stool and headed towards the door. He wasn’t aware of the three men that had been watching him at the tavern. 

He silently sighed at the heavy rain, having forgotten his cloak inside. He didn’t care, he’ll get it later. He swayed a bit, heading towards his lodging through the rain and the mud. He was slow to respond when he felt heavy hands grabbing his arms. He fought back, kicking and dodging from the larger men though his intoxication had taken its told and his head was spinning. One of the men finally landed a heavy punched to his face, sending him into the mud. Two of the men pulled him and held both other his arms to he could move. The third man asked about the ring, and when he refused the man landed a few more punches to his face before finally stopping. Bilbo’s eyes widened when the third man pulled out a long blade, declaring how they were going to slit his throat and take the ring for their own. 

The blade was about to grace his skin when he heard a shout, watching as a dwarf collided with the third man, the blade flying. Soon he felt the two men holding him, let go and he felt someone else pick him up again. He looked up and watched the scene before him - Legolas, Kili, and Thorin going hand to hand with the three men. Bofur was the one holding him up as Fili went to help his brother. Gandalf just stood by, the wizard wasn’t needed, Bilbo knew that for sure. The men would sorely regret messing with Bilbo that night. 

Bilbo had to admit, it was nice to be amongst the company again. Even Thorin. 

When it was all over, Bofur allowed Thorin to approach Bilbo. At first the hobbit was expecting something along the lines of harsh words belittling him for going out alone, or a curse, or a shout. What he didn’t expect was a worried glance, and tight hug from the dwarf. 

Immediately Bilbo was brought back to that day when he had saved Thorin from the orcs. The same tight hug.

Bilbo felt his eyes water. He knew he wouldn’t be able to be with out this stubborn dwarf in his life. Thorin had hurt him, the scars were still there and it would take him time to trust the dwarf again. But now, he was willing to let his emotions spill just a bit.

He had missed that stubborn dwarf.”

Wow. That was long. I apologize for that. What happens next though? I’ll leave it to you guys. :)

Stay tuned. 

The Reunion

This is a project I did this summer, I was playing with manga studio, trying the brushes and stuff, but i never got the chance to finish it since it took me so long that I got tired and just left it like that.

But this evening I felt pretty inspired and decided to get over with it. I did the shading part very quickly because I just wanted to see it finished, but now I’m not really satisfied by the result :/. 

I decided to post it anyway tho, because I worked really hard, and I really wanted to show it to you :°D

Besides that, let me explain what’s happening. After finishing Inuyasha (and crying all my tears because I was so sad it was over lol) I fel like I would’ve liked more of this moments between Inuyasha and Kagome, and I think their reunion would’ve been a good opportunity (I just wanted more kisses :3).
The moment in the anime was very sweet and moving, and I wouldn’t change a thing.
I just tried to do my version, and this came out

Apparently Undertale is now my warm-up/calm down therapy.  I’m okay with this.  This is entirely @renrink‘s fault, because they mentioned doing an animation (which looks adorable by the way) to this song and then these images popped into my head.  I also have decided to throw Sans’ facial “structure” out the window and just do what-the-hell-ever.

Played around with the painting in Manga Studio rather than my usual retreat to Photoshop.  The wet paint brush is really fun when you’re just slapping colors on all willy nilly.

I was playing with clip paint studio earlier. I remeber way back when using manga studio for my inking before and it was really nice .3.

I just spent four hours working on the frame, and I haven’t even started the pillars yet, plus other stuff.  And it’s still just a sketch!  I’m hoping it will look a lot cleaner when I do the final layer.  We’ll see.  I’m modeling the frame after the crown and scepter they used.  Well, unless the scepter looks dumb, then I will skip it.  I was going to use it for the pillars.  We’ll see how it looks once I do it.  Anyway, the flat colors are nothing, they’re just to help me visualize.