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Endearing Quality #25 about Tom Hiddleston

When he heard that Alan Taylor’s (director “Thor: The Dark World”) 9 year old daughter was going to be Loki in her school play, he made a video for her on his iPhone, giving advice on how to play the character and emphasizing that the most important thing to remember is that Loki is never not having fun. 

P.S. This is the kind of lovely tidbit you will find on the commentary track of the film.  

i cant believe zion t and crush had a bad break up this is worse thn when sehun deleted all his tao pix. At least i cld imagine sehun gently dabbing his teardrops off his gold iphones screen and playing adelle really loudly. Crush is out there doing jello shots off deans ass and ziont is rotting in hell there is no justice in this world

Dan's Clothes...

Everyone is so into Pastel!Dan but I am absolutely living for Givenchy!Dan. Yes, I want to know how much his shirts and backpacks cost. Yes, I want him to eat caviar and play on his Iphone. Yes, I want him to rock a haircut that could probably pay my health insurance premium…and yes I want him to wear amazing cologne while sitting far too close to his rich, fine ass friend. Why? Because he’s that good at it. Wear your light up shoes and $95 shirt while your millionaire roommate and you finish up a world tour. YAAAAAAAAASSSSSS DAN YAAAAASSSSSS. SLAY ME AND GENDER ROLES ALL AT THE SAME TIME. I’m Shay, and I want Givenchy!Dan to be a thing. I want his couture aesthetic to literally stomp me in the face.

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Elderly Seventeen

Woozi: Spends all of his time talking about how funky fresh Adore U was, and how the addictive melodies are a goddamn classic. Trips his grandkids with his cane when he hears them mumble ‘it wasn’t that great, Grandpa, god’ bc he may be 87 BUT HE’S GOT EARS LIKE A BAT

Vernon: Very confused old man with dementia still trying to be hip with the kids and keep up with those sick jams by playing beats all day every day on his old iPhone. No one has the heart to remind him Tupac died when he was a baby.

Joshua: Leads the Sunday services in his retirement home. Has coincidentally managed to convert every old lady there to devout christianity with his sweet voice and his guitar.

Hoshi: The ‘troublesome’ patient. Drew flames on his wheelchair and has tried to roll away from the nursing home and off to ‘freedom’ several times. “LIVE FREE, STRONG, COMME DES FUCKDOWN.” “MR. KWON YOU HAVE TO TAKE YOUR MEDICINE, PLEASE COME BACK.” *insert a scooby-doo quality chase scene which includes a detour through Dino’s senior citizen salsa class*

Jeonghan: Still has a glorious head of long hair, even if it is grey now. He reminisces about his late husband Seungcheol often while staring out the window, a single tear dripping down his face. 

S.Coups: That one super nice ‘wise’ old man that always tries to help the nurses out because he feels like they do too much. Spends free time giving everyone fatherly advice that usually makes no sense, jamming Hoshi’s wheels when he’s not looking so he can’t run away, and reminding evERYONE FOR THE FIFTH TIME THIS WEEK THAT HE’S NOT DEAD YET, FOR GOD’S SAKE JEONGHAN. Jeonghan ignores him, wipes away his tear and shakily says “sometimes I can still hear his voice.” 

Seungkwan: Presses his emergency nurse assistance button all the time for the most irrelevant shit, like “I’m low on orange juice,” “I think my skin is a little dry,” or “I don’t think that this sushi is very high quality” 

Wonwoo: That one old guy that no one likes because he’s always cranky but he’s not actually mean, he’s just grumpy bc he can’t find his damn reading glasses and now he can’t read that one mystery novel.

Mingyu: the ULTIMATE DAD NOISE GRANDPA that spends all of his time sneezing and hacking and wheezing and honestly everyone gets kind of disgusted/annoyed when they have to sit by him. He only has friends because they’ve been with him too long and can’t ditch him now.

Seokmin: SUPER FUN grandpa that lets his grandkids eat all the popsicles and run around the yard and house on record breaking sugar rushes. Once popped his hip out of place trying to jump on the bed with them.

Minghao: The super cute old man that everyone secretly wishes was their grandpa, but he also once pulled a knife on a cafeteria worker that wouldn’t let him get a third cup of jello.

Jun: The wild story/horndog grandpa who will keep trying to tell you that one story about that crazy summer back in ‘09 when he had three girlfriends at once if you don’t stop him. “Grandpa you were thirteen in 2009, I doubt you did anything that crazy.” “…Did I say ‘09? I meant ‘19. Also there were six girlfriends not three.” 

Dino: Spring onion that insists he’s not with all of these geezers, and refuses to believe he’s almost as old as they are. A video of him called ‘78 year old man teaches Zumba class’ goes viral on YouTube. Wears too much neon spandex.

(thank you @powerandglxry for a lot of this)

Aoba Jousai Pastimes

Oikawa: Playing Shitty Games on His iPhone and Horribly Failing (he still has Flappy Bird)

Matsukawa: Prank-Calling His Teammates (with Hanamaki) 

Hanamaki: Prank-Calling His Teammates (with Matsukawa)   

Iwaizumi: Window-Shopping Volleyball Shoes (he whispers goodbye to the stuff he can’t buy) 

Yahaba: Playing with His Cat (The cat’s name is FuwaFuwa, it’s fat, lazy, and always grumpy he nicknamed it Mad Cat but nobody needs to know that)

Watari: Feeding Fishes in a Park Fish-Pond (he sometimes splurges his money on pricy bread)

Kindaichi: Watching Whatever’s on TV (while eating whatever’s in the fridge)

Kunimi: Going to Ice Cream Parlors and Indulging (he sometimes smiles as he eats)

Kyoutani: Eyeballing and Low-key Cooing over the Puppies in the Pet Store (and trying not to look suspicious to the store manager)

"I guess I'll tone down my feelings tomorrow."

SUMMARY: Jaspar  plays FIFA

            “I’m going to win Casp.” Joe said, he leaned back against the sofa. His grin on his face made Caspar roll his eyes but also made him hide his smile. Caspar said cross legged while he played.

“Hey what time is it?” Caspar asked. He was pretty sure it was over a hour of playing FIFA. He didn’t want to play because Joe always won and would not shut up about it.

“I don’t know. Check my phone.” He gestured to the iPhone 6 between them. Caspar managed to play his game and check the phone. But when he turned it on, he didn’t see the time. He saw a close up of his face. He let out a bark of laughter.

“Joe why is my face still your background?” Caspar asked, stifling his laughter.

Joe groaned and pressed pause on the game, he plucked his phone from Caspars hand.

“I like it there. I see your face when your not here.” Joe said a little sheepishly.

Caspar smiled softly at him but still remained confused, “But I’m here. You can change it. You know the viewers must be going crazy over this.”

Joe let out another loud groan, he let his head fall against the sofa with a loud sigh.
“Oh they are. I mean why can’t I have my boyfriends picture on my phone?” Joe asked. Annoyance in his voice. 

Caspar let out a laugh. He continued to smile at Joe. He abandoned his controller and crawled next to Joe. Joe lifted his arm and Caspar crawled under.

“They don’t know we’re together so it seems a bit weird.” Caspar said. Joe plucked at Caspars shirt. He shrugged.

“Is this your way of saying you want me to change it?” Joe asked, a little sadness in his voice. Caspar automatically shook his head.

“No. Keep it. I guess it’s another hint to the viewers about us.” Caspar said. He snuggled into joes side. Joe let out a snort.

“Oh please. They most likely know. With you and all your openness.” Caspar frowned, he looked up at Joe with confusion.

“What do you mean by that?” Joe chuckled and gripped Caspar closer to him.

“You are not exactly keeping your feelings on the down low.” Joe said.

Caspar was shocked… A little.

“But I’ve always done that. Always. Even not on camera.” Caspar protested. Joes smile widened, he nodded.

“Yeah I know. But it’s different now. We actually are together now. I mean come on Caspar.” Caspar continued to frown, he pulled from joes grip and blinked at him.

“What?” Joe reached for Caspar again but he moved away. Joe chuckled.

Caspar straightened and shook his head.

“I don’t think so. I’m toning down my feelings. Starting now.” Caspar hopped off the sofa and padded over to the fridge. He heard Joe shift off the sofa and come up behind him.

Caspar opened the fridge, he looked inside. The smaller boy wrapped his arms around him from behind.

“I’m serious Joe. My feelings are now toned down. No reaction.” Caspar said. Not letting himself melt into joes touch.
Joe must’ve leaned on his tippy toes because Caspar felt his lips press little kisses on his neck.

“I promise I like your feelings.” Joe mumbled against his skin. And that’s when he let himself go. His legs felt like jelly and he spun around so quickly Joe fell into his chest. Caspar grasped him and pulled him closer.

“I guess I’ll tone my feelings down starting tomorrow.”



for kyouhaba week, day 1; music.

One thing Kyoutani’s learned after being close friends with Yahaba in their third year of high school, was Yahaba plays the violin. As a child, his parents had wanted him to play an instrument, the more elegant, the better. They chose the violin, and coincidentally, Yahaba was surprisingly good at it.

Another thing Kyoutani’s learned was that Yahaba frequently had recitals, both in and outside of school. Other than volleyball, music was the biggest part of his life. His mundane day is interwoven with it, violin pieces playing on his iPhone on the way to school, music scores tucked away in his backpack. He was talented, a teacher even calling him a prodigy of violin, girls with written confessions lined up behind the local theatre waiting to see him.

It only took three months of dating Yahaba before Kyoutani is asked if he wants to attend. He tries his best to dodge the questions, eventually flat out saying ‘no’ each time Yahaba asked.

“Look, I know you’re not into music but—”

“I already told you, I don’t want to go to your shitty recitals—”

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Hold On Calum Imagine

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A/N: i’m not sure about this tbh, it’s just something I found in my drafts that I wanted to post because all i’ve been writing is wanderlust. 

Warning: mention of a head injury (just in case you don’t like that stuff)

Rating: PG, it’s fine I think

It all started with a video.

The video of a cute little boy dancing innocently to one of our songs on a kitchen counter top while his mum’s roommate danced around him, joining in with screaming the lyrics.

She affected me.

More than I would ever know.

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One Night

Klance fanfic by InsominiacArrest, can be read on ao3

After the events of season one, Keith and Lance bond on a foreign planet

“You can punch me if you want.” Lance offers and Keith’s eyes turn on him with a surprising amount of masked hurt.

“I told you Lance, I don’t hate you.”

Lance gulps, not expecting that answer, “no, nah, yo, maybe if you punch me, the lion will see it as an act of bravery and like, you can prove yourself to it again? Since it’s hitting the snooze-button on your right now.”

Keith shakes his head and sits back up, “That’s not exactly bravery, plus I don’t want to.“ The light tints against his face and Lance holds his breath.

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can you imagine in the future when 5SOS decide to retire they’ll play shows in every country they’ve visited to say goodbye to all their fans around the world and then they’ll return to Sydney and go to the Annandale Hotel and the’ll play an intimate show for all their friends and families and their wives will be their with their growing children and they’ll sing all their songs acoustically and the whole thing will be streamed across the world and just as we think the show is going to end Luke will walk backstage and bring out a table with his pink speakers on it and he’ll hook it up to his iPhone and he’ll play the music to Over and Over and we’ll all sing along with the boys crying and everyone at the show will sway their phones in the air and then the song ends, the livestream goes black and that’s the end of 5SOS and whAT THE FUCK DID I JUST WRITE

Jensen and Jared turned a question around on a fan and were trying to guess what 10 instruments he could play and when Jensen guessed ‘Kazoo’ the fan responded with ‘Yeah, but I guess anyone can really play the kazoo though’. 
Cue dorky Jensen’s response of ‘Boom, eleven’

The fan then reiterated his question and asked what instruments they play and Jared was like ‘Hell no, I’m not getting into a competition with you!’ and Jensen instantly was like ‘Well I am!’

The instruments he listed (that I can remember, because I think I might have missed one or two) were: Guitar, vocals [because the fan had also listed singing], playing the spoons [Jared backs him up - saying he really can], I can clap really well, tap my feet, the cowbell, the kazoo, tambourine, the shaker and the trombone.

Jared then decided to list his 'instruments’ and offered that he can play: the stereo, the iPhone, iPad, the radio and television.

Jensen responded with 'Dude! We gotta start a band’


Jesse always did a few extra pushups when he finished his runs in the morning. The dark haired teen had his iPhone playing music with his earbuds in at first. He had no idea that he was being watched. It wasn’t until the click-clack of high heels on the floor shook the room a bit that Jesse realized he was being watched. Looking up, the sight of his audience brought a bright smile to his face. Looking up to the dark haired brunette, “Good morning. I take it you’re enjoying the show, huh?”

With his earphones in Ian was lost to the world. He danced his awkward dance moves through the lobby, singing along to the song playing on his iPhone. “ I’m so sick of that same old love, that shit, it tears me up. I’m so sick of that same old love, my body’s had enough,” he sung off key. Ian got all the way to the elevator before he stopped, only to realize someone had seen the whole act. Ian quickly straightened and put his earphones away, pretending like nothing just happened.

Patience and Locked Doors

Based off this prompt

Summary: Phil has a panic attack and locks himself in the bathroom refusing to come out. Dan sits outside the door and texts or something trying to calm him. After he finally calms Phil down, Phil unlocks the door and they cuddle.

Genre: fluff (maybe a lil angst? not much tho)

Warnings: none

Word Count: 973

A/N: wow I’ve been sitting on this one for like a week and I’ve just been too lazy to post it but idk here you go its like sort of angsty but mostly fluff tbh

Dan is sitting in the lounge, waiting for Phil to finish in the shower so he can straighten his hair before starting to film.  It’s been forty minutes since he got in, but it’s not unheard of for Phil to sit in his towel playing iPhone games for an hour after he gets out.  Dan really doesn’t want to rush him, but a video is more important than a new high score on crossy road, so he gets up and knocks on the bathroom door.

“Phil, are you almost done? I want to do my hair and then film.”

Dan’s sure Phil heard him, but there’s no reply from inside the bathroom.

“Phil? Did you hear me?”

Again, nothing.

Dan listens carefully, and though it’s quiet, he thinks he can hear faint sobbing coming from behind the door.

He knocks and calls more urgently.  "Phil? Are you alright?“

Dan is getting worried.  Phil never ignores him, and the sobs are growing more clear. Unsure of what else to do, Dan gently calls out, "Phil, I’m coming in.”  Not hearing a response, he reaches for the doorknob and starts to turn it.  To his dismay, the door is locked.

Dan is stumped.  He can clearly hear his boyfriend crying in the bathroom, but the door is locked and there’s nothing he can do to open that door.  He sighs and starts to walk away.  He makes it to the doorway into the lounge, and then something catches his eye.

Phil’s phone.

Immediately, an idea pops into Dan’s mind.  He quickly grabs the phone, and with it in his hand, runs back to the locked bathroom.  Hoping that it fits, he gets on his knees and puts the phone in front of the door.  Dan holds his breath, and slides the phone under the door.  It fits, and he exhales in relief.

Now comes the hard part.

Dan unlocks his own phone and sends a short text to Phil.

To: Phil

From: Dan

Are you okay love?

As it sends, Dan hears the simple music play as Phil receives the text.  All he can do now is wait, and hope Phil is able to reply.

A minute passes and then Dan’s phone buzzes.

To: Dan

From: Phil

S care d

Dan wants to cry.  Phil had had a panic disorder a few years ago.  Dan thought he had gotten better.  He certainly stopped having three panic attacks a week.  But this doesn’t matter.  Phil is lying on the bathroom floor, crying and shaking and hyperventilating and probably thinking that he is dying and all Dan can think is oh god I have to help him but he can’t help him because the door is locked and Dan has always been there next to Phil when he as his attacks.  Dan is clueless as to calming Phil down without being there to hold him and whisper reassurances into his ear.  This can’t stop him from trying, though, and so he takes a deep breath and texts Phil.

To: Phil

From: Dan

What’s scaring you? Is it something, someone, or just panic? I want to help <3

To: Dan

From: Phil

Don’t k niw jsu t real yl scar ed

Seeing this, Dan’s heart breaks a little.  His poor boyfriend doesn’t deserve to be this way.  

To: Phil

From: Dan

Is there anything I can do? I just want you to feel better

To: Dan

From: Phil

Ta kl ple as e

Talk. Dan can do that.

He hits the small microphone icon and speaks into his phone, “I love you, Phil.  Don’t ever forget that.  I know you’re scared right now, and I know you feel like you’re never going to stop feeling like this, but just remember that you’ve done this before and you’ve gotten through it and I love you a lot.  I’ll never stop loving you.  Just think about that.  My love for you is a solid thing.  It will never change, so focus on it.  Let it ground you.  You’ll feel better soon, I swear.”

The audio message sends, and Dan can hear Phil playing it through the door.  He hopes it’s good enough.

To: Phil

From: Dan

Replay that as much as you need.  I love you so much, Phil, I can hardly contain it.  I know you can get through this.

Dan sits opposite the bathroom door, and waits for a text from Phil that something else is needed.  He isn’t sure what else he can do, but he knows that he’ll do anything to make Phil feel better.

Ten minutes later, Dan is starting to get worried again.  He hasn’t heard from Phil, and he doesn’t know what that could mean.  He stands up, and is about to knock on the door when he hears a click and then sees the door open.

“Phil!  Are you alright?  I was so worried about you!”  Dan is still worried, not knowing what the aftermath will be like.

Phil smiles gently, and envelops Dan in a tight hug, which he is happy to reciprocate.

“Thank you so much for helping me out. I love you so much,” Phil mumbles into Dan’s shoulder.

“All I did was tell you the truth, silly.” Dan kisses Phil softly on the forehead.

The pair stay like this for a long time, hugging tightly and not saying a word.  Eventually, Dan whispers to Phil, “You know, we should probably eat something.  It’s 9:30 now.  Do you want to order takeaway and watch a movie?”

Phil smiles.  "Yeah.  I’d love that.“

This kid has been sitting with my family at this table for 20 minutes.
He’s just playing goat simulator on his iPhone and shouting and we have no idea who’s kid this is

  • (Y/N): I am sad.
  • Michael: *playing with his Iphone*
  • (Y/N): *loud ,* i say, i am sad!
  • Michael: *still playing*
  • (Y/N): You're a bad Boyfriend!
  • Michael: Okay, Babe *say without look in your face*
  • (Y/N): I hate you .
  • Michael: I love you too.
  • (Y/N): argh you're really stupid!
  • Michael: yeah i know .
  • (Y/N): Want to have sex?
  • Michael: *look in your Face* Here?
  • (Y/N): Yes, but first listen to me.
  • Michael: ...... fine .... I hate you
  • (Y/N): Love you too. Okay, today ......
  • ^^^^^^^
  • you know how you bring Michael to listen to you : DD Bravo Girl! Hive Five ✋🏽