playing with his knives again

When everyone else is gone, the pastas...

Tim : Takes his pants off and lays on the couch, watching old black and white movies. Ordered Chinese.
Brian : Takes off his skimask and hood, and lays in his room. Doing absolutely nothing. He ordered pizza though.
Toby : Rolls around in the livingroom, watching MLP. Went to McDonalds.
Jack : He lays in his room with his clothes off (exept for his boxers), thinking over life.
LJ : Just basically explodes over the whole house, candy, ribbons and more. Of course he ends up cleaning it up after.
Kate : She goes around and reads books, enjoying the quiet house, loving her Chinese she got.
Charlie : Lays down in the middle of the house, eating leftovers.
Sally : She makes a tea party in the living room, bringing every stuffed animals she has there. For food, she ate sandwiches.
Natalie : She goes around and sets all clocks to hers. After, she goes out to subway for lunch. Then she goes to her room to wire more.
Jane : She would be sorting out her room, and then picking out outfits, lastly cooking.
Liu : He pulls out his game console and plays team fortress two.
Ben : He plays legend of zelda again, modding it too.
Jeff : He sharpens his knives and then goes to steakhouse ribs.
Jason : He stops making toys for a day, actually. He gets dressed up to go to fancy diners.
Slender : Puts away all paperwork, lets his tentacles hand loose and watches some 70’s movies.