playing with his knives again

robinplaystrumpet15  asked:

How about, instead of asking a kinky question, I ask what kinks you think Keith and Lance would share?

-cracks knuckles- here we go.

• Keith likes ropes, he likes being tied up and fucked, he likes tying Lance up and fucking him. Lance does not argue, he loves seeing red cord wrapped around Keith’s wrists and legs, loves the marks they leave on his own skin.

•If Keith’s fucking Lance he loves testing the water and pushing the limits, he starts off slow and works lance right to the brink of an orgasm with his hands before actually fucking him.

•one time Shiro heard them and had the talk with Keith on safety and he was mortified, he told Lamce and Lance couldn’t stop laughing for an hour; “LaNCE THIS ISNT FUNNY” “I JUST CANT IMAGING SHIRO SAYING ERECTION.”

•Keith likes knife play, he likes making Lance shiver underneath him, Lance is a little apprehensive but he trusts Keith won’t hurt him.

•one time Keith accidentally gave him a cut on his collarbone and never played with knives again, he’ll forever feel bad when he sees the little scar that’s left there.

•aftercare is always just as fun as the actual sex, they always take care of each other, and much cuddling ensues, Keith claims he should be the little spoon because he’s smaller than Lance but he always wakes up with Lance cuddled in his chest.

•spanking. Punishment kink. Lance is a little shit in public, when they’re at the dinner table he’ll grope Keith’s thigh under the table, making him red and sweating and easy to startle because Lance is so close to touching his dick. Lance knows he’s in for it later but that’s part of the reason he does it.

•Keith has an authoritative kink, Keith told Lance to get onto the bed once and jokingly he said “yessir.” And that was the best sex they had in a long time because Lance saw how Keith blushed and his breath hitched and called him “sir” a bunch. Keith blushed whenever Lance calls him “sir” in public and Shiro gives them the look™ because he definitely heard them because Lance was definitely loud.

•Keith loves Lances moans, his favourite are when Keith hits his prostate and Lances back arches and he lets out a near-sob as he calls for Keith.

•Lance loves Keith’s moans too, if Keith is riding Lance and happens to drop harshly against his sweet spot, Keith basically goes limp, he’ll pause, his hands will look for something to grab onto for support, usually Lance.

•Public sex. Keith was reluctant at first but eventually Lance coaxed him into doing it in the men’s room at the space mall and their lives have never been the same since.

•Lance loves being praised and Keith loves praising him, loves making Lance feel important.

•Lance doesn’t usually cry during sex but every once in awhile he will and Keith thinks it’s the most beautiful thing in the entire universe.

•Keith prefers to top, doesn’t matter if he’s giving or receiving, he just likes having the ability to stop if he needs to, Lance loves the view of Keith on top of him and then he also doesn’t have to do much work, so he doesn’t argue.

•"mama Mia that’s a spicy meatball"
“LaNce Why arE yOu liKe ThiS.”

•Lance loves being dominated, his favourite is when Keith puts a collar on him and rides him into oblivion.

•Keith cried /once/ and it was after Lance had a near-death experience; by far the best sex they ever had, they went for like 6 rounds, Lance lost track.

Hope you enjoyed! :) pt 2 maybe?

When everyone else is gone, the pastas...

Tim : Takes his pants off and lays on the couch, watching old black and white movies. Ordered Chinese.
Brian : Takes off his skimask and hood, and lays in his room. Doing absolutely nothing. He ordered pizza though.
Toby : Rolls around in the livingroom, watching MLP. Went to McDonalds.
Jack : He lays in his room with his clothes off (exept for his boxers), thinking over life.
LJ : Just basically explodes over the whole house, candy, ribbons and more. Of course he ends up cleaning it up after.
Kate : She goes around and reads books, enjoying the quiet house, loving her Chinese she got.
Charlie : Lays down in the middle of the house, eating leftovers.
Sally : She makes a tea party in the living room, bringing every stuffed animals she has there. For food, she ate sandwiches.
Natalie : She goes around and sets all clocks to hers. After, she goes out to subway for lunch. Then she goes to her room to wire more.
Jane : She would be sorting out her room, and then picking out outfits, lastly cooking.
Liu : He pulls out his game console and plays team fortress two.
Ben : He plays legend of zelda again, modding it too.
Jeff : He sharpens his knives and then goes to steakhouse ribs.
Jason : He stops making toys for a day, actually. He gets dressed up to go to fancy diners.
Slender : Puts away all paperwork, lets his tentacles hand loose and watches some 70’s movies.