playing with his ring :3

Ok so here’s the second part to the Luke and Arzaylea one I posted last week since quite a few of you want a second part to it so here it is.

Part one

Sitting on your couch you were playing some games on your Playstation. Pressing the home button you were about to turn off your Playstation when you heard a knock on your apartment door. Quickly throwing the controller onto the couch you ran to the door to answer it. When you opened the door you didn’t expect to see the person standing there. Luke was standing in front of you , both hands in his pockets standing on the edge of his feet his hair down over his forehead. He was wearing black skinny jeans and a hoodie.

“Uuuuhh hi (Y/N)” Luke said playing with his lip ring between his teeth.

It had been about 3 weeks since the last time you talked to Luke. After you hung up you cried for a couple of hours. The thought of Luke having a love interest crushed you.

“hi Luke, what do you want” You asked him crossing your arms.

“(Y/N) I can explain. Just give me a chance please”  Looking into his blue eyes you had to give him a chance something about the way he was looking at you just made you feel something.

Sighing you said “Alright come in” as you walked in to your apartment. You walked over to the couch put a pillow on your lap and brought your knees to your chest. Luke followed sitting down leaving some space between the two of you.Staring at each other this had been the first time you’d seen each other in person in about 2 months and the first time you’d talked to each other in weeks. Luke was the most mesmerizing person you knew. From his hair over his forehead, something you loved but he rarely did, to his feet, you loved everything about him. Leaning forward, you threw your arms around Luke to embrace him into a hug. Tears started to prick your eyes as you began weeping. Luke froze for a couple of seconds before putting his hand on your back, rubbing circles on you with his hands.

“(Y/N)” Luke cooed in a soft voice. Holding onto the back of his shirt you pulled away inches from Luke’s face looking at him. Luke brought his hand up to your face gently wiping the tears away from you skin.

“(Y/N), What happened a couple of weeks ago…” He paused biting his lip as you let in a shaking breath.

“What happened, I wasn’t in love like I am with you. After that night I regretted everything because I thought that someone else could replace what we have but I was wrong. I just wanted someone to love me but it just didn’t feel the same” He said gazing down, you could see his eyes getting red. A shaky breath let his mouth before he started talking.

“(Y/N) I love you so fucking much and I don’t know why I didn’t say anything.” Luke confessed. His voice was shaky as he started rubbing the back of his neck.

“(Y/N) I fucked up and, and I don’t know if things will be the same for us” Luke lifted his head looking out the window you could see a tear fall to his cheek. 

Luke was one of those people you had never see cry in your life. You’d known him since middle school. You did everything together until sophomore year when he started the band up. He was never one to really show when he was sad. If he was sad he was just very quiet but you’d never seen him cry which tug on your heartstrings.

“(Y/N) will you date me? You can say no and I’ll completely understand.” Luke said desperation in his tone as he looked you in the eyes while he used the back of his hands to dry his tears. You moved your hand to the nape of his neck playing with his hair.

“Luke” He lifted his head.

“I’d love that” You said pulling him in for a hug. He hugged you back resting his chin on your shoulder. “Really (Y/N)?” Luke asked almost surprised. You pulled away from Luke.

“I can tell when you’re being serious and genuine Luke. You never fucking cry.” You said trying to lighten the mood as a small smile tugged at the corned of you mouth sympathy in  your eyes. Luke scoffed “Yeah”

“ I forgive you Luke”

“Do you still love me?” Luke placed his hands on your lower back.

“I will always love you” You confessed as you kissed Luke your hands moved to the back of his neck. You could taste the mint toothpaste left behind on his smooth lips as he deepened the kiss. You both pulled away which left a small smile on Luke’s face.

“I’ve been waiting for this moment from the time I met you (Y/N)” 




10 more Larry moments

#1 The #OriginalLarryHug

#2 Whenever Louis talks about marriage or weddings Harry plays with his rings  

#3 The set of baby blankets they shared when they were away

#4 The question about saving sex  for marriage and Louis was straight across from Harry

#5 Right before they went on stage and they both looked sweaty and had to fix their crotches

#6 “What do you do to keep yourself occupied on the tourbus?” question

#7 When Louis kept on calling Harry, Harold even though it isn’t his name, and he got Harry to say it in a comercial

#8 When a fan threw a flag on the stage and the AIMH tweet was on the back 

#9 When Louis came off a plane and his lip looked like it had been ripped off and Harry was behind him on the same flight

#10 This beautiful moment in Brazil (Not photoshopped!)


But if you close your eyes

The spoilers about the songs included in the season finale just inspired me Blangst, fight (only verbal but just as hurtful) Title from the aforementioned song that is stuck in my head (eh-eh-oh, eh-oh …)

“You lied to me. Again.”

Kurt’s voice doesn’t even rise. It’s not a question, it’s not an accusation, it’s just stating a fact and in some ways, it’s even worse. Blaine winces but doesn’t look away. “I was sure I could convince June to let you—“

“Let me?”

Blaine blinks and frowns at Kurt.

Let me? As if you’re allowing me a spot in the grand Blaine Anderson show?” Kurt repeats, his voice growing colder as he advances on Blaine but stops at arm’s length. “As if I need you to let me take the stage?”

“It’s her conditions, not mine, Kurt,” Blaine pleads, “and I really wanted you right here with me. She just –“

“She just can’t have the spotlight removed from her perfectly acceptable, perfect Alpha gay plaything!”

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