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Summary: Stiles is assigned as editor for the well-known erotica author Derek Hale.

Notes: Written for @dearnearlydemented, who wanted #12 from this list. I hope you like it! (Also, I have no idea what an editor’s job is really like, so please go with me on this one.) (On AO3)

“Come on, Derek,” Stiles says into the phone, just a little cajoling. “I need that chapter by tomorrow, but I’m betting you have it done now, and you’re just holding out on me.”

“Well,” Derek says hesitantly, and Stiles grins. Bingo. “It is done, but it’s not, um, my usual style.”

“I don’t actually know your usual style, so that’s not going be a problem for me. I just want to make sure it’s good, Derek. Is it good?” he asks, amused.

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Closer to you - Sirius Black x Reader

1.  Hi there gorgeous, could I request an imagine where Sirius is dating a shy Hufflepuff? Love your writing so much! ❤️
2. Hello, can I request imagine where y/n is best friend with the Marauders, she’s Hufflepuff and has a thing for Sirius? And maybe him liking her as well and the rest of them will try to get them together? Thank you, love ya! ❤️
3. Hi can I request an imagine where y/n is best friends with the Marauders and has a crush on Sirius and they’re doing the lessons on boggarts in class one day and when it steps out it’s the Marauders making fun of y/n and Sirius comforts her? can you also make it extra fluffy please? 
4. hellooo! i was wondering if you could do like a little thing ( it doesn’t have to be a complete fic it could just be a lil drabble ) where Sirius doesn’t know how to tie a tie and you help him bc y'all are like dating and it’s just really fluffy cute shit
Guys, I really hope you like thiss!! It’s fluffy alright.
Warnings:fluff? And my English? One swear word?
Gif/image aren’t mine/ Credits to their original owners.

You were currently walking down a corridor. It was quiet. Too quiet, to be exact. ‘Those boys’ you thought. They were up to something. And that usually meant two things; either a prank or teasing you. You may be friends with the infamous Marauders but you were the shy one. You were a Hufflepuff, after all. Of course, you went all crazy if someone hurt them. They were your brothers. Even if you wished differently about one of them. You had accepted the fact that you had feelings for Sirius. And that they weren’t siblings-friendly.
You had almost perfected the way you would act around him. Not too close, not too far away. Not too blushy, not too indifferent. At least you tried-and it seemed to work. Until three boys kicked their arses in. Somehow, even when Sirius wasn’t aware, they knew. And they wouldn’t let you hear the end of it.
You actually felt nostalgic for those days, when they would just tease you. They took it to the next level. And something warned you that they wouldn’t stop.
You were too lost in your mind, too distracted to really pay attention to your surroundings. Huge mistake!
You felt a strong hold pushing you to your right-you had to blink a few times to realize what happened. Before you could even protest, you were inside the broom cupboard and the door was already closed behind you. Great. You sighed loudly.
“Y/N? Is that you?” You froze and you felt your eyes grow wide. Of course! They were so stupid! Trying to set you up with him?! Because, who needs their heart or dignity? Thankfully, it was dark inside that cupboard and your blush wasn’t visible.
“Hello, Sirius”. ‘What poor excuses of friends’ you thought but secretly you were living for those moments. Your heart would beat faster or even skip some beats; your pulse would accelerate too fast; your temperature would rise a bit. Your mind would shut down; your breath would be stuck in the back of your throat.  You would never feel more alive.
All of the sudden, you felt him and you understood how small that damn cupboard was. You felt the heat radiating from his body. You could even feel his smirk- ‘he had to be a bit uncomfortable’ you tried to reason, but who were you kidding? He loved physical contact and making other people feel really awkward by his presence alone… or even turned on.
“Hello to you too. If I knew it would be you, I would have locked myself in here, willingly” he said seductively. He was way too close. You moved just a bit to avoid his hands or his torso-oh, that torso… those wide shoulders, those abs and that back of his… You were thinking of other stuff as well.
You blushed and even in the dark, it was very distinctive. You heard him chuckle. You finally looked him in the eyes. Maybe you shouldn’t have. ‘Okay, okay, stop it!’ you commanded your brain.
“Can we please get out of here?” you asked softly, not trusting your voice. It was the fifth time something like this had happened. This week. You couldn’t possibly count the total. 

They were impossible. That moment you didn’t even know why you were friends with them.
“I dare you to lock yourself in our dorm. With Sirius” James said with a cocky smirk. You blushed madly, trying to think of something that could help you. Anything, really.
You carefully landed your glance at him. He looked a bit pale. Like he was… uncomfortable? Was it even possible? You had agreed to play this stupid game, only because Lily had talked you into it. You had never agreed to this. Being forced to do something like that.
“Prongs, don’t make her do something she doesn’t want” Sirius said casually but you swore you could hear his voice break a little. Did he… could he?
“Besides, it’s Remus you should lock her with” he continued like nothing was wrong. Your insides were twisting. Your stomach hurt and your heart had dropped to the floor. Of course, he didn’t like you. But to think that you liked Remus? That was way too much.
“Are you jealous Padfoot?” James asked teasingly. Come to think of it, he did sound jealous. But it couldn’t possibly be because he liked you, right?
Before someone could say or do something even worse, you sat up and murmured an incoherent excuse, whispering a good night and left. You really didn’t need this.

You knew this would go wrong. You knew you would let your fear take over your mind. It was hard not to.
It started as a simple class. Just another DADA class. A class you actually enjoyed. Not this time.
When the professor informed you that you would be facing boggarts because that would give you the real experience than just reading about them, you knew something would happen. You already knew your worst fear and you didn’t want everyone to find out. But what could you do?
A line was formed and you ended up to be one of the firsts. Just your luck.
You witnessed the boggart to take the shape of everyone’s fear. From a cockroach to a dragon and a serial killer. They all were shaken up afterward but they had managed to cast the spell and turn their fears into something ridiculous.
When your turn came, you were nervous. Very.
You stood there, frozen, afraid to even breathe. Blurring images of your friends were popping up. You braced yourself, trying to stop the boggart scaring you.
“How can you believe that we are your friends? You are a worthless nothing. Look at you. Pathetic”. It was Sirius. Boggart. Whatever. Everyone nodded in agreement, mocking you.
You tried to cast the spell but you simply couldn’t. You were paralyzed by the fact that those people that meant the world to you, felt like that. You tried to remind yourself, that it was the boggart, but that didn’t help.
The professor stepped in and faced his fear for a second before he turned it into something funny. You rushed out of that class. You couldn’t even look at them in the eye.

You found yourself near the Forbidden Forest, beneath a huge tree. You didn’t want to admit that the whole thing had affected you more than you would have liked.
“Y/N?”, you heard someone calling your name. You hurried to hide your tears and regain your composure. But, alas.
“Hey, hey, hey”. It was Sirius. Dammit. He quickly sat beside you and hugged you tightly. Soon enough three other pairs of arms were wrapped around you. They were squeezing you too much, you couldn’t breathe but it was reassuring. You let yourself find peace in your friend’s hug.
“You do know that we love you, right? You are like a sister to us” Remus said putting your mind at rest. You knew that. You only wished-
“Well, not to everyone” Peter added. That was not the time to tease you.
They stepped back a bit. You could still feel a pair of arms holding you close. Sirius. What was he doing?
The three standing boys smiled knowingly and wiggled their eyebrow while they were walking away.
“They were right, you know. All of them” Sirius whispered into your ear. His left hand was resting on your back-and waist-while his right was cupping your face, forcing you to look at him. His eyes were the purest thing you had ever seen. So honest, so kind, so savage and so gentle. Perfect cloudy sky- those were your favorite days, after all.  He whispered your name, his hot breath falling on your face and neck. It sent shivers down your spine. You were moving your lips closer to his; he was doing the same, but he was a tad faster.
He pressed his soft, pink lips against yours in a very tender and loving kiss. Your hands went from resting on your lap to his jawline and hair. You hadn’t even noticed when you had closed your eyes. It wasn’t forced or uncomfortable. It felt right.
He smiled into the kiss.

Being with Sirius was easy as breathing. Sure, you had a couple of disagreements but they would all end up solved and you would end up in his arms. Not a day went by that you didn’t let him know how much he meant to you. Not a day went by that he didn’t tell you how precious you were to him.
The sunlight was caught in his raven hair; you couldn’t help but sigh at the view. He was getting dressed for class and you had just woken up still debating whether to get out of bed or not. His trousers hung dangerously low; his hip bones were sharp and you could still feel the skin under your fingertips. His shirt was open, showing off all of his glorious torso, reminding you how you would let your hands wander. His tie was hanging untied around his neck. He was standing in front of the full-length mirror and he caught you starring his reflection. He smiled to himself. That genuine smile. Not the smirk, not the seductive smile. Just his happy face. That it was all it took for you to melt and look the other way, blushing madly.
He made his way to you. With one knee on his bed, his hands grabbed your legs, dragging you to him. You let out an airy laugh. He was impossibly cute. And sexy. Impossibly sexy.
“Slept well, love?” he murmured before he pressed a soft kiss on your lips. You just nodded. 
“Care to help me?” he asked you, showing his open shirt. You blushed even more. You had seen him naked, for Merlin’s sake!
Your hands were faster than your mind. They were already caressing his chest, staying a bit longer over his heart while you had locked eyes with him. Your heart was beating twice as fast as it did usually. Slowly, you helped his hands buttoned his shirt.
“I love you” you breathed out not thinking about it. You were sure of how you felt. You knew that he was the only one. You knew. And that awareness made everything clearer.
His breath never left his lungs. He removed your hands from the collar of his shirt and held them in his. His eyes were sincere.
“I love you” he said back. You wanted to throw your arms in the air. He had said it back! You smiled widely and gave his hands a squeeze.
“Just tie your tie, baby” you reminded him while you were climbing down from his bed and walking into the bathroom.
“Yeah… um” he said a bit uneased. You turned around, seeing him as he nervously scratched the back of his neck. You raised an eyebrow.
“Don’t tell that the infamous Sirius Black doesn’t know how to tie his tie?” you said in a mocking tone and fake surprise. You held back your laugh. He just lowered his head in embarrassment while he plopped down on his bed. Lord, he looked adorable. You walked back to him. He was like a child. A child you loved deeply.
You placed your hands on his tie trying to remember how to tie it. His hands rested on your hips. It lasted less than you would have liked, really.
“Ready” you announced. He smiled letting you go. However, you grabbed his tie and pulled him closer. Closer to you. 
“Not even a thank you kiss?” you asked playfully.
It’s safe to say that you both missed the first class. And the second. And the third. But you couldn’t be happier. 

noddytheornithopod  asked:

An odd thing I've noticed is a lot of people suddenly claiming that the way Lapis is written is inconsistent and doesn't really have a defined character, and I was wondering, why do you think people feel this way? Is it just looking at the surface of her character, or could there be valid arguments from them?

I feel like my reaction to this has two sides here, and one of them is kinda bitter so bear with me

Side 1: the legitimate

Lapis is a multifaceted character and in some ways a misleading one. At her most bitter, hurt, and vindictive, she still spent the day making fart jokes with Steven. The thing about Lapis is that she’s both a very good actor, and in some ways, her emotions tend to surge and move very rapidly. If she’s in a good mood, that shows, and she comes across light and approachable and amiable for the most part. 

If she’s in a bad mood, then she comes across a bit like a fairytale witch who has arrived to curse your newborn and burn your castle down.

This is part of why I see a parallel between Lapis and Ruby- it’s that sense of very fast-moving emotions that tend to vent without too much in the way of a filter. If Lapis is trying to play subterfuge, her response is to more or less package off and try to avoid the entire feeling- better yet, just don’t bring the thing up at all, or acknowledge it even when it’s what everyone around you is talking about.

So yeah, it can be hard to get a single decisive read on Lapis because she’s someone who has a lot of feelings and they can shift very suddenly (see, Lapis in Mirror Gem, where she goes from “you actually talked to me! You helped me! :D” to practically chanting about ancient sins and ready to personally destroy the Crystal Gems in less than five seconds)

Side 2: buckle your pants, kids, because Clockie’s here and I’ve been bitter about this about as long as I’ve been in this fandom

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Little Ham Man (Epilogue)

Words: 5784

Warnings: Cursing, dramatic people

A/N: I am finally finished! after endless hours of working on his, its complete! thank you all for this, and if you have any questions lmk! This is the last piece to Little Ham Man, so it might be confusing if you don’t read the others! 


You fell back onto the ground, a force knocking you off your feet. You cursed, looking at all of your papers fly in the wind. The person, a man with brown hair, looked at you apologetically, saying sorry’s over and over again.

“It’s okay, it’s okay, no biggie,” You said to him, helping him pick up the papers.

After the two of you were done, you stood back up, getting a good glance at him. He wasn’t the tallest fellow you’ve met, but he was still handsome. He looked nervous, rubbing the back of his hair.

“I know this is weird to say, but I noticed from your papers that you were taking a history course. Anything in particular?”

“Nah, I’m kind of all over. You know, being a history major and all. But so far, my favorite is U.S. History, particularly the revolution, ya know?” The both of you began walking, chatting to one another. He seemed kind, but rather hyper, his hands moving in wide circles as he spoke.

His eyes brightened at your words, “Really? Well, I’ve been working on this project about the founding father. Know a man named Alexander Hamilton?”

“Well, since you mention it…” You held up your fifty-page essay, “I know a little bit too much about the shithead. He’s my favorite. Oh, I’m so sorry, I completely forgot to introduce myself,” You held out your hand, “The name’s Y/N.”

He laughed, “Lin-Manuel Miranda, But most people just call me Lin.”

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FanWorks Wednesdays -bohoartist

by Keva Andersen

Hope you had a great summer, Philes! We’re back with our Fan Author series. This week’s author is no stranger to fandom, and recently co-authored a project that stretches the boundaries of the usual fanfic experience. Meet bohoartist! If you haven’t read “Two Agents Missing, Presumed Dead” head over there, scroll to the bottom, and read. I’ll wait. @bohoartist and co-author @piecesofscully used Tumblr to lay out their story piece by piece, with images, e-mails, and news articles. It’s a great read and fun to put the pieces together as you go.

If you like short, sweet, and a kick in the feels, try “The Healing Power of Touch.” Scully is trying to comfort Mulder after losing his mom in Sein Und Zeit and the glimpse of her thoughts after doing Teena Mulder’s autopsy sticks with you. If you’re looking for something a little more “adult,” then this hits the, er, spot. I’ll let you infer from the title what “Three Times Mulder and Scully Got Caught and One Time They Didn’t Care” is about! 

We talked with bohoartist about, writing, inspiration, and of course, The X-Files.

How long have you been a Phile?

Since June 19th, 1998, the day “Fight the Future” came out. I had not seen a single episode. In fact, I had avoided it as I was getting sick of all the alien sci-fi stuff that had been coming out seemingly one on top of the other. I had a friend who was a Phile though, and she was always pushing me to watch it. Well, that Friday evening, my parents came home from work and announced that we were going to go see a movie and I got to choose! So I picked up the newspaper (remember perusing newspapers for movie options?!) and I see “The X-Files: Fight the Future” and then I see that it’s rated PG-13 for, and I quote, “violence, horror, and gore.” Excellent. So we went and I was hooked.

What was your first episode?

My first episode was “Squeeze,” and I actually watched it the same night I saw the movie. When we came home from the theater, FX was playing a marathon and I dove in from Squeeze on. I was able to rent a VHS of the Pilot and “Deep Throat” from Blockbuster and by the time Season 6 premiered, I was fully caught up.

How long have you been writing fic?

I’ve been writing and posting fic since November of 2015.

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You’re Mine (M) pt.2

Genre: Smut with slight fluff at the end~

Length: 4,162 words

Kinks: Sir and Daddy kink, breath play, impact play (spanking and slapping), shibari/ropeplay, exhibitionism and voyeurism 

You watched as Youngjae walked away, disappearing around the corner of the dimly lit hallway, to his room. 

While making his way passed the kitchen and into the hall, something- or should i say someone caught Youngjae’s eyes. In his peripheral vision, he say Mark trying his best to avoid being caught, as he eavesdropped. Youngjae smirked, his twisted perverted mind loved the thought of his close friend watching him destroy you.

Once he made it to his room, he reached for his phone that was set on his bed side table. He turned it on and calmly sent a text to Mark;

Message 1; Hyung. I saw you hiding behind the counter.

Message 2; You can stay. Wouldn’t want you to miss out on seeing all the fun I’ll be having. Maybe I’ll treat you and let you use her too. 

Mark felt his phone silently vibrate in his pocket. He pulled it out, hoping that you didnt hear the noise, and looked down at his lit screen. That’s when he saw it, a text from Youngjae, telling him that he caught him. Mark’s heart dropped and immediately started typing out a message, apologizing to him. Until, he recieved the second message.

He read through it at least five times, and as he saw Youngjae slowly walk out of the hallway, his cheeks turned a bright red. Youngjae nodded at him, winking afterwards, as if he gave him his silent approval to stay. Mark gulped, and slowly nodded back at him, still trying to be as silent as humanly possible, so he wouldn’t alert you. He sneakily moved to a spot where he knew he could get a better view of you. 

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 the ways i say i love you | simon/jace | 7.4k | ao3 | based on this post 

It’s like a confession, the loudest confession that Jace has ever heard veiled in song lyrics played to a crowd of people who don’t know what he means. Instinctively, Jace feels the sting and rush of fangs and venom in his wrist, a phantom sensation that floors him. It all clicks together like the final puzzle piece, like the whole world has finally been righted for the first time in his life.

In that moment, he does feel invincible.

(A collection of moments, in no particular order.)

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ASTRO for Harper’s Bazaar (2017 May issue)


I heard that you’re in charge of ‘fatality’ and 'provocation’ in ASTRO?
My confidence level dropped a bit after today’s filming. I thought I was sexy when I was shooting but after looking at the monitor, I was like an angry person. Seems like I’ve to study up a little more… Shall I describe it as a period of self-reflection? (laughs) But even so, it was nice since I was able to try an experimental style that I’ve always wanted to wear. Clothes with sleeves going down all the way to my knees, with holes ripped in places and of loud colours.

Maybe it’s because of your way of speaking that’s mixed with aegyo or maybe it’s because of your eye smile but I actually thought you were the 'sweetest’ member. When is that you feel sexy?
When I’m sweating on stage and not smiling. (Cha Eunwoo who was quietly listening in, added on, “Hyung, you really look like you’re suffering then. Your make-up’s all gone away. You’re sexy when you’re belting out your high notes.”_ I look ugly then though… Okay, it’s when I’m singing but only my neck is sexy and not my face!

Who’s an artist in your age group that has had the greatest amount of influence on you?
Sung Si Kyung sunbae-nim and Highlight sunbae-nims. I especially respect Yang Yoseob sunbae-nim. I enjoy watching videos of idol singers performing live before I go to sleep, I watched DBSK’s concert video yesterday. While being amazed throughout those two hours and going, “Woah, so it’s possible to create a stage this dynamic.”

I heard that up till now you’ve went through four relationships.
I didn’t date any of them for long. I care for them lovingly and listen to everything they say but I couldn’t actually expressing my feelings properly. If there was something that disappointed me, I’m the type to think over it alone and am a little defensive. I don’t think I’ve ever fully given my heart. Because I’m scared I’ll get hurt.

In an interview, you chose 'time travel’ as a super power you’d like to possess. What’s your reason?
It’s because I want to go back to a time where I was younger and have an early start, preparing myself even more but bit by bit. I’d probably have grown a lot taller if I had slept earlier then (laugher).

Moonbin mentioned that while you’re extremely sensible, you don’t trust in that sensibility and are always doubtful.
I worry a lot and am also really shy. But once we get closer, I’m more cheerful and animated than anyone else (you know). In particular, I’m confident that my ability to spread positive energy is the best within the team.

Not singing? You’re the lead vocal though.
It’s hard to say I’m confident in that. Because I’m at a stage where I need to really grit my teeth and work hard.


Who made up the name 'JinJin’ for you?
My face looks like a puppy’s. I was reading a webtoon titled <Jin Jin Evolution*> where a Korean Jindo is the protagonist and then one day Moonbin started calling me like that. Everyone was calling me by my nickname, “JinJin hyung, JinJin hyung,” but it ended up really becoming my stage name (laughs).

You’re the oldest and also the leader in your team but you were chosen as the member who cries the most.
I think I’ve cried at every single concert or fan meeting we’ve held until now. The tears just come to me when I think about my parents. To be honest, my dad had a great influence on how I ended up doing music. He played the drums as his hobby and I started learning with him then. Since my 5th year of elementary school, I played the drums for about 5 years and then as I learnt the guitar and dance, I naturally dreamt of (becoming) who I am now.

I heard that everyone personally writes their own rap, what do you have drafted in your notes lately?
(looking through the notes in his handphone) Can I rap it? (laughs) “A lot of things have happened, being together was fun, you look prettier the more I look at you that I wandered around feeling flustered” (You have to read it rhythmically!) The content is about not wanting to be friends just for that day and wanting the relationship to progress into lovers. It’s not my own story, I’m usually the sort to gain a lot of ideas through movies (laughs).

Who’s a rapper that you like the most?
Big Sean! (On this day, as soon as JinJin heard Big Sean’s Moves loudly playing on the filming site, he gave up his sandwich, dashed out from the dressing room and started to move along with the rhythm.) Opposed to a low tone tight rap, I think the style of completely warming up your voice and then being able to easily go into a high tone rap is really cool.

I heard that you collect colognes and shoes.
Rather than liking just one thing, my personality itself tends to look out for new things. Hairstyle, clothes, colognes, I’m the type to quickly get sick of something so I like to gather this and that. Even with my shoes, I collect one model in different colours. With my rapidly growing interest in fashion, I’m daringly challenging myself to try fancy things and what stands out. Lately I like matching my dress code to my shoes.

Now that you mention it, you’re wearing black trainers and a black shirt today too.
It’s a pair of trainers that I really wanted to own and the fans gifted it to me. I’m really thankful. I’m always wiping them with tissues and being careful when I wear them (laughs).

*Not the official English title

Cha Eunwoo

Listening from start to finish your EPs which you released throughout last year in time for Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, you naturally imagine an innocent boy wearing his school uniform. Can we see a developed image through your new mini album that you’re busily preparing for now?
Carefully envisioning it, I think it’s more of growing from a middle schooler to a high schooler rather than becoming a straight up adult. ASTRO’s characteristic zesty energy is similar to how we really are now so I think that it’s right we slowly change while maintaining that vibe.

The concept for today’s pictorial is a little different compared to the past and current ASTRO.
I’ve always wanted to try filming with this kind of feel. But it’s definitely hard. I realised that again as we were filming. “Ah, I’m still far away from being sexy, the company didn’t uselessly push for a cute concept (laughs).”

Your straight-laced model student image is strong. Even pointing out that your life’s best escape was 'going out alone to watch a midnight movie’.
I was like that back then. (How are you now?) If I were to talk about that… If I were to confess something of a level higher than midnight movies is us having secretly gone to an internet cafe? During our trainee days, avoiding eye contact with our manager and heading off to somewhere was a really big deal. Like an 007 mission, we’d carefully make our move, hiding round the corners of buildings and assessing our every step.

On the other hand, you’re in charge of the role of 'rebellious top star MJ’ in the variety drama <The Best Hit> which is being directed by PD Yoo Ho Jin in collaboration with actor Cha Tae Hyun.
He’s an extremely cocky and selfish character. He’s someone you’d really hate so I’m practicing with the mindset of, “Let’s act while thinking of someone that you never want to become and who you shouldn’t become.” Before I went for the script reading, I was practicing my lines with my manager and there were tons of labels and ways of talking that I’ve never imagined of until now, like, “Hyung! What do you do for a living?” so it was a new feeling. Next week would be the first filming so I’m really excited.

When is your loneliest moment?
When I’ve to go to sleep but can’t. It’s really distressing. I’m the sort to have a lot of thoughts so I’d think, “There wasn’t the need to go that far” but then go deeper into thinking, “What kind of person am I that I would think there was no need?” So I want to quickly promote actively and have no time to think.

Do you not have any thoughts about wanting to date? Not simply (based on) good impressions, but love.
Up till now, I’ve only dated once but I still don’t know what love is! When you read books or watch movies, don’t they say that someone who has never fallen crazy in love would never understand? That you have to experience it in order to become an adult. They say that when you love, your heart gets torn apart and you spill tears but I can’t empathise. I’m usually the style to only develop emotions after a long period of time so I really can’t comprehend falling in love at first sight. I’ll probably experience real love one day.

'A guy ripped out of manhwas’, 'a guy with a sexy brain’ and even 'face genius’, your nicknames are flashy. Today in particular, your members themselves looked at your close up shot and commented, “A top class handsome guy,” they seemed fascinated. If you were to freely boast about yourself?
Someone who’s more reliable than anyone else and who always gives his all to the people he treasures, who’s very hard on himself and there are times where it gets too much but because of that, he’s someone who’s detailed and earnest. (Your visuals?) Then… Cha Eunwoo’s a handsome guy whose face and heart are both pretty (laughs)!


It’s a first that an idol shyly went, “I want to eat bossam and pig’s feet!” Bossam and pig’s feet, even kimbap and a sandwich, you really enjoyed yourself and finished up everything (laughs).
When we went to Singapore, there was an instance where eight of us ate 180k won worth of chilli crab. Right since the start I told the company that I hope they don’t interfere when it comes to food. Going with your gut, eating when it’s time to eat, playing when it’s time to play, being zealous when it’s time to work, I think it’s fair that you lose weight when you need to go on a diet.

Are you the type to be impromptu?
More than anyone else! Eunwoo and I are both B blood types but we’re polar opposites. Eunwoo likes to plan things out one by one but that’s what I hate. There’s never really been an instance where I made plans during the school break and even if I were to write up a chart for my plans, I’ll never keep to it. Being with Eunwoo did teach me that to a certain extent, there needs to be a side of me that’s detailed but there’s no change to my fundamental thoughts or attitude. Above all, seeing how our line of work emphasizes sense, I think that be it in dancing or singing, establishing just the big picture while allowing yourself freedom within it is good.

Of the moments where he was the most grateful to his members, your roommate Cha Eunwoo picked you waking up early to be one of them.
I usually sleep a lot. Our manager comes to wake me up every 5 minutes but I really don’t hear him while light sleeper Eunwoo wakes up. Sometimes I don’t hear “You seriously have to wake up!” but can instead only clearly hear Eunwoo letting out a sigh (laughs). I’d feel sorry then and my eyes naturally open.

Is there a field outside of ASTRO’s promotions that you have a greed for?
I really want to one day try acting in a movie. It’ll be even nicer if it was a movie that centers around a webtoon or novel. I usually like (reading) manhwas and webtoons. I’ve been reading the Naver webtoon <Street Gossip*> and it makes me think that it’ll really be a hit if the webtoon was produced as a movie or drama. As a fusion fantasy historical genre, the story’s unique and there’s a big handful of good lines.

Which line touched your heart?
The girl’s a blue blood but she’s blind while the guy’s an illiterate born in the lowest class. Lines normally have to be read in the story so that they’re properly conveyed but talking about just the meaning, “Even if I can’t see you, even if you’re an illiterate, I like you for who you are and because of that, I’m plenty happy now.” Those words really played out prettily.

Thinking about it, didn’t you point out going to Tokyo Anime Center to be your ideal date? I can sense you’re a huge fan.
For the sake of and <One Piece> and <Tokyo Ghoul>, I really want to go to Tokyo Anime Center even if it’s by myself. I usually like watching YouTube videos like ‘Marvel vs. DC’ and mystery videos about freakish happenings or involving bizarre creatures like Bigfoot, Sasquatch. I’m the type to see it to the end once I get hooked on something. Even yesterday, I ended up sleeping after watching the ending of the game <Battlefield> (laughs).

*Not the official English title


You had red lighting shining all around you today at the filming site and your intense facial expressions you showed off didn’t look an ounce awkward.
To be honest, I was shy and embarrassed but the picture had to come out well so I tried my best to focus. Watching our pre-debut webdrama <To Be Continued> now is still pretty awkward but I realised today that even my 'bad acting’ can become of help (laughs). I think that thanks to the webdrama, I learnt how to focus by creating my own space within the awkwardness. Not that I want to become an actor straight away but I want to give it another try one day.

What kind of role would you like to try then?
I want to challenge myself at the action genre. I was good at taekwondo when I was younger so I was ever Gyeongsangnam-do’s representative. I think I’m able to dance like I do now because I’m athletic. It’s been hitting me lately that your sense of balance is really important if you want to use your body properly. I think that you’re able to be better at what you like doing if your condition’s good.

I heard that you play a pivotal role in your team when it comes to choreography.
I danced since I was 4. I learnt a little bit of Korean dance and even ballet. I do a lot of monitoring on a regular basis to the point that continuously replaying videos of my dancing on stage is my hobby. I’m also always watching choreographies from people who are the top of the class, like worldwide choreographer AJ. I really want to be acknowledged as a choreographer.

Since your debut days, the competition and tests must have been endless so how do you relieve stress?
I wish I could have a good sleep because it’s tough on my body but to be honest, 'stress’ is a rather ambiguous word to me. Since what I’m doing now is fun and I’m happy? (laughs)

Who do you match the best with in the dorms?
(staring into space) I match the best with our television (laughs). I’m on friendly terms with all the members but we don’t play around. In fact I mainly while away my time watching the television. It hasn’t been long since we got one in our dorm and movies that you pay to watch couldn’t be as sweet.

I heard that you still write your rap lyrics in a notebook.
At first there were a lot of notes in my locker that I scribbled down as practice but I can’t look at them now. I’m so bad at writing that it’ll make your stand on its ends. There are lyrics that I wrote starting off with the word 'boy’ but I threw those away (laughs). I think at that time I really put my feelings into writing them but looking at them now, they’re horrible. I can’t write stories about people. Is it because I’m far away from love now… (laughs).

Yoon Sanha

What did you do before coming to the filming site today?
I had my guitar lesson. I used to learn (to play) by myself but I wanted to strengthen my basics so I’ve been taking lessons once per week since not too long ago.

You playing your guitar and singing Kim Kwang Seok’s I’ll Become Dust at an audition pre-debut was memorable.
It’s a song that my father really liked and enjoyed singing. His original dream was to become a singer. Maybe it’s because I’ve seen him singing with a guitar in his hands since so long ago but I think he’s had a great impact on me. 2 years ago, he had my older brother who was leaving to join the army the next day, stand in front of him and he sang 'A Letter From A Private’. Even his favourite song to sing at karaokes is Kim Kwang Seok sunbae-nim’s Around Thirty.

What do you think about the most throughout the day?
Hm… guitar! I’ve recently been practicing with the guitar my fans gifted me and it makes me realise how much precious it is.

You’re the youngest in your team. Aren’t you the only one born in the 2000s?
It’s a truth I found out later on but I actually nearly didn’t make it into ASTRO’s member line-up. During the time when they couldn’t make up their minds because I was too young, I suddenly grew taller and went through a growth spurt. My growth rate suddenly shot up past 10cm during my 3rd year of middle school and I was able to join as ASTRO’s younger member. Even recently I’m continuing to grow little by little. I’ve to stop (growing) now though (laughs).

Do you have a nickname?
4-cut fairy! There’s an app that automatically merges 4 of your selfies. I use that to take pictures and then I’ll often upload them on twitter. It seems like I’m always using the same facial expressions so I’ve been taking pictures while studying up (laughs).

Do you have any personal talents as well?
MJ hyung seriously has a lot. He’s the king of imitation. I really can’t do impersonations. There’s one I practiced by myself. Doraemon?

What are your goals for 2017?
I want to try winning no.1 on a public broadcast. We’ve yet to win even once.

Taking this interview as an opportunity, is there anything that you really want to say?
There’s something I’d like to say to AROHAs. We’ve been on hiatus after wrapping up promotions for our 3rd album but we’re zealously preparing! Please wait just a little longer! Please make sure to tell them that I’ve dyed my hair (laughs).

Translations by @99pmh​
Take out with full credits


The Winter Ball

Just like last year me and Tamlen (and Dorian would, too, I think :D) wish you the happiest holidays!! :D No matter what or if you celebrate at all, I hope you have a peaceful holiday time! Be it with your friends and/or family or even just on your own, treat yourself to something nice :D Also, hopefully there’s lots of gifts and chocolate!

I’m still not really in the Christmas mood myself, and who’d be surprised with a year like this one and what happened lately :’D But even more so I think, once we’ve all kicked 2016′s *****, 2017 can only be a great one. So I also wish you all the nice and happy things for the new year, that it’ll be a great one, and that it’ll come with lots of new opportunities, happiness, things to love and laugh about! :D

Because I’m terribly sappy and a romantic drawing wasn’t enough as a gift for myself and the nerds I also wrote a fluffy drabble you can read below the cut, if you want :3 (~2500 words, pavellan of course ;D)

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Kinks #13 - Temptation to Sin (Teasing)

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Word count: Almost 4200

Warnings: Oral sex (reader giving), masturbation (reader) and maybe slight shame kink? Dom!Cas

A/N: I quite enjoyed writing this but I’m entirely unsure of whether I like how it turned out. It’s open to part 2, maybe? If that’s wanted. Requests are open!


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Third Boy Is the Charm (pt2)

Genre: roommates!AU/ university!AU, fluff (slight crack, angst)
Word count: 6510
Description: With Namjoon as your sweetheart roommate and Jimin as your adorable bestfriend, who you openly crush on, things still somehow remained easy, until Taehyung entered your life.
Warnings: Occasional minor profanities.
Author’s note: I realized it while writing - this scenario focuses more on feelings than on actions, and I’m still not sure whether it’s good or bad. 
I’m planning to write one more part and it’s supposed to be smut.

pt1 pt3

“So this will be your room if you move in.” You urged Taehyung to enter through the open door, after explaining that the room next to his is yours and the door across from yours leads to Namjoon’s bedroom. You examined his expressions, while he walked around the room, checking out the wardrobe, looking out the window and finally plopping down on the bed. A tiny warm smile never left his face and you were convinced that he must have been content with the room, but you still wanted to make sure.

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The Moon in the Signs

The Sign the Moon falls under shows our habits, reactions, and instincts. It also shows how we express, or deal with, our emotions at their most basic state. Our Lunar Sign shows our innermost needs. Our Moon sign is most obvious in our homes or in private, as this is when tend to feel comfortable enough to react instinctively. The Moon also shows how we “mother” or “baby” ourselves, and our loved ones.

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King and Queen (Draco x Reader x Harry part.4)

Originally posted by infp-soup

Terribly sorry for the long wait! I was so unsatisfied with this chapter-*shakes fist* but I’m glad I finally finished it since now I can move to the more important things - dates.

 Hope you enjoy it D: sorry there’s not much romance, but plot haha… *shifts awkwardly* 

[1] [2] [3] [5] [6]

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Yuri on Ice interview translation - Spoon 2Di 2016/12 (p30-32)

Here we are with the usual(?) last minute translation before the airing of the new episode. This is an interview with Toshiyuki Toyonaga alone that was published on the Dec. 2016 issue of Spoon 2Di. Even though this time he’s interviewed alone, you will find that many things are similar to what was said in other interviews, but all in all it’s a nice summing up of Toyonaga’s opinion on his acting, YOI, Yuuri etc, and it’s a good read. Also, there are still parts that I see here for the first time, so even if you’ve read all the other interviews I posted here you will not find it boring!

I wanted to post another interview from the same magazine too, but as they are quite long it took some time to finish this so I didn’t have time for the other one… I might try to post it tomorrow if I’m not too braindead after episode 11 (*insert laugh*).

Just my opinion, but I love Toyonaga’s realistic (”not-your-typical-anime-voice”) acting he uses for Yuuri, and I really appreciate how much he’s putting into this role. It’s also cute how he actually relates to Yuuri himself. I’m looking forward to reading the interviews from the recently released magazines where they will probably talk about the second half of the series too.

***If you wish to share this translation please do it by reblogging or posting a link to it***
***Re-translating into other languages is ok but please mention that this post is the source***

Toshiyuki Toyonaga (voice of Yuuri Katsuki) interview
Yuuri Katsuki, protagonist of this anime, is vulnerable to pressure, gains weight easily and is possibly the figure skater with the most fragile glass heart in the world. We have invited his voice actor Toshiyuki Toyonaga and have asked him a lot about how he plays Yuuri and what he think is fascinating about him. According to author Mitsurou Kubo-san he is so similar to Yuuri that she called him “real Yuuri”. In what way exactly are Toyonaga-san and Yuuri so similar…? Let’s find out.

—“Yuri on Ice” has finally started airing on TV. Could you tell us your sincere feelings of when you got the role of Yuuri Katsuki?

I’m personally a fan of figure skating, so when my agency told me of this anime about figure skating I was very thrilled. My manager, who loves figure skating more than me, told me “get this role at all costs!” (LOL). You can’t really predict the results of an audition, so that’s not something I could promise, but later on when I was told that Mitsurou Kubo-san watched my audition and thought “Yuuri Katsuki is Toyonaga-san” that made me really happy. Yuuri is an ordinary boy living in the provinces, therefore even if this work is indeed an anime, I challenged myself to act as realistically as I could, and even in the audition I tried to limit the “anime-likeness” as much as possible and tried to pronounce the lines as if it was something I was naturally saying. If this hadn’t matched the style of this anime they probably would have thought that my acting sucks, but luckily that actually turned out to be a good idea. When I was informed that I got the role I was so happy I felt like crying, but my manager was so crazily hyper about it that I didn’t have time to react (LOL). However, when the realization that I got the role sunk in, I also started to feel the pressure because it meant that I would need to act in that realistic style, removing all anime-like elements from my voice as much as possible, for one whole cour. I can only blame myself (LOL)

—Does removing most anime-like elements and act realistically use up a lot of energy?

It’s just my personal opinion, but I feel that when you voice anime images there is a kind of template on which your acting is based, so I decided to just ignore all of that, make the lines mine and act out Yuuri’s role thinking carefully about the background behind each line and the reason why he’s saying it. I’m keeping in mind this kind of realism. It’s not like it’s physically tiring, but sometimes I felt mentally tired. The more I do it the more I get into the character, so to avoid empathizing with him too much and ending up crying (LOL) I’m making sure I don’t lose my balance too much.

—I see! This time Mitsurou Kubo-san created the storyboard for the anime. What did you think the first time you read it?

It was really interesting, as if I was just reading a new manga by Kubo-san, and I couldn’t wait to know what happened next (LOL). The structure of Kubo-san’s manga, the way comical parts and realistic parts are in perfect harmony, made it very easy to read, and I was really curious to see how all that would translate into an anime. I could also feel Kubo-san’s love for figure skating when reading the storyboard, and I felt that we should do our best not to ruin it.

—Did playing the role of protagonist Yuuri Katsuki make you realize something new and interesting about him?

According to the setting he is mentally weak, but he’s still a professional athlete who is competing on an extremely high international level. As “weak” as he may appear, he’s probably mentally stronger than your average person walking down the street. He works really hard, and I think that he also wants to repay all the people of his town Hasetsu for supporting him, so even if he’s timid he is still doing his best. Still, because of his faint-heartedness he ends up withdrawing into himself. That’s something I understand a lot myself, so when I talk about him I really feel like crying (LOL).

—Mitsurou Kubo-san also said at an event that “Toyonaga-san is like a real Yuuri”, and that surely shows how much you get into your role. Did you receive any directions from director Yamamoto or Kubo-san regarding how to play Yuuri?

Thankfully enough Kubo-san seems to be of that opinion, and I guess maybe that’s also the reason why they didn’t really give me directions, they are basically listening to the Yuuri Katsuki that I built up. After listening to my acting usually the director and the sound director Shimizu-san would discuss and ask me to adjust some things if needed.

—I see. Is there anything you think you have in common with Yuuri?

I think that in figure skating, compared to many other sports, the power to express something is considered especially important, so in a way the fact that figure skaters and actors are both “expressing” something makes them similar. Also, I believe many figure skaters have been skating since they were little. I’ve also been acting since I was a child, so I went through sad times, fun times and failures, and I can relate a lot to the feelings Yuuri experiences as he grows up. That’s also why it’s an honor for me to hear that Kubo-san thinks of me as a “real Yuuri”.

—When we interviewed Kubo-san in the last issue she said that theme she chose for Yuuri is “his neat sex appeal is violence”. Do you also pay attention to this when playing him?

“His neat sex appeal is violence”…… It sounds like a maxim (LOL). It’s the first time I hear those exact words, but indeed I was told about the theme being sex appeal. I do think that Yuuri’s sex appeal is not of the dirty kind, and it’s true that “neat” sex appeal can be more fascinating than anything else. I feel that it’s because he’s so artless that he can radiate that kind of sex appeal and make people fall for him.

—What did you find difficult about playing Yuuri?

The fact that the comical parts and serious parts are very fast-paced. I think that’s one of the interesting things about this anime too, but as we record everything in one go, sometimes it’s quite hard to switch between comical and serious and my mind can’t keep up. I basically created different “boxes” inside my head, like the comical box, the serious box, the sarcastic box, and even though they’re of course all Yuuri, it’s like I take out a different Yuuri box depending on the scene I’m playing. Sometimes, when talking with sound director Shimizu, I realize that I picked the wrong box for a scene, and in that case I do some adjustments. It’s difficult, but it’s also fun in a way.

—The anime is still airing, but are there any scenes you especially like among the ones that were already broadcast?

All the landscapes of Hasetsu feel very beautiful and warm. Also, Victor’s ass was nice too (LOL). I like the scenes in the hot springs because they’re amusing, and also, when Mari-neechan looks at Yurio (Yuri Plisetsky) and for a moment pictures a certain Takao from an idol group I was like “who is he!?” (LOL). And the fact that Yuuri’s room was covered in Victor’s posters. There are so many interesting elements scattered all over the place that it’s really hard to choose one. However, as Yuuri, I was very impressed by the scene at the beginning of episode 2 where he realizes “I’m nervous because I’m so happy”. He’s not nervous because he’s puzzled about the situation, but because he’s genuinely happy that Victor is becoming his coach. When I saw him like that I too couldn’t help feeling happy for him. I also like the scene where Yuuri and Yurio are doing basic training together…… I could keep listing scenes forever (LOL). Every episode is so dense that sometimes you wonder whether this is really a 30 minutes anime.

—But it progresses with a very good pace, which makes it easy to watch.

Exactly! What is really amazing is that the amount of information doesn’t feel like a pain, it’s made in a way that viewers can follow what’s happening easily. I also love the scene where in episode 3 “Onsen on ICE”, the night before the actual match, Yuuri goes to Minako-sensei’s house and asks her to teach him because he wants to change the way he is going to perform Eros. Yuuri usually gets depressed when he is worried about something, so I think in this occasion it’s because of Victor’s influence that he actually decided to actively do something about it. It’s really nice to see how Yuuri gradually develops a more positive attitude thanks to the stimuli he receives from Victor.

—Are there any other characters that you like or that you are curious about beside your role?

I like the 3 sisters of the Nishigoori family, I think Yuuko-san is cute too, and in general all the people in Hasetsu are just so warm and lovely that I like them all. I also like Georgi Popovich, who is played by Wataru Hatano-san and is going to show up in the next episodes (LOL). I can’t speak in detail because he hasn’t appeared in the anime yet, but I will just say that I like the “atmosphere” that he creates. I hope that you will understand what I mean when you see him!

—It’s a character to keep an eye on! What are your impressions of the other main characters Victor and Yuri?

Victor is so active that he decided to fly to Japan right away after watching Yuuri’s skating video, and a normal person would say that it’s impossible to understand what he’s thinking. The things he says also sound a little aloof, he’s the kind of character that makes you think “ordinary people cannot understand a genius”. However, Victor is also a skater who basically decided to give up his life as an athlete to go to Yuuri’s place, so I believe that deep down he is probably thinking a lot. I also think, though, that Victor himself doesn’t consider it something so serious and that it’s his way of enjoying life. It’s people like him that become stars.

—What about Yuri?

Yurio also has the nature of a star, though a bit different than Victor’s. He is called “Russian yankee” and he’s kind of rude, but I also believe that sharp side of him is actually important in the world of expression. People who stick to their beliefs and values naturally attract other people, and his sharp side, beside being partly caused by the fact that he’s still young, has been shown to be important at times. His temper isn’t just selfishness, because for example in episode 3, when he loses to Yuuri, he says “this time I lost, but the next time I’ll win”, so I feel that he understands that acknowledging defeat is a way to become stronger.

—What do you think about the way Victor and Yuri’s voice actors, Junichi Suwabe-san and Kouki Uchiyama-san, play their characters?

I heard that in the beginning Suwabe-san had trouble grasping the character, but after talking with director Yamamoto and Kubo-san he was able to understand him. I think that he’s really amazing, because when I’m in front of the mike voicing Yuuri I forget that the one standing next to me is Suwabe-san and I have the feeling that Victor is right there and I’m talking to him……! Ucchi (Uchiyama-san) is very good at changing his own acting after listening to other people’s. For example, regarding the Yuuri I built up, I think that inside his mind he was probably like “he’s playing Yuuri that way, so I’ll play my Yuri in this other way”, and he’s doing all this without even needing to discuss with me. He’s really good.

—The other day I was present at the talk show of the anime preview screening and I could feel the love that members of the cast and staff have for this anime. What do you think about the atmosphere of the recording studio?

It takes a very long time to record “Yuri on Ice”, but that also shows how much everyone is serious about it, and I have the impression that we are all searching for a way to make it as good as possible. Everyone is really kind and I have fun talking to them, but they’re also very serious people that know how to do their jobs, so I feel it’s a very balanced atmosphere. Also, recently I often do recordings with people who are younger than me, which of course is a good thing because it stimulates me, but since I still consider myself a “developing actor”, if I don’t get many occasions to do recordings with people who have much more experience than me I get a little frustrated because I also want to learn more and to watch other people’s acting to use as a reference (LOL). Therefore I’m very grateful to this anime because it gave me a chance to do recording with many voice actors who are older and more experienced than me, which I think is really important for myself too.

—Thank you very much! Please leave a message for the readers who are looking forward to the next episodes.

So far the story has been centered mainly around Yuuri, Victor and Yurio, but from now on many skaters from other countries are going to appear and we will also see how Yuuri interacts with them. I think that when you start seeing many different kinds of relationships you also get a wider view of the world, so I hope you’ll enjoy the “internationality” of the story. I also personally think that it would be nice to see the cultural differences between the characters, therefore I’m playing Yuuri in a flat way to give the feeling that he’s somewhat of a late bloomer, which I think is very Japanese. It would be interesting if the different ways everyone voices their characters could somewhat connect to cultural differences, so that’s also something I would keep an eye on. By the way, as the Grand Prix Series is starting in the real world too, it’s a nice occasion to enjoy both the real and fictional versions at the same time. When I’m not playing Yuuri I’m also following the real Grand Prix Series like you, so I hope we can spice up the world of figure skating together! I will do what little I can do to help, please keep on cheering!

anonymous asked:

hi!! if you don't mind, i kinda need some help. see, i plan on writing a story soon, and the love interest character i have in mind is a male yandere. cool, right? thing is. uh. i've never actually written or roleplayed a yandere before, and i'm afraid that instead of writing him like a proper yandere, i'll end up writing him like a stereotypical one, and that's not what i want. do you have any advice or resources on how to write a yandere type of character? itd be a big help!!!

It’s great that you have a yandere story planned - always good to see new writers approaching the subject!

Now, I’m far from a professional-level writer - I wouldn’t even call myself “good”, just “good enough for my purposes” - but maybe there are things I’ve thought of that are worth sharing, whether because they’re useful or because you won’t really find them elsewhere.

Hmm, let’s see…

Amy-sensei’s tips on writing a yandere character

This set of tips is going to be quite thought-heavy to act on, for the most part - the bit at the end after “other tips” is quick and easy, but everything above it is going to require a lot more thought than most other character creation guides you’ll run into. Feel free to skip ahead.

(Well, yandere stories tend to be almost entirely driven by the yandere character, after all, so it’s probably worthwhile.)


The most important thing to remember (and one of the easiest things to forget when writing about an insane character) is to think of your character as a mind. Your character isn’t just an appearance and a bundle of actions. Your character has perception. Your character has thoughts. Your character has thoughts about their own thoughts, which is often the fun part.

(You don’t have to write out the perceptions and thoughts directly - and it tends to be a bad idea unless you’re writing from their point-of-view - but they should show through in your character’s words and actions. Maybe they will say them outright, or lie a little (or a lot), or even just keep them to themselves. You’ll probably have different proportions of each, depending on what your character’s personality is like.)

Anyway, let’s look at how these might work with yandere.

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